Liquor Store Booty“Barry,” called out Geneva Campbell. “Do you mind going to get a bottle of wine?” The attractive middle-aged woman made the request because they were expecting a visit from her cousin and his family since they were driving though the area. It had been years since Geneva had seen Marcus. On the phone with his wife, she was able to convince them to spend the night, Barry yelled back, “Yeah. Give me a minute.”The forty-six year-old, brown-skinned man shut down his game of Madden NFL 16 on his Xbox One. He walked out of the den to find his wife throwing together a casserole. “Do I need to get more than one bottle,” the janitorial service company owner asked.“Maybe get a couple. Do you have any whiskey?”“Uhhh. Not enough to share. I’ll pick some up too.”“Thanks,” replied Geneva.“How long until they get here?”“About two hours.”“Alright. I’ll be back soon.”Barry fished his black Eddie Bauer insulated trench coat from the front closet. He put it on over his large blue and white Sigma sweatshirt. He walked out of the split-level house into the garage. He started his dark red 2011 Lincoln Navigator. He let up the garage door and went back inside for a moment to let the vehicle warm since it was freezing outside.“Do we need anything else,” the southern born-and-raised man checked with his wife.“I don’t think so,” Geneva answered.“Alright. I’ll be back in a few.”It was beginning to snow, but that was common during the winters in the northeast. Barry was a little perturbed that his wife had invited folks over. He did not mind company at all, but since his two sons were both finally out of the house in college, he cherished the alone time. He backed out of the driveway carefully. The five-foot-eleven, bald headed man turned down this street and that. He belched loudly and then rubbed his slight beer belly. He decided to take the scenic route.After ağrı rus escort bayan a short ride, he arrived at the New Star Spirits Emporium. As he pulled into his parking place he saw a young brown-skinned dude standing outside wearing a two-tone yellow and gray pullover jacket, a pair of purple tights, and some black Keds hiking boots with purple soles and laces. He was chatting with an elderly woman that was shaking her head in the negative. The old lady walked inside. Barry got out of his SUV. He headed over to the guy who was sporting a headful of twists. He could see a tiny dick print inside the leggings. Barry inquired, “You okay?”“Yes, sir,” lisped the hanger-on.“Alright. Just making sure.”“Can you do me a favor,” the boi asked prolonging the conversation.“What is it?”“Can you get me some gin? I have the money,” he said producing a twenty dollar bill.“How old are you,” Barry checked.“I’m nineteen.”Barry laughed, “Okay! I’ll get you some. Keep your cash though.”Barry walked inside the store. He selected two large bottles of Chardonnay, a fifth of Jack Daniels, a four-pack of Red Stripe, and a 750-ml container of Aristocrat gin. He paid for the lot with his American Express card. The cashier bagged up the alcohol and handed it to him. He said thanks and exited the store.Once he was outside, he said to the obviously effeminate guy, “Get in the truck.”The k** hopped in.Barry cranked up the vehicle and asked, “What’s your name?”“I’m Jace. What’s yours?”“Barry. Why are you standing out in the cold like this?”“I wanted to get a drink,” Jace laughed.“I see. It’s in the bag. Where do you live?”“Over on Poynter. At Smithson Commons.”“Right around the corner. I’ll drop you off.”“Thank you!”Barry drove out of the parking lot. He made a right then another one onto Poynter. He drove straight past the housing ağrı rus escort project.“Hey. It was right there,” the teenager said.Barry replied, “I know. Need to make a quick stop up here.”He turned into Neville Heights Park. He crept slowly and brought his ride to a halt.“Go ahead and take a drink,” Barry instructed his passenger.“Okay,” Jace smiled.“It’s warm in here. You can take your coat off. I wanna chill for a minute.”“Really?”“Yeah! I like guys like you.”“What do you mean,” inquired the confused one taking a drink.“Hand me one of the beer cans. I mean I like sissy bois.”“Why do you think I’m a sissy?”“Your clothes. Your voice. If I’m wrong, I’m sorry.”“No you’re right,” he confirmed.“I knew it! Where’s your boyfriend?”“I don’t have one.”“If you say so,” Barry chuckled. “I know somebody is working your pretty ass over on the regular.”Jace giggled.“Am I wrong,” asked Barry.“I don’t really have a regular guy right now,” Jace confessed.“What a shame! When’s the last time you had some dick?”“Last night,” he shared.“Really. By who?”“My mom’s new boyfriend.”“That’s hot,” Barry remarked as he rubbed Jace’s leg. “Did he fuck you good?”“Yes, sir! When’s the last time you had sex with a femboi?”“Three nights ago. With my regular Guatemalan bitch boi.”“Was it fun?”“Always. He’s a real cute li’l thing with long hair and can take a pounding like no other.”“I’m jealous,” Jace said.“You don’t have to be. You got me right now,” Barry smiled caressing his passenger’s face. “Your lips are pretty. You gonna let daddy feel that mouth?”“Yes sir! Thank you!”Jace leaned over as Barry unzipped his jeans. The older man pulled out his thick seven-inch dick. Jace licked his and dove in. “Got damn, bitch,” Barry groaned. “Suck daddy’s dick like a good Ii’l sissy boi!”Barry was in a bit of a rush to get back which meant he would not rus escort ağrı be able to savor this pretty young tart giving him the amazing blow job. He let his seat back and grabbed a handful of Jace’s hair. He lifted him up and said, “Hop on. Daddy don’t have too long.”Jace removed his shoes and his tights. He climbed on top of Barry and grimaced as he lowered himself on the fat pole.“That boipussy is good and tight,” Barry confessed.“You like it daddy,” Jace quizzed.“Oh yeah, faggot!”Jace bounced harder and faster and asked, “How long you been fucking sissies?”“Long time,” Barry admitted with a moan.“When was your first, daddy? Tell me please it’ll turn me on.”“He was a tall skinny guy that went to college with me. He did ballet. Ahh, fuck!”Jace went rode with fury as Barry closed his eyes. Jace’s nine inch cock was now stiff as a bone.“You got a big one, faggot!”“Yes, sir,” the bottom boi laughed. Barry squeezed Jace’s firm round ass and remarked, “You can take some dick!”“Yours feels so good, sexy!”“That pussy is wet now, sissy! I wish I could fuck you for an hour.”Jace jumped up and down with all his might. He nutted on Barry’s stomach.Barry sighed, “I love a little bitch that can cum hands free.”Jace giggles as he rode harder. Barry began to sweat and breathe with angst. “Ahhhhh shit,” he howled as he came to completion. After they cleaned up a little, Jace got redressed. Barry dropped him off at the entry of the public housing complex, but not before putting Jace’s number in his phone.On the way home, he made a call.“Hello, daddy” beamed the soft accented voice.“Hi, faggot! What are you doing,” Barry inquired.“Just sitting here watching TV. What about you?”“Running an errand. Thinking about your cute sissy ass.”“Aww! You’re so sweet, papi!”“Thanks,” Barry chuckled. “I probably can’t get away tonight. My wife invited folks to stay the night. Can I come in the morning when she heads to church?” “Sure, baby!”“Great! Be naked and have on those pink heels for daddy!”“Yes, sir!”“Good. Gotta go, faggot! Give daddy a kiss.”Mateo made a loud smacking sound into the phone as Barry’s dick twitched.“We’re going all day tomorrow. I’m taking a Cialis tonight.”