Lost in the woods continues
Summertime is here. My wife had planned and shopped, she fixed everything and one day, there it was. My backpack, filled with stuff….and she had one too, just smaller.

We drove to the starting point of the hicking trail, and off we went.
We had planned to use all summer, so we agreed on short distances, at least in the beginning.
It was early in the season and luckily, not crowded.
After a 4 hour walk we found a nice spot, clse to the river, and it seemed nice to take a bath.

After some fondling our tent was up, sleepingbags and all innside and a nice fire was going. The sun shined and it was a perfect summerday.
My tease of a wife did, not shocking, stand up, turned her back against me, and as she went down to the river she dropped one piece of clothes for every step. At the waterfront she bent forvard, pulled her panties down and I got a nice glimp of her shaven pussy…then splash into the water. You swimmed around laughing and seemed very happy. You convinced me to join you. The sun was hot, water varm and you was sexy…how could a man resist….

We dried up in the sun and as we laid on the ground a small teasing hand slid down to my crotch….hey, I said…what if anybody see us?
So? You smiled….we are in the nature, what is more natural than nud people mating? She smiled as I grew hard….climbed on top of me….and slid down on me…..you did ride me slowly….it was nice to feel the heat from your body, the sun and the birds singing…..the senses feelt stronger, I could never remember to have heard so much birdsinging…..you stopped the riding, leaned forward…bited my ear…..whispered…..did you hear…some is in the bush over there….maybe some woodsmen…..you moved slowly…..yes…someone is lurking in the bush…I tried to turn my head….but you hissed…lay still….dont scare them away…..it is two…..you moved more intensly…..I looked at your face, you smiled, rided and looked over my head….
oh god…I have never felt like this….I like to bee seen you whispered…….you sat up, rotated your hips and exposed your breasts….your nipples was erected and you came…..and fell forward…..whispered….fuck me. I grabbed your ass and fucked you hard and quick…you moaned quiet and I trusted deep into jo and came….you laid there on top of me, breathing….looked around….they are gone….we cleaned up in the hot river, looked at the sunset, smoked some weed and went into our tent. It was hot and no need for sleepingbags, only blankets. You where soft and warm. Life was good.

The next morning we packed our things and as I checked our camp to see if anything was left behind I found two sigarets in the bush where you had claimed you saw someone.
I smiled, thought I was a lucky man married to the best woman in the world, and off we went.

After some hours walking we came to a crossing, our map was not very exact, only one trail was marked. We could not figure out which direction and fliped a coin. We had plenty of food, cellphones so we took our chances….

After some sweaty climbing we came to a beautiful spot, a small lake surrounded by wood. A perfect spot to spend the night. The water was cold up here, so we did not swim, but it was good to clean up.
At the sunset we had plenty of wood and started a fire, planned to keep it going for hours.

It quickly became dark and we enjoyed our camp, smoked some weed and had a jolly good time.
Out of the dark two men arrived. Hey there, they smiled. We missed our trail and saw this fire. We do not want to walk in the dark and its a bit late to make a camp. Do you mind if we join?
As they started to dump their backpacks on the ground my wife gave me an elbow in the side and whispered….its the guys who watched us…got lost? yeah right….she smiled a devilish smile……and they was finnished and sat down.
My wife and I looked at each other, smiled and said “sure”, plenty of room and firewood here.

One of the guys sniffed…do I smell….huh, not to be unpolite but….can I…..he looked at the weedpipe…
You are not cops, I persume…? They laughed. No no! He took a deep inhale…but we have big batons…they laughed..
My wife giggled.
Sorry, he said..that was unpolite…my wife reached out for the weedpipe….inhaled…giggled….unpolite? Why?
The guy got slightly red, hm, well…
My wife inhaled and bursted into laughter. Sorry, did not mean to make you uncomfortable. We all laughed. Dont worry guys, I am a grown up woman and admit I like big batons.

The evening went by, the talk was smoth and fun, the weed and the camp fire made us all in a good mood and my wife was flirty and the guys got more brave. During the talks my wife and I admitted we where lost…we had missed the trail and was unsure what to do. They smiled, said we could follow them back on track tomorrow. The talks went, the evening was nice and hot. After som time my wife stood up to toss some wood on the fire, one guy commented that her ass was as hot as the fire…she smiled, put her butt out backwards….do you have the guts to feel or are you arfaid to burn your fingers…..in which he slepped her ass hard and said he betted that made her ass burn. Mhm, that felt nice, she smiled.
We all laughed.

I knew my wife, her moods and that if somebody challenged her, so never refused…and I remembered our fantasy in bed at home when we planned this trip. I could easy see what could happen this evening….should I stop it or….I decided to see what happened.

It was time for more wood on the fire. Ad my wife reached for some wood, one of the guys stopped her…dont you think that is a suitable piece of wood? He pointed at a “big dick”-sized log….My wife picked it ut..this…hm…she took a good grip….it is nice…but one is to little. She grabbed one smaller…these to are nice…and thru them on the fire.

She sat down and we smoked more weed. I mumbled This is some good shit….inhaled a big one…and I slowly pretended to be so stoned that I fell asleep. The two guys helped my wife to put me in a more comfortable position and covered me up with some blankets. As she coverd me she whispered…I know you are not stoned, enjoy the show….

As she turned around to get seated again she stumbled and fell…straight back in the laps of the two strangers..they catched her and her butt was in ones lap, her overbody in the others lap….and in the attempt to catch her all the buttoms in her skirt was torn up and exposed her tits…….oi, she said…got hot her…but she did neither move nor cover up…it got very silent in the woods…then one hand slid over her belly…and cupped her tit…..oh, she said..cold hand….and giggled…and covered up….but did not move….the guys looked at each other, and the weedpipe got heated again…
They got more brave….and soon a hand slid under your skirt…two hands…I could only imagine, but two hands, two tits….you laid there and did not protest….so they proceeded…..hot tonight…really hot…and they started to remove your skirt….exposed your nice hanging tits….the nipples where erected….soon you where butt naked. To wilderness-dressed woodsmen and your white soft skin….they fondled you greedly…squeesed your tits and I could see your white flesh between their fingers. They moved you of their lap and put you on the ground. You sat on your knees in the gras as they stood up and started to unbuckle their pants…sorry mam, we have been in the wild for some days…
I waited for them to say they would clean up….but they did not. Quite roughly you got pulled by your hair and your face was pushed into ones crotch, only covered by his underwear….but your seem to be a real slut, so I guess you like the smell of a man…you pushed him away…and then…moved forward…pulled his underwear slowly down….leaned forward…..his dick was still soft and hanging….you took the tip in your mouth and looked up at him whil licking and sucking the tip……moved back and looked at him whil his dick erected…

I told you I am a grown woman….and as his dick pointed slightly upwards you pulled his foreskin back..opened your mouth and sucked him deeply.
From my view it was amasing to see how you and they struggled to be in control….
Oh god, he moaned….he looked down at you….you dirty slut….cleaning me with your mouth….the other one could not wait, he had removed pants and underwear and grabbed your hair. Again you pushed away…and he fell backwards on his back…he swore….you bitch….but before he said more you was between his legs…grabbed his shaft and licked it….you stared him in his eyes as you took the dirty dick in your mouth…oh god…who are you? A female devil?….
You did not answer, you wiggled your butt as you started to lick his balls….played, licked, bited….and as you went further down to the area under his balls he gave in, put his head back, looked at the stars and moaned…as your tounge reached his butt hole all he could say was “Sweet jesus, is this heaven”…

The woodsmen had lost….they played rough, you played rougher and shocked them…and know it was plain fucking. Your wiggeling butt was an invite an as you used your mouth on the guy, the other fucked you from behind. As he slapped your as, you moaned….harder….they changed positions, you on all four, one dick in each end, swaying tits, more ass-slaps. It was like looking at a live porn move, with my wife as the star.

It ended with a scene you knew I had as a fantasy. You on your knee between two men….and you asked them please to try to come at the same time….they jerked of, talked…Im close…Im soon there…seconds…wait….you had positioned yourself very close to me and I got a perfect view of white sticky seemen, in your mouth, lips, it was a lot from the two lonly woodsmen…and you swallowed….it was a greasy, sloppy sticky slutty scene….

The two men looked at me, and quiet did they leave….as they had left you came over to me…and quiet climbed on top of me….and you came again and again….and as always, as I came, we kissed deeply.