Love TruckersThis is a true story and it all happen about 20 years ago when I was about 24. A friend had moved to the south coast and I had gone to visit him during the summer holidays. After looking at the map I decided the best route was to head down the M5 and come off at Junction 11a and head toward Swindon before heading south again.Bear in mind that sites like Squirt and the internet didn’t really exist, so finding places to cruise was done by word of mouth or just pure chance! The latter is how I found Birdlip south of Cheltenham and it’s been a favourite stop ever since.To me it looks like Birdlip is the old road left behind when they built the new road layout. As you drive in vehicles tend to park on the left hand side of the road and to the left of that is a wooded bank. After eating my lunch I went to stretch my legs and started to walk down the old asyabahis yeni giriş road and.I turned round and noticed that many of the trucks had their curtains closed. On the way back to the car I decided to walk in the shade of the trees. This is when I noticed that a number of truckers had either the cabs passenger door open or the curtain wasn’t closed and a few were doing paper work, while one trucker was sat there with nothing on but a vest wanking and reading a hard core porn magazine.This got my attention and raging hard on straight away. The trucker glanced up and I thought I was heading for trouble, but he just smiled and said I could join him to help him out. He was about 40, with a nice 8” thick uncut cock, nice thick hairy muscled legs. As I climbed in he said to shut the door and took off his vest to reveal a heavily hairy chest asyabahis giriş and stomach, firm pecs and a pierced nipple with a bit of stomach.I pull his foreskin all the way back and started to kiss the head of his cock and run my tongue over the piss slit. Pulling his foreskin back up, I drove my tongue in and around his cock head. He started to moan and pulled me off his cock; he started undoing my jeans and released my cock. I was dripping a fair amount of pre cum. I’m 6.5” and fairly thick and this trucker took me all in one go. I’ve never been able to deep throat, but this man made me horny as hell.I pulled out his mouth and went back to work on his cock, from the dashboard I saw him pick up a realistic dildo and lube. He didn’t need to give me any instructions. I look them of him lube up the dong and aimed for his ass. As I gently nudged asyabahis güvenilirmi at his hole he started to moan so I pushed it a little harder, I got about 1” of the dildo in and pulled back. I began teasing his ass with the dildo and started to suck on his pierced nipple. Flicking the bar with my tongue, I then went back to his cock and balls, all the time fucking him slowly with the dildo, while he wanked my cock.A few moments later he pulled his cock from my mouth and started to wank himself furiously and stopped fucking him with the dildo stood over him and started to wank too. I shot cum all over his hairy chest some landing right on his lips, which he licked off. This appeared to be the trigger he needed and he too began to cum. Massive amounts of white jizz covered his stomach and chest. I immediately started to lick his sticky hairy stomach and chest free of cum. He reached down and pulled my face toward him and passed some of the sweet and salty jizz to him.Now you know why I love truckers, the horniest bunch of men I’ve ever met and this is a place I’ve visited a few times over the years if I’m ever down that way.