Marriage BondingCHAPTER 1: A PERFECT MARRIAGE?”James Dear, I’m going over to Jeffrey’s place. I need to see him.””Now? It-It’s almost 8PM Judy.” I responded to my wife.”I know darling, but I’d already promised to see him tonight. He’s counting on me coming over.””Y-You did? B-But your father a-and your brother a-and your uncle were over before dinner. Aren’t you too tired to go out?””It’s been almost three hours since they left. I feel fine. They didn’t tire me out.””I-I see.” I meekly replied, knowing that it was useless trying to change her mind, especially with that perky tone in her voice.”Anyway, they were more or less just quickies dear. Are your tongue and jaw muscles tired?””Judy, it’s a lot of work sucking and licking up after each of them. They shoot so much cum, a-and it’s always so thick and gooey. And if they insist I lick their dicks clean too, I can’t help but get tongue fatigue. Is it really necessary for me to…””Darling, before you even go there, yes it is. We’ve been through this before. You know how much I love you doing that for me after I get fucked. It really does me good to feel your mouth on my wet, oozing snatch, and your tongue wiggling in me, not to mention looking down at your head between my legs. It’s so relaxing to rub the back of your head while you’re eating another man’s fuck out of my cunt. James honey, I know you love me when you do this little thing for me. Please don’t deprive me of your love.””Judy, you know I love you so very much, it-it’s just that I feel s-so humiliated having to…””Darling, I’ve told you time and time again, you are not being humiliated because you do these little things for me and my family and the fathers of our k**s. I value your sucking efforts greatly and know this is one of the sweetest and warmest way for you to show your affection for me. And as far as Daddy and my brothers, and the other men in the family, they rave about the way you lick and clean me and mama’s pussy juice and fuck scum from their cocks and balls. They respect you for that. You don’t want to lose their respect do you?””Y-You’re turning things around Judy. Y-You know they’ve threatened me if I-I didn’t do that for them. A-And I don’t know why you and your folks demand I do the same for your old boyfriends, I don’t care if they fathered all our c***dren.””James darling, I’ve told you before you should discuss that with Daddy if you think he’s causing them to take advantage of you.” My beautiful wife replied with an obvious mischievous smirk of a smile.”Y-You know what your father would say to me.” I sighed, as I replied and hung my head. We both knew I wasn’t about to confront her strong will Dad.My gorgeous wife walked over in front of me and lifted my chin looking straight in my eyes with her enticing ones. “Honey, we love each other. We both know that. It’s a deep true love. You understand that my heart is all yours, even if I give my pussy to many other men and have their babies to make up our family. You must not see any of this as anything to be disheartened about. We just had our seventh anniversary. Our marriage is one of openness, love, deep trust and understanding, not to mention great support from my family. And as far as my old senior high fuck buddies; they know you’re the better man to raise their k**s.””I-I know you’re trying to l-lift my spirits dear, b-but I just wish it-it didn’t have to be this way.” I said with a sigh.”James darling, this is the way it is. This is reality; you know that better than anyone. My pussy needs and adores big dicks, lots of them. C’mon, tell me you love me honey.””I love you Judy.” I repeated after her, looking straight in her charming hazel eyes.”I love you too darling, deeply. You are the husband of my dream. I don’t know what I’d do without you.” She followed up with a very passionate French kiss. The intensity of it almost took my breath away.We both knew that when she kissed me that way, she could do no wrong, and that I was putty in her hands.”Feel better sweetie.””Oh Judy, I wish I didn’t love you so.I-I can’t believe the things I’ve let happen to me because of you and your family.””You aren’t speaking ill of my family are you honey?” Judy replied with a bit of an edge in her voice.”N-No, of course not. I-I just mean, I-I should’ve walked away when I found out what was in store for me after we got engaged.””Darling, just think, you’d owed me and my family over $50,000 and you wouldn’t have me, who you claim you love so much.””I-I know, but, I-I wouldn’t feel so tormented a-and feel so out classed. All the men that sex you have it over me in every way.””None can match your tongue sweetie. You’re a super sucker. Mom says the same thing too. I don’t know why you feel so down, after all, you couldn’t wait to suck my cunt before you found out it was other men’s jism you were sucking up and swallowing. You know you like my cunt after other dicks have creamed in me. You’ve simply got to accept that you’re a natural pussy eater. Don’t be sad because nature gave you a taste for such a lusty delicacy, and in the process of discovering that, you won me over more than any macho man could.”I remained silent at her bittersweet, but true statement. There was nothing I could say. I’d long ago concluded that my non-macho, easily intimidated, meek, and unassuming personality, as well as a taste for her dick cream filled, but luscious gash, endeared me to her. To add to that, it seemed that intimidation of me by her father, other male relatives, and her three former boyfriends, all of whom were fucking her routinely, and who coerced me into being their dick licker, lapper and cocksucker, usually in her presence, made her love me even deeper. The price I paid for her love was significant in terms of my self-esteem, but yet it seemed each time she took me in her arms or kissed me, all seemed right with the world. Her beauty and my love for her were obviously devastating to my dignity and pride. “James darling, we have a good marriage, great k**s and you know it. Sure, I know you eat a lot of the guys’ jism from my muff, and they may make you lick their dicks sometimes, or push one down your throat occasionally, but overall, you know, we all think the world of you, especially our k**s. Don’t be hard on yourself. Your personal pride is not as important as you think. What’s important is how happy you make those you love you. Especially me – your wife – our k**s, your family, and my family and friends. You know my family praise you as an ideal son-in-law. You know they think the world of you.”My beautiful wife kissed me again and embraced me warmly. “There, your face looks brighter already. Feel better?” “Y-Yes, I-I guess so.” I slowly replied.”All you needed were a few good hugs and kisses.” She left me standing there as she picked up her coat and purse. As she turned toward the door, she looked at me as I stood there in the pinafore style yellow and pink apron her mom bought for my birthday.”Anyway, James darling, I won’t be gone all night. I’ll wake you, as usual, when I come home. You know I always share the experience of such visits with you. In the mean time, be a dear and put the k**s to bed, and oh, please finish tidying up the kitchen for me.” My wife said as she stepped back to me and pecked me on the forehead. She walked toward the family room where the k**s were.The provocative swing of her shapely, floating ass in the tight and revealing mini dress made me feel weak and aroused as usual.I said nothing further as I saw her tell our four little ones goodnight. She then marched out the door.After getting the k**s bathed and off to bed, I started on my kitchen duty. I mentally sigh as I do my chores and find it hard to believe Judy and I have been married going on eight years. As I work, I think back to the time we first met and how we arrived at the situation I’m in today.CHAPTER 2: THE BEGINNINGI’d just moved to Kaseyville for my first job, after graduating from the state university. Since my maternal aunt lived there, mother and she agreed that I could live with her until I could find a suitable place.The job I had was okay, but I thought I would like to do something else in a few years, so I decided to attend graduate school, with the idea that I may want to become a college professor at some later date.After deciding to attend graduate school, I didn’t rush to find my own place. I continued to stay with Aunt Jasmine. She and my mom were rather pleased, since they were both the motherly type and over protective of me, even though I was 23.I met Judy at the college library. She was a library assistant. As I spent many hours there, we would encounter each other rather frequently.I couldn’t help but notice the stunning brunette with the pleasant smile and vivacious figure. On a scale of 1 to 10, she was a solid 12.Over a period of 3 months, it became commonplace for us to exchange small talk about various books that she and I’d read. It was apparent she was well read and had an excellent memory.”James, may I ask you something personal?” She said one Thursday evening as we sat in the sparsely populated library.”Sure.” I replied.”I’m surprised you haven’t hit on me or asked me for a date yet. Most guys would’ve done that 5 minutes after they said hi. You aren’t gay are you?””No! … Oh no!” I replied, slightly surprised at the question. “T-The reason I, er, well I-I never mentioned anything a-about a date or anything is that I, well, I just assumed you were spoken for, you know going with someone. You being s-so attractive.””Spoken for, that’s quaint. No I’m not as you say, “Spoken For”. I do date occasionally, but no serious commitment, except to my family.” It was that conversation which led to our first date that following Saturday night. We seemed to hit it off rather well after that first date and we ended up going on several others. Judy let me know that it was refreshing that a man was more concerned about what was on her mind than what was in her dress.Over the span of a few months we had several dates. She was fun to talk to, not to mention pleasing to look at. She had a quizzical manner that seemed to draw things out of me. I admitted to her that I was not well versed in wooing girls or had that much luck with them in the past.To my embarrassment and to Judy’s amusement, she determined, rightfully that I was a virgin. I lied of course, but I’m certain she looked through my white lie.”You have nothing to be ashamed of James, you should be proud to be a 23 old virgin. Judy told me seriously as she tenderly held my hand. I still didn’t admit I was, even if my body language indicated otherwise.I was technically a virgin. I’d tried to have sex with two girls previously. One in senior high, the other in college. In junior high, I was so nervous I came in the rubber before I could get it out of my pants. Even at 15, I was not a rapid recharger, so I was still no good to my date for the rest of the night.In college, the girl began laughing at how small my prick was that I couldn’t keep it up because of her ridicule of me.CHAPTER 3: WE DATE SOME MOREWhen Judy first introduced me to her family, I viewed them as the perfect family. There was her father and mother and her two brothers. One was 19 and the other 21. Judy was the oldest. They seemed to be a close knit and caring family, one for the other. Her parents, while plain blue-collar type folks, appeared to be doing well for themselves. Her father had a local business and seemed to be well respected and somewhat politically connected within the town.Judy was 22 when we first started dating. We dated for 6 months before the question of marriage came up. I’m not sure if it was I, who brought it up first or not, but it was out in the open and I worked up enough nerve to pop the question. She accepted my proposal of marriage and I put a very nice ring on her finger.I say nice, because her father gave me the money for the ring. I was in graduate school at the time and working a day job as well, so his offer was easily accepted, since, the ring he wanted for her was easily ten times more expensive than what I had in mind or could afford.”I know you two love each other and I want my daughter to have a stone on her finger she can see.” Her father told me as I sat speechless and astonished in response to his offer.Actually, her father bought the 3 carats of rings for her. The engagement ring and the accompanying diamond studded wedding band was an exquisite set. He also purchased my matching wedding band, but indicated he’d hold onto it for me.His actions were indeed generous.However, there was a catch to his generosity.He insisted I sign a pre-nuptial wedding contract. The terms of the pre-nuptial contract were (1) Prior to the wedding, I couldn’t have intercourse with her – the exact words were I was not to “put my penis in her vagina and I was to keep her vagina free of semen at all times whenever she was in my presence”; (2) A commitment to marry Judy on the assigned wedding date; (3) Accept all c***dren born to Judy in the marriage, and be a loving husband and legal loving caring father, without question.The terms of the contract, while worded a bit strange, otherwise seemed reasonable. I didn’t understand the sperm clause at all, but after all, Judy was the best thing that ever happened to me, or was to happen to me. I often had to pinch myself to realize that such a dark hair bombshell beauty would fall in love with me. I also was suspicious that this whole contract thing was just her family’s way of testing me. I was determined not to fail, no matter the conditions they imposed.The fact that her family took to me like a fish to water just added to my ego. It was indeed a dream come true to have her family go out of their way to help out and ensure we got married.The pre-nuptial contract had a penalty for violating any of the conditions. They included reimbursement of the total wedding costs, engagement and wedding rings, and an additional $50,000 for breaking Judy’s heart.I beamed a broad smile upon reading the penalty clause and assumed this all might be a trick by the family to see if I was truly committed to becoming their daughter’s husband. I eagerly signed the document of commitment as Judy’s father and mother and their lawyer witnessed it. Judy was not there, as her mom said she had to be home since some relatives were stopping by.”Welcome to the family son.” Her father said as he shook and squeezed my hand tightly.”James, you can call me mother Smith now.” Her mom said as she embraced me and welcomed me as her future son-in-law.The attention they gave me was overwhelming. My self-esteem was in the clouds.CHAPTER 4: ABOUT HER PARENTS AND I MEET HER OLD BOYFRIENDSPrior to us becoming engaged, we probably went over to Judy’s house maybe 8 to 10 times. It was always for well-planned visits. I believe we had dinner there each time. To my shock and amazement, Judy eagerly and boastfully announced to her family I was a virgin. However, her parents seemed exceedingly pleased. In fact they praised her for finding me. This shocked me even more.I was truly embarrassed. I tried to admonish Judy for doing that, but became speechless at her action.To make matters worse, her parents stressed I should remain a virgin until marriage and frequently reminded me of that, one way or another, each time I visited them. They thought I was a nice boy for being so. Even though I knew they meant well, I hated they made a big issue about the virgin thing.After we became engaged, my hopes of all forgetting about my virginity were completely dashed by the pre-nuptial contract. In fact, her parents and even Judy became even more remindful and stressing of that matter.”James, we know that Judy is not a virgin, but we expect there to be one virgin standing at the altar – You. Therefore we must insist upon your sworn promise that you will not violate our daughter with your penis or your semen, and to not have intercourse until after you two are married. Is that clear?”I was extremely nervous when her mother made the aforementioned statement as Judy and I sat across from Judy’s mom and dad. I knew then for sure, they didn’t take this matter lightlyI was speechless. They said if I truly loved Judy and wanted to be bonded to her for life, I wouldn’t hesitate to swear to such a commitment.I answered them affirmatively, even though I originally thought the engagement would get me in my fiancée’s panties sooner than later. I never thought I’d have to wait until the wedding night to enjoy Judy’s overwhelmingly beautiful charms.But since that were such a nice family, I accepted their position. I was also keen to make the commitment too for another reason. I knew that three of Judy’s old flames from high school were still occasionally dating and pursuing her prior to me giving her an engagement ring.As I mentioned earlier, I work during the day, and attend graduate school at night and always have a boatload of homework. As a result, I would not get home until well after 10 PM on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights. The rest of my free time was devoted to homework and writing papers.Well, it was against this backdrop, that Judy was dating her old flames. She made it explicitly clear to me and them, in their presence, and her family, that she wouldn’t permit them to have the same type of intimate and emotional type relationship she and I had.”Judd. Jeffrey. Joe. Our dates will be a friendly type relationship, and remember, I love James. I’m emotionally committed to him. My heart is his. You three are just friends, buddies, chums, okay? Remember, we are just friends and I will still do what friends do for each other. Through me, James is your friend too and I expect you to treat him as such.”Her speech in front of her three old boyfriends and her mother and father was quite unusual to say the least. I appeared to be the only nervous one in the room.There was strangeness in the air that I couldn’t put my hand on, but all three of her former steady boyfriends promised that they would only have a friendly non-emotional relationship when they took out on dates while I was busy with my school studies.They all shook my hand and congratulated me on being the lucky guy that caught Judy’s attention and heart.My hand hurt from their strong grips, including the handshake from Judy’s father also.Her former flames were well built and muscular, more like her father was. I on the other hand was of small stature and not muscular in any way.Judy called the meeting between me and them and her family. It was because Judy indicated she still had to have a social life in spite of my graduate school studies. Her idea was to have this gathering of everyone and “lay the cards on the table” – her words.I found it difficult to counter her logic and it was difficult not to agree, especially to such a beautiful woman who was interested in lowly me.I ended up agreeing to her desire to occasionally date her old boyfriends, but yet not get emotionally serious with them.It really made me feel better when she made it clear to her former flames that she would not be intimate with them like she was with me.Even though we didn’t go all the way, we had a rather satisfying way of ridding ourselves of the natural lust that is bound to develop between two healthy person aroused by each other closeness, especially me for Judy’s vivacious begging-to-be-sexed body.When we both got steamed up from a petting session, she’d let me have some liberties with her mammary endowments, which would lead to, if she were in the mood to letting me mouth her very luscious cunt.Her muff bush was very appealing and mouth watering. I had no problem doing this for her, which she insisted was the only way she would let me have her pussy, and it met her parent’s stipulations.Her cunt was always juicy when she let me have some. The taste was always full bodied and had an exotic feminine musk type fragrance. It wasn’t unpleasant and her juices were syrupy and even a bit creamy. I delighted in her taste, especially since she let me know she was so juicy as a result of me getting her aroused.I was also pleased at how well I could please her with my oral actions. I always sucked all the juices from her magnificent muff.For my relief, Judy would jerk me off while I wore a condom. She had me wear one when she does that for me.Even though I saw her as a warm sensitive person and was appreciative of her keen mind and knowledge of many literary things, her physical charms, especially her 38 C tits and shapely 36 quivering floating ass cheeks, made my blood heat up and my pecker stand at attention.The first time, I’d finally got bold enough to insinuate that Judy and I should have sex, which was after about three months of occasionally dating; she let me know that while she wasn’t a virgin, she thought my virginity was special. I didn’t know what to say when she told me “I don’t want to burden our relationship with the emotional baggage of sexual intercourse, just yet anyway”. I didn’t know what to say in response to her comment.”Yes James, as I’ve told you, I’ve had sex with every boyfriend I was serious about and dated, starting in high school. That’s why I’m not a virgin. However, it might’ve been better had I not done so, that way, I could more easily tell if a man truly loved me for me or just for my body. I believe you love me for me. By you remaining the way you until we are married, I can be certain of your true love for me. That really means more than anything else to a girl.”I never did see what Judy saw in me, even though she said I satisfied her thirst for a man that looked beyond her physical beauty and measurement numbers of her body.”James, I adore talking to you and your personality is so compatible with what I’ve been seeking in a man, especially the one I want to marry. I want you because I believe you can fulfil the kind of commitment I need from a husband that I want to be bonded to physically, emotionally, and legally.”Her strong words also caused my self-esteem to rise because she stressed that my penis size was not as important as my love for her.CHAPTER 5: EVENTS FROM OUR ENGAGEMENT: I Learn a family SecretI was constantly concerned about Judy while she was out dating her old senior high flames.Judd, Jeffrey, and Joe were all much more handsome, well built, had good incomes and were the playboy types. I on the other hand was definitely on the nerdy side.I also knew that Judy’s mother was rather fond of all three of them too when they were steadies with Judy. She’d mentioned that to me several times, but she always added that she didn’t think they were the marrying family man type either.”A mother thinks about certain features she’d like for her grandk**s to have, when she meets her daughter’s possible mates. However, a daughter’s happiness is the most important thing. James I believe you are the right person for our daughter. You’re mild mannered and respectful, not macho and a roamer. I can appreciate that in a person. I believe when you give your word you’ll keep it. You know, like in wedding vows. I can’t say that I believe her old boyfriends are that trusting to be faithful.” She said to me one time.”Yes ma’am, I-I do keep my word.” I stammered around Judy’s gorgeous mom, even though 16 years older than her daughter. I also wondered was she testing me.After our engagement was official, I was treated almost as one of the family in regard to house accessibility.Her family became quite liberal, that is in letting me not only visit Judy in her bedroom, but actually encourage it, that is soon after it was pretty sure I’d be joining the family as her husband.Judy and her mom were stunning beauties. Judy and her mother both walked around the house somewhat loosely dressed. Their revealing clothing was often sheer opaque robes, which made it rather clear they didn’t have a thing on under them.For a long time, I didn’t know how her father and two brothers endured such a situation. Judy and her mom are both Venus beautiful. Her mom was just older than Judy.But to my total surprise, that is after becoming officially engaged to her, I was let in on the family secret and discovered the answer as to how her brothers handle being around so much arousing beauty.The truth of the matter was that she was fucking her brothers when they needed some, as well as other male family members, including her Dad, grandfather, uncles and other male relatives that might be passing through town and needed a piece of ass. Her mother serviced family members also.Several times when I’d gone over to their house, and before discovering what was really going on, I often had to wait until Judy was through talking with her brothers or her father or one of several uncles, both paternal and maternal, who seemed to drop in all the time and any time of day or night.They would always be talking with her in her bedroom.The first time it was revealed to me that i****t was occurring with Judy’s immediate family was on a Saturday afternoon. I went by to pick up Judy for dinner at my Aunt’s place. She and I had plans for a movie afterwards.I rang the doorbell. Judy’s mother answered the door in her most revealing outfit to date. It was simply sky blue baby doll lingerie set. The outfit was sheer and skimpy, nothing more. It might as well have been transparent. The shape of her neatly trimmed muff was very apparent. I had to work on hiding the rising, but slight bulge my prick made after seeing her that way.”Afternoon, Mrs. Smith.””Please, Mother Smith to you James. After all, you’re practically in the family.””Thank you Misses, er, Mother Smith. I just came by to see Judy. She asked me to drop by a little early before our date today. She wanted to talk about something.””Oh yes, I think she did. Well she’s back in her room and her Dad is in there talking with her. Go right on back, I believe they’re expecting you, Just walk on in. Don’t bother to knock.”‘Is everything okay?” I inquired, sensing that there must be something important if they wanted to talk with me.”They just wanted to discuss some family issue with you that you may need to know about. It’s to help you feel more a part of the family.” Her mom said with an odd, but pleasant expression on her face.I slowly walked back to Judy’s bedroom. Mother Smith stayed out front and continued watching a TV program. As I approached Judy’s bedroom door, I could tell she and someone were in there. There were voices. Instead of walking in, I knocked, contrary to Mother Smith’s directions.Her father opens the door and is holding his shorts in his other hand.”Uh, Mr. Smith?” I said in a surprised tone of voice, equally surprised at the sight before me. He was only wearing a tee shirt and socks. His rather large penis was very visible. The muggy frumpy odour that permeated the air apparently was the unmistakable indication of sexual activity having had been performed recently.”C’mon in Jamie. Judy and I were doing a little family bonding.”Hi darling.” Judy spoke out cheerfully in her perky voice. “You missed all the fun me and Daddy had bonding.”Judy was lying back in her bed with a sheet covering her from waist down, but was totally exposed the other way up. Her 38 breasts were magnificent and firmly shaped in their uncovered and unconstrained state. But as the situation dawned on me, I quickly assessed what was going on, or I should say, had gone on.”F-Fun! W-Why Mr. Smith, y-you a-and Judy w-w-were…””Bonding, son, just plain old bonding. A father and daughter just spending some quality time together. Sure some folks might call it fucking or something else, but we Smiths see it as a way of keeping our family close together.”CHAPTER 6: EVENTS FROM OUR ENGAGEMENT: I Learn More About a Smith family SecretHer father went on explaining the benefits of bonding. However, my mind seemed to shut down as I stood there trying to assess what had apparently happened before I’d arrived.Out of the fog of confusion in my mind, I heard Judy’s voice coming through to me.”James, I know this may not be the best way to show you one of our most guarded family secrets, but since you’re committed to become a part of the family, you had to be told.” She said with a relatively bright smile.”That’s right Jamie, the direct way is the best way sometimes. Anyway, my little girl here is quite a good piece of ass. I may be a bit biased, but the proof is in her pussy. Her brothers, her uncles, and both her granddaddies say she’s an excellent fuck too. She’s got a milking cunt that really knows how to draw all the cream out of a stiff dick.”Upon hearing her father’s crude, but complimentary, remarks, I felt weak in the knees and had to sit. I flopped down in a nearby chair. I could feel my face becoming flushed.”Daddy you’re so sweet to praise my pussy the way you do.””I’m just telling the truth, baby doll.” He replied as he leaned over toward her face and they both gave each other a deep juicy French kiss. I hoped this was all a bad dream, from which I hoped I soon would awake. That was not to be.”James, I guess there is something else I have to tell you… well, actually, I want to show you.””W-What?” I said slowly.”Come over here.” She spoke. I slowly got to my feet as I move the short distance to the bed where she lay.”This is what I want to show you. Remember all the good eating you’ve had from here? Daddy and the guys made it all possible.” As she spoke she whipped the sheet away covering her lower body. Her legs were spread wide and my eyes instantly focused on her wet messy and obviously jism-smeared snatch.It took a moment to for me to realize what she meant. It then dawned on me that the love juices that I thought were naturally hers were the result of her coital sessions with other men.”J-Judy, h-how could y-you do this to me.” I stammered, as I had to sit again. This time, it was on the bed besides her.”I just wanted to test to see if you were indeed a virgin, if you weren’t you would’ve know what a fucked cunt looked like. You didn’t, and after you willing placed your mouth on my oozing muff and ate my cream pie so good, I knew I wanted you James.””Go on son, you can go ahead and root around in her bush and slurp up all that fresh dick cream. Don’t mind me. Besides, didn’t you agree in the pre-nuptial contract to make sure that whenever you were with my daughter, before the wedding, you would make sure there was no jism in her snatch? Well, it’s before the wedding, and you’re with her now and I’d say it’s time you do what needs to be done, namely getting all that dick juice out of her muff.” Her father snidely injected as he pulled his underwear up.The impact of that statement in the pre-nuptial agreement came crashing down on me mentally as I absorbed his words.”Would you James darling? Show Daddy how much you like eating my creamy choohie.””J-Judy! A-Are you crazy?””Now son, don’t speak to my daughter in that tone!”The boom of her father’s voice made me refocus my attention away from Judy over to her father, who’d quickly moved right beside me, where I was sitting on the bed.”Didn’t you say he liked the taste of your gash before baby?””He sure did Daddy, every time I gave him a chance to eat me. He’s eaten your cream out of me several times.” Judy replied with a slight pout on her face. She also added that over the months we were dating, I’d also tasted the jism of both her brothers, all male relatives who’d fucked her during that time, as well as the cum of Judd, Jeffery and Joe.I couldn’t believe her revelation. Me a sperm eater? I thought to myself.”What’s the matter Jamie, you think your mouth is too good to put on my baby’s cunt after she showed you how your pussy cream pies were made? Are you trying to say Smith jism in Smith pussy ain’t good enough for you to eat any more?”He grabbed me by the collar and lifted me off the bed with one hand and raised his other hand, which was now a giant fist. The biggest I’d ever seen.Judy’s father was a big man. Six foot three and rippling with muscles.”Maybe I ought to rearrange your teeth and see if…” He snarled looking me in my scared horrified eyes. Luckily Judy interceded on my behalf.”Daddy! Please don’t hurt him! He’s just over loaded from us revealing so much to him at once. Aren’t you James sweetheart?”I nodded yes quickly, still watching to see if Mr. Smith’s big knuckles were going to come crashing into my face.”You still like my pussy don’t you dear, very well in fact?”Again, I nodded affirmatively. I was just too nervous to speak. I was still watching her father’s fist.”I can’t hear you James darling.” Judy spoke louder than the first time. I knew what she wanted of me.”Y-Y-Yes! I do.” I said in a distress tone of voice.”Then apologize to Daddy. Tell him you’re sorry.””I-I’m sorry Mr. Smith.””You sure are. And I thought you were going to make a good son-in-law. I’ve still got a good mind to whip your ass and sue you too. Remember that agreement you signed.” He bellowed back at me.”No! Daddy don’t! I still love James. I want to marry him. You do love me James, don’t you, or does Daddy have his way?” Judy asked in a sensuous cooing voice. I looked over at her. She had this strange half smile, half smirk on her face. “Y-Y-Yes I-I do love you Judy.” I quickly replied, hoping this was good enough to get her father to back off with his threatening fist.”Then you don’t mind showing Daddy that you do love me, do you?” Judy said.”B-B-But Judy, c-can’t we t-talk first…” I stumbled and stammered trying to negotiate with Judy, since I feared where she was going with her statements. It was then that I saw her father begin to raise his fist again. I paused, then capitulated and said what I knew what she wanted to hear. “I-I don’t m-mind.” I said meekly, knowing I didn’t have much choice.”That’s better. That’s the kind of attitude I like to see in a future son-in-law that wants to marry my little girl.” Her father said. I was amazed at how easily his mood changed when I became agreeable to doing what Judy wanted.He moved back over and pulled up the same chair I’d been sitting in earlier.”Okay honey, scoot that cute butt of yours to the edge of the bed and let your future hubby prove his love to you and that he’s worthy of becoming a Smith son-in-law.”Judy did as her dad ordered. Nothing had to be said, I knew what was expected of me. Judy spread her legs wide. The white expanse of her inner thighs did look so inviting, even if her upper inner thighs were wet with trails of leaking fuck slime.”C’mon James darling, do me like you’ve done me so many times before. Nothing has changed, it’s just as good as before.” She crooked her finger beckoning me to kneel and then moved her hand right to her jism-smeared pussy. It was obvious what she wanted and what I had to do.The funny thing was that I knew I had to lick and suck her cunt because her dad wanted to see me eat his cum out of his daughter, but the other thing was that I had indeed become hooked on her slick, juicy, tangy muff, even though I was not aware of its true ingredients.Doing what had to be done, I guided my head to her well-fucked crotch and began my tongue work to affirm my love. Judy soon held my head as she ground her juicy snatch in my face. There was a lot of gunk in her cunt, more than I ever remembered. I had to assume that all the other times, I didn’t get the full treatment as I was here.After a lot of tongue work, I soon had her moaning in her customary manner and finally she achieved a loud rousing orgasm.After letting go of my head, she leaned back with the dreamiest smile I’d ever seen on her face.”Clap! Clap! Clap! You can sure handle her hot twat. I didn’t think you had it in you. Welcome to the family.” Her father said as he further applauded me for my “tongue and suckmanship” – his words.He left Judy and I alone, but before he did, he warned me against “breaking his little girl’s heart” and made me promise that I would prove my love, as I had before him, anytime she desired of me.CHAPTER 7: EVENTS FROM OUR ENGAGEMENT: Judy and I Talk”Judy, this is so overwhelming. T-To find out you’ve been having intercourse is bad enough a-and t-that y-you’ve had me licking you afterwards is devastating, b-but to find out that one of your regular lovers is y-your dad… w-well it’s so much to have to handle.” I told my obviously promiscuous fiancée.”I know it is James sweetheart, but Daddy and Mama and I came to the conclusion, the direct way is the best. You see us doing it, and bingo, it’s out in the open. No long explanations.” Judy replied in a rather cavalier fashion.”But Judy, w-why, after all this time, didn’t you let me make love to you.””James, we’ve gone over all this before. You’re a virgin and that’s the way I want to marry you. It’s a quality for which I’m proud of for you. By the way, so are your aunt and your mother too.”Y-You’ve talked to my aunt a-about that?” I replied nervously.”Sure. She knows you’ve never had any – maybe except your fist.” She giggled a bit.”That’s not funny Judy. I-I don’t know why you went behind my back and talked to Aunt Jasmine without telling me.” I said with an edgy tone.”Well James, maybe you should talk to her about talking to me about your sex life and use that same tone with her. Do you think she’d take you to the basement and teach you some manners?””B-Basement, s-she told…””Lets just say that she let me know that your attitude seem to change quite a bit after she takes you down there and have a talk with you. She said after we were married, she’d tell me more about how to keep little mannish boys from forgetting their place. Would you like to tell me what goes on in the basement or should I guess about what your strong willed Aunt Jasmine meant?”On my first attempt to speak I got choked. I couldn’t believe my Aunt had revealed our family secret, so to speak. I would be devastated if Judy knew Aunt Jasmine had taken an extension cord to my backside not less than three weeks ago for breaking a plate, while I was doing the dishes.”Uh… A-Aunt Jasmine just l-likes to stretch things a bit. T-That’s all.””Maybe I’ll ask her about it later this evening when we have dinner over there.” Judy replied.”I was thinking about that, a-and m-maybe that’s not a g-good idea after all that’s happen Judy. I-I just know that I wouldn’t be in the mood and…””We’re going James darling and that’s that. You know how much effort she’s put into this dinner. It’ll be all right honey. Speaking of food, would you like another little low calorie appetizer? I feel some more of Daddy’s jism running way down from the back of my pussy. C’mon, lay back so I can sit on your face.””What! J-Judy, you can’t be serious.””Yes I am darling. Or do you want me to call Daddy and tell him you’re not keeping your promise.”I know I must’ve turned pale, because the mention of his name sent a mild shiver through me as my mind conjured up an image of his giant fist.”C’mon, layback right here.” Judy said patting the bed. She went on to tell me how to position my upward facing head. I could tell she knew I didn’t want any part of confronting her father. I meekly followed her instructions. I truly felt browbeat.”Perfect! She said as she swung her shapely gorgeous torso over my skyward facing face. She positioned her curvaceous bottom and delectable cunt over my head. A cunt that it seems was only available to my tongue, but open to many other’s hard cocks.”Oh yeeees!” Judy shrieked in a slightly loud voice. As she made contact with my face and began to scrub my face and seek out my open mouth and flitting tongue.After about fifteen minutes, she dismounted my face which she’d used like a saddle. My face was a sloppy mess, as she was right, there was quite a bit of her father’s jism still hiding in the farthest recesses of her apparently deep and stretchable gash.Even though I hated being treated as a clean up man for her semen soggy pussy, I couldn’t deny that it wasn’t un-pleasurable eating her out. It was the principle of the matter that bothered me.I hadn’t really noticed it before, since so much had been dumped on me in such a short period of time, but I had a throbbing hard on. I needed relief, even though I was depressed and very upset about finding out the real story about my lovely fiancée.As I said, my face was a slimy mess, so the first thing I thought I should do was wash up. I did so in a nearby bathroom around the corner from Judy’s bedroom. Upon leaving the bathroom, I heard noises from a nearby bedroom in the other direction down the short hallway. The door was slightly ajar.From where I was standing it was easy to see Judy’s mom sexually couple with Judy’s two younger brothers. One had his sizeable prick in her eagerly sucking mouth, and the other, also exhibiting a large cock, had it buried deep in his mom’s cunt as she kneeled on all fours. I was again shocked beyond belief at what I was seeing. I briefly stood there in a dumfounded state before returning to Judy’s room.I sat down in a daze as I discussed what I’d seen with Judy.”Oh Mom is just bonding with them too.” Speaking of her brothers in regard to the scene I’d just seen and was asking her about.”I-I see. Judy forgive me, b-but this all so much of a surprise for me. Y-You know the i****t thing…”Judy gave me some background on when the i****t started. She told me that she and her father didn’t really get it on until he discovered here doing her brothers. She was 19 at the time. She’d been sexing both her brothers for a while before that.”Daddy called it bonding when he and I started fucking. Simple bonding, he would say. And you know what darling? He was right, the whole family came closer together. Mom joined in also and that really bonded us all together. Later other relatives joined in. I’ve always use the pill so there won’t be any unwanted pregnancies.” “I-I see.” Is all I said in reply. “This is all so new to me Judy. But Judy, where do we go from here, especially now that I know you’re also having sex with your old boyfriends. Surely, you don’t expect us to still consider ourselves engaged.””Why not James sweetheart? I still need them to give me what you can’t, especially since you’re going to have to remain a virgin until we’re married.””Married! Judy, you can’t be serious about that… after all this… and me finding out what you and Judd, Jeffrey, and Joe have been up to behind my back, not to mention the men in your family.””James, you must realize I love you, no matter everything you’ve mentioned is true. I want to make you my husband. The guys are still just friends, just like I said when I first introduced them to you. As friends, we just fucked on a friendly basis. Friends helping friends out. Their dicks get hard and my pussy gets hot. We come together and satisfy each other’s need. Hardly any emotions, just lust. You and I on the other hand, have a true emotional love. You and I are connected beyond our physical beings. Of course, what you do to my pussy is sensational. Also, you and I can talk about anything and have touched each other’s innermost intellectual souls. That has never happened with any other men I’ve dated. You’re the one for me James. I truly love you, no matter that you’re not physically matched to my sexual needs. I need your emotional and intellectual connectivity. I believe you need and love me the same way.”I just marvelled as Judy talked. I did appreciate much of what she said, but I also had my pride.”Uh, Judy, I-I understand, b-but what happens after we get married? I-I know and I-I suspect you do too, t-that, well I-I’m not as, well, as well as endowed as your dad or your brothers, or your old boyfriends either.””You’re not. I’m sure I’ll hardly feel your prick in me. But what is your point?” She said with a puzzling tone of voice.”Well, uh, if you know that I-I won’t be able to fulfil your needs then there is no need for us…””When people love each other they find a way darling.””But if I can’t do what you need, then who …””Who will do it for me? The same men who’ve done it for me before sweetheart. Daddy and my brothers, and my other male relatives, and of course Judd, Jeffrey and Joe too.””Y-You mean t-that e-even if w-we get married y-you’d still…””Of course darling, why not. I’ll have more than enough pussy for you and them too. Nothing will change much except I’ll be wearing your name and of course you’ll finally get to put it in. You’ll lose your virginity to me, all proper of course, under the auspices of marriage that is.”I-I, Judy I’m having a hard time b-believing I’m hearing you say this. I-I…” For the umpteenth time, I was cut off one more time as her mom walked into Judy’s bedroom.”Hi James, I wondered if you and Judy were still here.””Yeah, we were just talking.” Judy replied to her mom, who walked into the room wearing only an open, and very sheer robe. She was obviously nude underneath, and to my utter amazement was holding her pussy lips together.”Now that you’ve been properly welcomed to the family, I want to welcome you in my own way too. Judy tells me you’re a real good pussy eater. You mind if I try him out dear?” Directing her question at her daughter, with an air that she didn’t have to ask me, only her daughter.”Sure mom, you don’t mind sucking mom’s pussy do you James honey? She’s wanted to have someone eat her cream pie for so long. You’re the first for me. Please make her happy and be the first for her too.””Yes James it would definitely make a good impression on me. After all, I will be your mother-in-law.””Sure he’s going to eat your creamy box lunch honey, ain’t you Jamie? Or do me and the boys have to take you downstairs and have a talk about being disrespectful to my wife?” Mr. Smith walked in the door just as his wife finished her requestCowed, and plain scared to death, for the second time, I assumed the position of a cream pie eater and buried my face again in a wet, hairy, slimy, gloppy, and well fucked, Smith pussy.This time Judy’s dad and two brothers watched me as I gave slurpy heavy suction to Mrs. Smith creamy pussy pie. The men all cheered me on and their mom was in seventh heaven as she gyrated and rotated her shapely, but sloppy, bush against my tightly held face. She was very vocal. After about 10 minutes or so, she finally came with an obviously super orgasm as a result of my continuous tongue action.”Oh James, that was something. Judy you have good taste in pussy eaters. He really knows how to suck.”I could only blush and cringe at such a dubious and unflattering remark, even though I seriously believed Mrs. Smith thought she was praising me.”Jamie, you did a right mighty fine job. I like you son. From now on, you get the honour of being the family pussy eater for both my wife as well as our daughter, your bride to be.””Oh thanks honey, I really like that. You always do good things for me. Plus it’ll give me and James more time to know each other better.” His wife added.”That’s right mom, you really get to know a lot about a person when they suck your cum filled pussy out.” Judy added.”Hey Mom, I think it’s really cool to have my scum sucked and eaten out of you and s*s.” Judy’s youngest brother injected his thoughts into the conversation.”Well I guess I better take a quick shower unless somebody wants some more of me. James and I are supposed to be at his Aunt’s house in less than two hours. I better hurry.” Judy said, as she left to shower after her father and brothers didn’t acknowledge that they wanted to sex her anymore. Judy’s action and the family’s response to it, was done so casually and so naturally, that I was in total awe and amazement. This indeed was a different family lifestyle than I’d ever imagined for the Smiths. Her mom now wore the same dreamy expression I’d seen earlier, as I glanced over at her lying back on Judy’s bed. Still not believing what had taken place, I reached for the towel I’d had earlier to wipe her mother and brothers’ fuck juices from my face. Her mother’s cunt, had tasted as good as her daughter. Of course, I could never admit to that.As I was wiping my face, I heard Judy’s youngest brother asking his mom for some more pussy. She rebuffed him.”Aren’t you satisfied dear?” His mother replied to his request.”Seeing him do you like that got my dick up again.” He commented.”Well I’m tired and my pussy needs some rest.” His mother commented wearily. “Why didn’t you ask your sister for some?””She was in a rush.””Then you’ll have to wait for a while or go jerk off. Now leave me alone so I can finish enjoying the afterglow of having both of you boy’s fuck slime sucked out of me so wonderfully, thanks to my delightful, soon to be new son-in-law.” She commented as she threw me a kiss. I blushed even a deeper red than before. My face was hot.”Hell! Jamie! Since you were partially responsible, that is for eating his mother’s creamy box so good, I think you ought to help out here. I think it’d be a good idea to for you to take care of his dick.””W-W-What?” I stammered in complete confusion and utter surprise as to what Judy’s father said and implied.”You heard me! Suck his dick! You’re responsible he got hard and you’re responsible his mama’s pussy is worn out! So it’s only natural you fill in for her. Now get on your knees and open your mouth!”I was stunned beyond belief once more. I couldn’t believe Judy’s dad was going to make me a cocksucker too, after all else had been done to me in such a short period of time.I eyed the door, but knew I couldn’t make it. I saw Judy’s brother, the one with the hard dick, and a sizeable one I might add, advancing toward me.Mr. Smith seemed ready to pounce on me for the slightest sign I wasn’t going to submit to his son.My heart was in my mouth as I concluded my only chance to get out of this with teeth was to let another Smith shoot cream on them.The younger son’s prick was at least 8 inches long, thick in diameter and quite swollen, irrespective of the fact he’d screwed his mother very well not less than an hour ago.”On your knees Jamie.” Mr. Smith bellowed. Like a robot, I knelt. Really my knees just seem to give way at his command. Now I was right in front of his son’s jutting, blood gored dick head. The penis glans was so shiny and distended. I’m not a penis lover, but I couldn’t help but thinking what a magnificent tool the younger son had. There was pre-cum in the eye of his ready prick.I didn’t know anything about sucking cock. It dawned on me I should say so.”M-Mr. Smith, I-I’ve never s-sucked a…” I stammered, but was quickly cut off.”No problem, just start licking his cockhead, let him push it in your yap and keep your teeth out of the way. Then you just suck and slurp like a baby. Don’t worry, my boy will tell you ain’t sucking him right. And Jamie, if you bite him, you gonna lose some teeth. Got that!”I was too scared to answer. I just nodded my head I understood.When I turned my head back to his son’s looming cock, he pushed it right to my lips. I licked my first taste of hot pre-cum. It was slippery, and a bit slimy, but not bad tasting. A few licks and I could tell by his moans, and the pressure of his dickhead against my lips that he wanted to make my mouth his pussy.”Oooooh, that feels good and wet.” I heard him moan as I parted my lips and he easily slipped the head in, as well as about three inches of his rigid shaft too. I truly had a mouthful now. He pulled back a bit and pushed even deeper now. My mouth was truly stuffed.”That’s it Jamie, you got the hang of it. You’re a natural. Just slurp and suck, that’s all you got to do to get your reward.” I still hated Judy’s dad calling me Jamie and even more for what he was doing to me. The idea of a load of his son’s cum a reward was disgusting, but I knew I was helpless not to do other than I was doing.I was surprised at how quickly I got accustomed to the feel of his big stiff member between my lips. I also got my breathing technique under control. I was really concerned about Judy’s brother’s ejaculation catching me off guard and me choking on my “reward”, as his dad put it.I didn’t have long to wait for the cock in my mouth to spurt and spewed its load of fresh hot semen. To my surprise, I was able to swallow all of the hot white slimy fuck fluids. The taste was similar to the taste of when I first tried a glass of milk with a raw egg blended in it. The biggest difference, his jism was rather creamy and very warm as it gushed over my tongue and gums. I knew he or his father wouldn’t tolerate me not swallowing it all, so I did.Mr. Smith’s son obviously enjoyed helping me do my first blowjob, because he held my head to his cock for at least 5 minutes after he came. His father encouraged him to do so and for me to suckle and “milk” his 19 year-old son. I had no choice but to do as I was told.”Plop!” His son pulled his dick from my mouth and the sound emitted was like that of a popgun.I was glad that scene of embarrassment was over. I started to get off my knees as I wiped my mouth.”Stay there Jamie, I think you got another customer.” In disbelief I looked to my left and now the other son, the 21 year-old one, held his sizeable fuck tool and it was jutting obscenely out just like his younger brother had previously.I was speechless and looked at Mr. Smith with pleading eyes not to make me degrade myself again. He seemed to read my mind as well as my eyes.”You’ve done one, what’s another one, especially since you already on your knees and hot and ready to lick and suck. He said.I knew it was hopeless. Once again, I licked, lapped and open up for another Smith prick. Besides having to suck his son’s well-proportioned cocks, the sad thing was that each of them was at least three times bigger than mine.As I sucked and slurped on this next son’s hard man meat, I thought of the fact that Judy was accustomed to such big meat. Yet if she loved me as she said she did, it was obvious that wasn’t a priority for the type of husband she wanted. She knew I was significantly less endowed.It was slowly dawning on me that she needed or wanted, a weaker man than the type she’d grown up around. One that was more sensitive, but who she could control and wouldn’t interfere with her apparent need for multiple big cocks.Macho men such as her father or brothers or her old boyfriends would be jealous and territorial. However, a more modest, actually less endowed and meeker personality like me, even though intelligent, who she could control through her beauty and other means might be more to her liking, since she’s somewhat strong willed too.I wondered how I could be thinking of such a thing as I was on my knees being subjugated and disgraced in the worse manner as I was. It about this time I sensed that the next Smith prick was about to erupt and shower my gums with his hot thick cum.”Ooooooh Yessss! Here it coooomes! Hold my balls! Hold them Jamie!” I quickly did as he directed me. As he yelled as he started spurting his heavy semen in my sucking mouth, I could feel a slight tremor in his rather large balls. Afraid of letting them go to soon, I held them for the time I had to milk the dregs of his jism as he soaked his softening penis between my lips.I was so glad when his completely soft dick slipped from my lips, even though it left a long ropy strand of goo between my lips and his dick that stretched at least a foot until it broke as he walked away.I thought, finally this part of my nightmare was over. Again I started to rise. I desperately wanted to wash out my mouth, for my mouth was feeling gluey and slimy from all I’d been forced to do.”Don’t move, just one more to go. I snapped my head to see Mr. Smith coming from the other direction with his much larger and more massive member. He had it exposed and at the ready. It stood out like a small club.”P-Please Mr. Smith, I-I simply c-can’t do another one. P-Please let…””Dry up Jamie! You won’t have to do hardly any work this time at all. I’m gonna help you out.” He said loudly. “Here hold my balls.”I was still kneeling and mortified even more by his much larger tool and bigger balls. He was before me before me in an instant and had pushed his much larger, but just as swollen penis head toward my slime coated lips. He just pushed. My lips parted and my mouth filled with his huge erection. I held his huge balls. They were overflowing my smaller pale white hands.I managed to keep my wits about me, trying to gather solace in the fact that at least he was the last cock I had to worry about.Just as he said he would, he did help me. He started slowly fucking my face as he grasped the back of my head. I literally was being faced fucked.I worked hard to keep my teeth out of the way and to accommodate his actions as he treated my head as a fucking device. “Oh Yeah! You got some good mouth pussy here Jamie!” He shouted as he jacked off his big boner with my head. This went on for somewhere between 5 and 10 minutes before he shot off what was surely the largest load of the evening I had to eat from the smith men. To make matters worse, unknown to me until it was too late, Judy’s Mom, who was lying back on the bed watching the forced oralism of me, had pulled Judy’s handy cam video camera off a nearby shelf. She’d recorded virtually every suck and swallow I was forced to perform on her sons’ and now her husband’s stiff erections as they made my pursed lips and mouth their private fuck receptacle. I had been thoroughly used and vanquished, I was beyond resisting them, it was a simple matter of trying not getting beat up and surviving the ordeal.By the time I realized I was being videotaped, Judy’s dad had just begun his ejaculatory spurting. As usual, it was to be a sizeable load of semen from his large dick. Shocked at what Judy’s Mom was doing I pulled my mouth free of her Dad’s spurting dick. What would’ve been just a normal regular run-of-the-mil blowjob in which the man being sucked, jism was dutifully consumed, my action caused the making of a XXX quality cum scene blowjob with her Dad’s sticky gooey cum stretched all over my face and ropy strand drooling from my lips as well as splattered on my startled face.Seeing her with the camera, I made a futile attempt to get up and put my hand in front of the camera lenses some six feet away. I never got more than a foot, as her irate husband grabbed me and almost held me up with one hand. I was thoroughly berated for not letting my mouth stay wrapped around his gushing cock.”You owe me another blowjob! Actually as many as I want! Got that!” Again, I was cowed even more than before. I was afraid I was going to get clobbered by his powerful fist, even after all I’d done to prevent from being beaten. His fist was clench and ready for action. I just knew I was a goner. In the midst of that I’d almost forgotten about his wife and the camcorder.”Stop Honey! Now take it easy honey. I startled him when he saw I was taping him. He didn’t mean no harm. It was just an accident. Right Jamie dear?””Y-Yes ma’am” I meekly said. Thankful for her intervention even though I noticed she too was now calling me Jamie. I hated it when people called me Jamie. But this was not the time to exert myself or complain about such a small thing.”You see he said so dear. Now Jamie, tell my husband, that you’re really sorry for pulling your lips off his dick as he was shooting off, but will be more than happy to make it up to him as many times as he and the boys need you to fill in for Judy and I.”Not knowing what else to do, I capitulated and basically committed my mouth as a surrogate pussy for the Smith family men. To make matters worse, her husband threw in the further condition that other family men could also count on me for head too, if they needed or wanted me to do them.I just knew this couldn’t be really happening, for I was on the verge of tears after he let me go. I fought hard not to cry. It was awful.CHAPTER 8: EVENTS FROM OUR ENGAGEMENT: The Drive To Dinner “James, you really are going to have to do something about your attitude. You know I love you and so does Mom and Dad, And you know my brothers like you a lot. Probably more so now that you’ve sucked their dicks. And don’t worry about Dad, it’ll be okay with him. He’ll get over you pulling off his dick just as he was coming. I’m sure you can understand they way he felt. He’s willing to forgive and forget, why can’t you? After all, he agreed to let you suck him some more to make up for one little silly disagreement.””I-I-I don’t believe I-I hear what you’re saying.” I-I’ve got to pull over so we can talk about this.” I said as I pulled just inside the entrance of a nearby park.”By the way Judy, thanks for letting me use your toothbrush. My mouth was so gummy and gluey f-from doing you a-and your mom as well from swallowing your brothers’ and Dad’s thick cum. I-I just had to brush before I left there.” I said in an embarrassed manner.”Of course darling, we are a partnership, bonded by love. We will share so much on this journey of commitment to each other.” Judy replied in a sweet cooing voice, as she placed a kiss on my forehead. She sounded and looked so delectable. However, she used that “B” word again -bonded. I was beginning to see it as a four-letter word even if it wasn’t.”But seriously Judy, you really think I-I’m the right guy for…””The right guy for me? Of course you are, James darling. I really love you. Surely you aren’t going to let a few little, well, er, not so little, cocks, and some other men’s hot sperm interfere with the obviously deep love and affection we have for each other, are you? I know I love you and I’m sure you love me too, don’t you?” Judy spoke in a warm wooing manner.I hated it when she talked that way. It had a way of soothing me down whenever things were going wrong.”J-Judy, I-I’m having a hard time dealing with t-this. Y-You’re so cool and 1xbet yeni giriş calm. Y-Y-You were h-having sex with…””Bonding darling, bonding with my brothers and Dad. It’s us doing such things for each other that build up the warm, nurturing, and close relationship we have as a family. “Judy, it r-really hurt to know about you having in-intercourse b-behind my back, but with your family members and old boyfriends is-is a lot to deal with. A-And that doesn’t even touch on all the other things I was forced to do… and now that y-your mom has that video, I-I just don’t know what to do.””That’s easy, you’re going to accept me, love me, and become my husband.””Judy, w-why are you doing this to me? Yes I do love you. You’re the girl I could only dream of dating, much less planed to be married to.””Remember we talked about this some time ago James. Looks and prick size are not everything sweetie. You have other things I need besides those things. You’re caring, you’re understanding, gentle, and most of all, we can talk about the books we’ve read as we take long walks and share tender moments.””B-but when we’re not doing that and you have the urge to be with your o-other men a-and family members, w-what about me?””You can find something else to do while I get help for your inadequacies in that area. However, you’re not to get involved with another woman! That is O! U! T! OUT! You are to remain faithful! Understand?””Y-Y-Yes. Q-Quite clear.” I replied meekly as I stuttered and stammered. I was caught off guard by her sudden, point blank assertiveness.Judy and I talked for a while more. It became rather apparent, she had no inclination of releasing me from my commitment for marriage and that the videotape her mom made was also now a part of the persuasion tools she held over my head. I gave up trying and decided to resume driving over to my aunt’s house for dinner. Besides, I was hungry.”You mean you’re still hungry after all the creamy appetizers you’ve eaten?” Judy replied at my remark of being famished.CHAPTER 9 EVENTS FROM OUR ENGAGEMENT: Dinner With My Aunt Jasmine As Judy and I walked to my Aunt’s door, the delightful aroma of food could easily be detected. I was sure that at least I could count on my Aunt’s good cooking to ease the depression, hurt, as well as the shame and disgrace I felt at that moment from the earlier events I’d been subjected to. I thought surely that the day couldn’t get any worse than it had already. However, as things go for me, I was wrong again.I used my key to open the door and let Judy and I in.”Hello James baby!””M-Mother! I-I didn’t know you were coming.” I replied in total surprise.”Yes dear, I wanted it to be a surprise. And this must be my beautiful new daughter-in-law to be. I must say Judy, the photo he sent me doesn’t even begin to do you justice.””Hello Mrs. Jackson, happy to…” Mother cut Judy off.”Mother Jackson, dear. We’re practically family. Come give me a hug.” Mom said to Judy.I had mixed emotions about my mother being there at this particular time. I knew eventually, she had to meet Judy. I guess I was hoping later than sooner, even if the wedding, if one was to take place, was only 6 months away.You see, my mom is rather strong willed, like my aunt, and often they can embarrass me with their over protectiveness. They both still see me as a juvenile and often treat me as such, instead of the adult I am. Some may even think they treat me as if I’m a mama’s boy. I was hoping mom didn’t revert to such a protective mode tonight, especially after all I’d been through earlier in the evening.My aunt is a great cook. She cooked all my favourite items, including macaroni with plenty of cheese. As I ate ravenously, Mom and Judy were exchanging small talk. I closely monitored their exchanges for any hint of talk that could be embarrassing to me.However, as soon as word of the pre-nuptial contract surfaced, I knew it was time to be vigilant and be ready to intervene and not have the conversation focusing heavily into me and Judy’s personal relationship. Again, this turned out to be a disaster for me. “You are too beautiful dear, I’m sure the guys hound you for pussy a lot, don’t they?””Mother!” I blurted out, not believing my own ears.”Shush! Baby. I’m talking to your lovely fiancée.” My mother directed her comment at me without even looking in my direction.”I do get propositioned a lot Mother Jackson. Men are always after my body. That’s why I fell in love with James, he looked beyond that. He and I communicate and have a loving and deep emotional relationship above the skin deep level.”I was even amazed at Judy’s very diplomatic reply.”I’m so glad to hear that you and James are so emotionally connected. Also, Judy dear, from talking to my sister, I want you to know that as his mother, I’m pleased you also understand the significance of James’s virginity and that it is a treasured asset for him to bring into your marriage.””Mother! Please! This is not the time or…””James! Please! It’s okay for your mom to talk about what’s important to her, and also to me, for that matter.” Judy abruptly replied as she gave me a stern look this time. Again, I felt belittled in the worse way as she continued with her reply to my mom. As I looked around, I could tell that both my Mom and Aunt seemed pleased at her action. I felt even worse upon discerning that.”Oh yes Mother Jackson, I agree with you wholeheartedly. In fact I think of it as a sort of dowry he’s bringing with him. My parents, and my family for that matter, are pleased that I’m marrying a chaste groom.””James, you have a sensible girl with high moral character. She’s right to have you come to the altar as a virgin and dismiss your efforts to give in and do otherwise. If playing with you little thing is necessary to maintain it, then that’s the way it should be nephew.”I cringed in total and absolute embarrassment.”Yes, I totally agree. I’ve told James that I will not be a party to him throwing away something so precious. I definitely want him to be my virginal bridegroom. I’m just so lucky to be marrying him.” Judy replied with a big smile.”Judy, you’ve got yourself quite a catch there. Now that y’all are virtually married, that is because of the contract, I presume in order to keep yourself comfortable, sexually that is, you have trained James in the proper art of oral sexual satisfaction until you’re wed? Him putting his mouth on your cunt does not constitute any violation of or compromises his virginity, but keeps you relieved while you wait for the wedding day.””M-Mother please!””James! Shush! I’m tired of repeating myself. You’ll get your turn to speak. Until then, please be quiet!”Mother’s words caused my face to turn even redder, as all the other eyes in the room seem to look right through me.”Oh yes. James has excelled in that department. He’s quite a natural when it comes to pleasing me with his mouth. I guess it’s alright to say this now that we’re all practically family.””Yes we are dear, be as candid as you wish.” My Aunt replied eagerly.”He’s just loves to suck my pussy. Don’t you James?”I was more than blushed at the explicit nature of the discussion and of Judy’s candour.”P-Please, c-can we c-change the subject and…””Nonsense! You’ve been so eager to talk, well now talk and tell us something you need to talk about!” My Aunt interjected loudly. “This is a critical and important topic for newlyweds. Now answer the question!” I looked at my Aunt. Her eyes were focused hard on me. I knew the best thing to do was answer Judy.”Y-Yes Judy, I-I do.” I replied with my head hung low as I ate another forkful of macaroni.”Dear, be forceful, speak up. Tell her so like you mean it. Do it again for me.” My Aunt said.”D-Do I-I have to?””Yes! Tell your fiancée you love sucking her pussy! Say every word! Now!”I could tell my Aunt was on the verge of getting upset with me.”J-Judy, I-I love sucking your pussy very much.” I said.”Thank you darling.” Judy replied smiling with a slight smirk.”Very good James, that’s the positive way you should speak when telling the woman you love, that you love doing things for her.””Judy, you can be very candid when you answer this next question. I’m a modern women, who only wants what’s best for my son, and you as his future wife, as well as what’s best for the stability of your future marriage. Judy, in regard to having adequate sexual relations, I presume a smart girl like you already knows that my son is not, well, er, not well equipped to handle your total bedroom needs. I assume you’ve made plans to get my son some assistance in that department?”I was more than devastated by the question and was too speechless to speak except to gasp at my mother’s question. Judy was a bit surprised, but her answer was quicker than I thought it should be.”First of all, Mother Jackson, I truly love James. However, you’re correct, his penis size will require me to seek some adjustment in our planned sexual relations because of his shortcomings. Yes I have tentatively considered the help of three former boyfriends to aid my future husband in his bedroom duties.”Judy’s firmness and confidence as she replied so quickly, left me little comfort as I wanted to crawl into a one-inch hole. Not only was I speechless, I felt even more belittled.”Since we all know you’re the experienced partner in this relationship, can I also presume these three men are also rendering assistance to you now during your engagement?””Yes ma’am you can.” She said without blinking an eye. I was still stunned by what was going on around me. I was flabbergasted. Was I dreaming? This couldn’t be happening at the dinner table with my mother and aunt, could it?”Good! Smart girl! James, your future wife is not only beautiful, but sharp and is preparing well to make your marriage a stable, and solid long-term loving affair. You must be sure and do your fair share. Have you been giving her oral caresses after she’s had physically satisfying sex with her studs?”I almost fell out of my chair at that question. As best I could, I tried desperately to change the subject. I was severely reprimanded and made to respond. Having to admit that I’d sucked other men’s semen from my fiancée’s cunt, especially in front of my own mother and aunt was so debilitating. Worse were the smirking smiles by all three of the women. Their eyes seem to burn me as they looked upon my embarrassment.”James is so lucky to be marrying an experienced and beautiful girl like you. He’s been a bookworm most all his life. Now Judy dear, after you’re married, we know it’s going to be necessary for you to keep your lovers because you not going get all the satisfaction you need from my nephew’s tongue and his rather small thing. However, being as intelligent as he is, I’m sure he’ll understand that he has to take a backseat, frequently, to better equipped men. James you do understand what I mean, don’t you?”Mother words and her direct style of giving her message to Judy, not only made me blush even deeper, but almost made me choke on the food I’d just put in my mouth. All I could do was nod affirmatively for her. Everyone at the table smiled. To my chagrin, the three continued to talk as if I didn’t matter. Realizing that it was useless to deter the three from emasculating me more, I continued to try and get some enjoyment out of the only thing I could at this dinner, the food.Hurting inside, I could only listen as my vivacious fiancée responded to question after question from my aunt and mother about her three real men – Joe, Jeffrey and Judd. I was sure that Judy wasn’t going to reveal her family secret, but she didn’t.Judy’s face was bright and warm as she described the penises of each of her studs in response to one of the questions asked her. To my utter amazement, she warmly held my hand as she went into graphic details, about not only the sizes, both erect and relaxed, but also what oral attentions each man liked done to his cock.My face went blank as I listened to what was being said. My shock was complete. I was totally speechless, especially when she added “They all like me to lick and suck their balls too. I like doing that for them anyway. It really makes me feel close to the man I’m fucking when I do that for him.”Mother and Aunt Jasmine had the brightest smiles on their faces as they seemed to hang onto every word Judy spoke.”I think Joe shoots the biggest load of cum, however, Jeffrey and Judd aren’t far behind.” Was her reply to which one gave her the most cum when she performed blowjobs to completion.”Yes, I have a few times, but of course he wasn’t aware of it.” Judy said with a smirking smile and winking at me, as she replied to Mother’s question about if she’d ever kissed me right after sucking one of her real men’s dicks. I was totally humiliated and emotionally drained after such lewd talk and belittlement, the likes of which I’d never even dreamed of, not in my worst nightmare. After more similar talk related to how well the sex was with her three studs, the talk suddenly tuned to a topic near and dear to both my Aunt and Mother – corporal punishment of unruly males.I know it was all over for me now. I knew that my family secret was about to be put on the table. I didn’t have to wait long. I was doomed.”Jasmine has already indirectly implied to you, that we are strong proponents of behaviour modification via corporal punishments for James. It is because of it that he has turned out to be so well mannered and trustworthy. Now, since he is soon to become your husband, Jasmine and I see it as important that we properly pass the baton to…””Don’t you mean the paddle?” My Aunt injected, to which the room filled with laughter from the three. I didn’t see anything funny at all about this discussion.Mother and Aunt Jasmine went on and on about the benefits and merits of properly applied punishment to keep a new husband on the straight and narrow.I knew it was useless to say anything, so I just sat and finished my dinner. The others had eaten only about half of their meal and now seemed to have much more interest in the current topic of conversation, which they were deeply engrossed in.”James, we’re going downstairs, finish eating your veggies and no dessert until you finish.” Mom said as she stared at me hard before leading Judy and Aunt Jasmine with her, as they went to the basement.Again, I was being treated as a juvenile, but I know I dare not say a thing to the contrary. I almost knew it was too late to try and salvage any semblance of me being the soon to be husband and master of my domain. Judy’s family had pretty much taken care of me ever having any hope of doing that. Now with what my own Mom and Aunt were doing, it was pretty certain that their actions would forever seal me against even thinking about dreaming of being assertive with Judy in anyway. It was obvious my future was doomed. It appeared my fate was to be one of forever being subjugated and humiliated at the hands of beautiful, but dominant women.I was very concerned about what my Mom would be telling Judy about the basement corporal punishment equipment and both of their philosophies about disciplining me. Here I was hoping to get away from all that and here it was surrounding me all over again.After finishing my dinner, I cleared the table. I was fairly certain that the others did not desire to return to their cold plates. I also didn’t want mother or Aunt Jasmine to order me do so in front of my fiancée. Especially, since they were sure to make me wear an old fashioned, long white, lace trimmed pinafore. They got it for me to wear when doing kitchen duty. “JAMES! COME DOWN HERE!” The loud cry of Mother summoning me broke me from my depressing reverie as I sipped on after dinner coffee. I took another sip and headed toward the basement door.”This won’t take but a moment of your time James dear. We wanted to show your future wife how this whipping table would look with you properly mounted to it. You know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Be a dear and come over here so Jasmine and I can secure you to it. We wanted Judy to see how to properly secure you down should you ever need some refresher discipline. This is going to be one of your wedding presents.””Isn’t that nice of your Mother and Aunt to give such a wonderful antique?” Judy said.”An antique, James, that can be pressed into service should you determine that it need be, by your negative or unruly behaviour, that is.” Aunt Jasmine added. The three women continued to talk about the craftsmanship and surface finish of the old wooden device. But then their conversation quickly turned to the real functionality of the table.For the countless time that day, I was speechless. I stood there stunned as it was proposed that I demonstrate how a person is secured to the device for punishment. Slowly I was able to speak.”W-What! P-Pleases Mother… I-I just…””James sweetie, please don’t whine and waffle in front of your fiancée. It’s time to be a man and show her you’re not squeamish over giving a little demonstration. Now if you’re going to be obstinate, and non-cooperative, this could easily turn into more than a demonstration. You get my drift?” The harsh look on her smiling face signalled to me once again that my will or say so was not important.”Y-Yes m-ma’am.” I hung my head as I replied demurely. I was choice-less in the matter and all three women knew it. The whipping table mother referred to was an antique that had at one time been used in a turn-of-the-century state reform school for wayward teens.The heavy oak table had a series of large iron rings for securing an individual as he was bent over forward, at the waist, across the flat, slightly inclined surface. The arms would stretch forward and be secured to a one set of heavy iron rings. The mid thighs would also be secured as well as the ankles. With these strategic parts of the body anchored, about the only movable part was one’s protruding ass cheeks. And to be honest, the allowable motion was really more of a wiggle than any serious movement.I was no stranger to the table as a teen. Mother had it shipped to my aunt’s place the first time my aunt and I had a disagreement about me staying out past midnight.Upon hearing the news of mother shipping it out, I quickly gave up trying to convince Aunt Jasmine of my need to stay out beyond midnight. It didn’t matter, my aunt wrestled me on the table the same day it arrived and I paid dearly for my attempt at setting my own curfew, or lack thereof. Even though I was an adult, Aunt Jasmine has weight and height on her side. She easily subdued me. She had me across the whipping table in no time at all. The two other times, I was too scared to not voluntarily come down and willingly – even though pleading, begging, and crying for mercy and forgiveness – let myself be bound and punished.When I moved to my aunt’s place, I thought sure that I would have more freedom than I had at home. However, the day after I arrived, it was apparent that my aunt had other ideas. Additionally, mother was not only encouraging my aunt in her dominance of me, but orchestrating a lot of it. I meekly positioned myself at the table and my aunt and mother did the rest. As they secured me to the table with the super strong Velcro type fasteners, they lectured to Judy. About the only thing I was thankful for was that they hadn’t made me drop my pants. That would be a sure sign that this was going to be more than a simple tie-down demo. However, as in other instances in my life, I was soon to be proven wrong once more.”There now, see how easy that is Judy dear.?””Yes, Mother Jackson, the fasteners make quick work of getting him tied down.’ Judy commented. I hated the gleeful tone in her voice.The three women soon turned to the variety of whipping instruments hanging on the wall. I was left tied to the table and totally ignored as they discussed several of the homemade extension cord whips made by mother and Aunt Jasmine. For some reason both had an affinity for electrical cables, from thick to thin ones. I really hated the folded thin gauge electrical extension cord. It really stings for a long period of time.”Judy, of all these I still think this simple folded extension cord is my overall favourite.” I heard mother say as the three walked back toward me. I of course was still bent precariously across that infernal table.”Proper wrist action and downward force is necessary to impart your message to the subject. It’s too bad, James has been so good lately, otherwise it would be great if I could give you a firsthand demonstration.” I heard mother sigh after making her statement.I didn’t like the tone of her voice or the nature of the conversation.”Mother Jackson, you’re correct, James has been very mannerly and always the proper gentleman with me lately. However, as you mentioned earlier, if he isn’t reminded occasionally of what will happened if he doesn’t continue to be well behaved, he may slip back into doing things that are unacceptable.””Yes, I did say that. But what is your point dear girl?””Well, I was thinking that since it’s been almost a month since his last time on the table for corrective discipline, maybe a brief demo could count as a deterrent, even though he hasn’t done any bad deeds. Additionally, demonstration strokes could also count as credits against future misdeeds on his part.””I love your idea! James, you definitely have good taste in selecting your new bride.” My mother chimed.”Excellent idea Judy! He’s bound to get into trouble in the future, probably before the wedding. Didn’t you mention earlier that he mentioned something about trying to lose his virginity and that he even brought up the subject of possibly having another woman aid him if you didn’t?” Aunt Jasmine interjected.”In all fairness to James, he didn’t say any of that, I merely advised him I would not tolerate him with other women even though I would be seeing other men, as I am now and after we’re married.””P-Please M-Mother, I-I don’t think that an actual w-whipping d-demonstration will serve no…” I finally managed to get my wits about me to speak when I was literally shut up.”This is another accessory that will come in quite handy. We call it a vocal cord protector.” My mother said of the short strip of duct tape she placed over my mouth. I didn’t even see her put it on me, as my back was to the three of them.”There now, we can continue our conversation without being rudely interrupted. Judy, you’re after my own heart. I like your forward thinking. Yes, I quite agree with you. A little preventive treatment does go a long way. Plus James dear, you’ll get credit for the few licks we’re going to give you against future trouble you’re bound to get into. I don’t know why you should have any objections to this little demonstration, and especially so since it’s for your new bride to be.” Mother spoke as she began pulling at the belt on my trousers. I tried to prevent her as best by pressing the buckle against the tabletop. I could only cry out in a mumble with the tape over my lips.”WHAP!” I heard the sound of the wooden paddle hitting something. A split second later, I felt the impact on my tooting ass cheeks. The hurt from the paddle was minimal since the jeans I wore softened the blow, but the shock was greater. However, Mother really got my attention.”Stop fighting me James! If you don’t let me unbuckle these pants easily, I’ll get a bullwhip and whip them off you in shreds!” Her threat quickly calmed me down. I knew now that it was totally hopeless for me. I was going to be whipped, not only in front of my new bride to be, but probably by her also.”Yes, the welts from last month are all nicely healed.” Aunt Jasmine commented as soon as I felt air on my rear end.”Yes his bottom is in an excellent condition for this demo we are about to perform.” Spoke mother.I felt several hands running over my upturned bottom, which I know was slightly trembling from anticipatory fright on my part of what was to come.”Now Judy, with the folded extension cord, you want to apply your strokes with the proper swing and strength to be assured that the proper message is received by your husband. Too little force in your swing and he thinks you’re playing with him, which leads him to believe you’re not serious about punishing him. Remember each instrument must be applied with varying degrees of force to get the best performance.”As mother went on with the technical aspects of corporal punishment, I was mentally cringing and saying my prayers that they weren’t going to do an extensive demonstration on me with every whipping instrument.”SWISH!” “CRACK!” “UMMMMMMPPPP!” My scream came out as a loud muffled noise. The surprised lash by mother caused me to strain against the constraints as the biting sting seemed etched on my bottom. I wiggled uncontrollably as if trying to shake off the burning pain left after the impacting thin cords. Mother had truly caught me off guard.”Now see that was a well placed stroke and applied with proper force. Now you’ll notice that was applied such that it’s placed at a diagonal across his ass. The idea is do a diagonal series from bottom left to top right and then the next series from bottom right to top left. After you do that, then you can apply a few level strokes across the middle of his bottom. The purpose is when he sits down, he’ll really feel that he has had a proper punishment as the welts heal. Now you try it dear. Remember, with this thin extension cord, to get your point across, the best technique is to swing with all your strength and then back down from there rather than to go lightly at first.””SWISH!” “CRACK!”I reacted violently to my fiancée’s first blow. For she did indeed seem to take mother’s advice about using all her strength.”Good stroke. Now apply several rapidly to get your first diagonal done.””SWISH!” “CRACK!” “SWISH!” “CRACK!” “SWISH!” “CRACK!””Very good! Now the other side.” I heard mother’s voice as I moaned loudly and jerked and tugged violently against the iron rings. My ass cheeks were ablaze with stinging burns. My poor ass cheeks were quivering and my muted sobbing taking second place to the technical instructions going on behind me.After Judy finished using the doubled thin extension cord, I just knew that the three would let me up. Again I was wrong. There was to be no mercy for me. My fiancée was then instructed in the use of the whippy cane and allowed to place 5 very well placed strokes over the mass of welts I’m sure were already swollen quite well without the bruising blistering effect of the cane.Only after a few minutes of technical discussion on welt formation was I freed from the table.My sobbing was uncontrollable as I immediately reached to rub my stinging burning ass.”Just look at our big baby with all those tears. You come right over to mommy so I can show your future bride how to apply ointment to those welts.””T-That’s… SOB!… O-Okay, I-I’ll… SOB!… D-Do it… SOB!… my…” “You’ll do no such thing, now stop being stubborn and come across mommy’s lap like a good little boy.”Again, knowing the possible consequences of further resistance, I hung my head and walked toward where mother was sitting. My face was a mess as I continued to sob and cry. I tried not to look my fiancée in the face, but out of the corner of my eye, even through my profuse tears, I could see the most pleasant countenance on her face. It was more than obvious she was enjoying my misery, degradation, and subjugation.I winced and jumped as the rubbing ointment was massaged into the welts, a few of which had broken the skin. All the while, my aunt and mom praised my fiancée at what a wonderful first job she’d accomplished. All I could do was sob as softly as I could, as I was frequently reminded by Mother and Aunt Jasmine, that if I were more of a man I wouldn’t be such a cry-baby.Intermixed with the talk about Judy’s performance were frequent references to `my weenie’ and how it was indeed imperative for my fiancée to seek outside help for her sexual needs. My shame was great. All I could do was take the continuing verbal abuse and be thankful it wasn’t physical. Later upstairs, I was not allowed to wear my pants or underwear, only my shirt and the lacy white pinafore, so that air could speed up the healing of the welts I also wore.Dressed in this manner, I was required to serve after dinner coffee to Judy, mother and Aunt Jasmine. As I expected, there were numerous comments about the designs on my rear as I walked around serving the three of them.As I was in no condition to drive Judy home, she called Joe, one of her three full time lovers, to pick her up. I was in the kitchen when he arrived and I overheard her introducing him to my aunt and mom when he arrived at the front door.I easily heard Aunt Jasmine and mother praising the two how well they looked together. You see. Joe is black. I also heard that he was taking Judy back to his place and that she’d probably sleep over. My guts burned upon hearing that, but what could I do. I knew I didn’t have the slightest say so in the matter. I was more thankful that neither Judy, or my aunt or mother, make me come out to see the couple off. Based on this small act of mercy, I thought to myself, maybe the three of them did harbor some concern or respect for my feelings as a man and the obvious emasculation I was being subjected to.However, what was to happen just six weeks later, back in this very same house, let me know just how much respect the three had for me. I’ve always thought of the incident as the `Rod Incident’. But first, I must tell about the events that occurred between now and then.CHAPTER 10 EVENTS FROM OUR ENGAGEMENT: Before The Rod IncidentJudy called to see how I was doing the next morning. Soon after inquiring about my still aching ass, she soon let me know how wonderful Joe and his dick treated her.”James, the only thing missing was your tongue darling, getting a good tongue lashing and slurp-up from you on my wet drippy pussy really caps off an evening well for me. I missed you my love, but I knew you were a bit too emotional to be fun after our basement adventure.””A-Adventure! Judy, t-that’s truly an understatement. Why couldn’t you have just refused mother’s invitation to whip me? After all, it’s not like things are going to be that way when we’re married.” There was a moment of silence from Judy.”Only if you need it James darling. Besides, your mother has reared you to be respectable and mannerly. If a few strokes now and then are needed to keep you that way, you can’t blame me for continuing to do what is necessary to keep you on the right path. Anyway, not to worry, you can expect me to only punish you when you absolutely need it or when I feel you need to be reminded of your commitment to me.” Her tone was firm and confident.I sensed it was better to continue this conversation at a later time, as I knew where it was heading. The problem was I didn’t really have any idea of how I’d change her mind anyway. After all, she had all the cards and my own family helped stack the deck against me.I changed the subject and we chatted a few more minutes before she informed me she was on her way over. Her reason for coming had me pleading with her not to come.”P-Please Judy, please don’t a-add to my embarrassment. It-It was bad enough you saw mom rubbing ointment on me. I-I just couldn’t have y-you take me across your…””Why I’d love to have you come across my knees and rub ointment into your bare bottom. Why darling, what kind of fiancée would I be if I didn’t tend to you? After all, I helped blister your cute little bottom didn’t I?”Judy literally hung up on me as I continued in my attempts to deter her from coming over to administer rubbing ointment to my still bruised bottom. I sighed as I hung up.True to her word, my fiancée arrived and did as she had indicated she would. Mother and Aunt Jasmine, also overruled any and all objections I had.My face was redder than a fresh beet as I lowered my pants and laid across her lap for the ointment massage. Not only did she take longer than necessary, her kneading of my ravished backside flesh hurt. As I winced in pain, all three women urged me to be more courageous and to show more `backbone’. My shame was complete and total, as I arose and had to thank her, per mother’s request.The rest of Judy’s visit was devoted to further discussion with mother and Aunt Jasmine about her date with Joe. The three women wouldn’t hear of me leaving the room during the explicit and detailed account.Since I could more easily sit on my beaten bottom, Judy and I did date that evening, even though it was overshadowed by me having had to be treated like a baby earlier by her, as well as be present as she recounted her bed date with Joe. On my date with her that night, I was treated to something I hadn’t had lately, the taste of her cunt without another man’s sperm running from it. She also jerked me off, which was rather pleasant.Within a few days, Judy and I were back on our regular dating arrangement, which included several visits to her home. Even though fearful of what to expect, I nevertheless had to go, since it appeared that I could do nothing to stop the marriage train I was on.Her father had me on my knees the very next time I was over at her house. He quickly had me making up for the botched blowjob I gave him before. He collected within an hour of my arrival. The surprising thing was that no one at the dinner table thought it unusual for her father to have me follow him to the front room, after the meal. “C’mon Jamie, I’m gonna watch TV and feeling your mouth wrapped around my dick would feel good about now. My hot dick cream will be your dessert.” Judy’s father said loudly as he got up from the table and proceeded to walk toward the family room.No one at the table reacted in the least to his loud, bold announcement. In fact both Judy and her mom were carrying on a side conversation and her two brothers another.”Damn it Jamie! Didn’t you hear me! I want your lips on my dick before my show starts!” Judy’s father roared.The sound of his deep voice sent a chill down my back.”James darling, run along. You don’t want daddy mad at you again, do you? Go show him you’re going to be cooperative.” Judy said, interrupting her conversation to speak to me. “He’ll be right there Daddy!” Judy shouted toward her father. She then turned back to me. “Remember, we have a basement here too.” She said as she leaned over and whispered to me, so that the others wouldn’t hear her. She had a snide smile as she spoke. I immediately picked up on her implication and jumped up out of my seat and headed after her father who was unbuckling his belt and unzipping his pants as he was walking toward the next room. I followed with a flushed red face.The other family members looked at me as if I’d done something wrong for hesitating to do as Mr. Smith had commanded of me.Mr. Smith dropped his pants and positioned me on my knees such that I could focus all my attention on his cock and balls. He had me lick his huge, but soft hairy scrotum before starting on his large shaft and enormous cockhead respectively.As I knelt there with his very stiff dick nestled firmly in my mouth, he held his big hand on the top of my head as he slowly palmed it and used my mouth to slowly jack off his big erection.All I could do was to hold onto his muscular thighs and keep my lips pursed as he told me. I was his passive mouth pussy and there was little I could do about it. Besides the sound of the TV show he was watching, all I could see before me was his long shaft as my lips slid back and forth, as well as his thick patch of pubic crotch hairs. I soon got accustomed to the feel of his large dick in my mouth and I was vigilant to any signs of his pending ejaculation. Other than that, I just mentally sighed and knelt helplessly letting myself be used by my dominant lusty future father-in-law.After about twenty minutes of being mouth fucked, I felt his already bloated dickhead flare in size. I knew then he was about to blow his hot jism in my mouth. I fortified myself to receive his spermy outpouring. As expected, he flooded my mouth with a sizeable load of his thick spunk. I had to swallow fast due to the force and volume of his hot, spurting, viscous ejaculate.I congratulated myself on accomplishing my forced duty without gagging or choking. However, he wasn’t going to let me off that easy, he held me there so that his still semi-hard penis could `linger and soak’ – his words – in my mouth. I was in no position to argue.His hot sperm was not my only creamy dessert that night, for Judy’s mother also had me eat her creampie, and so did Judy too.Judy’s mom had been fucked by some male relatives that’d dropped by while I was sucking her husband off – which incidentally took over an hour – he continued to soak his huge dick between my lips as he watched two of his favourite TV programs. Later, after he let me go, Judy’s mom called me to eat her creamy hair pie. While I was doing Judy’s mom, I believe Judy was sexually entertaining Judd. I thought I heard his voice, but with Judy’s mom’s thighs and legs clamped tightly around my head, I couldn’t be sure.Finally, Judy, my fiancée, ordered me to mouth her slimy oozing snatch. It was then that she confirmed that Judd had come by and fucked her earlier, but in addition to him, an uncle and her youngest brother, also had a go at her.The sad thing was that everyone had expected me to do all the things I did without hesitation. When I showed the slightest bit of surprise or hesitancy at performing their requests, I not only was looked at as if I was stupid, but was casually reminded of the videotape and the pre-nuptial marriage agreement. Judy even whispered `Basement’ to me a couple more times. Helpless and hapless, I meekly hung my head and did everyone’s sexual bidding. It seemed that every time I visited my future in-laws for some event, such as dinner, a cook-out, or a swim party, the lusty acts that occurred were some variation of the previously described events.Additionally, as more and more of the Smith’s relative got to know about me, they also joined in and contributed to my sexual subjugation and debasement.CHAPTER 11 EVENTS FROM OUR ENGAGEMENT: The Rod’s Rod IncidentIt was now approximately six weeks after the weekend where mother met Judy for the first time. If you remember, it was also the time where Mother and Aunt Jasmine did their infamous demonstration that led to my ass being blistered by my fiancée as a demonstration whipping project.Well this particular Friday night, Aunt Jasmine and mother – who incidentally was back in town this weekend – both were pissed off at me this particular weekend because they thought I was too sassy with them when they questioned me about coming in about 10 minutes after my curfew, twice during the week.So to show me they were still in control, even though I was an adult, mother decreed I was to be grounded for the weekend. She ordered me to stay in the house the entire weekend, that is, from Friday night until Monday morning. She even called Judy and told her about my punishment.I was utterly embarrassed, humiliated and devastated to have my mom call my fiancée and tell her such a thing.However, even though fuming, I knew what to expect if I didn’t do as she decreed. I didn’t want to use any of the whipping credits I’d gotten six week ago. Either way, I knew I’d end up the worse for it all if I made any more of a fuss. I thought things couldn’t get any worse that weekend, but they did. To my utter shock and surprise, Judy and her date for the evening, an old high school flame named Rod, dropped in unexpectedly that Saturday night.Rod was in town visiting family. His wife hadn’t come with him.As I was doing the dinner dishes and tidying up the kitchen when they arrived, mother and Aunt Jasmine made sure I came out wearing a new pink pinafore mother had brought me as a gift, to help quell my `aggressive mannishness’ – her words. As I stood by looking totally foolish and feeling like a wussy mama’s boy, they sat on the love seat, arms intimately around each other. Judy introduced me to him as her fiancé, as she preened over her dazzling three-carat diamond engagement ring.Neither one of them seemed to be concerned about the affections they were exhibiting toward each other in front of me or in my family’s presence. My family seemed quite pleased at what was going on before us. I was surprised at what was occurring before me, even if mother and Aunt Jasmine knew of my fiancée’s need for cocks bigger than mine. I know they supported her in her promiscuous endeavours, but to allow her to come into our house and flaunt her promiscuity, with me present, was brazen on Judy’s part and showed no respect for me, as a man, on the part of Mother and Aunt Jasmine.Getting back to Judy and Rod, I became even more speechless at the way his hands cupped and massaged her shapely rear end as well as stroked the white expanse of her inviting white bare thighs. All was revealed in the tight, thigh high mini skirt she wore.To make matters worse, Rod applauded me on the open relationship that Judy and I had.”You’re some man to let your lovely fiancée party and sleep around while you stay in and do kitchen chores. My hat goes off to you.”To add to my total humiliation was mother’s added comments.”James is rather proficient at doing domestic household duties and believes in dressing efficiently for the work at hand. He really is looking forward to doing the same in his own kitchen after he becomes Judy’s spouse”.Speechless, I almost fell down at her obvious implications from her phraseology- `My own kitchen’ and me being Judy’s spouse versus her husband’. I was emasculated by my own mom in front of my future bride and her lover for the evening. I wanted to shrink through the floor. I was too flabbergasted to respond.My face was bright red the whole time they were there as I stood by like a maid in waiting, wearing a long, bright pink, scalloped lace trimmed apron, while this much more handsome well built man was in possession of my fiancée.Judy was very amorous with Rod as her free hand seem to constantly stay hear the vicinity of his crotch as she rubbed his leg and thighs as they talked with my family. I tried to leave the room, but no one would hear of it. To my total embarrassment, mother revealed why she’d grounded me and made it very clear that I was a mama’s boy.Both Judy and Rod beamed smug smiles at my additional emasculation by no less than my own mom.Mom then went on to let him know that she worked hard to instil in me essential domestic skills she thought would make me a good catch as a husband.”Rod, Tim is so sweet to me. He’s so good at domestic stuff, especially cleaning up wet sloppy things.” She winked at me as she spoke. My heart seemed to skip a beat at Judy’s obvious hidden reference to my frequent mouth douching of her and other’s fucked pussies. “He is such a darling and he looks good in an apron too, doesn’t he?”I wanted to crawl in a hole when she said that. However, mother quickly added that she’d put several on order as her wedding gifts to me.”They’ll be an assortment of pink, lavender and sunflower yellow pastels. I also ordered pansy floral designs for them also.” Mother added with a gleeful tone in her voice.Again, I wanted to sink right through the floor.”Don’t be ashamed Tim, some men make excellent cooks and are better at domestic duties. Pride yourself on your talents.” Rod added. I guess his comment was well meaning, however I wished he’d kept it to himself.I thought the worse was over after that little episode and hoped the two would leave. However, it was not to be. Rod had been a jock at another senior high in a nearby town when he was dating Judy. Judy kept encouraging her old flame to recall his feats of sportsmanship. I squirmed and moved as I might get up and leave, but mother gave me a quick cold stare that told me that if I did, I’d be sorry and probably that my bottom would end up being blistered. Cowed, I sat and endured the jock talk.”My James was not muscular enough for such rough sports, but he was vice president of the science club.” My mother interjected. Again, another well-meaning comment that could’ve been easily interpreted as a left handed comment and would better have been left unspoken.Rod and Judy seem to get more intimate, cosier and even more brazen in their touchy feely actions. I wanted to cry out but was again speechless. She was most brazen as she leaned over on him as they talked of how a cop almost caught them screwing in the back seat of a car back in their high school days.My face turned even redder than before. “Tim, you’ve got yourself quite a catch here. She’s gonna make you a great wife, especially in bed. She can really take care of business between the sheets. I wish my wife was half as good.” I almost fell out of my chair at his brazen brash comment. However, it seemed others in the room took it as a compliment for Judy’s sexual talent and experience. I couldn’t believe what was happening.”We are proud to have Judy committing to become a member of the family and take my James as her spouse.” My mother interjected.I looked at mother and couldn’t believe her continued overt put down of me. Again, she’d called me a `spouse’, not a `husband’, but a `spouse’! I was seething with silent shame and anger.”Oh! Look at you Rod sweetie, all this talk has given you a woody. I thought you were trying to hide something with your hand.” Judy’s raised voice caught everybody’s attention as she again brought the news of Rod’s hard-on to everyone’s attention. “We’d better get you over to your motel and take care of it.” She giggled as she pecked him on the lips and grasped the rising bulge in his crotch.I would’ve sunk through the floor if it were possible. Thoroughly humiliated and disgraced, I was glad for them to be finally leaving. However, little did I know that all that had occurred was just the beginning, rather than the end of my degrading ordeal.”Judy! Shame on you. Being almost family, why don’t you take the young man up to James’ room and help him relieve his erection. My, he does have a nice boner there. Much, much nicer than my James.”I couldn’t believe mother’s statements. I was blushing the deepest of red as I saw my own mother, standing and observing the imprint of Rod’s large swollen cock through his trouser fabric.”James, go turn back the covers on your bed and spruce up your room for your fiancée and her guest.” Mother shouted to me. This was a night of un-beliefs and strangeness. I was more than dumfounded that my fiancée was going to be sleeping with an old boyfriend in my bed. I almost couldn’t move, but my Aunt Jasmine helped me up and tugged my arm as she helped me toward my room, and what I had to do.”James, hurry up with the room and come back here and tell us when it’s ready.” Mother shouted in a loud voice as I ascended the stairs to my bedroom.”I’ll come tell them.” My aunt replied.”No! James will do it. After all, Judy is his fiancée!”As I climbed the stairs, tears began to swell up in my eyes in response to mother’s words.It didn’t take but two minute to prepare my room for my beautiful fiancée’s tryst.I tried to present a calm exterior and image as I walked back down the stairs to inform the couple that my room was ready for their sexual liaison. I still found it hard to believe Judy and my own mother had placed me in a difficult degrading situation like this. “T-The room is ready.” I softly said as I stood facing Mother, Aunt Jasmine, and Judy and Rod. Judy quickly led Rod up to my room as I stood there.”Judy is really lucky to have such a great sport for a future husband. Thanks for letting us screw in your bed.” He said as he passed me. I said nothing. I looked down to avoid his eyes as well as for him not to see my watery ones.CHAPTER 12 EVENTS FROM OUR ENGAGEMENT: In My Own Bedroom”James! Come back here! Aren’t you coming up to watch Rod fuck me?” Judy shouted at me as I turned to walk away. She was half way up the flight of stairs, with Rod in tow, as they headed to my bedroom.I froze in my tracks. I couldn’t believe my ears. I turned and looked at her as if she was crazy.”J-Judy… Y-You can’t mean…” I stammered.”Yes she does! And don’t stand there like a knot on a log! What kind of man are you! Go standby your woman!” I heard my aunt shout as her words cut me off.I looked around. I not only saw my aunt standing nearby with hands on her hips and with a pissed expression on her face, but I also saw mother in the distance coming toward me also.In a flash, I knew my humiliation was to increase exponentially and that the sooner I got with the program the better. The last thing I needed was more verbal encouragement from the combination of both my aunt and mother.”I-I’m coming Judy.” I said as I began to mount the stairs quickly. My eyes were still watery as I reached the top of the stairs following the pair, who apparently were in heat. I was so browbeat, but with all I’d been through, I just wanted this bout of humiliation to be over as soon as possible.As we three entered my bedroom, Judy, my vivacious fiancée, was quickly undressing as she walked. Rod, her old high school flame, did the same. The large obscene bulge in his trousers was even more pronounced as he began to remove his pants.Judy and Rod undressed without the least bit of shame, while I just stood by dumbfounded at what was occurring before my eyes.The next moment they were passionately kissing by the time they were close to being totally nude. Judy had her hands wrapped around – well actually not all the way around – Rod’s jutting enormous tool. Her hands couldn’t fit around it. The head was easily larger than a golf ball, pinkish red and very bloated. It was obvious it was ready to spit seed.By the way Judy kept fondling the long shaft of Rod’s penis, which had to be at least 9 inches long, she was apparently anxious to receive his seed also.They were tumbling across my double bed in a foreplay ritual. I was still spellbound as their kissing and nibbling on each other progressed to where Judy had engulfed the swollen head of Rod’s jutting pole of stiff meat. The mere sight of the event before me caused me to get an involuntary erection, even though my feelings were hurt severely. However, the sight of her pink coloured lips, stretched around his giant cock, and moving wetly up and down his stout shaft was so lascivious. I nevertheless was aroused greatly and wished I was in his place.It was then, I decided it was best for me to leave the two, as it was rather obvious what going to happen next.I made about two steps before I heard my name called.”James! Where are you going? Get back here! Sit down! I bet you were going to run off and leave me all alone while Rod has his way with me. Even if you can’t do what he’s about to do, the least you could do is have the courage to watch to make sure he does a good job. C’mon over here, I want you closer.”Judy’s voice was loud and had a sense of urgency. I meekly did as she requested. I felt so silly and mortified.”R-Really Judy, there is l-little I-I can do by being…” I tried to speak, but was cut off.”James, I want you here while we fuck! You’ll stay and that’s final! Understood?”Her outspoken dictatorial tone surprised me. I was too shocked to speak. I passively nodded my head to indicate I understood.”Good! That’s better. Now then, take off your pretty pink apron and undress. You’re going to join us. Since you seem to be keen on trying to desert me when I need you to stay, I think I know a way to have you be a part of this and still see to my sexual well being. Now do as I say or do you want to call in your mother and tell her you’re not showing respect for me, the woman you soon plan to marry?”I was reluctant to do as she ordered, but her words and stern face let me know she meant business. I knew I had to submit, besides I definitely didn’t want mother in on this act.Even though I was quite cowed by her forcefulness, in the back of my mind I was hopeful that because she wanted me to participate, that maybe she might finally want to have mercy and provide me a bit of sexual pleasure, even if it had to be in the presence of her old flame. Even though mentally sad, the thought of some direct sexual pleasure with her kept my spirits high. The idea of a possible blowjob really excited me.After taking my pants and shorts off, I tried to shield my much smaller prick. I was no comparison to the very much longer and thicker one Judy was still fondling and licking as she monitored my undressing progress out of the corner of her eye.”Move your hands, James darling. We should have no secrets here, especially from the man who’s going to be helping your fiancée cool her pussy down.”I saw a smirking chuckle from Rod. I blushed a deeper red than I already was.Next, Judy had me come closer to the bed. In the process I could no longer hide my little, but erect prick. I was so ashamed because I didn’t know which was the more embarrassing, having a smaller member or the fact I was erect seeing the woman I loved making out with another man.”Now that’s better, at least you’re in the spirit of things.” Judy commented upon seeing I was stiff.”Now James darling, I’ve decided that I want this to be educational for you, since you’re a virgin. Therefore, I want to make sure you have a front row seat to see how to properly sex your wife-to-be. Also, you’ll be participating too.”The `front row seat’ Judy wanted for me caused me to jerk upright and almost bolt from the room. But a reminder from her of what lied on the other side of the closed bedroom door, caused me to pause. Rod’s intervention also played a part, especially when he became very candid about what he’d do. “Listen wimp! If you don’t respect your fiancée and do what she tells you, I’m gonna whip your ass and still make you do it. Now take your choice, you can do what she wants with or without my fists upside your head!”Already scared before he spoke, I broke out in a nervous sweat. I didn’t have to think anymore. He was the big brawny type. I didn’t stand a chance against him. “W-where do y-you want m-me Judy?” I asked softly as I hung my head swallowing what pride I had. “I knew you’d do the right thing by me. I think you really love me after all.” Judy said with a familiar smirk on her face as she held my hand and guided me in position on the bed. As I looked straight up at the ceiling, I awaited for the inevitable. I soon heard her and Rod moving around and positioning themselves.In a moment I had the sight and felt the heat of Judy’s lush juicy cunt hovering right above my upturned face. As I rolled my eyes upwards, I could see Rod’s jutting batting ram of a dick approaching from the opposite direction as he climbed in position to make contact with my fiancée’s awaiting snatch. And there my upward facing head, right in the middle where all the action was soon to be taking place.Judy had positioned herself over me in a head to toe position as I lay on my back. Rod was going to couple with her doggy style.I had assumed before now that my humiliation at the hands of Judy couldn’t reach new depths before the wedding, but as before, I was wrong once again.”James it’s so nice to know you’re so close by watching over me, or maybe I should say under me. Hee Hee”. Rod chuckled too. “Mom and Dad would be proud of you. Now be a dear and guide it in for Rod. We both are more than ready for this to start.” Disgraced and browbeaten under the ludicrous guise of seeing to her sexual well being, I grasped and passively guided Rod’s heated, and enormously stiff cock shaft, with its very swollen dick head, to Judy’s obviously wet and well-lubricated twat.He urgently pushed a bit into her juicy sex then withdrew a bit, then pushed again. After doing this a second time, over two thirds of his huge dick was quickly buried deep in Judy’s delectable pussy. A pussy I had yet to explore, except with my tongue. My still erect prick pulsed at the sight before me as well as the thought of the denial that’s continued to be perpetrated on me for the purpose of insuring I remained a virgin until our wedding day.Another unexpected circumstance I was not counting on, being in the position I was in, was the constant beating my face was going to take from the movement of Rod’s big, loosely hanging, hairy, cum laden balls.They bounced and slid and sk**ded all over my face. When they weren’t flopping over my nose and lips and eyes, drops of pussy juice freely rained and dripped on my face and lips and nose, as he pushed and pulled in his fucking motion. I tried to turn my face sideways to protect my eyes, nose, and lips from the lusty rain. However, the confining space between both of their legs and thighs prohibited me from doing so. Also, there was no escaping the heat emanating from the two bodies fucking so hardy, or the pervasive, but erotic musk scented funky smell of the heated odour coming from their joined genitals. Also inescapable was the noisy juicy slurping and sucking sounds created by the piston action of their coupling. I was a prisoner of their fervent lovemaking.This combination of sights, sounds and smells was maddening. It was having an erotic and very arousing effect on my aching straining throbbing prick, which I couldn’t reach or touch.I just wanted to touch it so bad. It dawned on me then to ask my fiancée to at least hold it for me, since she could. Her touch would mean so much to me, and my cock too, at that moment.”Judy, please hold it for me. M-My cock is aching so bad.” I blurted out pathetically, as I was indeed in need.”Not now darling, I’ll beat it off for you later. Right now, just keep your eyes on the education Rod is giving you on how to fuck me.”Her words really hurt me as I resigned myself to being in misery, both sexually, physically and emotionally as I suffered the ordeal they were about to put me through.To make matters worse, occasionally, Judy would lower her bottom such that their joined sexes directly scrubbed against my face. That meant Rod’s balls stayed in contact with my face more and his wet dick also made direct contact with my lips and nose. It slid across my face as it slid in and out of Judy’s very wet and drippy gash.My face was a mess as each contact of his big wet cock left trials of wet pussy juice across my nose, lips and nose. “OOOOOOOHHH! You’re soooooooo gooood Rod! Give me all your gooooood dick!” Judy cried out frequently, as she began to moan louder than before. I could only lay where I was and suffer in silence waiting for this abject degrading situation to end.Little did I know that my turn in this position would last almost two hours. In addition, after rod shot his first load of semen, only a few drops dripped on my face before I was told to engage my lips and tongue in a cleanup action. His heated jism was very gooey and I retrieved most of it with a few moments of gulping it straight from Judy’s messy looking, but still tasty cunt.”OOOOOHHHH JAMES! That’s soooooo gooooood! Yes! Suck my pussy! Yeeesssss! Show him you know how to get his good man stuff out of me! You’re Sooooo gooooood!” Judy cried in an extended wailing moan. I knew she’d had another orgasm due to my eating efforts. At least I felt good that I’d given her a come, even if not in the same manner as her ex-high school flame.Since I was being forced to do this in such a humiliating manner, I hated I enjoyed the taste of her and especially that I was eating Rod’s jism.By the time my lips left her well-sucked and gaping cunt, Rod’s dick was fully erect and ready for re-entry. Besides being amazed at his being at the ready so quickly, I just stared in amazement as it lingered over my head. I also wondered what he was waiting for.”Well! What are you waiting for?” He said looking down at me from his overhead position. He had a most cruel smirk on his face. After a moment of confusion, it dawned on me what he wanted. I meekly reached up and guided his wet dick to where he hadn’t too long ago removed it.The second bout of fucking really caused the juices to fly as Judy’s cunt got a bit looser from all the action of Rod’s massive fuck ram. Hence, more of her copious pussy juice was seeking out all around it as it plunged and pulled in and out her repeatedly. My face was a mess now. Little did I know it was going to get worse.Soon the dripping juices seem to get more syrupy. It then dawned on me that there probably was some residual cum deep up in her gash that was being whipped up and now being forced out in a frothy fluid. This froth was leaking freely in my mouth and over my face. I had to swallow since I had to breathe more and more with my mouth, since I had to hold my nose, as best I could, to keep it from getting clogged. When Rod came the second time, he kept working his dick in and out her and his main load was now getting more frothy and slimier. It was easily leaking out around his stiff meat and dripping off his shaft, right onto my face and into my mouth. I was in a miserable position.But the real sliming was yet to come when he withdrew from Judy’s well stretched fuck slot. There was a slight popping noise, and a few moments later a thick stream of well whipped up, frothy, bubbly, cream coloured, melded pussy juice and jism just poured out all over my entire face. A good deal went right into my mouth. It was a miracle I didn’t choke on the thick hot fuck slime. Rod did feel sympathy and threw me my undershirt to wipe my face, but I was not allowed to get up. You see Judy was ready for me to retrieve the rest of Rod’s fuck juices from her cunt. Again, I was able to provide 1xbet güvenilir mi her with another orgasm with my tongue lashing and sucking actions.To make matter even worse for me, at this point in their sexing, Judy had Rod direct me to lick his balls and cock clean just as I had been required to do for her fuck filled snatch.The above scenario was repeated two more times as Rod came a total of four times. He gave my fiancée a very respectable load of his hot creamy jism, each time he busted his nuts deep in her very receptive pussy. The residual outpourings of fuck fluids were even slimier and more viscous than the one before.When Judy sat on my face after Rod’s final fuck, I was not only swallowing, but basically eating pussy goo that had the consistency of clam chowder.CHAPTER 13 EVENTS FROM OUR ENGAGEMENT: AFTER ROD LEFTJudy and I were lying back in bed. Her head on my chest and my arm around her shoulder. We were discussing the event that had taken place earlier in this same room, my bedroom. We were both quiet and deep in thought at the moment. My thoughts were on how I couldn’t seem to get through to her how humiliating her actions were to me. Judy’s thoughts, on the other hand were totally centred on the thrills she got from Rod’s dicking efforts and my tonguing action. Needless to say, I was quite frustrated with her since I perceived that she knew what I was trying to say, but was using every trick to thwart me.Rod had left over an hour ago, and Judy decided to spend some time with me rather than leave with him. I was glad I didn’t have to look him in the face when he was leaving. You see, before he left, he pressed the head of his softer, but still sizable dick head to my lips and ordered me to milk him.I sought to protest, but he quickly threatened me if I didn’t suckle his wet, pussy slime covered dick. To make matters worse, my fiancée chided me to quiet down and do as I was told.Her exact words were: “James, please cooperate and do as the man tells you. After all, it’s the least you can do to thank him for the wonderful way he’s done his part to please my pussy. Your fiancée’s pussy I might add.”Her words really hurt. However, considering what I’d already been through, I went ahead and did whatever it took to get this nightmare over with. I did as `the man’ told me to do.I was still on my back when this happened. Judy moved so as to observe us. The smile on her face really tormented me.After pulling his well-milked dickhead from my lips, she remounted my face with her heated, well fucked, oozing snatch. As she sat and settled down on my face, they had a very wet and lingering passionate French kiss. Meanwhile my kisser was covered with her very wet, drippy, and very bruised, warm, soft slimy pussy meat.Right after getting off my face after her last and umpteenth orgasm, Judy slumped back in bed to delight in the afterglow of the extensive sexing she’d experienced between Rod’s giant dick and my busy tongue. Judy only expressed delightful comments and joy at both Rod’s and my role in pleasing her so well. She was still murmuring praises how good a fucking she’d gotten as I told her I was going to clean up the heavy layer of fuck slime that plastered my face and hair.”James, remember, don’t touch your prick, I’ll take care of that when you come back.” She said in a tired, mellow voice.When I returned, Judy was still half-awake, and invited me to join her in bed.”C’mon, let me have your little man so you can get your reward for being a good fiancé.” She said as she grasped and began to slowly stroke my throbbing erection. Her soft warm hands felt so good on my hot meat.I was still angry with her, but her actions pushed that temporarily out of my mind as she pulled on my hard peter.She pulled my erupting penis and held my ejaculating penis next to her cunt. I spurted all over her pussy bush, which was in a messy state of disarray.”Don’t worry dear, you’ll soon have a chance to put it in like all the other guys do.” I felt delight from the relief she provided me with her soothing hands, but her words quickly threw cold water over me. I was back into reality.”I’m violating our pre-nup agreement by letting you spurt your jism on my pussy, but since we’re so close to being married and since you were so sweet to let Rod and I use your bed to fuck, I thought it would be a nice treat to let you do that. But, you know that you’ll have to suck it off my muff… remember the pre-nup agreement?”I was about to protest, but was so frustrated at the whole scene. I capitulated and moved into position between her shapely legs and lapped my own spent semen from around her moist, very warm, gaping gash. It was easy to see that it was nowhere as rich or as copious as Rod’s abundant ejaculations.Judy moaned slightly as my tongue flayed and lapped at her tender pussy meat. However, she was too sensitive now for any prolonged oral activity, so she just allowed me to complete the cleanup of my own emission and then pushed my head away. I suspected that she just wanted to abuse me one more time and let me know my place.I wiped my face on a towel I had with me and moved back up in the bed to my previous position with her.”I hope you’re happy now. You know that wasn’t necessary for me to lick my cum…” I was cut off by her before I could finish speaking.”Yes it was necessary for you to lick your own cum up. If you remember, you signed up to lick all jism from my pussy, whenever you and I are together. Remember?””I-I don’t know why you hold that over my head Judy? Y-You know it’s unfair what’s being done to me.””James, fair is sucking up your own sperm just as you sucked out Rod’s stuff. And just think, you didn’t have to work near as hard since you didn’t shoot as much as he did, did you?””Oh Judy, I-I wish you wouldn’t keep comparing me to your o-other men. You know I-I can’t compare to them one on one. It hurts when you do that to me. I love you, but I wish you’d just let me off the hook instead of making me your pussy sucking slave. That’s all I am to you, and you know it.” I fired back in an angry tone.”You’re angry aren’t you darling? But what you say is not true. I really do love you, despite your perceived claim that I’m conspiring to make you look bad or to hurt you. I just made an observation about the amount of the cum you shot off versus the same amount Rod generally shoots off.””Don’t you see how humiliating all this is to me Judy? And I know Rod will think I-I’m the biggest wimp and wussy there ever was.””I don’t know about that James sweetie, but there is one thing he knows.””What?” “That he can never love me as much as you do. When he saw you slurping up his leaking jism straight from my twat, licking the goo from my inner thighs, as well as lapping up the wetness from his cock, he knew you were dedicated in your love for me. He’d told me earlier in the day that he’d have to see you do that to convince him that anyone could love me that much. James Darling, you really demonstrated your love in the most courageous way.””You k-know I was afraid n-not to do as y’all wanted. But Judy, w-why did you tell him to invite me to clean up his `mess’ and the lap his cock and balls clean? T-That was so… so low of you Judy. H-How c-can you so-so brazenly humiliate me a-at every turn. I-I…””James darling, you really are getting paranoid about this humiliation thing aren’t you? But to answer your question, what I did was to add a bit of sexual excitement to the moment. Rod’s ego was heightened by what you did. Notice how harder he got after each time he did as I asked him – plus you are to be credited also, that is by your dick and pussy licking so well between fucks. But, James, honey, what you did, and did so obediently I might add, even if I had to push a bit here and there, really added to my pleasure.””J-Judy, I-I can’t believe this. Y-You just like seeing me disgraced in front of your l-lovers. I-I can’t believe all this is really happening to me. The more we date now, I-I just don’t know where this relationship is going.””Right to the wedding altar, where all true lovers should be.” She replied in a snap of an answer.As we talked further, there was not the slightest hint of her being apologetic for having had me trapped under she and her lover’s genital as they copulated. Nor was there the least bit of insinuation there was anything shameful about me being forced to lick and suck both of their organs clean of hot, creamy, sticky, fuck juices between the four bouts of long fucks Rod imposed on Judy’s eagerly receptive pussy.We took a break from talking and were just lying back thinking. At least I was. Judy was still enjoying the afterglow of the heavy sexing she’d been given. She dozed lightly as I sat up awake.The two of us were still alone. It felt good to have her all to myself, even if well fucked by another man who was better endowed. However, I was still very angry with Judy. By the way she clung to me, any outsider would surely see a couple happily in love with each other and delighting in a carefree moment. However, my mental state was far from such a state of idyllic bliss. I was still stunned by all that I’d undergone in the last few hours. After I couldn’t take the silence any longer, I spoke.”Judy, are you awake?””Oh yes darling I am. Thanks to you and Rod, I feel so relaxed and so good inside. Thanks for being there for me darling. I love you so.””W-What! H-How can you say that? The more I think about it, I-I still just can’t believe you made m-me do what you did.” I blurted out to her.”I’m saying that because it’s true. For some strange reason, I don’t fully understand, you think that just because I like you sucking me out after a guy gives me a great fuck, implies I don’t love you. Nothing is farther from the truth. I love you James. We’re soul mates, remember?”I looked at Judy as if she was really insane. She still looked beautiful even if I had a hard time believing what she had done to me.”Judy, I-I’m having a hard time handling this relationship you and I have. You just run all over me and my feelings, especially when we’re in the presence of Mother, Aunt Jasmine, your parents, and especially your lovers.””You know it’s not my intent to do that sweetie? You have to become a little less sensitive to how I talk to you around others. That’s then and this is now. What matters is that we are by ourselves and as much in love any two people can be, actually, much more than the average couple. How many couples can truthfully say that get the kind of pleasure that you and I have in this relationship? I have studs that know how to fuck and put their hot fluids deep in me. I also have you darling, who is the greatest in getting another man’s hot sticky virile semen out of my pussy.””P-Please Judy, lets be serious here. Y-You’re just abusing me, pure and s-simple. Y-You claim you love me, but you just run roughshod over me a-and make me do some of the most humiliating of things. I-I just have a hard time seeing where having your w-well fucked pussy spread all across my face and eating out other men’s hot jism demonstrates love, especially w-when I-I’m being extorted into doing so.””Were you forced to suck my jism flavoured pussy before you found out that it was fuck flavoured snatch steak you were tasting?””P-Please Judy, that’s not fair. I-I didn’t know any better. Y-You know I-I wasn’t sexually experienced when I did that.” I replied in a pathetic tone as she looked at me with a smirk of a smile on my face.”The point, James darling, is that you loved my dick cream flavoured hair pie then. The only thing that has changed now is that you know how it’s made. Also, you’re getting a lot more cream in your creampies, and between your family and mine – and of course a little help from a video and a pre-nuptial agreement – we’ve all made it easier for you do what you do best to please me, as well as please your taste for sucking creamy pussy. Face it darling, you’re a natural born sucker of cocks and creamy cunts.””J-Judy that hurts. I-I was so excited when we started dating. I fell madly in love with you. I just knew things were going to be different. I thought that at last I could strike out and be a man of my own, a-and get away from under Mother’s loving and caring, but dominant and dictatorial ways. But it appears now that I’m just going to be in the same situation, as I always have, but under your dictatorial control.””Are you saying I’m a dictator James?””Judy, y-you know you’re going to try and have things your way. Y-You know you have me in a box and you’re pulling all the strings. P-Please Judy, please don’t enslave me. C-Can’t you just let me go? Y-You could convince your family to l-let me off the hook, you know, with the contract and the video. I-I won’t ever say anything about what’s happened.” I pleaded with my beautiful fiancée, as we lay close in each other’s arm. “Now, now, James, all this is completely un-necessary. Here suck on my tit while I think about what you just said. Here, c’mon. Suck on it just like you’re a baby. That’s it. You like that don’t you?”I quickly suckled her delectable tit. The warmth of being nude with her in such a cuddly way was so delicious. I often didn’t such opportunities to be so affectionate with Judy in this manner. “James honey, just suck on my tits, don’t try to talk. Just listen.” Judy whispered in my ear as she held the back of my head to ensure I kept my mouth on her tit.”I do really and truly love you. You’re the one that made me fall head over heels in love with you. It was your innocence, intelligence, easy going personality, even your wimpiness, and of course your winning devilish ways with your tongue, that sealed the deal. I had to have you as mine. James, some of the other things you’re talking about in regard to your mother… well, you’re a mama’s boy and you have to accept that. You need a strong woman to oversee you. It’s too late for you to worry about striking out on your own and being your own man. I want to be the woman that will be your overseer. You need it, I want it, my family wants it, and so does your family.”Judy’s words were more than I expected as I enjoyed her tasty tit, even if it was hard for me to digest what I was being told. However, she didn’t let my head go until she’d finished her assessment of why she couldn’t let me have my freedom.Before she stopped talking, she made it very clear that I was hers and that I should give up any resistance to not becoming her mate. She also eloquently let me know that she felt it was fair to subject me to whatever means were at her disposal to ensure that I continued to show my love as she deemed proper. She made it quite clear that me showing my love for her included me being completely tolerant of her having well hung lovers, and my willingness to show my support for her, by being there for her with my tongue ready to taste the results of she and her lovers’ actions.”Now James, do we understand each other?””C-Can’t we at least talk about alternatives to…” I was cut off by her in mid sentence.”Do we understand each other James? The answer is yes or no. If you say yes, I know you intend to be a good husband and helpmate for our happiness. If you say no, I’ll take it that you intend to be obstinate and don’t mean that you love me. It tells me you intend to break my heart. In that case I’ll do whatever it takes to destroy you, both emotionally and professionally. Just imagine what it would do to your career of wanting to be a college professor, if I released scenes from all those video tapes of you with Dad and my brothers on the Internet?” “J-Judy, y-you wouldn’t?” I stammered nervously.”Oh yes I would, not to mention take you to court and sue you for anything you might ever make in the future. Also, I wonder would you even survive the whippings your mom and aunt would give you too. Have you thought about that?”I swallowed hard, then silently thought of Mother and Aunt Jasmine’s probable actions. I came to the conclusion that Judy was probably right about that too.”You see my darling, when a woman is in love as much as I, it’s necessary for her to do what needs to be done. Besides, you’ve already said you love me too, and I believe you. I’m just helping you to express it not only to yourself, but to me and others too.” Judy spoke with such an air of self-assurance and confidence. It made what she said sound so correct and hard to argue with, even though I was having hard time digesting her rationale.It was obvious that it was hopeless to persuade Judy. Her mind was made up. I was going to be enslaved into her loving caring ways.”Y-Yes Judy, I-I understand.” I finally said in the end, at her persistent badgering to have me submit to her verbally.”Uh, J-Judy?””Yes James darling?””Could you p-please, well at least, promise that y-you won’t u-use… well, won’t whip me anymore l-like you did that time in the b-basement?” I finally got my words out. I knew I looked and sounded totally pathetic.”I will only do that again if I think you need it darling.””See! That’s just what I thought. You’re o-out to abuse me. P-Please Judy! Promise me you won’t do…””Sorry, no can do James sweetie. I’ve already promised your mom and aunt that I would give you the same loving care and affection they did, in addition to my wifely love. I feel obligated to keep my word, no matter that their definitions of love and affection include some aspects of tough love. Which you know means discipline when you stray from doing what’s required or expected of you.”No matter how I tried, it was hopeless to get a commitment from my fiancée, and soon wife-to-be, that she wouldn’t subject me to corporal punishment.CHAPTER 14 EVENTS FROM OUR ENGAGEMENT: More SurprisesIn the upcoming months before the wedding, it became crystal clear that unless I desired to be totally ruined, I was going to be a submissive cuckold husband, just as I had basically been a cuckold fiancé, if there is such a thing.The most pleasant things to have happened was that I finally finished my dissertation and I obtained my credentials to qualify for a college teaching job. Days later I also was accepted for an entry level teaching position at a local college. These were bright spots in an otherwise dismal series of events in the other side of my personal life. “James dear, it’s less than 3 months before the magic date.” Judy said as we sat watching a rented video at my house. Mom and Aunt Jasmine were out of town for the weekend.”Yes I know.” I replied without the enthusiasm one would expect of a happily engaged groom-to-be. “Judy, are you sure you still want to marry me?” I replied back.”Of course silly.” She gleefully responded as she leaned over and kissed me wetly on the lips. “I just know we’re going to be so happy together, despite your imaginary perceptions that you’re going to be humiliated at every turn.” I just turned and looked at her with a blank unbelieving stare.”You’re so cute when you look at me like that.” Judy said giggling as she moved closer to me and leaned her pretty head on my shoulder. “You just don’t know how happy you make me James. Sure, I know you’re a bit uneasy because you’re sharing me with other men, but at least you understand I’m more woman than you can handle. Does that make it easier for you to accept me being shared?””Judy, I accept that I can’t satisfy you like the others do, but you don’t seem to see that I’m suffering at your and their hands because I, well, I’m not as endowed nor as big and muscular or as macho as they are. The other thing is that even though I am in love with you, I was tricked.””Darling, I concede you were tricked. But, I knew if I didn’t, I probably wouldn’t have gotten you as mine. I knew you were the guy for me after I talked to you the second time at the library. I knew I had to have you. I knew you were the fellow I could bond with and be the happiest with. I think there is a stronger chemistry between us now than it was before you signed the agreement. I believe you know so too, but just don’t want to admit it. You see darling, it wouldn’t be the same for me with some macho type who could never be true to one woman. But I know you can be.”Judy’s words boosted my self-esteem somewhat, but I still had yet to get over the fact that no matter how I looked at our current or future relationship, it seemed as if I was always going to be on the short end of the stick. Judy was right. I did love her in spite of all she’s done to me. Various philosophers have said, in one way or another, that true love is true, when you can accept the strengths, as well as the faults or frailties of the person loved. To some extent that may explain our apparent love for each other. She loved me for my weaknesses and I loved her for her beauty and brains. Unfortunately, she also had a dark lusty side that has seduced and dominated me in the process.However, it still was a bit hard to admit to myself I really loved her despite all I’d been through because of her.The most despicable thing is that the more I sucked her sloppy, creamed in, soft, warm lush pussy, the more I enjoyed it. My problem was reconciling my conscience to the fact that it took other men to give me that perverted pleasure. The paradox was how to enjoy the former without the latter, i.e., her other men. But realistically, the latter part of my argument was apparently going to be a moot point. It was now obvious, she was going to always have her other men.The issue was if I was going to be satisfied, and resign myself to that fact, or try to fight against it. The easiest option seemed to be to accept my humiliation and hoped things got better in the future. The fighting option seemed bleak in regard to winning the battle. As far as fighting, the best it seemed that I could succeed at was getting more battle scars, rather than actually winning battles. “I guess I should be happy that you desired me so. That does make me feel good. But the truth is I don’t have much choice Judy. As your husband, I-I, well, I’ll have to depend on your benevolence as you lay down the rules.” I meekly conceded to my fiancée as I looked down and spoke softly. I was capitulating to the uselessness of fighting Judy, her family, and unfortunately, my family too, in the battle to subjugate and cuckold me.”James, darling, you can count on me doing what’s best for us and our marriage.” Judy replied elatedly as she planted a very wet and passionate kiss on my lips.If I didn’t know it before, it was very clear at that moment. Judy’s facial expression and body language told it all. It was apparent she was going to delight in continuing to be the dominant partner in our relationship and marriage, and of course, as well as my loving and caring overseer. The phone rang just as we broke that delightful kiss of victory for her, and basically defeat for me.”Hello!” I said picking up the cordless receiver.”We’re a little busy now. Can she call you back later?” I replied to the caller. It was Rod calling for Judy. I was pissed. The nerve of him calling her at my place. I thought to myself.”Okay! Okay! Don’t get upset. Here she is.” I replied to him as I handed the phone to Judy. Rod got belligerent at my earlier statement to him. He told me `Wimp! Give the phone to my whore and stop fucking around.'”Hello. Hi Rod! I see you got my message to call me here.” Judy said as she began her conversation with him. Her giving him my phone number also ticked me off, but again I could only express mental anguish.I could only hear one side of their conversation, but Judy didn’t make the least bit of effort to shield me from it. In fact she snuggled up right next to me as they talked. Of course that disturbed me, but I knew there wasn’t much that I could do about it.I tried not to pay attention to their conversation, but rather tried to concentrate on the movie we’d started watching earlier. However, there were bits and pieces that seemed to refer to me. I was sure it wasn’t complimentary, so I didn’t try to figure out what was going on.A few minutes later, Judy hung up the phone. Rather than talk about the conversation with Rod, she too concentrated on the movie and we watched it until it was over.”James, dear, remember you mentioned rules earlier?” She asked as we snuggled closer after a brief discussion on the merits of the movie.”Oh, uh, yes.” I said, caught somewhat off guard by her switching subjects.”Well, darling, one rule is that you’re to always give me the phone if a man calls and ask for me, no matter where or when they call. Other times, if I’m not available, take a message, no matter what it is, and you are to be sure that I get it. Okay?” She spoke low and in an emotionless monotone. It was obvious that she meant for me to understand the seriousness of her statement. Her facial expression was one of malevolent smugness. I was almost scared by it.”Uh, O-Okay, I’ll remember.” I stammered as I meekly replied. She’d softly put me in my place.”Good. At least we have that out of the way. Now on to something else I’ve been meaning to talk to you about.” Judy’s tone of voice became warmer as she went on to discuss her and Rod’s high school romance back in high school. I didn’t want to hear anymore about it, but I kept silent and listened. I could only wonder where this was all going.”Rod is going away for a few years on business, to a foreign country. He wants me to abide by a promise I made to him in senior high.””That seems an awfully long time for someone to demand someone to keep and honour a promise made as young teenage lovers. After all, it’s been over seven years. What is this silly promise?”Her answer caused me to jump straight up. “WHAT!” I surprised even myself at the involuntary level I raised my voice when Judy revealed the nature of the promise.”Yes James, I promised him that someday I’d have his baby. Even though we thought he and I’d be married to each other when I made that promise, he convinced me that just because we’re not, shouldn’t stand in our way. “James, you’re the love of my life. However, I also have some lesser emotional feelings for Rod too. Since he’s going away, he wanted to leave me a treasured memento and he’s decided that it should be his baby. Even though not as strong as my deep emotional and intimate feelings for you, I’d still like to express my emotional feelings for him, and to him, by having his c***d. “You also might be interested to know that he said even though you’re wimpy, he’s impressed by your love for me and thinks you’d do good helping me to raise his son or daughter. He wants you to be the c***d’s daddy.”I sat with a blank stare on my face, not believing a word I heard from Judy’s lovely and delectable lips. She went on.”James, for him to give us such a priceless gift is precious to me. I know it’ll be such a pretty baby with his and my features. You’ll be the daddy of our beautiful daughter or our handsome son.”Judy went on and on about the goodness of being the mother of her old flame’s c***d.”James, Rod and I both agreed on one thing. That if you loved me as much as you say you do, you’ll give he and I your blessings for him to inseminate me before you and I are married in three months.””J-Judy, p-please tell me this is a joke.””This is no joke darling. He wants to do me and I want him to also.” Her eyes had that dead serious look in them. I knew then I was in deeper trouble than I’d ever imagined.I pondered my next move nervously. I was in a cold sweat as I tried to think of all sorts of things to say to turn this potentially devastating incident around. I ended up doing what I was most familiar with doing.I knelt before her pleading for her not to honour her silly high school promise. I soon found my self with hands folded, as if in prayer, grovelling before her. I begged my fiancé not to consider letting Rod inseminate her, and in the process, cuckold me even more severely than I’d ever imagined. I didn’t know what else to do. I was devastated. The next thing I knew I had laid my head in her lap and my eyes were watery at the thought of this latest bout of utter humiliation about to be imposed on me.”C’mon, James, it won’t be that bad. So what if I’ll be walking to the altar carrying Rod’s baby. When we leave the altar as man and wife, it’ll be our baby then. Rod has no intentions of laying claim to the baby. Okay? Does that make you feel better?” Judy said as she hooked her left leg around my back as she pulled me even tighter to her. She then started rubbing my bowed head. Her words, which I took were suppose to be conciliatory, really pained me. My soft sobs were now evident.”That’s okay baby, go ahead and weep. It’ll do you good to wash your eyes out.” Judy said softly, but in a sort of warm motherly tone. The thing that didn’t help was that the implication of me crying was useless to stop her, but that it would do me some good. I only felt worse at the thought of having to be so utterly and blatantly disgraced by what she and Rod were planning to do.Judy kept trying to comfort me with words of consolation. She said that I’d soon get over the fact that I wasn’t the biological father and that when the baby starts calling me daddy, I’d feel so much better. Her words were truly bittersweet, and mostly bitter in my state of mind. It was then I felt the toes of her other bare foot moving around my crotch. It was when she made contact with my prick. I believe she and I both became aware of its stiffness at the same time. I wasn’t even cognizant of my erection, in my distraught state of mind.”Whoa! What have we here! You have a woody! James, did you get all hot and bothered from all that talk about me getting preggy from Rod and making you a daddy?” Judy said in an elevated gleeful tone.Before I could move she was massaging my straining stiff prick through the thin knit fabric of the casual jogging pants I wore. I tried to move, but it only seemed to trap her foot even more tightly in my crotch because of the way I was sitting, and also due to the way she had me clamped with her left leg.Judy also had one arm around my head, and was holding my right hand with her other free hand. As I sought to free myself, she instantly gripped me tighter with her leg and hands. It was then I really discovered how strong she really was. I knew she was into gymnastics and did some Judo occasionally, but she really had a rather tight grip on me. I was held fairly immobile by her.My right hand was not free either, as it was clamped against my body by her left leg. I squirmed as I tried to break free.”Why James, I think your body has given you away. You’re saying one thing, but your little weenie is singing another tune. You feel mighty stiff down there.” Judy spoke with a big smile as I looked up at her from my position, where she held my head and body in a vise grip. Her legs even seem to draw tighter around my back.”You know what Jamie, I think you’d like Rod to knock me up and have me walking down the aisle all dressed in lacy white to become your new bride. All this talk about humiliation being dumped on you is a ruse. It feeds your sex drive, doesn’t it darling? I didn’t put it all together before now. The hard-on you got when Rod was fucking me wasn’t just from the sight of he and I, it was because he was doing it and you were forced to watch it the way you did.””P-Please Judy, don’t call me Jamie. You know I hate being called that. A-And y-you’re wrong, I-I’m not driven b-by what y-you say.””Oh, are you sure? I feel your little rod trying to break out of your pants. It’s so stiff. Maybe I’ll have a baby from Judd, or maybe Jeffrey too. What do you think about that?””P-Please! S-Stop Judy!” I urgently implored my forceful and mischievous wife-to-be. I was fighting the rhythmic and delightful stroking of her foot and toes against my aching cock. I knew I couldn’t hold back if she kept up her pace. I was so surprised at how skilful her toes functioned as fingers, as they caressed, as well as stroked and massaged my small, but very stiff prick.”Or maybe, a black baby from Joe to call you daddy would suit you better.” She moaned most sensuously.It was at that point that I shuddered and made a last ditch effort to hold back. I didn’t want to make a mess in my shorts. But before I knew it, I’d reached the point of no return and spurted all my pent up jism like I’d never shot off before. My release was so strong and pleasurable. I also trembled in a way I can’t remember doing before.Judy continued to move her toes in a circular manner increasing the likelihood that the sticky jism in my shorts would soak through and result in a very visible damp spot on my jogging pants.”Did you come good darling? You’re the first guy I ever got off with my toes. That was neat. We must do it again some time. My! My! Look at the size of that damp spot on your pants. Why you must’ve shot a lot of cum. You did enjoy our little discussion. Maybe I should call Rod and tell him about…””N-No! No! J-Judy p-please d-don’t call him. L-Let’s talk please. Let m-me clean u-up first and I-I… I-I’ll be right back.” I stammered away teary eyed, totally embarrassed, and in a nervous fit, as I rushed off to clean up, change clothes and compose myself.The broad smirking smile on Judy’s face added to my misery as I rushed from the room.When I returned, Judy still wore a bright smile that seemed to say “I got you just where I want you now”. The smug serenity on her face just added to my misery.”Feel better darling?” Judy said in a sensuous tone. She still had that slight, but wicked beaming smile.”Judy that wouldn’t have happened if y-you had stopped when I told you to.””James honey, are you telling me that you didn’t like me getting you off?””It’s not that, it’s, er, w-well, it’s just that it was embarrassing to c-come in my pants like that. A-And with you rub-rubbing me that way afterwards… W-Why didn’t you take it out like you’ve done before? I-I think you meant to embarrass me. W-Why do you do me this way?” My voice cracked and was wavering as I spoke.”C’mon over here my baby. You look so cute when you pout like that.””P-Please Judy, this is no laughing matter. You get a thrill f-from abusing me don’t you? That’s mean.””I’m not mean, maybe a little mischievous. However, aren’t you’re the one who seems to be getting a cheap thrill?” She said with her smug smile still intact.”O-Of course not!” I tried to sound as defiant as I could under the circumstances.”Then why would you get a raging hard-on, when the woman you say you love deeply, tells you she’s thinking about getting another man to make you the daddy of his baby? And to add to the irony, he wants to knock me up just in time for our wedding day.””It-It w-wasn’t because of t-that. It w-was because I-I was close to you. Y-You know how excited I-I get from being around…””Liar! Come look me in the face and tell me that. Or was it because you liked the idea of me having a black baby for you to be the daddy of too?” Her slight chuckle after she spoke really got to me. I knew I couldn’t let that happen. I had to try and stay in control.”R-Really J-Judy, t-this is not germane to the real issue here. The real issue is that it just doesn’t make sense for you to have Rod’s baby because of a silly high school promise made when you two were teenagers.””You think it’s wrong to keep a promise?” “Please J-Judy, y-you can’t be serious about this? A-And I can’t believe Rod has that kind of control over you. Y-You just want to do it to abuse me again in the worse way. Why don’t you release me from my commitment to marry you? J-Judy, w-why do you want to bury me in shame?””I love you James. I have no intentions to bury you in shame or humiliation. You should think of it as me giving you an opportunity to let everyone know just how deep and un-selfish your love is for me. Who can argue with you about the depth of your love for me, if they, and you know that I’m having another man’s baby and you accept it as ours?””What! J-Judy t-that is all twisted around. You know people are going to call me a fool. A-And worse, they’ll call you terrible names, l-like slut or tramp.””James, I won’t like it, but I can live with that. Besides, being called a fool is less derogatory than being called a slut or a tramp. Don’t you think? Therefore since I’ll be labelled with the greater shame, you’ll not only be disgraced less than me, but will have the sympathy of others, and will be looked upon as proving your love in ways few men do, or have done before willingly. Just think, you’ll be looked upon as a hero husband, and me a fallen wife. A fallen wife who you’ve stooped to help rise back up and make decent again.”The extent of Judy’s illogic was so profound that I was in awe of its twisted nature, but potential believability. She continued to talk on. I just sat in wonderment and listened. I listened and thought deeply. I was truly in a quandary as to what to do about this situation. Digging into my knowledge of philosophy, gamesmanship, and even military strategy, I came up with an idea. The strategy, while more of a bluff than anything else, might succeed in changing my fiancée’s mind.I decided that it was time to stop being weak kneed and stand firm up against Judy’s effort to hopelessly cuckold, dominate, and disgrace me. I remembered the saying that a strong offense was the best defence. I hoped by being firm, I could at least get her to be more reasonable and come to her senses. If she was really intent on having the baby by Rod, then nothing I do would deter her. However, surely she must have some moral consciousness about what was fair and afford me some respect as the man she was truly in love with.I would be counting on that respect to come forth if I stood up to her on a significant issue such as this. I was assuming that she’d seen me cave in too many times, and simply lost respect for me along the way. So my plan was not to passively agree to her blatant scheme of having Rod’s baby.I also thought that maybe she was just bluffing and all this was just a test to see if I had the courage to stand up to her. I began feeling very confident that a firm stand and personal resolve would turn the tide for me. Therefore, I figured if she saw me with more backbone, she wouldn’t try to run over me as she literally had talked of doing.I figured I had nothing to lose, and could only increase my esteem in her eyes. After all, I thought I’d already hit rock bottom in respect to being browbeat and downtrodden by her, her family, and my own family.CHAPTER 15 EVENTS FROM OUR ENGAGEMENT: A Strategy of Strength I decided to get Judy and I fresh drinks before I sprung my strategy of exhibiting strength before her.”Thank you James darling, you make a great highball.””Thanks.” I said with an air of confidence.”James, I’d like for you to call Rod and talk to him about this situation too. I think he’ll back me up in saying that if you truly love me, you’ll agree to me having his baby.””Of course he will, what do you think I am Judy? A fool! Listen, this silly idea of yours and his is dead on arrival with me!” I said raising my voice for emphasis. “You’re not going to have his baby! If you’re going to have anybody’s baby, it’ll be mine! Understand?””James! What on earth is the matter with you? Why are you raising your voice and talking to me in that tone?” Judy said with some alarm in her voice.So far so good, I thought to myself. I assumed that my show of strength was having the desired effect.”Now, Judy my love, I won’t be calling Rod, because Rod can go to hell with his crazy idea. I be damn if he’s going to dictate to me that he can knock my future wife just because he wants too.” I said in a brazen cocky confident tone. I continued to be even cockier. “Just because he’s going to be out of the country for a long time is no reason to leave us his little bastard to remind either of us of him. Sure, he’s bigger than me, but that doesn’t mean I have to give into him, and neither do you, even if he does have a bigger cock.””I see. James, I need to think about all you’ve said. Would you please make me another drink and excuse me, while I go freshen up.” Judy spoke in a much less belligerent, but in more of a softer monotone voice.As I made a new batch of drinks, I felt extremely confident that my strategy was working very well and that maybe this whole relationship might be turning around because of my ingenuity. I savoured the subdued way Judy was acting before leaving the room. However, as with many things in my life, me patting myself on the back was somewhat premature.When Judy returned, she was indeed a different person, but not the persona I was expecting.”Well James, I’ve thought about all you’ve said and I’ve made up my mind as to what needs to be done. That is, if you haven’t changed your mind and decided to call Rod as I asked you earlier.””Not by a long shot, Judy my love.” I said in a caviller gleeful tone, without even turning around to face her.My back was to Judy as she entered the room. I was still mixing the drinks and feeling an air of confidence I’d never experienced outside of my daydreams.”Then, that means I guess I’ll have to try and persuade you, love.” Judy’s voice had a different tone than what I expected. I had just picked up our two drinks and had started to turn around when I heard this unexpected noise.”Whoosh!””SMACK!”I heard this second louder noise at the same time I felt the impact of something hitting my thighs. It seemed to cut right through my knit jogging pants. The pain was immediate. I fell to the floor. The two drinks I held went tumbling in the air.”OUCH!” I heard myself cry out almost simultaneously and as unexpectedly. As I hit the floor, it was then that I saw Judy standing over me with one of mother’s home made whipping instruments.I’d only been whipped once with the monster Judy held in her hand. I was a teen at the time. The whipping instrument was a homemade device guaranteed to inflict pain. It was a thick, but skinny black automobile fan belt. The handle was a loop of the belt itself, that was taped together to make it so that it wouldn’t slip as it was being used. It had weight and flexibility. It was perfect for whipping and inflicting pain.Realizing my plight quickly, I sought to scamper away from my tormentor. “So love, just as your mom said you would, you do need some behaviour correction from time to time. Well, I can tell you that those few credits you’ve got on the books from the demo whipping I gave you earlier, won’t help much, because you need quite a bit of persuasion to compensate for your unruly `mannish’ behaviour.””J-Judy! P-Please dear… T-This is-is not the way t-to handle our problems. L-Let’s sit d-down and talk a-about…””Whooosh!””SMACK!””OUCH!” Judy had swung again at me so fast and made contact with my upper thigh so quickly I was stunned. Her actions were like a blur. I tried to scamper further away, but soon heard the noise of the fan belt cutting through the air again.”Whooosh!””SMACK!”This time she caught me on my upper butt. The blow stung severely, even through the pants I wore. The impact also caused me to loose my footing. Before I knew it, she was right on top of me. Escape was almost impossible now as she quickly sat down on my back, facing my feet, and proceeded to rain lash after lash on my upturned buttocks. I was pinned down. Her weight was on my back and I couldn’t move no matter how I tried to turn and roll. She’d braced her feet to either side of me. It was next to impossible for me to get up.Judy had 2 inches of height on me, but apparently was also much stronger than I.”OUCH!””Whoosh!” “SMACK!””OUCH!””Whoosh!””SMACK!”“ OUCH! OUCH! P-PLEASE! SOB! OUCH! PLEASSSEEE! Don’t… SOB!…PLEASSSSEEE Don’t Hit me again. L-Let’s talk! SOB! PLEASE!.” I was begging and crying. I was crying and begging. Neither seemed to deter her from lashing me with a vengeance. Judy’s shouts to me, her increased breathing sounds – that is from exerting herself by lashing me so hard – and the steady rhythmic swinging and impacting of the fanbelt created a terrifying blend of sounds.”So… Gasp!” “Whoosh!” “SMACK!” “You don’t want to be cooperative with me… Gasp! Then that means you need a little “Whoosh!” “SMACK!”“Attitude correction and adjustment to… “Whoosh!” “SMACK!” “Persuade you of your responsibility… “Gasp!”… To be at one with your wife.” “Whoosh!” “SMACK!” “Gasp!”I was in pain in the worse way. I thought things couldn’t get any worse, but it was then that she bared my butt by pushing down my jogging pants. The first lash on my naked flesh caused me to buck even higher than before. What a difference that thin layer of knit fabric made. My legs were flaying around in all different directions as I tried to get leverage to get from under her. It was to no avail, as she even struck my legs and thighs with that infernal fanbelt, when they got in her way. The pain was intense.”OUCH!…”Whoosh!” “SMACK!” “PLEASE!… SOB!… JUDY!… SOB!… NO! NO! OUCH!””Whoosh!” “SMACK!” “OUCH!… PLEASE! STOP!… PLEASE! OUCH!… PLEASE! HAVE… OUCH!… MERCY ON ME! PLEASE!””Whoosh!” “SMACK!””OUCH! NO MORE! OUCH! I-I’ll… SOB! W-WILL DO ANYTHING YOU WANT!…””Whoosh!” “SMACK!””OUCH! I-I’LL… OUCH! DO IT! PLEASSSEE! OUCH! NO MORE!” My arms flayed in all directions as I tried to grab something to try and pull myself away from under Judy. The effort was totally useless. I also beat the floor in front of me with my fists. I was frantic and the pain was great. I had to do something to help me dissipate the pain that was emanating from my rear and seemingly radiating through my whole body.”Whoosh!” “SMACK!””OUCH!””Whoosh!” “SMACK!””OUCH!”I was a crying slobbering mess, but my fiancée went on at least another 30 seconds as I continuously conceded I’d do anything she wanted of me.Finally she stopped. Even though she did, my bottom was so well bruised and stinging, it quivered all by itself as I sought to move it to quell the fiery blaze that seemed to emanate from it. I don’t think but one whipping I got from either my mom or aunt came close to the one my fiancée had just given me.”Gasp!… Now listen to me James. Did I Gasp!… hear you say you’ll… Gasp!… do all I asked of you?” She asked of me as she was trying to catch her breath.”Y-Yes… Sob!” I replied sobbing and slobbering uncontrollably.By the time she let me up, I’d capitulated on everything I was fighting against. I was back to being the wimp I was before, and with the throbbing pain in my rear to boot. I knew I’d been whipped thoroughly. “James, if you won’t tell them, I won’t tell your mom and aunt about your need for this little scolding. Is that okay, or do you want them to know? I wonder if they may give you another whipping also?” Judy said in a smug tone.”N-NO! Sob! Please d-don’t… Sob!… t-tell them.” I replied softly sobbing. I suspected she was correct in her assumption. We both now knew she again had the upper hand and her position was even stronger than before in our relationship. We both knew I wouldn’t be trying to assert myself for a very, very long time, if at all. I’d been thoroughly beaten and knew it.Judy sat back and rested after her workout of beating my ass black and blue. I lay on the floor whimpering and sobbing, right where she left me. I was thankful for the lashing to have stopped, but it was obvious that not only had my strategy failed, it had failed miserably.”Whew! That took some effort James darling. But it was worth it to give you the treatment you needed for your mannishness. Your mom said it would pop up from time to time. But don’t worry, I’ll gladly take care of it for you. That is, when you need help in ridding yourself of such fits of machoness. Doesn’t it feel good to be your old self again?””O-Oh Judy, w-why… sob!… d-did you have to Sob!… Have to hit so… Sob!… h-hard?” I stammered as I sobbed and whimpered like a baby.It took a long while for me to quiet down and stop sobbing. My rear was still a blaze of pain. Judy demanded I come across her lap so as to rub ointment onto my bruised and swollen bottom. I refused at first but when she insisted, I knew I had little choice as she held up the ointment and pointed to her lap.While I was making drinks earlier, she’d apparently snuck down to the basement and brought up the fanbelt whip and ointment.”Ouch! P-Please Judy, don’t rub so hard. It hurts.” I cried out as I once again lay across my fiancée’s lap like a small c***d.”Keep your hands away and let me do just as your mom showed me how. Remember the ointment must be rubbed in real good to do its job of reducing the swelling, and to heal these welts. By the way, aren’t you going to thank me for treating you so quickly to rid you of that attack of mannishness and trying to be a macho asshole?””P-Please Judy, I-I’m just not in the m-mood to…””James darling, it doesn’t take much to be mannerly and say a simple thank you. You use to be much more polite than that. Maybe you need a bit more treatment from our little friend here to get you back to being your old self.” Judy’s tone was serious, yet it had a bit of eagerness that scared me.”N-NO! No More! T-Thank you Judy f-for h-helping me g-getting o-over being m-mannish. Thanks so much for helping m-me be my old self a-again.” I stammered and stumbled over my words until I got out what I knew she wanted to hear.”Now that sounds like your old self, confident and yet mannerly. Now darling, if you ever feel an attack coming on again, just let me know and I’ll get our friend here, Mr. Fanbelt, or another of its friends, and try to cure you of the malady, no matter how much it tires me out laying into your rear. Understand?””Y-Yes Judy, I-I understand.” I mentally moaned and sighed as I replied and winced from her continued ointment rub down of my still aching rear end. I knew with a fair amount of certainty that me ever trying to exhibit any sort of manly control in this relationship was gone forever.I was almost as glad for Judy to stop the ointment rub down as I was her whipping of me. However, the rough massage did seem to help the pain in my bottom. She allowed me to re-dress. She then directed me to clean up the spilled drinks.Later, she cuddled me to her, not so much like a lover, but more as a c***d she was consoling. I found it difficult to look in her radiant, but beautiful smug smiling face. I was her subjugated wimp now, without question, and we both knew it.After a bit of trying to convince me that she did me a favour by whipping me, she finally got back around to what caused her to beat my ass in the first place. I dreaded this moment was coming.”James, now that we’ve discussed this, I want you to call Rod and discuss it with him. After all, it’s him that wants to hold me to my promise and have his baby for us. He’s convinced me why I should let him plump me up. I want you and him to have a man to fiancé talk, so he can convince you. Maybe you’ll persuade him not to do me. Anyway, call him darling. This is a good time, as his wife is out of town visiting her mother.”I picked up on the fact that my fiancée didn’t afford me the respect of referring to me as a man, when she talked of a `man to fiancé talk’. However, I figured it was best if I didn’t say anything inflammatory that would cause her to get Mr. Fanbelt talking again.I dialled Rod as she instructed, not having the slightest idea of what I was going to say. It was a most miserable feeling. Below is the narrative of my conversation with him – the best I remember it.PHONE CONVERSATION WITH ROD:Rod: “Hello”Me: “R-Rod?”Rod: “Yeah! It’s me. Hey isn’t this James?”Me: “Uh, y-yes.”Rod: “Well, what does Judy’s wimp want at this time of night. You’re lucky my wife is out of town or I’d be real pissed at you disturbing me now. You aren’t by chance calling for Judy are you?”Me: “Uh, w-well, y-yes.”Rod: “Well shrimp, what do you want? You call to tell me you want to suck my dick again, or is it about me filling your new, soon-to-be bride’s tummy with my baby? Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!”What he said and how he said it, as well as the sound of his laughter really made me angry.Me: “L-Listen Rod, t-there’s no need to be sarcastic a-and to p-put me down. B-But listen, the reason I-I called is about this b-baby promise.”Rod: “Good! I want to knock your bitch up and give y’all a personal wedding present from me. Judy was mine first and I thought she should have something of a personal memento from me, since she’s going to get her name changed soon.”Me: “B-But a baby. T-That’s so much to ask of a …”Rod: “Listen wimp! That’s what I want! Plus, you know she wants me to plump her up too. A woman wants to get knocked up by a man with a slab of dick meat she can feel putting the juice to her, as he stretches her and probes the bottom of her cunt… not a bird dick like yours, that she can’t even feel.”Me: Rod, I-I know you’ve got it o-over me when it c-comes to s-sex… a-and that y-you’re the better man in bed… b-but p-please don’t do this to us. W-Would you release her from her promise… please?”My voice trembled and I was nervous and sweating. I pleaded desperately with my fiancée’s old high school flame. Judy, who was sitting beside me, seemed to be smugly enjoying my miserable plight.Rod: “Sorry shrimp, I told Judy I wanted her to tell you about this. I didn’t want it to be a surprise to you that I wanted her off the pill and unprotected. I’m going to be boning her hard and deep over the next few weeks. I’m going to be doing some serious baby farming. I’m gonna plant my seed deep in her fertile juicy twat patch. Anyway, by now, you know she wants my baby. You know I’m not forcing her to do anything she doesn’t really want to do. Since you claim you love her so much, you’ll accept what she wants to do. And you must love her from all the stuff I’ve seen you submit to. Stuff I’d never do for the love of any bitch. Well anyway, that’s another story. But listen wimp, the reason she and I talked about being open with you… and you should appreciate us being open. Don’t you?”Me: “Uh, w-well, I-I guess so.”Rod: “Good! The reason is that if she has my k** and you gonna be the daddy, I want to make sure its treated no differently than if it was your own k**. I expect my k** to have loving and caring parents and a warm loving home environment. Understand where I’m coming from wimp?”Me: “R-Rod p-please don’t call me wimp. L-Look, is it m-money you want? I-I don’t have much…”Rod: “Fuck you! Money ain’t the issue! Now listen to me! You listening!”Me: “Uh, y-yes Rod, I-I am.”Rod: “Since it’s a foregone conclusion I’m gonna fuck your slut bride-to-be and fill her up for you by your wedding day, do you promise to be a good daddy to my baby and be a good husband to her too? I-I want to hear you say it exactly like that, word for word.”Me: “Is it-it really necessary for m-me to…”Rod: “Damn right! Do as I say wimp or I’m gonna make it a point to whip your ass good the next time I’m in town, which, by the way, will be in three days.”Me: “O-Okay! I-I-I promise to b-be a good d-daddy to your b-baby a-and a g-good husband to Judy t-too.” I replied stammering nervously and out of fright at this new threat. To my chagrin, Judy’s face lightened up into an even brighter smile as she heard my words.Rod: “That’s better. Isn’t it wonderful when a loving couple reaches consensus on an issue. I’ll see y’all in a few days. Is Judy there?”Me: Y-Yes.”Rod: “Give her the phone.”I meekly handed Judy the receiver as I slumped back defeated and knowing that I was going to be cuckolded in the worse way, even before my wedding.After Judy hung up, she let me know me that I would have a fighting chance to stop her from getting impregnated with Rod’s baby. My eyes opened wide in anticipation of this bit of good news.”Darling, Rod said he’d permit you to be my natural oral birth control. He thought it only fair to give you a fighting chance to thwart his plan for me. He says if you’re effective at preventing me from becoming pregnant with your mouth, he’ll not bother us again about keeping my commitment to him. I really think that’s very fair of him, don’t you James darling?”I said nothing but hung my head in utter disappointment at her statement.I’m not the dumbest person in the world. I knew losing this battle only opened me up to losing it again if she wanted a baby from Jeffrey and/or Judd. At least they were white, and even if cuckolded, at least we, or at least I, could claim they looked like distant relatives. Even though the baby from Rod wouldn’t look like me, at least it would be white. Maybe Judy’s threat of a black baby was just that. A black baby would be the ultimate symbolism of cuckoldry and represent a great measure of utter humiliation and disgrace to me. Maybe things were going to be bad for me with her having other men’s k**s, but at least I should be thankful if they were all white.Her threat to me earlier of a black baby had of course caught me off guard. However, I couldn’t explain me having such an intense climax at the very mention of being the daddy of a black baby. It worried me later at the implication she’d made of the incident. However, I didn’t have time or wanted to even think about that for the moment. I had my hands full worrying about being the committed daddy of another man’s white baby.CHAPTER 15 EVENTS FROM OUR ENGAGEMENT: Just In Time For The Wedding.True to this word, Rod inseminated Judy. I really put my best sucking efforts into vacuuming up every bit of his viscous, cream coloured spermy fluids from her pussy. I of course knew I didn’t have much chance of preventing her insemination. But since Judy had expected me to be a sucker, literally, for them anyway, I thought I’d give it my best. After all, sucking up his abundant loads of rich semen was the only tool I had to fight with in this battle.Each time he and Judy mated, they insisted I be there and in the same up close position I’d been in the first time they had sex in my bedroom. Nothing I said could deter them from wanting me in that abject degrading position, while my bride-to-be was being inseminated.”James darling, I want it to be said that you were very close by when our first born was conceived.” Judy said with total sincerity. Rod only smirked and chuckled at her words.As I manned my position, I was again inundated and drenched with flying and drizzling fuck juices. Rod’s loads were so copious. I almost knew from the start that with his deep injections into Judy’s womb, she couldn’t help but get pregnant. Over the 12 or so times they coupled for the express purposes of him impregnating my fiancée, I ate huge quantities of his hot gooey ejaculate, melded with her abundant pussy juices.Within five weeks of her first insemination coupling with Rod, Judy was announced pregnant. I was sad and yet glad. Sad because I would forever be cuckolded by the actions of those two, but glad that I didn’t have to any longer be drenched in their fuck juices and be a prisoner of the hot, humid, dripping copulation grotto between their coupled sex organs. I was also sad because, everyone still held me to my commitment to be a virgin on our wedding day. Hence, still only my tongue could invade her delectable snatch, even though she was fully knocked up by another man in time for our wedding.The other sad thing was that Judy didn’t hide any of these activities from either her family or mine. Also even sadder was that both of our families fervently supported her fulfilling her commitment to Rod. It really hurt to be chided by my mother and aunt for not wholeheartedly supporting my wife-to-be in keeping her pledge to her old high school flame.Both my family and hers, without the slightest bit of reservation or hesitancy, agreed that Judy and Rod would make a prettier grand baby for them than one by her and me. Both families seemed surprised at my recalcitrance on this whole matter. When our wedding day came, Judy marched down the aisle toward me at the altar, dressed so exquisitely in an expensive, lacy white wedding gown, with a long white satin train. She was so beautiful, even if she was almost two months pregnant with the c***d of another man, when we said “I do”.I also wasn’t happy in the least about Judy wanting me to ask Jeffrey, Judd, and Joe to be my best men. Mind you, I didn’t say best man, but best men. She wanted all three of them there standing there with us at the altar. I was glad Rod had already left on his trip abroad. I’m sure if he hadn’t, Judy would’ve probably insisted he be there too.I was rather upset at her for demanding I do that, but she reminded me that I’d promised to be cooperative, otherwise, it was apparent that I needed an `anti-mannishness’ treatment. That caused me to calm down and be passively cooperative. It also hurt for me to ask her three lovers to participate as best men, as she requested of me. I was not only incensed at doing so, but was beyond embarrassment when I did so.Being almost 2 months pregnant didn’t cause Judy to show significantly in her wedding dress, but there was a slight bulge. However, before her walk down the aisle, she’d already eagerly revealed to all her friends that she was expecting. I was around several of her girlfriends when she told them at the wedding rehearsal party. Almost in the same breath she let them know that my virginity was still in tack. This led to her friends snickering as well asking her or speculating as to who the father was. Her answer, “You’ll find out when the baby is born.” Such talk, with me being present, caused me all sorts of embarrassment and facial contortions. Nothing I said to Judy would deter her from making me more miserable or looking foolish. She only kept reassuring me that I looked like a hero in her friend’s eyes. “James darling, just as I told you, all my friends think 1xbet giriş very highly of you that you haven’t deserted me just because I’m pregnant with another man’s baby. They look upon you as an honourable man. You’re a hero, just like I said you’d be. If anything, they’re gossiping about me in a negative manner, not you.”The other embarrassing part of the wedding was in the public statements of affection and commitment we made to each other. I didn’t want to say anything, since I was basically a coerced partner. However, mother and Aunt Jasmine wouldn’t hear of that.I complained about the words virgin or virginity being used in the original statement that was written for me.”James, tell you what, if we don’t use virgin or virginity, will that make you happy and stop your complaining?” Aunt Jasmine asked.I replied in the affirmative, confident I’d won a minor concession in getting back some of the manly respect due me. After all, a man doesn’t go around shouting he’s a virgin and hasn’t had intercourse before, especially at his wedding.I promised them that I’d stop complaining and memorize the new statement since they removed any reference to the word virgin. I don’t know why I can’t ever win especially when going up against Mother or Aunt Jasmine, or Judy for that matter. The rewritten statement was per our agreement, but it still embarrassed me. However, they’d already had my promise and they held me to it. Again, I felt so used and abused. I just wished I’d read their statement before promising to read it sight unseen.The other thing was that I had to memorize and recite the statement from memory. They made me practice and recite it endless times prior to the wedding. The statement was a disgrace coming from a man, but it was what they wanted and, unfortunately, what I’d committed to say. Judy and her family thought the words were delightful. It read:I heard Judy’s public statement for the first time at the altar. It read as follows:I went first with my statement, so I didn’t hear Judy’s statement until after I’d recited mine. After hearing her speak, I turned noticeably redder in the face. Once again, I knew I’d been conspired against by Judy and my folks. Hearing a few noticeable murmurs and giggles from the audience didn’t help matters either. I asked myself why she had to mention the two things that pained me so, that is, my virginity and the matter of starting a family, when she knew she was already pregnant by another man. I was an abused spouse even before I left the altar.I felt so put down by what was happening to me, but could do absolutely nothing except suffer in silence. Judy wore a very bright and radiant smile throughout the ceremony. It brightened even more when the female minister announced us `woman and husband’. Another verbal slap in the face, I thought to myself as we newlyweds kissed each other. “You’re mine now.” She whispered as we broke the salute. I didn’t know what to think. I did truly love Judy, as I’ve said numerous times, but I just felt like I was a prisoner in the engagement and I suspected the marriage would be even more of a prison.CHAPTER 16 EVENTS FROM OUR MARRIAGE: The HoneymoonIt was wonderful to get away together by ourselves. We went to Bermuda. It was such a paradise of a setting. Judy and I really bonded on this trip. It definitely reminded me why I really fell in love with this incredibly beautiful woman.The utmost thing on my mind was finally being allowed to put it in my new bride. Making love to her was indeed a dream come true. From having been so intimately close to her, as she had been sexed by her father, brothers, other male relatives, and most recently with Rod, I knew I couldn’t come close to holding a candle to what they had done, to her pretty pouting juicy pussy. However, I humbly did what I could, and tried to make up the difference with my tongue and lips. I was so happy to just have her all to myself and for us to be by ourselves.Even though the issue of Rod’s baby was just beneath the surface of all our `What we’re going to do when we get back home’ conversations, we found so much to mutually talk about other than that, as well as to enjoy the sights on the beautiful island we were on.After a few conversations directly dealing with her lover’s c***d, I approached the matter impartially and rationally, even though the way the whole situation was thrust on me was anything but that. I assessed that what was done, was done. My new wife was carrying another man’s c***d and it was a foregone conclusion that we were going to raise it. I finally approached the matter as `let bygones be bygones’ and that we should look toward the future with a clean slate.I also knew I had to accept the reality that our honeymoon would be over, in more ways than one, when we reached home. I knew that the other men in her life, would be a necessary and continuing part of our lives.CHAPTER 17 EVENTS FROM OUR MARRIAGE: The Honeymoon Is OverA year after the wedding and the honeymoon, we were in a stable marital pattern. Our baby by Rod was a boy. Judy named him Rodney James Jackson. I was a bit upset that she named him after Rod, but I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised. However, the fact that she gave him my Christian name as his middle name, and, and of course my last name, did do something to my ego. I can’t explain why though.Having not been around babies much, the little fellow stole my heart. He had many of Judy’s features, but there was no doubt he strongly resembled Rod.Judy’s and my families were delighted that I acted like the doting new father, even though both families were praising that Rodney had the handsome features of his mother and real father.I tried to not let such comments get to me emotionally. I had come to accept my lesser status in our marriage and had come to be at peace with myself about it. It’s obvious that both families, and my wife, prefer me to be cast in that light, otherwise why they would all have so overtly conspired to subjugate me?My job at the college was going great and I really liked what I did for a living. Judy only worked part time since she wants to spend a lot of time with our infant son, Rodney James. I also spent quite a bit of quality time with him too, because I was usually his baby sitter when my wife was out on dates during the week, or away with her lovers on weekends.My life, at this time, even though one of subjugation and submission, to my wife, her family, and of course my family, was somewhat in balance. I guess a better word would be predictable.I say predictable because I can count on some of the previously mentioned folks making sexual demands on me. I guess demands is a nicer word than outright sexual abuse.As you know from the earlier part of my story, the Smiths had long been performing son-in-law sexual abuse of me. It started soon after I discovered the practice of i****t in their family. Of Judy’s folks, it’s primarily her Dad and Mom who uses me as a sex toy whenever it’s convenient for them to do so. Mother Smith is quite demanding about me sucking her creamy hair pie at least once a week, with twice a week being the norm. Sometimes, she wants me to do so even more frequently than that.Whenever I’m over at Judy’s house to do Mother Smith’s bidding, it’s at these times I never know when I’ll be called on to suck a big stiff dick or two or three or more. If Mr. Smith is there, it’s almost a certainty, he’ll want to soak his big slab of prick meat between my lips just because I’m there. If other relatives are there and they need, or want some head, it’s a sure bet I’ll be forced to oblige them. One particular Smith family ritual I hate is Monday night football. It all started out as Judy’s idea for me and her Dad to find some common ground to improve our relationship. From my perspective, the only way that was going to happen was if he stopped forcing me to be his forced cocksucker. I told her so.”Please James, you should try to be positive and flexible here and not dwell on your trivial peeves.” My wife said after I expressed myself.She continued to talk as I glared back at her. I was speechless at the her categorization of my complaint being a “trivial peeve”.”Look, darling. I know Dad is a bit forceful at times, but I think it would be good if you made the first step in trying to improve the relationship between you two. After all, you’re the one always complaining to me about the situation between you two.””The reason I do Judy is that y-you and your mother don’t seem to help me out when I ask y’all to deter him from making me do those things. I-I know his abuse won’t stop unless y’all help me out.””First of all darling, Dad and the other men are not abusing you. You’re just fulfilling a need for them. That’s not abuse. You’re use to the taste of jism and they need somewhere to put all the excess jism they have to give. That’s all there is to it, no more, no less.”Finding it useless to convey my point, I went along with my wife’s idea of viewing Monday night football with my Father-in-law.To my surprise, for the first half of the game, he was rather civil and concentrated on the game. He was very verbal about the plays and the players. I was not a sports fan, so I just listened and pretended not to be bored, which I was. Things were going fine with him and me spending some traditional quality time together. The problem started at half time. It was then, he appeared to become a bit yancy. He was on his third beer by now and that’s when I noticed that he started rubbing his crotch in a more noticeable fashion.As the third quarter began, it was then that he reached out with his big hand and powerful arm and grabbed me.”C’mon Jamie, I need you to intercept my dick with your lips.” He said so after pulling my face to his crotch. The swollen bulge, which was not there a few moments ago, was clearly evident as he forced my face to his crotch.”Mr. S-Smith! P-Please not tonight. Can’t we just w-watch the game and n-not do…””Damn it Jamie, don’t be fucking difficult! Get on your fucking knees and wrap your lips around my dick. It’s hard and needs some attention. Now do as I say. I don’t want to miss any of the game cause of you. You want me to tell Judy you weren’t cooperative with me? Maybe I’ll suggest to her she needs to take you to the woodshed and whip your ass.” He chuckled after he spoke. I knew that Judy just might take his advice seriously.Again, sensing that capitulation was the only way out of another odd situation I found myself in, I moved to my knees between his legs and helped him slide his trousers down. His exposed crotch and huge, but familiar and very erect penis loomed before my face.Moments later, he guided his swollen dick head to my lips and I did as he wanted. I had successfully intercepted his cock. He warned me he just wanted to suck on him slowly, as he moaned that he just wanted to `wet and soak his dick’.He kept me on my knees with my mouth wrapped firmly around his big tool for the remainder of the game. He only let me up for air once. That was when he went to get another beer, and I believe a potty break.When he returned, his large member was semi-hard as it swung to and fro as he walked. You see, he had taken off his pants and was wearing only a shirt, T-shirt and socks.After he sat down, he pulled me back to his pinkish dick head after opening the fresh beer and taking a swig.”That’s it. Just a slow suck is the way I want you to do it.” He moaned as he felt the return of my mouth and the resulting wet warmness upon his dick meat.Not to belabour my point, but Judy’s Dad used me as a cum dump that night and insisted upon my presence at Monday night football thereafter. When I sought to decline to be present the following Monday night, Judy openly threatened me with a whipping for being uncooperative, anti-social and against her parents. Again, fearing corporal punishment and pain, I quickly surrendered to her desire and her Dad’s demands. I’ve been his Monday night football dick warmer ever since.Jeffrey, Judd and Joe, were also to become a part of the sexual abuse imposed on me.The three got involved in the act of sexually mistreating me about four to five months after Judy and I returned from our honeymoon. Since Judy was not as sexually available as she was before coming pregnant by Rod, especially in the seventh through ninth months, the three of them turned to me to be their depository of the many loads of sperm that normally would be deposited into my wife.”Darling, the three guys want you to do for them, the same thing you do for Daddy sometimes, since I won’t be able to take care of them on a full time basis. You know, until after the baby is born.” Judy said to me one day, out of the blue.”What! Now surely they don’t expect me to become their cocksucker too. Your family keeps me busy, and full too, I might add, taking care of their…””Before you get in a tizzy, darling, it was Daddy that suggested it to them and me the other day. He said that since you’re my husband, they should expect you to be of some use to them while I’m out of commission.” Judy replied cutting me off.”Y-You m-mean your father told them that?” I stammered in surprise at her revelation.”Yes he did. He let them know that you should be responsible for draining off the build up of sperm on their balls.” Judy said in a matter-of-fact manner.”It’s bad enough he uses me as the Smith family cocksucker and pussy licker, how can he just offer me up to them too?””You know how big hearted Daddy is.””B-But Judy, w-why can’t they just jerk off like I-I have to do when you’re too tired to give me some, cause you’re out sexing them. I-I’m s-sorry. There is no way that I-I’m going to do them. Please tell you father that I can’t do…””You’ll have to tell him dear. I’m just passing on a message. I can tell you right now, jacking off is something that won’t go over well with them. By the way, I’ve heard masturbation is not necessarily good for men with big cocks, like Jeffrey, Judd and Joe. I’ve heard that they should ejaculate in as close to a pussy like environment as possible. You know, like a warm wet mouth engulfing their stiff rods.””W-What! I’ve never heard of anything so ridiculous. What about us men who aren’t so well endowed?””I’ve heard it poses no potential dangers to little prick guys. In other words, it’s okay for y’all to beat your meat when you need to.” Judy replied. She then added, “James Maybe I should have the guys come over, and the four of you work this out. Then they can go back, or you can go to Daddy and tell him your decision.””N-No! Judy, please don’t. The last thing I need is to be surrounded by three hard up guys with stiff cocks. They could easily overpower me and I-I could end up being mouth ****d or worse.” I replied with a genuine tone of terror in my voice.”James, don’t you think you’re over reacting about this whole thing?” Judy said in a softer tone.”O-Over reacting? Of course not! I-I don’t won’t to be their cock…””Why not darling, I suck their cocks for them. Why can’t you too, for me, while I’m having this baby for us?””W-What? A-Are you now saying you a-agree with your father?””What I’m saying darling, you’ve sucked dicks to completion for my folks many times. You’ve also suckled on Rod’s cock several times, not all the way though, but what’s wrong with giving head to Jeffrey, Judd and Joe since my cunt won’t be available to them for a while?””W-Well, uh, Judy, it-it’s the principle of the matter. T-That’s why. I-I shouldn’t have to suck anybody’s cock, period. B-But y-your father and mother have that video o-of me a-and…””You really don’t have a good reason, do you James? You’re just bringing up excuses, especially about my Mom and Dad, aren’t you Mr. College professor? It’s your ego isn’t it?” Judy’s tone of voice was now becoming belligerent. I knew that this discussion could end up turning ugly and in the end be detrimental to me. It was obvious that now Judy was interested in me sucking the dicks of her lovers. In fact I began to wander if this wasn’t her idea all along for me to be their surrogate mouth cunt. I decided to try and present a strong argument based on decency and fairness.”J-Judy, Y-You’re starting to get angry with me now. Why? W-What have I done wrong? Isn’t it fair for me to resist doing something s-so perverted? And now I’m being asked to do it for men that are also still in competition with me? N-No Judy, it’s not my ego and I’m not making excuses.” “Yes, darling, I am starting to get angry because I see you as trying to be obstinate. I was hoping you saw Jeffrey, Judd, and Joe as sort of, well, as husbands-in-laws, rather than competition. Really, there is no competition. I’m yours and you’re mine. Okay? Secondly, perversion is in the eye of the beholder. Neither of the guys would think of your mouth on their throbbing dicks as perverted. You’d simply be stepping in for me. Since I’d be out of service for a while, you’d be filling in for me by letting them shoot a little of their jism down your throat. That’s all. Is that too much to ask of my loving caring devoted husband? Or do I have to see if I can get Daddy to change your mind?”I sat silent for a moment. She knew I didn’t want to confront her father in any manner. I was basically scared of him and Judy knew that. I knew it might be hopeless, but, I still didn’t want to give in and willingly become a cocksucker for Jeffrey, Judd and Joe.It was at that moment that Mother and Aunt Jasmine dropped in for a surprise visit. In a way I was relieved, because I assumed their visit would give me an opportunity to formulate a possible way out of this latest turmoil before me. Little did I know at the time that their visit would do just the opposite.After greeting them and making a pot of coffee, we sat around the table talking. Us drinking coffee and Judy a big glass of juice. She was off coffee while being pregnant.As we just chit chatted about a little bit of everything, Mother just happened to ask how things were going with us. Judy and I replied almost simultaneously. I answered “Great!” Judy answered “We’re having a bit of a problem.”To my unbelieving ears, Judy laid out everything about Jeffrey, Judd and Joe, right before Mother and Aunt Jasmine. I was stupefied. I almost couldn’t talk. I couldn’t believe she was doing this.”So, James, you’re saying you’re too good to suck their dicks, even though Judy does, and even though you’ve sucked Judy’s Dad’s dick, her brother’s and that of several of her uncles and cousins?” Mother’s words caused me to be speechless. I could only look at her.”It also seems that Judy’s Dad thinks enough of you to be Jeffrey, Judd and Joe’s dicksucker, why are you fighting it?” Aunt Jasmine added in a perturbed tone.”It-It’s the principle of t-the m-matter. Y-You see…” I tried replying but was cut off.”What I see is that you’re being silly about technicalities, and worse, creating a worrisome situation that adds negatively to Judy’s mental state. You should be trying to create an atmosphere of calm and tranquillity for her. After all, she is carrying the first born of your marriage and my first grand nephew or niece. You’re not trying to get revenge for Rod being the real father, are you? You swore that was not going to be a factor in you being a good husband and daddy.” Aunt Jasmine interrupted in an angry tone. I knew this situation was on a downward slide for me now. I was on the defensive.”O-OH no! Nothing of the sort. I-I…” I tried again to reply. Again, I was cut off.”James my son, the best way for you to redeem yourself is to contact Jeffrey, Judd and Joe. Then let them know that you’re ready to suck them off whenever they need you to, and as often as they need you to. You should not have your pregnant wife worried about her lovers having blue balls or finding stray pussy, when you’re available and have the experience to keep their balls from becoming bloated. Understand me Young man!”Mother’s tone of voice, body language and use of the term `Young man’, meant I’d better do as she says or face the pain that was sure to follow. She and Aunt Jasmine looked as if they were ready to pounce on me at the slightest provocation. I knew if they got on my bottom in the mood they were in now, I probably wouldn’t be able to walk for 4 or 5 days. I capitulated and took the path of least pain.To add to my embarrassment, while the three of them were sitting and looking at me, I had to call each of my wife’s lovers. To my utter degradation and chagrin, each of the three men were home and answered. I was hoping to have reached their answering machines. In front of my grinning wife and stern faced mother and aunt, I had to offer myself to the three men. It was very difficult for me telling the men I was available to be their mouth whore on demand, while the three women in my life who I cared the most about, were watching and listening. “Darling, don’t forget to mention that you’ll suck them all to completion, swallow all they spurt, and milk them afterwards for as long as they want.” Judy interjected as I was talking to Jeffery, who I reached first. To my despair, she made it very clear that I was to use her exact words.On the subsequent calls to Joe and Judd, Judy made it a point to remind me twice to tell them exactly the same thing I had told Jeffery.”Remember darling, don’t forget to say you’ll suck, swallow and milk.” Judy whispered out loud to me each time, while I was on the phone with Judd and Joe. Her actions made all three phone calls even more of a horrific, as well an abject debasing experience.As I hung up the phone after the last call, I was a nervous sweaty wreck. Before they left, mother and Aunt Jasmine congratulated my wife on doing the right thing in telling them about our `bit of a problem’. They congratulated me also for making amends by agreeing to become a `dicksucker’- Aunt Jasmine’s words – for Judy’s lovers. The two also reminded me that it could’ve been much worse for me if I had to give up some ass, to the three, as well as head.I shuddered at their words after thinking about my rear being rammed with giant fuck tools the size and length my wife’s three lovers possessed.Judy consoled me after they’d left and let me know that she was proud of what I’d done.”Darling, I love you even more, for what you did so courageously tonight. Don’t be so sad. You know I don’t think any less of you because you’ll be sucking dicks for my folks as well as my lovers. You simply must not look at such little things, as this, that may be asked of you, as being humiliating. If anything, the more little things you do for the good of this marriage, the more I think of you sweetie. No matter what you may think, there is no competition. I love you much more than any of the other guys. You’re my one true love. You’re my soul mate and helpmate.” Judy cooed to me in a soft sensuous tone as she held me tightly to her swollen tummy, which held the kicking baby put there by another man.CHAPTER 18 EVENTS FROM OUR MARRIAGE: Our family GrowsIt was sometime after our son Rodney James reached 18 months of age, when I came home from work to find Judy and Jeffrey, Judd and Joe seated around our kitchen table drinking coffee.I was quickly intimidated by their presence.Judy was holding our infant son, Rodney James.The other reason I had to be intimidated was because of the fact that I was still a `dicksucker’ – using my Aunt Jasmine’s term – for the three men.If the reader recalls, I had been involuntarily inducted to perform in that role while Judy was pregnant with our son. However, my wife’s three studs still demanded I suck their dicks even after my wife’s pussy was back in operation as their sexual recreational playground. I complained to my wife about their continuing demands on my mouth, but she didn’t see any reason for me to be upset or concerned. I remembered her words on the matter.”James honey, I think it’s good that they still want you to suck for them. Besides, don’t you think it helps maintain a certain bond and camaraderie between you and them and me?” Judy replied in a very matter-of-fact tone and caviller manner as she brushed her hair. I remembered she and I having had more serious discussions about the weather, than this particular subject. Her attitude clearly sent a message to me. She wanted me to still to be her lovers’ dicksucker. I knew if she wouldn’t intervene on my behalf, it was hopeless for me, to unilaterally stop them from using me as a sucking semen receptacle. I never answered her question. I simply shook my head and walked away, knowing that it was futile in trying to deny them without her support.”Hi Honey.” Judy greeted me as I made my way toward the table where everyone was sitting. The guys chimed in with their own individual welcomes.”Darling, the guys wanted to have a serious talk with us.” Judy said as I nervously sat down next to her. Our young son eagerly sought out me to hold him.I was glad to have him squirming in my arms. It helped to lessen the tension and emotional strain I felt from facing the three men, whose enormous fuck tools had been pushed between my lips many times. Each had busted their nuts in my mouth many times over the last 20 months. In fact, Joe had creamed down my throat just last weekend. He had a raging hard-on when he came by. However, Judy and the baby were over at her parent’s house. I tried to have him wait until her return, but he wouldn’t hear of it. He demanded that I mouth his heated, hard black meat immediately. He left two boiling loads of his semen in me when he departed.”I made this a bit stronger than usual. You’ll appreciate it after the guys tell you what they want.” My wife said as she handed me my after work highball, and took our baby son back in her arms.I sipped my drink and noticed its extra strength. As I did so, I wondered what in the world these guys wanted that they didn’t already have.”James, you’ve been such a good husband to Judy and an excellent daddy to Rodney James. You’ve exceeded all of our expectations as to you being a decent and caring daddy to Rod’s k**. Therefore, we’d like to make you a daddy three more times.” Spoke Judd.”W-What! What are you talking about!” I blurted.To summarize, the three went on to let me know they’d be proud to have me be the daddy of their k**s. They each basically expressed that since I’d married the girl they each wanted, and since she was mine and not theirs, that it was only fair that she have their k**s, since she couldn’t be a wife to each of them now or bear them k**s as their legal wife.It had been a busy day for me at the college, and the double talk rationale I was hearing gave me a headache.”That’s a bunch of crap and y’all know it.” I said rather boldly and loudly. I was so glad that our 18-month-old didn’t understand what I was saying.”It may be, but if you don’t go along with our program, we’re going to release all the video tapes we secretly shot of you sucking us off over the last few months.” Jeffrey replied back with a smirk of a grin.I was startled and sat in silence. I was once again being blackmailed for something I’d been forced to do in the first place. I turned red with embarrassment. I turned to my wife for comfort or support at my obvious predicament. All I saw was that famous Mona Lisa type smile on Judy’s face. It was certain that she delighted in me being cooled down – so to speak – once again after attempting to be assertive.To prove their point, the three left a copy of the secret video. It was very incriminating proof of me performing Fellatio on them. They were very skilful in their videotaping to be sure their own faces didn’t show. It appeared I was going to be extorted me into agreeing to further cuckoldry in the worse way.”Darling, I know it’s a dirty deed the guys are pulling on you… well both of us. But I’m willing to do what I have to do to protect our family and marriage.” Judy let me know that she wasn’t opposed to having the babies of her three lovers, even Joe’s black baby, but she did want my blessings. She said with an odd smile.I of course wanted to know how serious they were about exposing me.”They seemed rather serious about doing this darling. I think they really want me to have their k**s for us. They seem to think they can’t lose. If they expose you, that is if you don’t do as they desire, you’ll be ruined and have to leave town. They’re counting on me staying and being available to them, cause you won’t be able to get a job anywhere else. They seem to have thought of everything.” My wife said.I was suspicious of my wife’s complicity in this matter. However, I knew fate was against me, whether my wife had helped conspire against me or not.To make a long story short, over the next few years, our family grew by three additions.A daughter by Judd, whom Judy named Judsonia. A son by Jeffrey, who was named Jefferson. A Daughter by Joe, who was named Josephine. Along with many of my wife’s genetic attributes, each of the three c***dren had a very strong facial resemblance to each of their respective real fathers.At each of the planned mating sessions, between my wife and each of the guys, leading up to her insemination by each, it was required that I be in that same up close position as when Rod impregnated her with our first born.At the first mating party, which I violently opposed, but had no choice other than to attend, my wife let the three guys gang bang her to their heart’s content. It was her idea that she would have a contest to see who could knock her up first.She was thrilled at so much heavy sexing. In my position, on the other hand, I almost drowned in the continuous stream of fuck juices that rained and drizzled and poured down on poor me. The three horny studs, all with full bloated balls, eagerly mounted and unleashed torrent after forceful torrent of hot viscous semen into my gorgeous wife’s hungry hot wet snatch.They were full, and the amount of their spent fuck slime that ran back out of her very receptive gash and onto my face and right into my mouth was abundant. I’m sure I ate over a pint of spent semen and pussy juice at each fuck session of my wife and her three lovers.I spent so much time between my wife and her lover’s coupled genitals, that I became very intimately familiar with many things about my wife’s three lover’s sizable penises and balls.My wife’s lover Joe, had the overall biggest cock and balls. The longest cock belongs to Jeffery.Jeffery and Judd didn’t seem to mind their balls flopping and sliding across my upturned face. Joe, on the other hand, had me holding his big black balls as he fucked my wife. He also had the audacity to have me lick and mouth his hairy velvet nut sac every time he shot his hot jism deep in my wife’s juicy twat.Despite the outrageousness of what he imposed on me, I have to admit there was something strangely erotic about the contrast of Joe’s blackness against my wife’s unblemished white flesh, as the two of them coupled as one and became a pure fucking machine right over my nose.Usually after the three man gang bang was over and the departure of her three studs, Judy and I were left alone to ourselves. It was doing these times that she took care of my need for sex.Generally, she’d kiss me passionately as she pulled and stroked my rigid peter until I blew my pent up load. A much less smaller load than that of any of her three studs. Even though legally her husband, she and her three studs had decided that I was not to put my cock in her warm juicy snatch until she was declared pregnant by one of them. This would be the case for each of the three pregnancies caused by her three studs. Judy was very passionate and affectionate when we together after her gang bangs. She was used and smelled of heavy sex and other men’s fuck fluids, as we embraced and kissed.I hated having her in this fashion, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. Her breath reeked of having sucked her three stud’s dicks for a prolonged period. She was and still is very fond of me licking her magnificent boobs and sucking her tits at such times. However, I might add that at such times, there are generally many splotches of splattered jism on her breast. So I had to contend with that also as I enjoyed her natural beauty during these tender loving moments with her.I have to admit though, her affections toward me during these loving moments appeared to be very genuine, even if a bit degrading to me. I gave up trying to figure her out, but instead concentrated on being with and enjoying my wife as best as I was allowed to, both by her and her three lovers.My wife was tested pregnant one month later after her first set of insemination contest orgies with the three. It was not known who the father would be until the baby was born.Even after being announced with c***d, Judy continued to let her three lovers pull a train on her each weekend until her doctor prevented her from all sexual activity until delivery. Well actually, not all sexual acts. She was still allowed the pleasure of my tongue on her pussy and even had her OBGYN write out a prescription that I should continue to lick and orally caress my wife’s pussy for her sexual comfort and pleasure up until the time of delivery.As I read the doctor’s note, I thought to myself that this was the first time I’d ever heard of a prescription for pussy licking. I immediately suspected my wife’s doctor as part of a vast conspiracy against me. Never the less, I lapped her pussy just as the doctor prescribed. I’d come to the conclusion that it was almost useless to fight the forces against me.A few months later, our daughter, Judsonia was born. Judd was beside himself with pride that he had beat out his other two cohorts in knocking my wife up first.A year after Judd’s baby was born, another mating contest was held between Jeffery and Joe. Jeffery won the contest. Our son Jefferson was born.A year after Jeffery’s baby was born, Joe got his wish and our daughter Josephine was born.CHAPTER 19 EVENTS FROM OUR MARRIAGE: The Mating View Position IncidentWhen Judy first proposed that I should assume the same disgraceful position for her insemination by Jeffery, Judd, and Joe, as when Rod and she mated to produce our son Rodney James, I became livid and vehemently opposed her idea. She’d told me that she thought it would be `sweet’ of me to assume what she called my `mating view position’. However, in the end, my protest only resulted in a bruised ass for me. Judy decided I needed another severe treatment from Mr. Fanbelt, that is, for my recurring attack of being uncooperative. I refer to that episode in the early part of our marriage as the “Surprise Visit”. What follows is how it all happened.CHAPTER 20 EVENTS FROM OUR MARRIAGE: Surprise VisitI at first thought my wife wasn’t serious about me actually assuming the `mating view position’. However later, after seeing that she was dead serious, I tried to recant my violent objections to doing as she had requested of me. You see I was most fearful of getting another whipping from her if she could claim I was not being cooperative with her. However, she wouldn’t accept my apology. She instead deemed that I was to be whipped for my own good. I pleaded and pleaded for her forgiveness as I followed her around the house like a puppy. She finally told me she would consider my apology and would let me know later that evening after returning from shopping.I was on pins and needles for over three hours, awaiting her return, as well as her decision. Sometime before she returned, Mother and Aunt Jasmine dropped by unexpectedly for a visit.Within 20 minutes of their surprised arrival, Joe dropped by unexpectedly. I don’t know why I say unexpectedly, since he and Judd and Jeffery come by almost anytime they want to. They might as well have their own house keys.A few minutes later, Judd and Jeffery showed up also. I didn’t think anything about this. In a way, I was almost glad, as I was sure that Judy would more than likely be too tied up entertaining them and have less time to be concerned about punishing me for something I’d already apologized for, as well had agreed to do, even if it was an abject disgrace to do it.It was about ten minutes after Judd and Jeffery arrived that Judy’s Mom and Dad arrived. Their presence really took me by surprise.”Howdy Jamie!” Mr. Smith roared.”Hello James, how my favourite son-in-law?” Judy’s Mom asked.”H-Hello Mr. Smith, Mother Smith, uh, I-I’m doing fine thank you.” I replied. The surprise of seeing them was evident in the tone of my voice.I invited them in. They knew everyone. I got them drinks.The Smiths do occasionally visit, but I’ve always noticed that neither of them has ever made me perform sexual acts for them at our house. With this knowledge of the past, I felt better that nothing of consequence would happen tonight other than an impromptu gathering of both Judy’s and my family as well as her three lovers.I easily mingled with everyone and served drinks. I was careful to avoid my father-in-law in the event he had plans that might include my mouth meeting up with his dick.Mother, Aunt Jasmine, and Mother Smith carried on some spirited conversations with the guys about sports. Mr. Smith, as usual, was glued to a nearby TV set.As they talked, I served drinks all around. My Aunt and Mom have always treated the guys in a congenial manner, and have even referred to them as if they were like big brothers to me. I could never figure that one out. However, I knew that she and my Aunt had no qualms about saying that the three were manlier than I was. Mother Smith had a similar assessment and has routinely likened the three as her pretend son-in-laws. A label, while fairly close to the truth, irked me nevertheless.Mother and Mother Smith watched Rodney, while I played host.Later, Judy finally arrived. After greeting everyone and carrying on some small talk, she whispered something to Aunt Jasmine as I was walking out to the kitchen for more drinks.When I returned, Aunt Jasmine and our young son Rodney had left the room and there was a silence in the room as I walked in.”James, put the tray of drinks down.” Judy said to me.Even though caught off guard by her imperious request, I nevertheless did so.I didn’t think anything of her request at the moment, but a split second later, I had good reason to be.”James, darling, for your own good, I’ve decided to punish you for not eagerly embracing my request to assume the `mating view position’ we discussed. Yes, everyone here knows about this.” Judy’s words shocked me. I was speechless and horrified. Terror filled me as I listened to my wife continue.”We all will be going to the basement in a few minutes for your punishment. All here will witness me punishing you. But first, I want to say that I am doing this for your own good so as to help you see the error of your obstinacy and the positive value of cooperation in this marriage. Severely treating this latest bout of mannishness you’ve experienced, can only be for the benefit of your behavioural disposition and the good of our marriage. It is time to go to the basement darling. I want you to know that this will hurt me more emotionally, than what you will feel physically, but I would be remiss if I didn’t give you what you needed.” Judy made her long statement in a sort of judicial tone of voice.I heard comments such as “Well said!”; “You’re a good wife Judy.”; “That’s my girl.”; “It’s good you’re doing what needs to be done.” I was too stunned at what was going on around me to remember who said what. All I knew was that I had been blind sided and was about to get a severe whipping in front of her three lovers, her folks, as well as my own Mother. I snapped out of my stunned state as the group started to rise from their seats. I quickly fell to my knees before my wife, who was standing with her hands on her hips and looking very imperious and authoritative.”P-Please Judy! I-I beg you dear. P-Please don’t whip me. I-I’ve agreed to do what you want. I-I won’t object any more. I’ll always cooperate with you. P-Please dear… Please forgive me. I-I I didn’t mean to make you angry. P-Please darling, let me off just this once.” I pleaded with tears in my eyes.My wife simply shook her head once, side to side. It was very clear that she was resolute about her decision.I was still on my knees when I was literally picked up by each arm. Joe was on one side and Judd on the other. The two literally carried me down the basement stairs. I pleaded and cried all the way down and also while I was being strapped to the table. I didn’t resist or struggle as the two men strapped me down. I knew that would only add to my plight. I had learned that lesson well from my Mother and Aunt when they’d put me on this same table so many times. They always gave me extra lashes for resisting their efforts to secure me.To make a long story short, the group gathered around as my wife lashed my naked ass cheeks with Mr. Fanbelt. Tape was put over my mouth to keep me from irritating the baby with my screams.I wiggled and struggled against my bonds. It was of course to no avail, as the painful strikes rained down hard on me.I could hear Mother giving Judy many compliments as she wielded the instrument of pain. Mother Smith also joined in the praise of her daughter’s corporal punishment efforts.Later I heard Mother Smith excuse herself so that she could relieve my Aunt, who was baby-sitting, so that my Aunt Jasmine could come down and `see the splendid job that you’re doing for James’ – her words to Judy as she left the room. Moments later, I heard Aunt Jasmine echoing many of Mother’s complimentary comments after her arrival on the scene.I only heard occasional chuckles from Judy’s three lovers. Mr. Smith’s rancorous laughter was very evident above that of the others. All I could do was sob greatly but quietly. All my screams of pain were muted by the tape over my mouth.After my whipping, including a very painful ointment rub by Aunt Jasmine, I was lead back upstairs and ordered to wash dishes and clean up the kitchen. Still sobbing and whimpering, I had to don an ornate pink pinafore my wife handed me and I meekly went about the chores I’d been ordered to do. Everyone was still watching my utter humiliation and emasculation with warm smiles on their faces. The whole scene was so disconcerting. I definitely wasn’t enjoying myself.While I washed dishes, I sobbed and whimpered over the sink of soapy warm water and dirty plates and pots. The others were in the family room and I was alone to do my chores.I was alone at last and glad to be so. My ass still had lingering aches from the lashings I’d taken. It was very clear to me now that Judy had established herself firmly as the head of our household and marriage. I also knew that my role as an enslaved husband was resoundingly confirmed.I lamented and took my frustration out on the dirty dishes before me. It was the safest way I could think of, as I scrubbed and scoured the burnt residue in a pot I was trying to clean. Between the rubbing noise of me scoring the burnt pot and the running water, I didn’t hear Mr. Smith enter the kitchen.”Jamie, you look right at home doing woman’s work, and I might say that fancy apron is right pretty too.”My heart skipped a beat as he loomed over me before I knew he was upon me. He was at least a full head taller than I was and much, much more brawny and muscular.Caught off guard by his interest, I was speechless as my face turned red, mostly from terror and fright.”Jamie, I’m gonna have to interrupt your dish washing fun. My dick has a hankering to be sucked and it would like you to do the honour of doing it.””H-Here? M-Mr. Smith, p-please not here in o-our house. Y-You know with the b-baby here. T-They might b-bring it in h-here at any…” I stammered before he cut me off.”Naw, my wife and the others ain’t gonna let that happened. I told `em what you and I gonna be doing.””Y-You t-told… T-They all…””Yeah. They all know you gonna be sucking my dick for me as you kneel right here at this sink. In your pretty pink apron too, I might add. Now dry your hands, drop to your knees and take out my dick so you can do some woman’s work on it.” Mr. Smith’s tone of voice implied he was serious.I looked up at him. I saw the familiar hand form a fist, which I was so familiar with. Even though he’d never hit me, it always cowed me. It seemed my knees gave way involuntarily as I was contemplating the hurt his fist would cause me. A few seconds later I found myself on my knees and unbuckling the belt to his pants.I was so intimidated that my hands were shaking as I drew the fly zipper of his trousers down and gently tugged at them. They quickly fell to his ankles. The imprint of his large penis was very evident in his jockey shorts. As I slipped my fingers in the elastic band and pulled them down to free his organ, it rolled out free and seemed to start to swell instantly. The pee slit of his enormous cock flipped across my face and left a smear of pre-cum as it slid over my lips.”You know what to do with it, so don’t play around.” Mr. Smith roared.Moments later after grasping his swelling dick meat and fondling it in the manner he desired, I soon had my mouth filled with his heated stiff erection.Mr. Smith caressed the back of my head as I did what he liked me to do for him. I hoped that none of our other guests would walk in on me at that moment. Neither Mother nor Aunt Jasmine had ever seen me sucking a dick. I didn’t want this to be the first time either. I put my best into mouthing him as well as kneading his big balls, hoping to get him off as soon as possible.My worse fear was realized in the worse way. In walked Aunt Jasmine as she led Joe by the hand.”My, my. You two certainly look busy, especially you James dear. You look so cute with your lips stretched around a nice big dick. But that’s all right, you don’t have to say a thing. Besides, you shouldn’t try to talk with your mouth full.” My Aunt said gleefully as she concluded her comment with a chuckle. Joe joined her with a slightly louder laugh.However, they didn’t pay much attention to me. They soon embraced and gave each other a very passionate French kiss. I could only see them out of the corner of my eye, but it looked like they were two wrapped up in each other to concern themselves with my situation.As I knelt there trying to hurry Judy’s Dad to empty his cream in my sucking mouth, I was forced to endure watching Joe fucking Aunt Jasmine on the edge of the kitchen table. The contrast of Joe’s large black member sliding in and out of my Aunt’s stretched white cunt was quite a scene.Joe had helped Aunt Jasmine take off her panties and hiked up her skirt as she parted her legs and took his enormous stiff penis in her obviously wet well-juiced gash. She wrapped her legs around Joe’s waist as he held her ass cheeks and gave her a royal fucking. To my utter surprise Joe came in my Aunt the same time Mr. Smith emptied his bloated balls down my throat.”That was mighty fine bonding Jamie.” Mr. Smith said as he put away his softened dick and zipped up.I could only look up at him in disgust, as I got up off my knees and got a drink to wash away the taste of his heavy slime, which coated my mouth’s interior.The sad thing about all the cum I’d eaten from my father-in-laws balls is that I’d gotten use to the taste of his and the other fellows’ fresh hot cock cream. I hated I’d become acclimated to the taste of hard dick meat and fresh hot semen. The creamy taste had become quite palatable, but I knew I couldn’t admit that to anyone. I even tried to hide it from myself. I’ve also repeatedly tried to deny to myself that I took more delight than I desired to admitting in slurping, sucking and eating up my wife’s gooey messy creampies, made up of her pussy juices and other men’s bountiful outpouring of semen.However, I knew I had to portray that I detested such perverted, un-masculine behaviour as I’d been subjected to. After all, I did have some vestiges of manliness to protect, no matter that others around me were constantly attacking and defeating me at every attempt I tried to exhibit it.Just as I washed away the film of Judy’s Dad’s heavy jism that coated my gums, Aunt Jasmine spoke.”James, you surely aren’t going to neglect Joe and I are you? C’mon over here and bond with us too.” She said in a mellow tone of voice.It took me a moment to realize what she was talking about. As she pointed to Joe’s languished wet black meat and her jism smeared pussy meat, it became all too obvious what was desired of me.I knew it was useless to raise any sort of objection. I sheepishly went over and knelt before them. I was directed to lap Joe’s mighty meat clean first. After mouthing and cleaning him up, all under the watchful beaming face of my aunt, I settled down to slurping her soggy drippy snatch clean. Joe left us as she ended up wrapping her legs around my neck. She got off again from my licking and lapping efforts.”The Smiths are right, you do bond wonderfully, James dear.” Aunt Jasmine said after composing herself as she left to rejoin the others in the family room.Moments later, after washing the taste of Aunt Jasmine and Joe from my mouth, Mother and Judd came into the kitchen. They were just as amorous and screwed on the table just as Aunt Jasmine and Joe. It was gut wrenching to watch a guy screw my mom, especially since I’d sucked his dick so many times. And just as before with Aunt Jasmine and Joe, I had to do clean up bonding on those two also. As with Aunt Jasmine, mother seemed to delight in seeing my lips wrapped around Judd’s giant tool as I milked him thoroughly and cleaned the fuck slime from his cock.After sucking Judd’s bountiful load of viscous jism from Mother’s pussy, she patted me on the head and complimented me also for the great job I’d done in cleaning her up as well as getting her off with my tongue.This left me more depressed as I went back to my chores. However, I was interrupted twice more. Mother Smith and Jeffery came into the kitchen next and fucked. At the end of their mating, as with the others, I was invited to bond again, as I knelt and performed a cleanup of their combined sexual messiness.Just when I thought the worse was over, Judy and her dad came in for a fuck. I couldn’t believe her father was so randy after the heavy load he’d shot off between my lips, not that long ago. Well, to make a long story short, they fucked in a wanton and abandon manner right in my presence, almost as if I wasn’t even there.Of course, as they came down from their sexual high, they recognized my presence and invited me to perform some good old fashion family bonding – Smith family style. Judy had a beaming smile as she looked down on me lapping and suckling on her dad’s wet slimy dick. After he left to rejoin the others in the family room, she really seemed aroused. My wife pulled my head tightly to her wet sloppy muff and gyrated her well-fucked wet crotch all over my face. She had a rousing come.”Darling, I love you so much. I’m so glad you’re back to being your old self. I know you might think I’m being harsh on you that is when I apply the treatment you need to keep you being cooperative and agreeable. However, as I said, I’d be remiss as your loving wife if I didn’t. Also remember, it’s for the good of our marriage too.” Judy embraced me warmly as she whispered her expression of love in my ear. My wife’s words, as in previous times and in similar situations, were not comforting. She gave the impression that I should be thankful for `her treatment’. I said nothing but relished the tender moment with her. I knew I was trapped in a hopeless situation where cooperation meant total obedience, not collaborative consensus involving give and take negotiations.Later, as everyone was leaving, I heard Mother and Aunt Jasmine expressing in a most sincere and warm-hearted manner, how delightful it was for Judy to invite them over to observe that their wedding presents – the whipping table and homemade whips – were being utilized so well. I cringed at their various compliments as I felt a continuous ache in rear.”Judy dear, Jasmine and I are so very delighted at how well you’re managing your household. We are very contented knowing that our James has a loving wife who cares so much for his welfare and is not reluctant to exercise good judgment and take proper disciplinary action when it’s warranted.” I heard Mother say in a warm, glowing affectionate tone of voice as she hugged her daughter-in-law goodnight.Aunt Jasmine also expressed a similar sentiment. “Judy, you indeed did the right thing tonight. Our James must never be allowed to forget how important cooperation and a husband’s support to his wife is in a marriage. After all, if you’re making the sacrifice of getting screwed, inseminated, and then bearing a c***d, all basically to protect his job, as well as the marriage. I agree that it’s the least he can do is to be by your side at the moment of conception.” Aunt Jasmine’s tone, just like mother’s, was one of affection, endearment, and strong support. I glanced around as she now warmly embraced my wife in a goodbye hug. I could only stare at her for making, what I considered, an outlandish statement.”Anyway, Judy, we know it’s wicked what the guys are doing, but Jasmine and I think it’s also sort of cute too. Anyway, they are three such nice young men, I don’t mind them siring grand k**s for me. Plus, I’m sure you and them are sure to make some pretty babies.” Mother said in a gleeful tone.”I second that motion.” Aunt Jasmine interjected with a big smile. “Also, I told our James he should look at the bright side. He’s going to be getting three beautiful k**s and won’t have to do a lick of the real hard work of fucking.” “Well, Mother Jackson and Aunt Jasmine, he may not have to do any fucking, but he will be doing some licking.” My wife said smiling. All three instantly broke out in un-lady like laughter.I was outraged, but sadly, not surprised at the cavalier jest and derision of me by the three dearest women in my life. I knew the three all sincerely loved me in their own ways, as each has informed me of that countless times. However, it’s so unfortunate that their interpretation of love is so different from the norm. Alas, I have therefore accepted my fate that I will have to accept their loving ways, even if emotionally and physically painful, as well as abjectly degrading most of the time.After the basement scene, there was no doubt I would be assuming the `mating view position’ as our new family additions were being conceived. Indeed, I was at the juncture of my wife and each of her lovers’ coupled, heated genitals, when she was inseminated with each of our three youngest c***dren. CHAPTER 21 EVENTS FROM OUR MARRIAGE: The Rest of The StoryWell, I’m back to where I started telling my tale of woe.As you readers might’ve remembered from an earlier part of my story, I was concerned about the possibility of my wife having k**s from her three main lovers. I was especially concerned about her having a black baby from Joe. Well as you now know, it happened. I, of course, go through many public situations of being embarrassed by having our pretty black daughter calling me “Daddy”. She’s our youngest and as you might expect, her vocabulary is limited so she says `Mama’ and `Daddy’ frequently.And as you might expect, we as a couple experience all the double looks and stares from many on-lookers, as Judy and I go through our everyday parenting and family responsibilities with our family. The biggest difference is that Judy doesn’t seem to have any problems with embarrassing moments about being the mother of a black baby, or any of `our’ other k**s, which I didn’t father. None of which, as I may have mentioned before, come close to looking anything like me. In fact, she always seems very eager to reveal herself as the biological mother and that all our c***dren were conceived and born while we were married. She also likes to stress that we’ve never had a marital separation.”Oh no, my sweet James, bless his heart, he’s a jewel of a husband, as he’s honoured his marriage vows and has never left my side, even though four different men got me pregnant over the years of our marriage, and demanded I carry each of their babies to term.”My wife would just as quickly tell such things to a stranger in a supermarket or a close acquaintance or distant family relative. To say I cringed in anger and utter embarrassment at such moments when I’m with her, would be an understatement. She has repeatedly ignored my demanding pleads to not say such things.She replies that I’m infringing on her free speech rights. I’ve almost given up trying to stop her. What can I do?My wife also seems to have me carrying our daughter – named Josephine, by Joe – who is only 16 months old, in my arms quite a bit when we’re in public. Josephine is light brown skin and has many of her mother’s facial features.Additionally, it’s not unusual for her to emphasize or repeatedly mention in her conversations, that even though I’m not their real father I’m the k**s’ devotedly attached daddy. Which is true, I enjoy our four k**s. However, her words always seem to have an embarrassing ring to it when she expresses herself to others about this matter.It also appears now that Judy is not interested in having anymore k**s, so I’ve giving up the idea of us two having any together. When I do bring it up, she always reminds me that we have all the k**s we can afford. With the cost of raising k**s these days, it’s hard to rebuff her argument.Judy is an excellent mother to the k**s, and has been a good, very supportive, but assertive, wife to me, even if she does give her steady lovers – Jeffrey, Judd and Joe – preference over me when it comes to sex. I guess I can expect them to continue to have priority, since they are the superior, or alpha males, in our marital arrangement. I generally have sexual access to my wife only after they’ve been with, and in her. It always just seems to work out that way. I suspect she plans it to happen that way, but anyway, I’ve adapted to dealing with the situation and have accepted feeding on her overflowing creampies as a normal part of my conjugal activities. When we do have sex, it’s customary for me to always go down on her first and tongue her to an orgasm. It’s well known I can’t come close to getting her off just with my prick, as I can’t seem to last more than a minute or two in her hot juicy cunt. I’m also not a quick recharger either. Besides, her cunt is so stretched from all the other guys’ giant cocks, I’m not making much contact when I try to put it in anyway.Whenever she wants me to give her head, there’s always semen in her cunt from one of my `husbands-in-law’. However, she gets an extra thrill from knowing I’m licking up another man’s jism from her much fucked muff. I know this turns my wife on. This is what I do best in providing her sexual pleasure.As you might expect. I don’t get to put it in her that much anyway. I think last year she let me put in three times – my birthday, Christmas and our Anniversary. Come to think of, she did give me head twice as we did a sixty-nine. As usual, her cunt was full of one or more of my `husband-in-laws’ jism. She always want to be on top when we do this, as she says that being on top causes for good cunt drainage into my mouth and reduces the amount of sucking I have to perform. I guess I should be thankful for her concern about me in that regard.If we don’t sixty-nine with her getting me off with her sweet lips, she’s often too tired for me to put it in after I tongue and lap her to several rousing orgasms. She says my oral actions gives her more intense orgasms, but takes more out of her, than those comes given her by my three `husbands-in-law’ with the thorough deep fucking they always give her. Hence, the reason why she is too exhausted to let me put it in most of the time after I mouth her oozing, sperm filled pussy. Usually, except for special occasions when she lets me put it in – as I’ve mentioned earlier – she’ll jerk me off for my relief. That is, if she’s not too tired. Otherwise, she may ask me to jack my own self off.However, despite having to jack myself off a lot, I must admit that I’m rather proud and thrilled at my personal achievement. That is, that I give her better orgasms with my lips, tongue, and skilful sucking action than my three `husbands-in-law’, with their awesome sturdy members.However, in spite of everything else in our marriage, my wife really seems to have a genuine deep love for me.It appears that her dominance over me, with the associated humiliations that she has directly or indirectly, contributed to, has lead to her having deeper love for me over the years.By her having irrefutable proof of such overt humiliations, for example, k**s from other men; her love seems to grow for me as the instances of abject humiliation increase for me.I, of course, have problems with my wife’s philosophy and outlook on our relationship, but I know I’m almost powerless to do much about it. Between her, her lovers, her family and the dominance over me by my family, I am virtually trapped in this relationship. Yet, in a strange way, I do have great love for my wife. However, I continue, as best I can, to fight the humiliations she always seems ready to dump on me. It appears that it’s my trying to fight and resist her will, and then being defeated soundly by her, as she trounces me under foot, so to speak, is what apparently makes her feel even more affectionate to me. She seems to delight, even more, each successive time I fail – I never seem to win – or when some other manner of abject humiliation overwhelms me.Anyway, all in all, we do have a stable, loving marriage, and all `our’ k**s have grown on me. I treat them no differently than if they were my own. I concentrate fully on my daily duties and obligations as a good daddy, and of course, as an affectionate, but well-behaved husband.###END###