Loving a BBC
Levy and I met in the sauna at my gym. He was a large man, maybe 6’6”, and close to 300lbs (mostly muscle with a slight gut). He had dark, African skin, short hair with a clean line up and a beard that looked like it was straight out of the movie “300”. He didn’t shave but kept his body hair well groomed and he had a single tattoo of his daughters name on his right forearm. Oh, and he has a mans forearm for a cock.

In contrast I am a thin, athletically built white boy in my mid twenties. I shave my whole body and I have a small pink cock.

I had seen him at the gym before but never considered him a prospect as I knew of his baby mama. So when he approached me in the sauna wearing just a towel, I treated him like any other guy. Put on my “straight” face and said “whats up”.

He didn’t respond, just casually dropped his towel and sat, spread legged, across from me without saying a word. His meat fell out between his legs and swung there like a pendulum. Following his lead, I dropped my towel too and he immediately glanced down at my sissy clit with raised eyebrows.

“That was subtle…”, I thought to myself.

I had been admiring his too, so I guess it was fair. We sat in silence for a bit. He was sprawled out on the bench across from me, limbs spread, eyes closed, head back. Occasionally he would reach down and tug on his enormous horse cock. After a few minutes it was clear he had a partial erection. I was getting pretty hot and bothered at this point so I closed my eyes too, just to try and ignore this hot alpha sitting naked 5 feet in front of me.

After about 5 seconds of having my eyes closed, I heard movement and assumed he was leaving. I opened my eyes briefly and saw he was standing just in front of me now, with a full hard on. I sat up and looked him dead in the eyes before taking him deep into the back of my throat. He had to be 9 inches long and very, very thick. I gasped and gaged as he shoved it further down my throat and held it there. Spit was dripping out of my mouth and tears from my eyes. I choked on his cock but he held it down my throat regardless.

“There it is, little girl.” he said softly in an Australian accent as he slowly pulled out his dick and peaked outside the sauna. I assume he was checking for visitors because next thing I knew, he had both his giant hands around my waist and was turning my ass to face him.

“I’m gonna be rough and quick.” is all he said. Then he reached around me like he was going to grab my dick but instead he used his fore finger and thumb to get a choked hold on my balls. He pulled on them hard and held them down below me me as I bent over. It hurt a lot honestly but Im kinda into that shit and i started to leak a lot of precum as a result.

Levy spit on my asshole, slapped my ass REALLY hard and forced himself inside me. He was gentle at first but he was not gentle for long. Luckily I had used a dildo before coming to the gym and my ass was still lubed. He quickly got in up to his balls and he began to pick up his pace until all I could hear was his hips loudly slapping against my ass and me whimpering.

I turned back to look at him. His face was twisted and serious and I could see he was going to cum. At seeing him start to climax, I felt my orgasm come on like someone had flipped a switch. I really cannot last when I am turned on and a dominant top shooting his load is about the hottest thing ever. Im like Jim from American Pie. I just cum from watching. Makes being a bottom prefect cause I don’t have to worry about when I cum. Im there to make him cum and typically that makes me cum too. In fact, at this point, I have been trained to stay limp too. I don’t really remember what my erection feels like anymore. I just like to touch others and get fucked by them. 😉

Levy was giving me all the signs. Just before a man blows his load, his penis swells and becomes almost as hard as a rock. His head grows twice as large and he begins to thrust deeper and harder than ever before. The man cant always tell, but his partner can.

After Levy slapped my ass hard again, he told me he was close. Turning to look him in the eyes, I arched my back just as I climaxed and cum dripped out of my clit in globs. Levy pulled hard on my balls and started to moan.

He leaned forward and softly french kissed me as he released hot, wet ropes of alpha cum inside of my ass. His moans of pleasure and passionate kiss brought me to a second orgasm almost immediately after my first. His head ran back and forth over my prostate, triggering the last gasps of pleasure it had left.

We sat there for a second in silence, breathing heavy. His long cock still pulsing in my hole. My soft little clit twitching with a string of cum connecting it to the wooden bench I was on. I felt a true connection to him in this moment, like we could have been lovers. His kiss was divine and my tongue was still locked with his as he slowly pulled himself out of me.

I finished the kiss and got on my knees to lick his cock clean. I know my job. 🙂

Afterwards I stood and kissed him for what seemed like forever. He was so masculine and strong. I truly felt safe in his giant arms. We exchanged names between kisses but things seemed to be heating up again. A minute later he was back to being fully erect and after a quick look at each other, I put my arms around his neck and he picked me up by my legs. Shoving his massive cock back inside me, he started ramming me again while holding me off the ground.

I couldn’t tell you how many times I came after this because it seemed like one big orgasm. My clit was spitting a lot of clear stuff. The harder Levy fucked me, the more came out. We made out the entire time and only stopped when he would change our position or put it in my mouth briefly and fuck my throat.

We finished with him sitting back on his bench and me straddling him (feet on the bench, legs spread, facing Levy). He wanted me to do the work while he nutted this time. Surprisingly, he asked me to go slow. He grabbed my balls again and tugged down hard on them as I slowly bounced on his cock and kissed him, my limp clit flopping back and forth. He told me I have the prettiest balls he’s ever seen and he plays with his bottoms balls like titties. Just as he came, he had me sit all the way down on him so he filled me up completely. He pulled up on my testicles and squeezed them hard. I yelled but it felt really good and then he yelled out and shot his second load inside me that day. I felt it spreading out and shooting up into my ass. Filling me with a real mans seed. He kept it inside me for a few more minutes as I kept kissing him.

After that I was hooked. I may have fallen in love with this man that day, thats how intense this was. When I finished cleaning him off again, he got my number and took off. No man has been better than him since. We still hook up a lot. He calls me his little white sissy slut. Im into it. 🙂