Laura and JimLaura and Jim are a married couple in their late 30’s. Jim works as a clerk at the local home improvement store. His wife Laura was going back to the local community college to get her paralegal degree. Jim has a foot, nylon, and leg fetish and loves it when Laura dresses up in the bedroom wearing sexy nylons and high heels. He’ll spend hours worshipping her feet and legs and sometimes he gets so excited, he’ll cum on legs and stockinged feet before having a chance to cum in her pussy.Finally, when Laura graduated, she got a good job at a prestigious law firm downtown. Much to Jim’s delight, the dress code at the law firm required ladies to wearing business suits with skirts and/or dresses. The other ladies working there (mostly secretaries and other paralegals) were mostly in their 20’s, and wore very short skirts, nylons, and high heels to work. Laura had to go buy more clothing türbanlı aksaray escort to expand her wardrobe along with a good supply of pantyhose and new high heels. Jim loved to see Laura after work, watch her slip off her high heels and he would rub and kiss her pretty feet through her pantyhose. She started wearing bright red toenail polish, which made her feet even sexier. The owners and senior partners of the law firm are men, mostly in their 40’s through late 60’s. Laura’s boss Steve, who was one of the young partners at the firm, was working on an important case, which required some long hours and overtime on the part of Laura. She called Jim and told him she was working late one Friday night and she’ll be home around 10 PM. When Laura got home, Jim could hardly wait to get her in the bedroom so her could take off her shoes türbanlı aksaray escort bayan after a long day’s work, and worship her feet to inhale the lovely scent of shoe leather, nylon, and Laura’s delightful foot smell. Laura was sitting on the edge of the bed, and Jim was on the floor kissing her feet. Jim noticed a different smell this time and the feet of the pantyhose were a little more fragrant and moist than usual and the nylon had some dried crusty areas on top of the foot and along the calf as if something had spilled and dried there. Jim mentioned this and Laura admitted that her boss Steve had also worshipped her feet and legs earlier in the evening and Steve had shot a big load of cum on her pantyhose, most of which she was able to wipe off, but some of it must have remained. Laura was a little nervous admitting this türbanlı escort aksaray to Jim, but it seemed to excite him as he began licking and kissing her feet even more intensely, sucking out Steve’s dried cum from Laura’s pantyhose.Laura explained to Jim that Steve offered to double her salary if she would occasionally indulge his sexual fantasies. Steve was a leg man like Jim and Steve would have Laura sit on his lap after hours at work. Steve would rub Laura’s sexy nylon covered legs while French kissing her. To relieve himself, Steve would often masturbate and unload on Laura’s legs, feet, and shoes. Laura never let Steve enter her pussy with his cock, but she admitted to Jim that she did suck it several times. Most of the time, Steve loved to get off with a nylon footjob or legjob from Laura. After hearing of his wife’s fetish escapades at work, Jim felt ashamed, humiliated, and turned on all at once. He let loose a big orgasm and came on his wife’s legs. Having two men’s sperm on her legs, Laura went to change clothes and take a shower. Jim still felt weird. Was this a sign that his marriage to Laura was failing? She indicated that she still loved Jim. Was Laura performing for her boss for extra cash was no different than being a call girl?