Lesbian Paradise at Land’s EndThe sun was starting to set. Kea had been sitting there for a while gazing beyond the ocean line horizon. That huge rock, a couple of yards above the white-powdered sand, was like a throne from which you could see the whole beach. When she went to the travel agency some weeks ago, looking for a lonely place to reward herself with a two week holiday after finishing her grad studies, she never thought that there could be such an isolated paradise on Earth. They recommended this unknown place, a tiny fishing port far from anywhere, with a unique beach you could only reach after a half an hour walk.It was her third day there and, as incredible as it may seem, she still didn’t see anyone on the beach; just a few small fishing boats passing by. In fact, she was the only client at the inn. “We seldom have tourists here”, they told her… Fantastic! She could finally get that deserved rest she needed.So there she was, letting her mind float with the breeze when, all of a sudden, she saw someone walking towards the water. Even though the light was getting dimmer, she could see that it was a young woman with long, curly black hair wearing a light dress. The girl stopped at the water-edge and took off her clothes, placing them on the sand. Facing the waves, her tanned nude body stood still, letting the foam cover her skin. Her back was beautiful, with the most precious butt.Kea, at first, was surprised with the unexpected visitor. And then, with the sight of that incredible naked body, she felt shivers on the back of her neck. When the girl turned around to skip a wave, her perfectly shaped breasts came in sight and Kea felt a sudden quiver in her pelvis. And her breath gasped when she saw her goddess-like face. Never before had she felt such a reaction towards a girl. She did admire female beauty, even though she had never been aware of being attracted to women.The girl kept playing with the waves while the setting sunlight made her wet skin shine like gold. Feeling guilty for behaving like a silent voyeuse, Kea noticed how her pussy was getting warm and humid. More and more restless, she closed her eyes and finally decided to let herself go. Her hand went straight down her jeans looking for that throbbing spot that was demanding attention. Her fingers found their way to a warm, wet çankaya escort universe of sensations and moved them slowly up and down. But the arousal was so intense, that she had to slip her middle finger deep into her soaking slot. With her eyes still closed, Kea kept seeing that angelic beauty in her mind and her passion got mixed with the sound of the waves and the breeze, losing track of time.But her frenzy came to a full stop when she suddenly heard a soft voice coming from behind: “Hello …what are you doing here all alone?”. Kea turned her head around and found two dark blue eyes, half-covered by black curls, looking straight at hers… ===Kea almost panicked. She felt surprised and very embarrassed. She tried to excuse herself with a lie taking her hand quickly out of her jeans: “Oh, I’m sorry… I thought there was nobody around.” The girl spoke again, with her strong accent: “We seldom have tourists here… “. Kea didn’t know what to say, staring at the girl’s awesome face. The last rays of sun were sparkling in her eyes and her beauty was now even more overwhelming. “My name is Landra. I came for a swim and didn’t notice you were here.” She came closer and sat down beside her. She was still undressed and Kea couldn’t avoid a glance at the girl’s hard dark nipples. “Oh… my name is Kea. I’m here on holidays.” Landra cleaned some drops of salt water from her lips with her tongue and looked straight into Kea’s eyes again. “As I said, we seldom have tourists here. That’s why I come to bathe with no fear of being spied.” Kea felt guilty: “I’m sorry… it wasn’t my intention.” Landra smiled, “Don’t worry; actually it was my fault for not having looked around first.” Kea didn’t know where to hide her wet, sticky hand so the girl wouldn’t notice and moved it clumsily from side to side, but Landra pretended not to see. “Why, of all the possible places on this planet, did you come to Land’s End? It’s far from anywhere…” Kea smiled for the first time, remembering those same words they told her at the Travel Agency. “That’s exactly what I was looking for. I just wanted to be alone and rest in a nice and quiet place…” Landra smiled back, looking at how Kea’s restless hand kept going from one side to another trying to find a place to hide. “Well, it seems that we balgat escort both interrupted each other’s solitude. I come here often at sunset, even though not always for swimming. Sometimes I just take long walks on the sand.” Landra got up and kneeled in front of Kea, facing her and taking a good look at how pretty she was: her blond short hair, her soft cheeks, her hazel eyes… “When I finished high school at the capital, I came back to the village to help my family at the inn.” Kea was a bit puzzled. “At the inn? I’m staying there and I never saw you!” Landra smiled, “But I saw you… I went to town for a few days to get some supplies and came back last night. You were having breakfast this morning…” Kea smiled too while she moved her hand again trying to hide it behind her back. While she spoke, Landra couldn’t avoid paying attention to the restless hand and gently took it into hers, lifted it up to her lips and started to lick it softly. “I’ll clean it for you…” Kea was so confused that she didn’t know how to react: Landra’s tongue wiping away her juice silently but sensually just triggered off her arousal again and felt chills going all down her spine. She looked straight into Landra’s cute face and started licking the salty drops of water that were still on her cheeks, “And I’ll clean this for you…”===Kea had never been with another girl before. She had never even thought nor fantasized about it and, all of a sudden, there she was licking a beauty’s cheeks while her own fingers wet with her pussy juice were being wiped by another women’s tongue. She touched each salty drop with the tip of her tongue and slowly went down to Landra’s lips that were still tasting her fingers. Both tongues magically touched and, while she started sharing and tasting her own fingers with Landra, she felt how her pussy was getting wetter and wetter. Kea led her free hand towards Landra’s breasts, hardly touching them, and slowly went down to her kneeled thighs. Landra slightly opened her legs and took Kea’s hand with her free one, gently showing it the way the way to her pussy. Kea almost fainted with desire when she touched Landra’s soaking wet labia lips. She couldn’t believe what was happening! Suddenly, she took away her left hand from Landra’s lips and took her right one away elvankent escort from the juiciest pussy she could ever imagine. Landra freezed in confusion for a moment, watching how Kea backed off and thinking maybe she had got scared or was changing her mind.Landra immediately recovered the smile on her face when she saw how Kea was frenziedly taking off her clothes: t-shirt, bra, jeans, panties and sandals went flying all around. “This rock is killing me!” Then Kea grabbed Landra’s hands and led her running down to the beach. They suddenly made a full stop right where the waves crashed on the shore and stood one in front of the other, letting the dusk softly light up their bodies. Then they both held each other’s faces and fell on the sand, passionately eating their lips and tongues as if they were starving to death. The whole Universe around them suddenly disappeared, only their naked bodies rubbing and rolling were left. Landra pushed Kea on her back and kneeled over her. She let a thin line of her saliva drip down into Kea’s mouth and then started to caress every square inch of Kea’s skin. When she got down to her pussy, she gently introduced her middle finger into Kea’s soaking wet pussy. Kea had never felt anything like that: with one hand, Landra was giving her pussy a rhythmic wave-motion fingering. Then she stuck her other hand in the mouth, soaking it well with saliva and gently massaging Keas’s butthole with the tips of her fingers, without stopping the rhythmic wave-motion fingering in her pussy. Kea went out of this world when, simultaneously, Landra started massaging her clit with her hard flat tongue, alternating on her butthole as well without removing her fingers. Landra was also completely in ecstasy as she tasted that mixture of pussy juices, butt skin and salt water; it was like nectar of the gods for her. Rhythm, nectar, fingers, licks, moans, hums, waves, sand, breeze, skin… Kea felt she was about to explode… and she did! Landra’s magical fingers and tongue made her come like an uncontrolled combustion and, for the first time in her life, she released her juices with an intense squirt filling Landra’s hand with more nectar. Landra felt Kea’s quivers of pleasure on her hands and up her arms. Kea gave off one last gasp with a deep moan and relaxed. After a second, only the waves could be heard. It was already dark. Landra finally laid down beside Kea, gave her a deep kiss and, with one of her perfect smiles, said: “I hope to see you at breakfast, Kea… tomorrow is my turn at sunset.”And Kea whispered to herself with a sigh of wellbeing: “Paradise at Land’s End!”