man and womenHi this is something different! So if u hate bestial acts don’t read this. These things are happening in India too! Mohini’s parents had left her alone for the Sunday and had gone for some party with their old friends and Mohini was alone in the house, totally bored. She had to look after their dog Jimmy, large Black Labrador Retriever, and feed him thrice. She had fed him for the afternoon and was looking for some entertainment.She probably would have had some of her friends over but they were all away for some reason or the other. So all she could do all weekend was sit around the house. What a bad luck. Mohini was about 18 yrs old college girl. She was slim with trim body and cute little breasts. Her ass was a bit bigger than her body and looked prominent. She did not mastrubate often but her friends had discussed it many times in college and she had tried it few times. Now today she was bored and after watching TV for a while she decided she needed to change into her gown for a nap. As she walked past Jimmy she gave him a pat on the head and told him ” you don’t have anything to do now so just sleep and sleet, boy”.She went to her room and started to undress. As she took off her bra she admired her firm 18 year old breasts. She thought of how good it had felt when she had caressed them with her own hands and when Anju had squeezed them jokingly. She was still a virgin but she thought about sex many of the time. Just thinking about having her titties kneaded began to get her aroused. As she changed , the feeling of her hands rubbing over her body began to really excite her. After she finished undressing she just stood there looking at her body for long time.The sensation of the hands rubbing against her body excited her even more. The brushing hands across her breasts caused her nipples to become erect. As she reached down to remove her panties her hands paused as they rubbed up against her choot. She started to rub her hand around, enjoying the feelings that this was producing in her. Her fingers began to explore. First feeling her outer lips and them moving down to her virgin choot. She was beginning to have trouble standing so she kneeled down and bent over. She then reached down between her legs and continued to work oh her virgin choot. She rubbed her left hand on her clit while she inserted first one and then two fingers in to her choot. She was beginning to moan with pleasure and she could feel her first orgasm building.Unknown to her Jimmy had come to look for the strange sound he heard coming from her room. As he poked his head in the door to investigate he could see Mohini from behind, masturbating her little heart out. The smell of her wet choot began to arouse him and his cock began to stiffen and emerge from its sheath. Mohini had not noticed Jimmy yet because she was too occupied in her own pleasure. Mohini was going at is hard and heavy now and she could feel herself on the brink of orgasm. She gasped when Jimmy started to lick her choot. It took her a second to realize what was going and by that time Jimmy had his tongue in her choot and was lapping at it, rubbing her clit with the rough tongue. Mohini felt shivers run through her body and looked down at her dog. He was sniffing her choot and moving his long snakelike tongue over her sensitive choot. She looked at the dog and wanted to stop him but the sensations he gave her choot could not let her about her thin waist. She looked down at him and she could see his lund coming out of its sheath. She had seen him fuck the bitches and also had seen his lund many times. But the situation was different now. She was so aroused that she forgot he was a doggie and watched his lund coming out of the sheath. It was good 7 inches long and was red and spongy.Her choot became wet looking at that doggie lund and she bent down to touch it. The doggie lund was hot and tuzla escort sticky and she loved the feeling of it. She bent down more and then sat near her dog taking his lund in her fist. She rubbed it up and down and jimmy jumped! He went behind Mohini and put his paws on her back and mounted her. Mohini was pushed down with his weight and she wondered what the dog was doing. Ohhh he must be hot like me she thought. Why not let him fuck me? Ohhh the thought excited her and she pushed her ass up to assist him in pushing his lund in her virgin choot. She could feel his penis as it thrust towards her virgin choot. It rubbed over the sides of it but slipped sway from the target. Mohini had to push her hand back to guide him to her love slit. The tip of his lund touched the entrance of her choot and Mohini shivered with the touch.“Ohhhhhhh! Chodo muze! Sale mai bhi aab garam hu! Dal tera lund meri choot mein aur chod muze.” May be the doggie understood her pleas and he enthusiastically pushed his hind into lusty Mohini. The target was sought and he was intent on mounting his intended bitch, Mohini. After a few more thrusts it struck home. His doggie lund entered the poor virgin vagina of Mohini. On Jimmy’s nest thrust she could feel her hymen stretching and finally breaking as his penis enter the previously unexplored depths of her young body. She was revolted by this perverse act that a dog was fucking her. At the same time she could feel herself being excited by this doggie fuck. She began to enjoy the pleasure that Jimmy was giving her. She started to push backwards at Jimmy’s mighty thrusts, stretching her choot, trying to take him all the way into her. She reached a hand back and could feel his lund thrusting in and out of her with a****l lust. She could feel the knot in his cock pressing against her hole. She tried to relax her choot so she could take him ALL the way into her As he thrust forwards, she thrust backwards, she could feel some stretching and his knot slipped in. This further stimulation made Jimmy thrust quicker and harder. She could feel his knot swelling inside of her, stretching her choot to new limits, sealing him inside his bitch. This added stimulation pushed her over the edge and she had an earth shattering orgasm. She could feel her vagina contracting around Jimmy’s lund as she came. Jimmy’s bucking was very fast and in jerks now as he was close to his climax. Jimmy yelped as he came, filling his bitch with doggie come. As soon as she recovered from her orgasm she tried to get out from under Jimmy but his knot was holding them tightly together. ( Dogs do get locked if the knot fills human vagina)In fact his knot even seemed to be getting larger. It was now that she remembered that when she had seen Jimmy have sex with a bitch it had normally taken about 30 minutes or so until he could dismount his bitch. His knot continued to expand for a few more minutes. This continued stretching was both stimulating and a little painful. She realized that she was just going to have to wait for his knot to shrink back down before she could get free, not that she minded in the least. The feeling was exotic and she enjoyed getting locked to the honey dog even more. After she had waited about five minutes enjoying the feeling, she heard someone knocking at the door.She hoped they would think no one was home and leave. She had no idea how she could explain being caught having sex with a dog. After a minute the knocking stopped. She began to breathe a sigh of relief, until she heard someone try and turn the doorknob. She cursed herself for not having locked the door earlier. The helpless Mohini could not do anything as she was locked on the doggie lund. Ohhh what should I do? There was nothing she could do about it. So she kept still and waited. She heard the footsteps coming closer and wait near the door of her room. Ohhh pendik escort Mohini beti what the hell! Ohhhhh you rascal! How did you do it? My God watch her Bindu. Ohhh god I can’t believe this! Our little daughter in this condition!” It was her father looking at his daughter locked on the lund of their pet dog! Mohini’s mother looked at her daughter and her mouth fell open. “Ohhh what the hell? Come on Mohini! Get up” “Hey Bindu! Let her enjoy! She is just like you when I see her in this condition. I know she is having great time so let her separate from Jimmy and then we can talk with her.” Her dad said.The parents sat down on the bed and watched their daughter orgasm on the doggie lund. This excited Bindu and she aught hold of her husbands lund over the pant and squeezed it. Mr. Prakash was excited too so he unzipped his pant and asked his wife to suck on his hard lund. Bindu hesitated, “ Ohhh how can I do it in front of our daughter? What will she think?” Ohhh Silly! She is enjoying the doggie lund and we are watching her do it so what’s the harm? Ice is broken! So let her include in this too. She is a slut just like you.”“Ohhh You silly! You want to fuck our daughter and keep everything to home hu? I don’t have anything to say if you want it lets start. I am already wet in the choot.”Bindu took her husbands lund in her mouth and started to suck it, The poor Mohini crawled to her parents dragging the dog with her. Mohini was attached to jimmy just as a bitch and the swollen doggie lund was seen at the joint as he was trying to pull it out. But in vein! Mohini crawled to where her parents were sitting and she begged them to do something to pull the doggie lund out.“ Ohhh Dad! I am so sorry but jimmy ****d me. I was changing the clothes when he sniffed my choot and then mounted me. Please help me get detached. Ohhh god he has his entire thing in me. And he has cum a lot inside. Will he make me pregnant? Ohhh I am so worried!”Mr. Prakash told her not to worry and let the things happen. He told her that the dog wont make her pregnant and she need not worry. As her mother was sucking the lund of her father, jimmy managed to pull out his lund. Ohhhhh! The lund was swollen like a c***ds wrist and it ws looking spongy. There was a thick knot at the base of it that was even bigger. Mohini could not believe she had taken that enormous lund in her choot. Even her parents were surprised at the size and her mother took her mouth away from her husbands lund and was staring at the doggie cock in awe.“ Ohhhh Prakash! See that lund! Ohhhh its twice your size. Ohhhhhh my poor daughter! She is lucky to have that big lund in her choot to break her virginity. Ohh god how I wish to take it in my choot!”“Ohhh my slut of a wife! She wants that lund in her choot! Come on take it. I don’t have any objection for that if you are going to let me fuck this girl. She is so young!”“ Ohhh! I know you lust after the girls. I saw you flirting with my sisters daughter who is just 14. you horny old man wanting to fuck your own daughter. Ok go ahead and push that rod in her small choot. She must be slippery with the doggie cum so slide that in! Let me see her choot first.”Bindu went to her panting daughter and spread her choot lips. Her vagina was blood red and swollen. She poked her finger in her daughter’s choot and it was coated with the doggie cum. She put the finger to her mouth and tasted it. “Ohhhhh! It’s so tasty. More than a mans cum. Salty and spicy. Come on boy come here and let me taste your lund. Come on over here.”Jimmy went to his mistress and wagged its tail. His thick lund was moving as he moved his tail and bindu looked at it lovingly. Now she put her hand to the spongy lund and rubbed it lightly. The dog felt the sensation and moved his hind quarter as if he was fucking her hand.” WOW look at the fellow! He is trying to fuck my hand. Ohhhhh kartal escort I cant wait to taste him!” Bindu put her mouth to the pointed tip of the dog cock and moved her tongue over it. She could taste the doggie cum that was still oozing out of it. It was wonderful!The father had now made Monica sit on his lap with his lund rubbing against the daughters ass. They both watched Bindu suck the dog lund. Bindu was now trying to get the entire thing into her mouth and managed to swallow about 4 inches. The dog tried to escape but Monica jumped up and put her choot to his mouth. The dog started to lap her choot intently enjoying the mouth on his lund. Mr. Prakash got behind his daughter and put his own lund at the entrance of the choot that was just fucked by their dog. His lund slipped in easily and Monica shivered with pleasure.“Ohhhh Dad! Fuck my choot! Fuck that sluttish choot like you fuck my mom. See her sucking on that dirty doggie lund. Ohhhhhhhh fuck! Ahhhhhhhhhhh1 that’s fine oohhhhh its all inside my choot! I cant believe it ! my own father fucking me and my mother esucking doggie lund! Ohhhhhh! Yesssssssssss! Fuckcfuckfuck!”Bindu watched as her husband fucked his daughter and she could not wait to get that dog lund inside her choot. The doggie was hard again with all the sucking Bindu gave and was now ready to bater his mistress’s choot. Monica pushed her ass back to meet her dad’s lund and squeezed her own breasts with her hands. Bindu was now on all fours in a typical doggie style and jimmy was trying to mount her. He put his front paws on her waist and taking the grip tried to force his lund inside the choot. But it was slippinfg and rubbing on the sides and even on her asshole. Bindu moved her ass to adjust her choot in line with the doggie lund and tried to help him. Finally Monica had to hold his lund at the hole of her mothers vagina and Ohhhhh! His lund slipped in.Bindu cried loudly as the dog lund forced its way into her choot and went in to depths never touched by human lund. Ohhhhhhhhh what a lund! Bindu was now enjoying the fucking jimmy was giving her. Jimmy was fucking her choot very fast, bucking his hind into the lusty lady. Mr.Prakash watched his wife take the doggie lund inher choot and was very much excited. He rammed his lund inside his daughters choot and fucked her hard. The mother and daughter were facing eachother and their mouths were very near so they could not resist kissing each other for the first time as lovers. The entire family fucked, one with human lund and other with doggie lund. Both the women were nearing the orgasm and they moved their bodies like sluts. Mr. Prakash neared his orgasm too and he spanked his daughter on her tender ass with his hands. “ Come on slut! Take my seed in your choot. It will make you pregnant I am sure! This is human seed not doggie! So take it and make your belly swell. Ohhhhh ! Ahhhhhhhh! I ammmm ccccccccccccccoooooooooomiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggggggggg!”Mr. Prakash ejaculated his seed in his daughter’s choot and lay panting on her back. Monica felt the hot cum splash against the sides of her choot and she pushed her ass back to take it deep inside her choot. Her orgasm took hold of her body as she convulsed and fell down on the floor with her father on top. Bindu saw this and she too pushed her ass back on the doggie cock and felt the knot enter her vagina. Ohhhhh it was huge! She tried to expand her vagina and managed to take the knot inside. The dog felt his entire cock home and he started to squirt his juice in human vagina. Dogs slowly cum and tickle the juice for long time. Bindu found his lund expanding even bigger and ultimately it stretched the walls of her vagina to maximum. The dog jumped off his mistress’s back and landed reverse on its four legs facing opposite to Bindu. Bindu came and her vaginal muscles contracted on the doggie lund holding it tightly. The duo was locked!Friends this was the story. It cold happen and has happened in any family. So if u want to bring a dog, a male dog to your family be careful! You will have some story of the same kind to tell.