LISA #2: Les Love-3LISA LOVE is the love of my life: most dear, pretty, tasty, sexy, sweet and completely dedicatedLisa Love is a blonde beautiful baby – she looks like my dream of life come true, I am intoxicatedI feel twenty years younger with this best intoxication which ever happened to me in so many yearsI feel often like she is already living with me now, as talking every night makes us feel so closeI will also host my best girlfriend from here at my home, finally she is not afraid anymore to meet meI will be busy teaching those two slender sexy sweet yummy young blonde beauties both only plus-twentyLisa will share my big bed of course, so shy Les the lesbian can take the guestroom in my apartmentLes is still by far my best female friend, measured in mutual messages: between 50.000 and 100.000!Lisa and I just only recently started to intensify our talks which went in ten days up one thousandLes and I have been writing almost every day for some thousand days – here we stopped at some 15.500Later we talked much more in Facebook which works much better and reliable than this badly run siteLes explained tunalı escort me there how to install skype as she wanted to send me some private photos and videosLisa is like a seductive acting director of a life love movie as my few cameras are runningAfter we watch the old movie Casablanca at the end of the former episode Lisa gets into actionAfter she instructs Les to sit on my shoulders in the big armchair she kneels between my kneesLisa lays a pillow between my feet so she can kneel comfortably for long to take her time to suck meLisa Love loves it that it takes her best skills to cause me thrills make my member stand up proudlyLes has a great view of her sexy seduction of me, involuntarily rubs her slit with the back of my neckLes has talent for obidience to match her lack of talent to take any sexy initiative with us two at meLisa tells her to use the tips of her fingers to play with my nipples and make them properly rockhardLisa has all talents to please her man and the love of her young lovelife in every sexy style possibleLisa keeps the initiative at us two when her yenimahalle escort sexy sucking turns to fabulous fucking her best friendAs soon as she is satisfied with the might of my member Lisa gets up and she turns around to mount itAs an experienced amazone she rides my big brown banana slowly increases the speed to great galopadesLisa and Les are moaning now unisono as if they are twins – in fact they look a lot similar both nudeLisa and Les are coming together – Lisa from riding my dick and Les from frigging the back of my neckI get very excited as well and Lisa loves me so much she can read my mind for what I want to do nowI get very excited by hearing her order Les to change positions, she is the director of our sexy shootLes loves to be dominated by her tasty twin with her strong mind and love to please me any way I wantLes loves to be taken now by me and bends over eagerly, legs at either side of mine, opens up her twatLisa directs her moves: “Mount my Peter for me or I will ask him to spank your ass real hard!”Lisa grabs my amazone by the blond manes to keep ulus escort control of her rythm bouncing up and down on meLes has never experienced something like this nor this very sexy and intimate position with her ass upLes has never had a finger entering her anal canal for a double penetration while she fingers her clitLisa stays in command, comments “Did I give you permission to play with your pussy, my twin?”Lisa stays in control, smiles at me in the mirror in front of us where I also see Les’ titties bounceLes can not hold it back, she is already coming, her tight twat milks my member which makes me shoot!Les can not keep well at her feet so I hold her straight by her hips as Lisa descends, sits at my lapLes get her first ever creampie, as her only fuck with a guy before was with a condom on her ordersLisa Love loves to watch my sperm slowly drip down Les lovely looking love lips, she eagerly licks!Lisa wins and Les wins new trust of a trusted man thrusting her private parts with his prickLots of love between us three happens after this break-through sexy experience for former lezzie LesLots of sexy situations – stuff for possibly some more installments if my readers like to know more!Let us know by your likes and preferably your comments whether you want me to continue this seriesLet me have your feedback, essential for any ambitious writer, as writing publicly is no ‘solo-sex’