Emily emerges slowly from a deep sleep with a soft lingering kiss on her lips that she can still feel while she is waking up. Her face feels a little flushed, just as it might be when she is kissed sensuously. Lying there, enjoying the moment, she wonders whether the kiss was part of a dream or… She touches herself between her legs and finds she is both highly sensitive and wet. She just purrs contentedly, what a wonderful way to start the day! Sansa enters her room with a morning cup of tea and a lovely smile. They exchange greetings and chat a little until Emily rises and goes to the en-suite to wash and shower, followed by Sansa who asks if she may take care of her Mistress’ ablutions for her. Emily agrees with an enthusiastic smile, but brushes her teeth in her own little way first and then allows Sansa to take over. She strips off and takes Emily into the shower. Sansa gives her the most exhilarating, most complete and most stimulating shower she has ever had. This is followed by Sansa doing Emily’s moisturising and makeup for her. Emily whispers that she had never had such a wonderful start to the day and Sansa replies simply, but with additional emphasis to make it personal, that it is her absolute pleasure to look after her in every way possible. Emily feels her face light up and Sansa helps Emily to get dressed ready for court.

In the interview room, Uncle Sanjit gives Emily some papers and explains that he would like her to conduct the cross examination of a selection of the witnesses for the prosecution. He goes on to say that each paper he just gave her is a named prompt sheet for each witness he wishes her to cross examine. She has done this many times during her time in university and seen it done during frequent visits to UK courts. However if she feels the need, he says she can simply ask the judge for a moment to consult with her fellow counsel. Emily expresses her gratitude for the lifeline but hopes that with a prompt sheet for each witness she won’t need to use it. When she has read the prompt sheet for the first of her cross examinations, they go into the courtroom greet the prosecution barristers cordially and receive a cordial greeting in return. They take their seats at the defence table. Uncle Sanjit whispers a good luck wish to Emily and reminds her that what they are seeking to establish is reasonable doubt. She thanks him and reflects that this is what all her schooling and university courses have prepared her for, and the thought fortifies her, she is ready.

The jury enters and each takes their seat in the jury box. There is a metallic sound of a heavy door being unlocked, then the defendants are brought up from the cells and directly into a locked cage composed of heavy iron bars. A guard sits, in the dock, behind each of the defendants. Emily’s heart is in her mouth as each defendant ogles her briefly, she hopes the jury do not notice, and if they do she hopes that it will be interpreted as simply an acknowledgement of their defence lawyers. Everyone stands at the bidding of the bailiff when the judge enters the courtroom and stands to face them, the court staff and lawyers bow and he bows in acknowledgement and sits, then everyone sits. Emily notices only the occasional brief ogle, they are bartın escort taking notice of Uncle Sanjit’s warning and she hopes others will think nothing of it. As she scans the courtroom, Emily notices the authorised court artist looking intensely at her and then sketching.

After the two legal teams have confirmed they are ready to proceed, the court clerk is called to read out the charges. Each defendant stands as the same charge is read for each of them. The defence team stand with each defendant. The clerk reads: “You are charged under sections 370 and 370A of the Indian Penal Code as amended by the Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 2013, in that you, on the 6th day of June 2020, did: for the purpose of exploitation…” (includes any act of physical exploitation or any form of sexual exploitation, slavery or practices similar to slavery, servitude, or the forced removal of organs)”… (a) recruits, (b) transports, (c) harbours, (d) transfers, or (e) receives, a person or persons, by use of: 1) threats, or ; 2) force, or any other form of coercion, or; 3) abduction, or ; 4) practising fraud, or deception, or; 5) abuse of power, or; 6) inducement, including the giving or receiving of payments or benefits…” (consent of the victim is immaterial in determination of the offence of trafficking) “… of any person having control over the person recruited, transported, harboured, transferred or received”. Each defendant is then required to plead guilty or not guilty. All 11 defendants plead not guilty as advised by Uncle Sanjit.

Next the prosecution is called for its opening statement. The lead barrister for the prosecution says the prosecution will show that the 6 young women aged 18 or 19 were indeed abducted and trafficked to be sold as sex slaves to organised crime in Thailand. Emily was relieved when she noticed that all the defendants were now paying very close attention and not ogling her. The artist was now sketching the lead prosecutor as he spoke who went on to describe the alleged crime in detail. Emily was watching the jury as he spoke and saw the women jurors flinch with disgust and sympathy for the young women, 4 to 5 of the male jurors gave similar body language, not a good sign for the defence. All this will be supported by evidence and witnesses. Ladies and gentlemen, the prosecution are seeking a guilty verdict and sentence of life imprisonment plus a substantial fine for these heinous crimes that will send a message to all that might consider similar actions. The lead prosecutor then returned to his seat.

Uncle Sanjit stands to make the opening statement for the defence. Oozing confidence, he says: “We will show that the 11 defendants did not commit the alleged offences as charged”. Emily noticed the reactions of the jury and the lack of reaction from the defendants who had been behaving appropriately since the opening statements were made. But most noticeable was the surprise, even shock, of the prosecution at her uncle’s opening statement. To Emily’s surprise, which she managed to conceal, Uncle Sanjit returned to his seat.

The judge asks the lead prosecutor if prosecution is ready to proceed and his response is to request a 30 minute recess. The judge asks Uncle Sanjit bartın escort bayan if the defence has any objection and Sanjit says there is no objection from the defence. The judge declares the recess and after he has left the courtroom, the two teams of lawyers make their way to their respective private interview rooms. In the defence’s room Sanjit asks Emily in a whisper, if she has discovered anything from the files that might assist their defence. She replies that she hasn’t found anything worth pursuing. Uncle Sanjit agrees and whispers to her that the only way forward that he can see is to proceed and hope they can extract something worthwhile from cross-examinations to try for ‘reasonable doubt’. Emily asks in a hushed whisper if his opening statement was designed to provoke a request for a recess and make the prosecution believe we have something substantive, thus opening the possibility of a deal. He congratulates her on her perspicacity and they just sit and wait in hope.

Halfway through the recess, there is a knock at the door. They look at each other in anticipation and Uncle Sanjit goes to the door … it is the lead prosecutor who asks if they can talk! He is invited to come in and sit at the table with Emily. The lead prosecutor offers a 15 year sentence for each defendant, if all 11 will change their plea from not-guilty to guilty. Both Sanjit and Emily show nothing in their faces and Sanjit replies that he will put it to their clients but not with their recommendation for acceptance. However they will recommend acceptance of the deal if the prosecution will offer a 10 year sentence, i.e. the minimum tariff for the crime, to each defendant. The prosecutor says that his team was expecting such a response and are amenable to the deal, then asks if they have a deal at 10 years. Uncle Sanjit staying deadpan asks Emily if she is in agreement and she says that she is. Sanjit replies that they have a deal and hands are shaken. After the lead prosecutor has left and the door closed, they silently hug each other while grinning like cheshire cats!

On recall, the lead prosecutor asks if counsel may approach the bench. Permission is granted and he whispers to the judge that a plea deal has been reached with the defence in which the defendants will change their plea to guilty in return for a minimum tariff sentence. He also tells the judge that the defence will need time to put this deal to the defendants. The judge asks Sanjit if the defence is in agreement with what the prosecution has said and Sanjit confirms that it is agreement on all the points. The judge asks if 2 hours will be sufficient time for the recess and Sanjit says that he would hope so. With that the judge sends them back to their teams and declares that the case is adjourned for the day.

Uncle Sanjit and Emily go to the court clerk and ask to see the clients. He asks them to wait in the defence interview room and they will be brought in one at a time. Uncle Sanjit says that he wants the defendants coming out of the interview room to be prevented from communicating with the defendants waiting to come in, so group dynamics could not effect a defendant’s choice. The court clerk assures that the appropriate arrangements escort bartın will be made. Uncle Sanjit and Emily go into the interview room and he clarifies that she understands what is going to happen. She confirms that she does and they await the first of the defendants. As before, Emily’s bodyguard is seated close behind her. Uncle Sanjit gives the identical briefing on the prosecution offer to each defendant: “The judge will allow a deal to be offered if they plead guilty to the charges. We recommend the deal offered by the prosecution, because instead of facing the maximum life sentence if they are found guilty, they have negotiated the term of imprisonment down to the minimum sentence of 10 years. They had initially offered 15 years, but with no previous convictions, they agreed the defence counter offer 10 years. It is now for you, a defendant, to decide if you are willing to plead guilty and accept the 10 year prison sentence. This is a really good deal and as I previously stated, we recommend acceptance”. Some of the defendants asked questions, which were answered to clarify the deal for them. However, all 11 defendants gratefully accept the deal and promise to change their plea to guilty when asked in court. Uncle Sanjit and Emily find the lead prosecutor and tell him the news. They shake hands on a good outcome and the saving of hundreds or even thousands of lakhs of rupees (1 lakh equals 100,000 rupees) on court costs. Back in the car they express their pleasure at saving 11 foolish young men from life imprisonment and that it was only right that the public sees that kidnapping/abduction and human trafficking doesn’t pay. Emily agreed saying all that ogling made her feel it was the right outcome too.

They spend the rest of the day chatting with the family, which was resumed at dinner and again later, when the ladies withdrew so the men could smoke cigars and discuss things of no interest to the ladies. Coming together for a nightcap ended the delightful time together and everyone retired to their rooms. Emily walked up the elegant staircase and walked along the corridor into her room. Inside Santa was waiting for her with her usual smile. It was no time at all before Emily was luxuriating in her foam bath. Sansa wraps a towel around Emily as she gets out of the bath, then pats her all over to dry her skin. The patting is very soft between her legs and she pauses with a naked finger, rather than through the towel, touching her labia. Sansa asks softly if this is desired and Emily replies very quietly that it most definitely is, if Sansa desires it too.

Sansa whispers that it is and gently inserts her finger between her folds and very slowly moves it up and down between them, on the second up stroke she caresses her hood in little circles drawing a soft moan of pleasure from Emily. They are still standing after Sansa had patted the towel to dry Emily’s body. The world for them both has faded away, there is only them, they gaze into each other’s eyes and somehow their lips are so close. Sansa continues to excite Emily’s clitoris. When the inescapable moment happens, Emily shudders and their lips touch in the sweetest kiss that lingers as Sansa’s finger solicits a long soft moan, her towel drops to the floor and they embrace for the first time. As Emily lies in her bed, still feeling the ecstasy of their encounter, she thinks about the difficulties that lay ahead if the relationship is continued and she definitely wants it to continue! She also thinks about the manifest unfairness of their very different situations.