Life and times of a Late Bloomer[Backgroud]So for most of my teens and early 20s, I was COMPLETELY lame with girls, like insanely so. I was diagnosed as autistic when I was 20, so I thought “hey, I have an excuse”. Except that for someone who does what I do (makes music) and has the social circle I have, it was not right! Made conscious effort to be more comfortable around girls and one night, nearly a month before my 24th birthday, it paid off….———————————————————————-I’m relaxing on a very warm night in July, randomly checking stuff on the net and messaging a few girls on a dating site. Randomly, a girl starts chatting. I check out her profile – 20, Indian, cute and the roundest ass I’d ever seen on an Asian girl. So I begin chatting to her, thinking “Well, let’s see how far this one goes before it fizzles out”, as is tradition when dealing with dating sites. Conversation is slowly chugging along until I say”I’ve been lucky to have one meet so far from OLD””….so, did you get any action?””Sadly no””Shame””I bet you got a bit of action yourself though ;)””maybe lol”I thought this was going a bit too well, too good to be true I thought. So instead of playing it safe, I thought I’d ramp it up a bit. Detailed exactly what I found attractive about her body from pictures, which initially I thought was corny, but she seemed receptive, asking for more. Then of course, I talked about the ass…”It’s perfect for a man like me, you should learn to make it clap””Think it would look good if I do that””Certainly would. I know what would look better than that too – but another time””Tell me now!””Nope. Use your imagination””PLEASE””OK – you making your booty clap would look great…….but you, making your booty clap around my >====D would look magnificent :P””No denying that. So when did you clock I was a bit of a slut?”I’m in. Shit just got real. I never take a conversation this far, this sexual anyway. It was uncharted territory. So she tells me she’s into black guys which makes me very happy. Telling me how they like touching and groping her in the club when grinding on her and how much she likes it, getting fucked at a club, which I’d never done. She must have known I was a virgin though – it was one of the questions I answered on that part of my profile! :/ Evidently she didn’t ataşehir escort care…I moved to wrap up the conversation at this point – it was 3am and I was going to have a quick wank (ironically to a Leah Jaye vid I had just downloaded, whom she slightly resembled). So I said:me “well……this has been a thoroughly enjoyable chat, but I have to go unfortunately :(“Her “your a dick!”Me “Why?”Her “All this talk made me horny and now you’re going”Me “How horny? Wanna continue this some time?”Her “You wanna come over?”Me “Where are you?”[She tells me]Me “Ahh, I can get there in less than an hour”Her “How big are you?”Me “7 inches” Her “Cool, stay over?”Me “Sure”Her “What you want me to wear?”Me “Something short and red, no underwear ;)”Her “Just so you know, this is a first!”Me “It’s a first for me too”Her “You coming alone”Me “Yeah, why?”Her “Black guys normally bring their boys”LOLMe “It’s 3am, I doubt any of my boys are gonna be about right now” (This was true)Her “OK, here’s my number, call me when you’re near – I haven’t been laid in ages”Me “You have no idea!”I nearly tripped over my dick sneaking out of the house while my mum was sleeping. I got dressed up nice, took 40 quid and stepped out slowly, before breaking into a brisk walk towards the bus stop. I was finally gonna get laid! I had a small bag of weed, bought a pack of Durex and a bottle of Captain Morgans. Then I had a pang of anxiety getting on the bus. Oh shit, this is happening! What if I suck in bed? What if my boner goes down or I cum too fast? What if I can’t get hard? My excitement and joy turned to dread and worry. I had to take a swig of the Morgan on the bus just to calm down a bit!40 mins past and I was at the station to meet her. It was light already but hardly anyone was around. She was standing outside the train station – this girl was cute as fuck. She had the naughtiest expression on her face, the look of a girl dripping in anticipation at getting a good stiff one after a long while. Her tight red dress accentuated how round and pert her beautiful bum was, while her legs were so perfectly shaped. Her breasts sat invitingly in her dress as she saw me get off the bus – biting her bottom lip eagerly. I had never seen a girl react like this to my presence before. Confidence came swarming over my entire body, and with it came complete and pendik escort utter arousal. I sauntered towards her with all the “swag” I could summon. For someone I had never met before in my life, I felt like I was meeting a long lost ex after years – we said hi, exchanged pleasantries while embracing tightly, I planted a soft kiss on her neck while making sure boldly held a decent handful of her ass while hugging her. The softness of her behind as it sat so comfortably in my palm heightened the anticipation in me, and she could tell. She was getting off on it, the little minx. From then on, I threw all caution to the wind. Before she could say another word to me, I planted a kiss on her while lightly tugging her hair in my right hand, and an assful in my left. My erection started poking her belly through my jeans – she stopped me and whispered “You can’t wait, can you?”. Her sexy eyes lit up, as she pulled me behind the tube station and into the garden outside her dorm room before I could say anything. She put both hands on my chest and pushed me against the wall. There was nobody around – just us. She looked at me right in the eye – anyone who’s ever tried to look an autistic person in the eye knows this can be difficult but this time I was absolutely captivated.”For a noob, you’re pretty sure of yourself – I’m gonna blow your mind tonight”Oh shit. I’m in trouble. She bent down and unzipped my jeans, as I clutched my bottle of Captain Morgan’s knowing what was coming next. Out shot my cock, harder than a diamond cutter (DDP lol). “You’ve gotta nice cock!” Trying to maintain my composure, I said in a low voice “Why don’t you taste it and see how nice it is”. In my head, I was saying “Whatever you do, don’t cum, don’t cum, don’t cum”. I mean, I have a pretty low refractory period, but she doesn’t know that! As I felt the soft, wet flick of her tongue across the underside of my shaft, I closed my eyes. I couldn’t believe I was getting my dick sucked outside in public. Normally, I’d be wanking into my underpants watching Pinky and Jazmine Cashmere videos. Soon enough, my entire cock was enveloped firmly into her mouth as she drew her lips slowly backwards and forwards, wetting my whole shaft as I was sighing heavily. 3 mins in and I was sure I was going to cum straight in her mouth. I started to focus on anything to kadıköy escort stop myself – Arsenal matches, crusty feet, you name it. Just as she started sucking towards the head, my phone rang. It was my mother of all people -_-. Without thinking, I answered the phone.”WHERE ARE YOU?!!? ITS NEARLY 5 IN THE MORNING AND YOU’RE NOT HERE, ANYTHING COULD BE HAPPENIN-“”….I’m fine mum…..I just got out to see a friend, I’ll be back later”This is not happening! Why did I answer. I looked down at the girl – she looked at me with an expression that I almost immediately knew what it meant. “I’m gonna make this guy cum while he’s on the phone to his mum”. And then she proceeded to give me the most fantastic blowjob in the history of head. She reached for my balls and squeezed softly through my pants while she sped up her sucking. I was close to the edge, every motion she made on my cock felt better than the last. As I couldn’t take it anymore, I snapped at my mum, “Don’t worry, I’ll call you back later”. As I hung up the phone, I could feel myself about to cum hard. “I’m gonna cum so hard” I breathed out loud as I expected her to pull out and let me cum onto some tissue or something – because girls in real life don’t often like to take it in the mouth or on the face….right? Man, I was such a innocent little noob. She just moaned softly and continued sucking……..and sucking…….and sucking……I unleashed the biggest, longest, strongest and most pleasurable nut I had ever busted in my entire life. If I compiled every wank I ever had and added up the collective pleasure attained, it would not come close to the volcanic eruption I felt that morning. It didn’t phase her one bit, she just kept going till the very last drop, moaning softly. I was shuddering against the wall, almost in agony at how good it felt – I was almost empty! Just as I was at the peak of my sensitivity, she stopped. She showed me the impressive amount of cum I left in her mouth, before she swallowed it whole. I was so speechless, I could barely muster a “Wow!”. She smiled knowingly and said, “I knew you’d like that”.She stood up and kissed me flush on the lips, while guiding my hand towards her pussy with a surprising amount of force, cupping my fingers across her clit, ever moistening by the mili-second. This girl was horny as fuck and the night was far from over. She grabbed my hand and said “Now, you’re gonna do me” as she pulled me through the door of her dorm house and up to her room. My fortunate, lucky night was about to get a whole lot luckier!To be continued…….