Living in Cockington part5It was a few days now since we had moved to Cockington and I had seen more strangers fucking in that few days than I had seen in my entire life.That afternoon I was trying to put up some shelves but I soon ran out of screws and decided to head down to the couple of small shops in the village to see if they had any.I strolled into the first shop, the little convenience store and walked the couple of isles looking for some screws after not finding any I approached the till area to ask the blonde plump woman who worked there.I immediately stopped in my tracks when I saw her sat back in her little seat, with her bare white legs up on the till, shoving a big green cucumber between into her shaved pussy lips as she moaned and grunted in pleasure.”Can I help you?” she gasped not bothering to stop even though I was stood right in front of her.I watched that green vegetable sliding in and out of her plump pussy and couldn’t remember for a moment why I was there.”I’m 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