Lisa’s Trap – Part 1 – Caught in the Spider&#It all started simple enough. Like many in modern days we started talking on the internet. I can’t even recall how or where, although hindsight tells me that it was likely some sort of well thought out plan of her’s.She was nice enough. Innocent. We would chat about movies, video games, the usual semi-dorky internet speak. I would rant about the most recent pains and jerks at my job and she would complain about her latest idiot professor. Yeah, she was a little younger than me, still in college, but it certainly made me feel better about myself to know I was talking to a college girl at my age.Out of nowhere one day, she struck:Lisa: So, how about we get together in person?Robert: You mean dinner or something?Lisa: Yeah, dinner or something. Catch a movie, if we can find one worth a damn?Robert: I guess. Lots of overtime lately, but maybe in the next few weeks.The next day she had proposed a time for the film and a place to eat. An expensive place I might add. But I thought what the hell. Maybe she’ll be fun to hang out with in person. And what harm could one night do?She lived a good hour drive from me and didn’t have a car of her own, rounding out a general image as a poor college k**. For some reason she’d picked a place halfway between her parents’ house and mine, meaning I’d be investing a good four to five hours on the road for this “quick” get together. The poor choice was starting to settle into my mind but not yet strong enough to overpower the part of me that sought to keep from being rude and cancelling.When I got to her place and saw her walking out of her parents’ house I was struck by the feeling that this was probably an excellent decision. See, we’d never swapped photos and part of my mind was expecting a hildeb**st. But instead, out walked a curvy, dark skinned beauty almost as tall as me and with a pair of smooth, long legs disappearing up a leather skirt that only made it half way down her thighs. Under a light jacket she had a button-up white blouse desperately trying to contain a bulging chest. A sexy little pixie cut allowed full view of a slim neck and little ears, begging to be nibbled.The gentlemanly part of me took over quickly under orders from the not so gentlemanly part and I jumped out of the car to go open the passenger side door for her. This small action got a very pleased smile on her face, full lips parting to show pearly white teeth beneath as she coyly murmured a thank you and sat down. This was no doubt in my mind now the final nail in the coffin with the rest of the evening now becoming inevitable.The movie stunk and served simply as a delay before dinner. It was at dinner that I started to feel the hooks digging in and my self defense systems began to rally over what I had started to think would be a now permanent bulge in my pants. A bulge I swear she noticed as we’d entered the restaraunt. That amazing body could no longer cover up what I had suspected after many an idle chat online.She was horrible. When she wasn’t talking, she was grilling me like an unfaithful spouse. I could barely get a word in unless it was answering some question about my work, my future or my goals in life. It was an interview more than a date. By the time we were leaving the restaraunt I was desperately hoping I wouldn’t get the job. This blurred my thoughts just long enough to develi escort let her win the next stage of the battle.We were walking to the car and I was fumbling for me keys, thinking of the 30 minutes drive back up to her parents’ place to drop her off then an hour back home. It would be a late night and I was already getting tired.”Hey, you have all of the Star Wars movies on Blu-Ray, right?” she said casually, touching up her make-up idly.”Ummm … oh, yeah, I do.” Finally getting my keys out and approaching the drivers side door, actively keeping from opening the door for her. She didn’t seem to notice or care.”Could I borrow them sometime?””Sure, I guess so ..” Unlocking the car and praying there wouldn’t be much traffic.”Great. We can head down and get them now, since we’re so close. Quick stop.”With those words she quickly opened the car door and sat down, as if the act of getting into the car meant her words were final. She no doubt had learned I wasn’t one to embrace a confrontation, especially in a situation like this where it’s drive her home and listen to her complaining the entire time or sending her to a cab and some unknown revenge later. I stood there in the cold, trying to come up with a definitive save. But nothing came to mind in the fog of my agitation and tiredness.I knew this trick. She’d borrow the films and I’d be stuck seeing her again at least once to get them back. But honestly, she could think that while I lose a minor $100 for the opportunity to get out of this without a face to face screaming match.So 30 minutes later we were walking into my place. Her eyes were appraising every aspect of the home from it’s construction, to floor plan to all the furniture and other crap I had laying around. After a completely quiet drive here I really didn’t care. In and out and hopefully another 60 minutes of quiet. Or the absolute worst, maybe just a chat about the movies and how we could “watch them next weekend”. We being her and some other schmuck.”My AV room is upstairs and the DVDs are there.” I led the way, hoping this would keep her from wandering off. It was a big place, I was proud of it. No need for her to get lost and spend another 15 minutes hunting her down. We got upstairs and I turned into the second floor living room that I’d made into a small home theatre. Assuming she was behind me, I made it to the DVD cabinet and quickly located the boxed set, turning around to hand it to her.”Here it … ” I stopped mid-statement. She wasn’t there. Shit.”Lisa?” Looking around the room and seeing nobody but the characters on the movie posters lining the walls. People I’d rather be spending the evening with to be honest.”Lisa? I got the boxed set. Lets get going before it gets too late.” Making my way back out to the hall I saw my bedroom door ajar. It was never ajar, always closed. I had a cat and the last thing I wanted him doing during the day was sleeping on my pillow. Not to mention, I could see that a light was on.I was pissed when I pushed the door open, mouth starting to open to ask what the hell she was doing in my room. Finally read to stand up to this crazy woman. But that plan broke down immediately.There she was sitting on the edge of my bed in nothing but her underwear, lacey and dark, almost appearing to not be there at all against the tone of her skin. And a black bra that was obviously too small, her large tits bulging to get out. I saw her clothes laying on the floor and before I could look back up at her and saying anything she was pressed up against me, lips smashed into mine.With the warmth of her body so close and her tongue pushing its way aggressively into my mouth a lustful fog developed in my head. My arms went around her and my hands took hold of her ample, supple ass, the feeling of her soft skin sending my heart going a million miles a minute. She was a horrible kisser mouth open wide and tongue doing most of the work, but her tongue tasted amazing. For a moment I wondered how her mouth could taste so natural after a lobster dinner.That line of thinking vanished fast as her hands pulled my shirt off up over my head and then started to work at undoing my jeans. I kicked them off with my shoes just as she was dragging me up onto the bed. I no longer cared about anything but the soft, curvy body beneath me and satisfying my now throbbingly hard cock. My lips made their way away from hers and ran down her neck. Whatever lotion she used, worked, because every inch of her skin was amazingly soft. My hands ran her back as my mouth worked between her cleavage. Reaching for the clasp of her bra she quickly pulled my arms back …”Not unless we’re exclusive …”I bit my lip and resisted, the moans coming from her mouth and deep within driving me on. My hands ran up to her tits, massaging them through the bra, apparently a legal move. My mouth ran down her stomach and I started to pick up the scent of her pussy. She was getting wet, I could both smell and see that it was true. I got harder still in my boxers, if it was even possible. Her musk went into my nose and stayed there, to the point that I could taste it on the back of my tongue. My hands came down to her thighs separating them ever so slightly, letting more of her amazing scent escape, driving me even more wild. She was breathing fast as well, moaning out loudly, her hands massaging her own breasts now under the bra.I brought my eyes back down lest I just stare at her tits waiting for a glimpse of her nipples. I kept thinking in the back of my mind … if you just get her riled up enough … keep at it.My mouth and tongue worked slowly along her inner thighs, causing her to twitch and squirm, fingers running along the edge of her panties. I worked, getting her into a frenzy that should hopefully equal mine which continued to grow as well. Finally, I tucked my fingers under the edge of her panties and started to bring them down …”Not unless we’re exclusive …”Again with those words. And again pulling my hands away from their work. It had come out easily, without hesitation. It infuriated me …”Huh?””They stay on unless we’re exclusive, you and I.” She said it so calmly between passionate moans. I couldn’t believe it. And with the fog in my head, my cock throbbing, blood pressure no doubt through the roof, it came out.”Of course we’re exclusive. You and me Lisa. Just you and me.” I tried to make it sound obvious, without pressure or desperation. I probably failed as the words nearly came out with a stutter.”Good.” That was all she said.The result was instant and a relief combined with the tension in my body as she quickly flicked the clasp on her bra and her tits exploded out. Her nipples were large and hard on tits that were bigger than I’d thought since they’d been crammed in there. She reached down and tugged off her panties in a quick movement and a clean shaven, dripping pussy stared at me. The scent coming off it bored through my nose, down my throat. But before I could dive in, she’d flipped me over.Pulling off my boxers, before they were even to my knees her mouth was wrapped around the head of my cock. She sucked hard, like she was trying to get something out of a thick straw. I groaned in both pleasure and pain. No doubt assuming the first and either not thinking of or caring of the second, she sucked harder, sliding more of my dick into her moist, hot mouth. My legs rose up, almost wrapping around her as I pushed my fingers into her short hair, trying to direct her to ease up and take more in. She ignored me though, working my cock in her mouth as she pleased while her fingers kneading my balls. It was madness inducing, driving me wild.She could probably feel me getting closer and closer, the shock of going from no attention on my member to so much driving me towards climax. She pulled off, wiping her face with a smile. She dropped to her back, tits bobbing wildly while she pulled me ontop of her, my mind still not entirely my own.”Fuck me Bobby Boy.” she said, nearly with a laugh. I hated to be called Bob, and loathed the name Bobby. But that didn’t matter right now as I stared at her massive tits and felt a seathing heat close to my cock coming from her pussy.I pressed my lips around a nipple and bit, sending a spasm through her body. I pressed the head of my cock up to the lips of her pussy. I groaned hard as I was met with more pressure than I had expected. It was tight. Very tight. Tighter than I could imagine a girl her size could be.”Get it fucking in there!” She nearly yelled, spreading her legs out a little more and grabbing my ass to pull me towards her. I popped inside and the combination of the heat and tightness almost made my cock feel like it was on fire. I moaned out loudly into her tits as I started to thrust with all the energy I had, pounding in and out of her while continuing to taste her tits on my lips and tongue.She screamed obscenity after obscenity, her legs going up into the air and hands pulling me into her harder and harder. I couldn’t think anymore, not that I was doing much of that anyway, and simply laid my face in her tits as I thrust harder and harder, deeper and deeper into her tights pussy. I was throbbing and could feel my load building up, getting ready.”Shoot it up into me. Fucking shoot it dammit.” She howled and a moment of clarity hit me. Just as I was starting to feel my seed pump out I regained some strength and pulled myself out, overcoming her hands trying to hold me in. My cum shot in long, thick ribbons out onto her stomach, reaching up to her tits. I grasped my cock with my hand to direct the remaining shots up onto her, my own internal bit of pleasure to see me covering her with it.I could see the anger in her face but she pushed it aside, turning back into smiles. “You could have shot inside me, I don’t mind.” She giggled, running her fingers through my cum as my breathing slowed and clarity once again came to my mind. “My boyfriend can always cum inside me.” she giggled, wrapping her fingers around my cock and stroking it as it lost strength.She started to talk again, but I didn’t hear what she was saying. Didn’t want to hear what she was saying. I was focussed again. How the fuck was I going to get out of this now?