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I Spy

Your naked form, perched on the edge of the bed the muscles in your arms  contracting with each powerful stroke your thighs tightening, as you squeezed that clear liquid out of the head my soft whimpers, as hot desire isveçbahis rushed between my thighs  my tongue darting out, as I imagined flicking it slowly across …


Catch Of The Day

Deep within your salty depths,
I troll my net in hopes to catch,
And fetch such scale as non compare,
I prep my bait, for mermaid fair.A lingering line, gleaming wet,
My dancing jig, a drag well set,
Your mouth to lure, isveçbahis your eyes to cure,
I sink well deep, this feast so pure.Oh maiden finned, of shimmering she,
My catch …


The Altar of Astarte

Kneeling at the altar,worship at the truest form,as I take her in, my Astarte, my goddess, my flame.Love filled eyes, heart beating fast,I cannot seem to tear myself away.Hours pass, and still my head lays bowed.Her smile isveçbahis melts me, taking me, sweeping me away.I did not foresee, how could I knowthat my heart would …


Kristina’s Forgotten Love

Kristina’s Forgotten Love“See, remember how good I kiss?”Kristina had to admit it felt fine, the woman’s kisses were as good as she’d said — but, really, why was she allowing her to touch her?Kristina’s arms hung limp while the woman moved a hand from Kristina’s cheek to the back of her neck and entwined her …


The Awakening of Mary

I’m sure you have all heard of the Butterfly Effect in Chaos Theory. How a small, inconsequential action can have huge effects. Well, our butterfly moment was my request for Mary to pose for some glamour style portraits as a birthday present for me. A seemingly innocuous request that had life-changing consequences.Up to that point, I had …

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