Kate & I at our 1st text chat thru skype- Hey, I loved the breasts in your pic!!> thanks ­čśë nice dick. i like them thick- I love to enjoy nipples getting hard!- I wish I could suck them gently> mmm tell me more ;)- Also I want to hold them from behind you while I am kissing the back of your neck…- And shake them slowly and gently to feel their weights in my hands…> mmm oh god.- Then slip my hands down along your stomach until my fingers find the north of your pussy…hoping thtat it is getting wet for me….> oh god baby its soaking now- then I want to have my finger soaked by your juice…- I then bring my fingers to my nose in order to enjoy the smell of your juices which is the best perfum in the world> why not just go down there and smell it? ;)- yes, but I first take my time enjoying it slowly while I can still hold you embrace you kiss your neck and mouth making your skin becoming goose neck appearing all over your body…> oh you know how to treat a lady- Then while you are still standing up but tremolous I would separate your leg in order to give me room for putting my hand to rub your pussy, still from behind you… You will desire to turn towards me but it is not time yet…> oh baby please i’m going crazy for you- I need to keep rubbing and kissing you all over your body…- If I see any imperfection you may be concerned about your body, I would kiss you more because that is what make you so unique…- I love your imperfections… Your smell now is so strong that I feel that I am out of my mind…> hmmmm> I feel your huge cock pushing up against me. I want you so bad but I can’t turn around. every touch you give me wants more and more that I’m consumed by your touch- Yes…- I am getting control over you… and you trust me and give yourself to my, without 1xbet yeni giri┼č barriers or any shame….- You are so wet now…> I’m practically dripping- I am thinking that I would like to try all holes by I need to choose the one to go first…I regret that I have only one penis now…> mmmm take me> please- Yes that is what I want, but I want you completely surrended to me, enjoying every movemnt that I make…- So I compose my self and instead of jumping on you I ask you how are you feeling and how and where you want to be touched at this very moment…> everywhere.- Do you want me to go oral now or should I penetrate you?> my body is on fire. i need your touch. please penetrate me. I want to feel the heat and thickness of your throbbing cock in my tight pussy- Yes my erection is almost painful because my cock is so tense that I think it could explode…- Then I bend you over because I am feeling like an a****l and noticing that you are so wet there, I penetrate you in one movement firmly but gentle and start thrusting it inside you….back and forth while you moan starting since the first penatration and without stopping…- I take my hand and rub the internal sides of your thights while I am giving you my dick…- You moan even more….> i cant stop moaning. my senses are exploding with every stroke of your hand, every thrust of your cock. I feel like my pussy is going to explode. I shudder and cum all over your thick cock, calling out for more of you- Yes I am loving it… I getting sweat, my breath is fast I am saying your name aloud… Kate.. (right?)… At this very moment I feel that your body is mine and my body is yours and we are so happy with that..> (y) I’m grabbing onto the sheets, the bedpost, anything to steady myself as you pound me 1xbet g├╝venilir mi from behind.> (yes)- Yes, and I notice that your hands are grabbing the sheets so tight as if you could fall into an abysm…- I look to your back and admire your gittar shape view from where I am…- I rub the back of your head with one hand and I dare to out my other hand’s finger in your mouth….- out= put- And you accept my finger gently in your mouth…> i lightly suck on your fingers, still moaning while you thrust your huge member in and out of my body- Oh yeah…- I feel that I could come but I dont want that moment to end … I grab my forces to resist cumming… I have so much to still do with you and enjoy…- then my eyes follow your spine slowly and my hands follow them down, slowly .> goosebumps rise where your fingers touch me- While I am thrusting inside you, tbecause of you doggy position I notice your asshole and desire it… But I dont dare to claim it, unless you ask…> i turn over to keep you from temptation and pull you down onto me. I kiss your neck, moaning into it from pleasure- Yes, it would be to much intimacy at that point and I am enjoying you so much…Then I asked if I can go down on you ( I am giving myself a break to explode right there)> yes please i moan out. upset that i no longer feel you but your cock is quickly replaced by your fingers- yes, I can see your pussy now right at my face… How is itbthere? hairy, shaved ?> shaved- all shaved ?> mhm- your smell is so good…- my tong goes right from above to your clit and i put two then 3 fingers inside you, gently, rubing your vagina slowly but gently and firmly…> oh god i feel like im going to burst already- Now I am at your side wile you are laying down on your back, my left hand is in 1xbet giri┼č your vagina and I am using the other hand rubbing your clit with my best finger…- I can see your nipples getting hard as you cum- and moan and cum again…- I kiss you in the mouth and you feel the smell of your juices in me…> you move ontop of me, sucking my nipples while moving your thumb over my clit, your other fingers sliding in and out of my wet vagina- yes- you are so warm now…- U cant think right now…> all i want is to feel your dick moving inside of me- I go to your mouth againg and u suck my tongue once as u cum- you them stick ur tongue out an I suck it briefly..- You r doing things you never did before…> i feel like i have no control over my body. I’m just moving where I want to be touched- yes, u are…- I then put one or two pillows unser your hips and I penetrate you again, now more controlled…> youre so far in i can feel our hips meeting- I am giving the thrusts and it is so tight closed down there that I go faster and faster..- You cant tell whether it is from vagina or from clit… fused in sensation both are> i cum again and again. my senses overloading- Yes.. and I am out of control and my cock is pulsating inside you.. U can feel it- And then I cum for some seconds… I feel so close to you that I could hold you for ever> oh baby please do- And I say that I fall in love with you…> oh i love you too- we agree to meet again…- I cant wait> definitly- I am thinking about you every day, many times…> me too- Hours later I would approach my finger to my nose just to refresh my memories of you…- Until I finaally must to wash my hands…- Hope u keep good memories of my in the mean while…- my=me> the best ;)- The best (and exhausted by our fun)- Please off line give me a thought while you masturbate, please???> oh i am. i definitly am> even as we speak- Could u send me a pic of your pussy, for me?- my e-mail is [email protected] tell me when you want to meet again…> soon> Warm kiss, kate. > very soon- luv,- J