Ass Worship

Living in Cockington part 15After having seen my teen daughter getting fucked by two guys I spent the next few days hiding in my office to try and avoid having any awkward conversation with her.Then one afternoon I ventured out and as I strolled along the lane I was met by Henry Sucking wearing a suit.”Peter thank god I found you, I need your help” he said”What is it?” I asked”Well my sister is getting married””Congratulations” I replied”In an hour” “Okay shouldn’t you be at the church?” I asked”Yes I should and that’s why I’m here, as I said I need your help?” he then grabbed my arm and started to guide me towards his house.”And I need it now”We quickly marched to his house and walking into his big open lounge he finally let go of me.”What do you need from me Henry?” I asked”It’s my sister you see” he saidThen a short Asian woman with long black hair wearing white wedding dress walked in.”Ah Natalie this is my friend I was telling you about” he said smiling.”Peter this is Natalie my sister” he said”Your sister?” I said questioning the fact they looked nothing like.”Half sister, different fathers” he replied.”Hello Peter have you come to help me?” she asked.”Help you with what?” I replied.Then Natalie moved to the coffee table and bent over, lifting up her dress she revealed her naked white ass that sat at the top of her white stockings and then she glanced back at me.”I need you to fuck my ass” she smiled.”What!?” I gasped”My fiancé doesn’t want to fuck my ass, he doesn’t like it, but I want to try it just once before I am married, so please Peter fuck my ass” she said staring right at me.I looked at Henry and he smiled and then strolled towards the door.”Have fun you two and remember you’ve got less than an hour before she needs to be at the church”I stood looking at her round white ass cheeks waiting for me to prise them open and then I stepped rus escort towards her and quickly pulled my hardening cock out.”Fuck my ass Peter, fuck it hard just like I’ve seen in films” she begged as I stood behind her.I then rubbed my cockhead across her soft warm cheeks, before teasing it along her crack.”Oh yes” she gasped as the tip of my cock rubbed against her shaved pussy lips making her groan and open her legs wider.Then I stepped around the coffee table to her pretty little face.”It needs some lubrication” I smiled and Natalie then opened her mouth and started sucking on my cock.She ran her mouth up and down my length, stroking my cock with her tongue and dribbling large amounts of saliva all over my cock until after a few minutes my cock was dripping wet.”That will do nicely” I grinned and then moving back round the table I stood behind her again, I gently pulled her round cheeks apart and then nudged it up against her asshole.She gasped feeling the tip rubbing her rim and then slowly I began to thrust it in.”Yes” she hissed as I penetrated her little ass.I held onto her cheeks opening them as wide as I could as I pushed deeper into her ass and with a groan I slipped right inside of her back passage and we both groaned as I went deep inside of her.”Oh yes, yes” gasped Natalie.Then I started fucking her ass hole, slowly but steadily, she held onto the coffee table as I fucked away at her and she was soon moaning and cursing.”Oh fuck, oh fuck, fuck my asshole, fuck my ass, fuck my ass” I couldn’t believe I was fucking this hot Asian bride on her wedding day, in her white dress, in the ass, but there I was deep in her ass giving her my length.”Oh yes, oh yes” she groaned some more.I picked up the pace and was powering into her butt, Natalie then put one of her hands between her legs and was rubbing rus escort bayan her pussy as I did her ass and she was soon cursing louder and louder.”Oh fuck yes, fuck yes, fuck yes” she criedI was ramming her asshole as she played with her pussy and after several more minutes she was crying out.”Oh fuck, oh fuck!” she gripped the coffee table hard and started to buck and cry as I carried on fucking her ass.Then she collapsed forward sliding off my cock and onto the table and lay gasping for air.I stood over her for a minute as she regained her breath and then climbing on top her I placed my cock back between her now sticky cheeks and then slid back into her ass.”Oh fuck” she groaned as I lay on top her with my cock deep in her ass.Then I started fucking her again, Natalie lay on her stomach as I pounded her asshole, I gripped her cheeks and pushed them up against my shaft as I fucked her and then pulled them apart trying out the different styles.”Oh fuck your so deep, your so deep in my ass” cried Natalie as I fucked her little brown hole.I was really enjoying fucking this little Asian woman’s ass and as I pumped her with my length my balls slapped her pussy lips and she was soon groaning louder and louder.”Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck” she cried out as I tried to go deeper and deeper into her.”Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh you fucker”Then she gripped the sides of the coffee table and clung on as another orgasm hit.She screamed loudly and started to buck beneath me as I pushed my cock deep in her asshole and for a few seconds I just lay on top of her as she wriggled uncontrollably beneath me.After she had calmed down I got her to turn on her side and lean forward slightly and standing up I started to slide my cock into her again from a third angle.”Oh my ass is so full” she groaned”you really know how to fuck an ass””I’ve bayan rus escort had practice” I repliedThen holding her hips I started thrusting my cock in and out of her ass again.Natalie was soon groaning hard again and I was pounding her little ring once more.Then Henry stuck his head in the room.”Sorry don’t want to rush you but you’ve got less than half an hour before your due at the church” he said.”I’m coming, i’m coming” gasped Natalie “Not long now” I replied.”Okay then” he said taking one long naughty look at me fucking his sisters ass before stepping out of the room again.”Come on fuck me good, once more” gasped Natalie.I was ramming away at her asshole as fast and as hard as I could, she was groaning heavily and very quickly I could feel my balls begin to twitch.”I’m nearly done” I groaned.”Keep going, keep going” cried Natalie.I pounded her asshole with several more deep hard strokes and then Natalie began screaming.”Yes, yes, harder, oh god yes”I rammed her ass once more and I suddenly felt my balls tighten and with a groan I started to unload my cum deep in her ass.”Oh god yes!” cried Natalie as her third orgasm hit.She clung to the coffee table and started screaming as I filled her asshole and I pumped her ass full of my sticky load.After several full blasts of cum I was spent and stood with my cock deep in her ass getting my breath back as she lay on the coffee table gasping for air.”Oh you fucker, I can feel it in my ass, I can feel your load in my ass” she moaned.Then I slipped my cock out of her asshole and stepped round the table.Natalie opened her mouth and eagerly licked my cum and her ass juice of my cock until I was clean and then standing up she adjusted her dress.”Aren’t you going to clean up?” I asked”Later I want to feel it in my ass for a bit longer” she grinned before giving me a kiss that tasted a lot like ass and cum.Then Henry walked back in the room.”How was that s*s?” he asked”The best wedding gift you could give me” she smiled.”Great, now lets get you to the church” he smiled.So we left the house, I wished her luck and a happy marriage and I headed back home feeling better about my day.