Mandy The Head NurseHad a call from MrJ who told me he was not feeling very well ,had a high temperature, a stiffness that ached and needed sorting out and could the on call nurse visit to make him feel better.Well nurse Mandy to the rescue. I got my uniform on PVC White nurses outfir, hat, and oh yes some sexy stockings. I was feeling a little warm myself so decided not to wear any underwear so I did not get too flushed if you know what i mean. I arrived at MrJ’s house and was met by a man who did look a little under the weather. He showed me into the living room where i put my bag on the floor bending down in the process. Now unfortunately my skirt is a little short and poor MrJ got a view of my nice sexy bum and stockings.”I am begining to feel a little better already” he said excitedly “perhaps if I show you the problem you can make it better”Mr J dropped his trousers and out popped a lovely big stiff cock. I got onto my knees and I gently stroked it saying “It does look a little stiff to me I will just take its temperature”With that I slid his hot cock deep süpertotobet yeni giriş in my mouth. MrJ moaned as I engulfed his cock just into my throat to get the right temperature.I let his cock slide out of my mouth again looked up at him, smiled and said “yes it is a little hot and really stiff””Will I be OK nurse Mandy can you sort the problem out?””Oh I am sure I can sort out your problem, just lie down on the floor and I will carry out an examination just to check my prognosis.MrJ led down and I then began to suck on his cock, licking around his balls, inner thighs gently nibbling as I went. I cupped his balls and said “these feel a little full they definately want emptying”Mr J smiled nodded his head and said “go for it nurse Mandy if you can sort it even better”I rubbed around his balls, licked his bottom making it nice and wet. i moved my finger towards his bottom and said “do you need another temperature check” as I played around near his bottomMrJ lifted his buttocks slightly off the floor “yes please nurse Mandy just to make süpertotobet giriş sure”I sucked on his cock again which was now rock solid and a nice size and gently inserted a finger into his bottom.That was just to much for Mr J and he shot his hot cum in my mouth.I swallowed it greedily “fuck oh fuck gorgeous!” Mr J said as I sucked every last drop.”Does that feel better?” I asked looking at Mr JHe leaned forward and we kissed passionately. “god your a horny bitch I can taste my cum in your mouth?”We kissed and he slid a finger into my wet pussy. i groaned as he did so and said “My pussy wants cooling down got any suggestions?”With that quick as a flash his head was buried between my thighs and his tongue was lapping my juices”Hows that?” He asked “Perfect” said I.Mr J licked all my juices and I could feel the tension mounting and it wasnt long before I arched my back, thrust my pussy in his face as I orgasmed.”Oh, Oh, Oh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh thats lovely” I said “i need your cock now”I got up and gently massaged his cock to life with süpertotobet güvenilirmi my hands and mouth and slipped a condom on expertly with my mouth.I positioned myself over his now rampant cock and put the tip of his cock in my wet pussy gently teasing the sensitive head”do you want me to make you feel beter” I asked”just fuck me you slut fuck me”I slammed my pussy onto him and began to ride his cock hard.It wasnt long before he thrust upwards shooting his load a second time.”God that was amazing you got such a greta body and christ can you fuck”I havent finished yet if you want some more?””more yes please nurse mandy”I paid attention to his flacid cock and gently persuaded it to rise again. Deep throating his cock, licking up and down the shaft and playing with his balls.I began to wank him slowly at first “do you like Nurse Mandy?” I asked”yes I love nurse mandy I know who to call the next time I feel unwell”I wanked him faster and faster until he came a third time all over my large 36E breasts.”Do you want to lick your cum off my boobs?”He smiled at me and cuddled into my big breasts gently licking them clean.”Well sir are you feeling better, has nurse Mandy made you feel better””Definately you have made me feel so much better and the next time I feel ill or unwell I will definately call you”So I left Mr J having spent a very enjoyable hour :)Mandy