Authors note: This is second chapter of a long story based in medieval times. If you have not read the first chapter, I advise you to read the first chapter.

Warning: The story contains some themes of war violence and mentions of rape (no description)

Linus guided Icarus to the Izsak’s camp.

“My Prince, that is the camp right there.”

“Linus, I’ve told you a number of times, we grew up together, and when it is just the two of us you can drop the formalities.”

“Of course, Icarus, now listen to me carefully. Princess Scylla should be arriving soon, Izsak has already gotten rid of most of his security and only has his two trustworthy guards. Tanisa’s potion will take about few minutes to take effect. You will have plenty of time before Queen Dione’s men arrive.”

“There she is, that is Scylla, isn’t it?”

“Yes, that is her.”

“What’s happening? Why are the guards leaving with her maid?”

“I am guessing the princess wants some privacy. This makes things easier.”

“I prefer a cleaner war, but if this is what is required for my people, so be it.”

“Good luck Icarus!”


“Princess Scylla, you look beautiful. My eyes have been longing for your sight for so long.”

“You are too kind Prince Izsak.”

Spartan women were known warriors and could fight most men not Spartan, but Scylla was different. She was delicate as a flower, long wavy auburn hair reaching her butt. Her skin had a creamy complexion and deep dark eyes. Her smile was as pleasant as sunset. She was wearing long white robes suiting that of a princess, encompassing her slim body but showing the curves just at the right places.

“Where is your security my love?” Izsak asked.

“I couldn’t risk, not yet. I could bring my only trusted maid.”

“Don’t worry my guards are”

“My prince, I feel safe with you. We don’t need these guards with us for now. You can relieve them of their duty for now.”

“Are you sure my love?”

“Yes, I am, and I believe these are your most trustworthy men. I have a reward for the trust you have in them. Matila will reward them tonight. They may have laid with many women, but no one fucks like a spartan woman.” She turned towards the soldiers, “But I must warn, Spartan women don’t get under a man they don’t love.”

The maids leave each take hands of the guards and take them away.


A little away from the Izsak’s tent, the two guards were enjoying the body of the only spartan woman they had ever been with

Matila was on her knees taking sucking cock of one of the guards while the other one was pounding her from the back. Both men grunting at the glory of ravishing a spartan woman.

She was enjoying her pounding while it suddenly stopped. The guard behind her collapsed on the side. As she looked up, she saw the second guard holding his neck trying to pull out the dart in his neck unsuccessfully as he too collapsed on the ground.

Matila got up in horror and was about to scream, as she felt a hand grip her body and her mouth covered with another hand.

“Scream and I will snap your neck.” Icarus said.

The maid, still shook in horror, but held her nerves.

“I do not have much time and certainly not going to repeat eryaman arabaya gelen escortlar myself, so listen carefully. I am here on a mission. Lucky for you, the mission does not require your death. In fact, you are more useful to me alive than dead. Now, If you promise not to scream, I am going to take my hand of my mouth. Nod your head if you agree.”

Matila agreed in compliance. Icarus released his hand over his mouth and her body, not allowing her to turn. The maid was shaking in horror trying to control her tears.

“Take this,” Icarus said as he placed a vial in her hand, “You will go in the tent and put this in Prince Izsak’s drink. This isn’t poison, you won’t be killing him, that is all you need to know. Once that is done you will calmly walk out and stand next to this tree facing the tent. Understood?”

“Yes!” Matila replied meekly.

“I will be watching you at every minute. I told you I don’t need to kill you, but it won’t bother me much. The slightest hint I get of you defying my orders and you will an arrow pierce through your heart.”

Matila’s eyes popped in horror, but she nodded in compliance.

“Go now!”

Matila wiped the tears of her face and followed his instructions. She asked for permission to enter the tent. When she entered the tent, she found Izsak and Scylla cuddled up to each other on the bed. In the corner of the tent, she saw a small hole in the tent and eyes looking at her.

She poured them a drink and silently poured the vial in Izsak’s wine, “My Prince, the finest wine from Spart,” she said presenting him the wine. The prince not bothered to take his eyes from princes Scylla for even a moment grabbed the glass and began sipping the wine.

“Is there anything else I can do?”

“That is all Matila, thank you!” Scylla responded.

Matila walked out of the tent and took a bid breathe of air contemplating the act of treason she had just performed. She stood near the tree as instructed waiting for what net would happen.

“You’ve done well,” she heard a voice from behind. She got startled and almost screamed but Icarus gripped her again and covered her mouth.

“Remember, no screaming. You’ve done what was asked of you, and as promised I won’t kill you. But you realize you’ve done something terrible, if you wish to live you need to do exactly what I tell you. Nod if you agree.”

Matila nodded.

“You will be asked what happened here. You will tell everyone; you were accompanying Princess Scylla to the temple of Kahn when you were attacked by the two guards lying behind you. You saw Prince Izsak take Scylla in his tent and in a few moments heard her scream as these guards were raping you. Understood?”

Icarus took the hand off her mouth still holding her by a tight grip. “When you wake up, you will tell the Spartans the last thing you remember was Scylla’s screams going silent. Understood?”

“When I wake up…?” Matila tried asking just as she felt a small prick in her neck. Before she could feel the pain of something poked in her neck, she felt unconscious and crumbled down in Icarus’ arms.


As Matila left the tent, Izsak and Scylla were kissing each other, feeling each other’s bodies sincan escort bayan as they were letting out the frustration due to being away from each other.

“My love, I have missed you so much,” Scylla said finding difficult to let go off Izsak’s lips.

“Me too my love, but we don’t have to stay separated anymore,” Izsak said.

Scylla stopped for a moment, “What do you mean?”

“Let’s elope, you and I, away from everyone, everything.”

“But where would we go? If either of our families find us, it would be the end of us.”

“I have thought about it. I have secretly setup a house far east in the city of Leopolis. I have accumulated small wealth and a trade under a different name. We will have to give up our royal lives and live a normal life, with each other.”

There was sparkle in Scylla’s eyes, “Is this really possible?”

“Yes. Neither my father nor Queen Dione would reach that far east. They have no diplomatic relations with Queen Victoria. No one knows us there; we will be safe. But we will not by Prince and Princess anymore.”

“I don’t care for that, you will always be my King and I want to be your Queen,” Scylla said as she planted a deep passionate kiss.

Their tongues were mingling each other as their lips met each other with passion. The thought of them being together had elevated the passion in the moment.

Scylla got on top of Izsak as she was kissing him madly. She opened the knots on Izsak’s shirt as she continued kissing his neck, his chest and all over his body. Izsak in the heat of passion ripped open her blouse exposing her breasts.

“I can’t believe after tonight we will be together forever,” Scylla said as she created some separation. She reached down, unbuckled Izsak’s britches and pulled it down exposing his erect cock. “Let me show you my gratitude,” Scylla said as she started stroking Izsak’s cock.

As his cock got fully erect, Scylla proceeded to kiss the tip of his cock, slowly putting her lips on it and gradually moving down on his cock. Izsak leaned his head back soaking in the ecstasy.

Izsak looked down to see the beautiful sight of his love, Scylla’s head going up and down on his cock. His moans were getting louder as he was hearing the slurping sound of Scylla’s lips brushing his cock.

Scylla paused and rose up on the bed. She took off the half torn blouse and slipped her dress down to her waist. She moved close to Izsak and planted another deep kiss, positioning herself over Izsak’s crotch.

“My love, I thought you wanted to wait until our marriage,” Izsak said.

“My king, in the eyes of gods, I am already yours. I do not wish to wait for laws of men.”

Scylla positioned Izsak’s cock at the entrance of her vagina. The nervousness of feeling a cock in her virgin vagina was battling her eagerness to finally make love with the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life.

Just as she pushed the tip of the cock in she left out a soft moan, “aaahh..”

Slowly she continued pushing down halfway down Izsak’s penis, slowly moving up and down on it. Izsak patiently enjoyed the moment, waiting for Scylla to take her time. Scylla opened her eyes and looked in the eyes of Izsak.

As soon as gölbaşı sınırsız escort she felt the love for her, she pushed herself down completely, “aaaah my goddssss.” Scylla screamed as she felt all of Izsak’s cock pierce through her. She could feel the pain but determined to get past it she continued moving on his cock. Slowly at first, her pain was decreasing, and pleasure was taking its place now.

Her cries of pain were now turning into moans of pleasure. She started riding now in pleasure, sensually her body moved now enjoying the carnal pleasure. Her hand previously resting on Izsak’s chest now moved back as she leaned back pointing her perky nipples towards the sky as she began to ride Izsak’s cock in a rhythmic motion.

Izsak grabbed Scylla’s breasts now, caressing her breasts with both hands as he felt his cock gripped by Scylla’s warm and tight vagina. He knew he would not last long in this position.

He swiftly got up and turned Scylla putting her on her back. He got on top of her, his cock still inside Scylla. He leaned into her and planted a deep kiss on her lips as he gently began thrusting his hip, moving his cock in and out of Scylla’s vagina.

Slowly he increased his speed as Scylla could feel the pain and passion mix together as she pierced her nails in Izsak’s back leaving marks of passion.

Scylla could feel an intense orgasm build up, “My goddd, aaaahhh fuckkk,” she screamed and moaned as she felt her body taken over by an intense orgasm and felt her soul crumble at the mercy of her love, Izsak.

Scylla’s moan had pushed Izsak close to orgasm, “My love, I am cumming,” Izsak said as he thrust his hip for one final time as he unloaded all of his cum inside Scylla’s vagina. Izsak crashed next to Scylla as Scylla felt Izsak’s cum drip out of her vagina.

They both were breathing heavy.

“I love you, Izsak” Scylla said as she settled into the arms of Izsak, “I will follow you anywhere you take me, until the end of time.”

“Scylla,” Izsak mumbled.

“Yes, my love.”

“I..I am not feeling…well..” Izsak said as he tried to get up and fumbled again.

“What’s wrong my love?” Scylla said as she felt confused on what was happening.

Izsak was trying to say something but could not put any words together as he could feel the world around him revolving.

“What’s wrong Izsak? What’s happening?” Scylla cried in panic.

“Don’t worry, he won’t be dying. He is just under heavy hallucination.” She heard a voice from behind.

As she turned, she saw a tall, strong man in a warriors attire standing behind her.

“Who are you? What have you done to him?” Scylla yelled as she tried grabbed a sword lying next to the bed. She stood in front of Izsak trying to shield the struggling prince pointing her sword at Icarus.

“It doesn’t matter who I am or what I want. But I do feel you deserve to know; this isn’t your fault. I have nothing against you, perhaps if your King and Queen had worked with us, this day wouldn’t have come.”

Syclla swung Izsak’s sword at Icarus. Icarus grabbed dodged her first swing and caught her wrist, “I have to do it for my people,” he said as he turned her wrist to stab the sword in her chest pointing towards and her and pulled her into the sword.

Izsak saw in horror as he saw his own sword pierce through Scylla’s heart as her naked body collapsed on the ground right in front of him. He mustered all his energy to get up an attack Icarus, but knocked down by single punch by Icarus as he fell unconscious next to Scylla’s naked body.