Mandy (Part 2)They lay on the bed together, and as his breathing returned to normal he recalled some of the ‘action’. Her anus had gripped his cock like a vice, it was probably the best butt-fuck he’d had yet, but he did feel a little awkward and guilty about the way he had just treated her.”You okay?” he asked quietly.”Yes,” she smiled, seemingly happy enough. “You?””Sorry you didn’t get to cum,” he ventured.”That’s all right…I’m not in a hurry, are you?””Well let’s take care of that…”He move atop her, they kissed, then he slowly moved his tongue down until he was licking and sucking her nipples. He drew the hard buds deep into his mouth before easing yet further down to her pierced navel. Pausing briefly to flick his tongue all around it he trailed on down to her pussy.Spreading her thighs he licked , tongued and fingered her, her groaning in pleasure and spurring him on. When her fingers ‘appeared’ in order to aid him he switched his to her bottom and eased one inside her, then more as her middle one brought herself off…”I’m going to cum!” she suddenly gasped, her finger furious on her clitoris. He held her tightly and licked her deeply, lapping her juices as she both writhed and cried, helping to prolong the moment for both of them.After a short time she murmured, “Your turn now,” and her mouth closed around his semi-hard penis. “Move around,” he muttered, wanting to watch.She obliged with a grin. “You like to watch, don’t you?”He nodded as she began her licking and sucking: she really knew how to work on a cock! “Do you want to cum in my mouth again?”He nodded once more.She swallowed his penis right in to the hilt, before lifting her head and sexily asking, “Do you want to wank yourself off in my mouth?”Again, he nodded .Taking his hand she placed it on his penis, and while he began wanking she helped with her mouth, licking and sucking but occasionally pausing to encourage his efforts with more ‘dirty-talk’. With a gasp he ejaculated into her mouth, still wanking fiercely, one hand on her head. Once more she swallowed and licked his cock clean, this time showing him the semen before she actually did so. He awoke to find her lying beside him and wide awake. “Christ,” he muttered, “how long was I asleep?””Only a while,” she smiled. “I dropped off for a moment too.””Fancy another coffee…?”He went out to the kitchen, returned with more cups, and they lay on the esenyurt escort bed and sipped for a time.”Have you got any ‘films’?” she eventually asked.”What kind of ‘films’?” he grinned.She merely smiled herself.Taking a bag of porn from his cupboard he spread the films out on the bed for her. “Take your pick…”She chose one and they settled back to watch. In the first scene a girl in a tiny skirt let the camera zoom-in for a close-up of her bottom, then spread herself wide with a smile. This had its usual effect on him, which didn’t go unnoticed.”You like that, don’t you?” she purred, caressing the bulge in his trousers. He nodded. “She’s not as horny as you are, though!””Yeah, okay,” she smiled indulgently, freeing his throbbing cock from his trousers. She began lightly flicking her tongue round his tip.”No she’s not!” he told her, his eyes on the screen then her, as she took him into her mouth and began to suck gently. “Come here, I want to compare…”He patted his chest and she moved to sit down on it, reaching around to hold herself wide for him, while he ‘paused’ the image on the screen…”No, you’re better than her,” he decided, easing her back and into position…They licked and sucked as the film continued: on his bidding she fingered her pussy and anus while deep-throating his penis and watching the movie. He licked at her clit and then played with it gently, making her squirm and redouble her efforts, then eased a finger in her bottom as well.”Taste yourself!” he groaned lustfully.She took hers out and licked and sucked it, then proceeded to do likewise to his, before returning her attention to his stiff pole. He licked her deeply, while on the screen the girl sank down on a huge member. “Fancy that…?” she asked him.She moved to sit herself astride him and guided his manhood inside her wet twat. As she began heaving up and down he eyed her bouncing breasts through her t-shirt. “Take your top off…!”While he fondled her breasts her cunt fucked his cock, as deep as she could until he demanded, “Sit on my face for a minute…!”She moved back into her previous position, and he lapped her vagina before turning his attention to her ripe bottom. He licked at and fingered it, loving the taste of her, then once he was satisfied told her, “Now I’m going to fuck your asshole again!”He moved her to sit astride him once avrupa yakası escort more and she eased his cock inside her anus. Fingering her clit she heaved up and down, as groaning she took every inch right inside her, frantically frigging her twat with her fingers, before climaxing loudly with a shrill cry.Swiftly she lifted herself from his penis and in a trice was sitting across his face again. She sucked and wanked him furiously, while he forced his tongue in her wet, gaping holes, and ‘made’ her suck him right in to the hilt.He soon came, balls deep, shooting his semen straight down her throat. Once again she sucked him dry before flopping down beside him exhausted.Some time later she was ready to depart, both of them slightly ‘sore’ from their experiences. She handed him a scrap of paper. “Any time you fancy doing this again…” she grinned, and headed away down the stairs.He called her two days later, arranged a rendezvous for the following day, then headed into his local Town Centre. Locating what he wanted in the new ‘Adult’ shop he returned home, spending the evening in anticipation…She stood there smiling. “Hi!”She was dressed identically to the previous occasion, apart from a slightly different t-shirt. She was also carrying a bag.He invited her in and she moved straight to the bedroom; he made them a drink and soon joined her.She took a sip from her cup and then leaned forward to kiss him, running the tip of her tongue around his. He responded, french-kissing her deeply, his hand straying on to her stockinged-thigh. His fingers began caressing it, slowly moving upwards, then slipped inside her underwear. They probed inside her moist vagina and then moved to touch her clitoris, but she suddenly pulled her head away.”I brought something,” she smiled, lifting her bag up and onto the bed. He looked on enquiringly as she reached inside: slowly she pulled out a long, thick, ‘two-headed’, rubber dildo.”bloody Hell!” he said in some surprise. Holding it by both ‘ends’ she twisted it so that they met. “It’s really flexible…it’s my favourite…”He smiled back, fully believing her! “I ‘bought’ something too…” he ventured.Standing up he crossed to the wardrobe. Taking out a bag he handed it to her; she reached inside and pulled out a ‘novelty’ Nurse’s uniform.”‘Naughty anadolu yakası escort Nurse’!” she read aloud from the label. “Shall I put it on?” she asked, smiling up at him sexily.”I’ve hardly been able to wait…!” he admitted.He made himself comfortable on the bed as she stood before him, positions reversed. Slowly she wriggled her skirt down her legs, then lifted her top to reveal her bare breasts. She removed it, standing in just shoes, stockings and knickers, and making him wait for a moment.She wriggled and pulled on the lurid, skin-tight, white latex top, then did the same with the ‘matching’ skirt, so short that even SHE seemed a trifle surprised. She pinned on the accompanying plastic badge that ‘amusingly’, and somewhat aptly, introduced her as the ‘Head Nurse’, then stood there silently before him.”What do you think?” she asked after a moment.”My God…!” was all he could manage, taking in every inch of her.She turned her back to him. “I can’t believe how short this is!” she said, slowly running her fingers along and beneath the hem of the skirt.He nodded, amazed at how long the skirt, and her very high-heels, made her slim legs appear. Stepping back a pace she slowly bent forward, the skirt rising to now reveal ALL of her underwear. She ‘posed’ for a moment and then, reaching behind herself, eased her thong slightly aside to afford him a glimpse of her freshly-shaved twat. Slowly she pulled the thong down her legs, took another pace backwards and fully bent over. Widening her footing she spread herself wide for him, watching as he took in her every detail…After a moment she stood herself upright. “Lay on the floor…!”He did: she moved to stand over him and ‘opened’ herself again, then slowly sank down until just above his face. She pulled herself open even wider, his tongue stretching up for his first taste.She groaned as he made contact, flicking his tongue all round her wet pussy and then delving inside. He moved ‘up’, concentrating on her sweet bottom before switching back down to her clitoris. Her fingers probed inside herself while he freed his penis from his trousers, tasting her juices, fingers and clitoris, and groaning as her mouth made contact…She sucked him gently, drawing his pre-cum into her mouth, while he began to ‘wank’ his cock. After a moment his fingers joined hers, frigging and fingering as he licked her, while she began sucking and wanking him eagerly. She frigged at her bottom and he sucked at her fingers, until with a shudder and cry she reached orgasm, deep-throating and slurping in delirious pleasure.A few seconds later he followed suit, spurting his semen into her mouth as his tongue furiously licked at her holes. As had became usual she sucked his cock dry before rolling on to the floor beside him.