just to observeto say i am nervous is putting it mildly , tonight i attend my 1st adult party — as an observer , yes i am a grown woman with all working bits , yes i have a healthy libido , but i can also be a complete nervous wreck and a social misfit , so tonights party hosts have graciously allowed me to attend in the role as observer , the plan being that the more often i observe the more confident i become . i know single women can be scarce on the party scene so this really benefits them too , if i become confident enough to play then they have an extra woman on their future guest lists , so observer suits us all tonight . a short taxi ride takes me to their home , i am grateful that i dont have to drive as this enables me to have the couple of glasses of pinot that gets me through their door . i am greeted by the party hosts , she is 50 ish , wearing thong , stockings and peek a boo bra and a million dollar smile , her husband is a little more formal in trousers and an open neck shirt , both welcome me although i know they are a little disappointed that i can not participate gaziantep escort yet , but no one knows my anxiety better than me . i am introduced to the crowd , who have all agreed to my attendance , a mixed group of men and woman , some clothed others not so much , its all very normal , its very relaxed , people are laughing , making small talk , sipping wine , its all very civilized . someone offers me glass of wine , and i start gazing at various artworks on the wall, at some point i notice that the laughter and small talk has stopped , replaced by the sound of zips being undone , appreciative sighs , wet kisses and low moans . my eyes are drawn to a woman sucking the largest cock i have ever seen , she licks it , swirls her tongue around the head , takes it deep to the back of her throat – the moaning grows louder , she sucks harder , the moaning increases — oh crap the moaning is coming from me . i step back and turn towards the next sight , a spit roast and omg are they pounding into that woman and shes loving it , i hear a mans balls slap against her buttocks escort bayan , i hear her gag around a fat cock , i hear the moaning — oh hell its me again . who knew observing could be so vocal . determined to maintain a silent stance from now on i glance at the scene to my right , a friendly looking woman is nervously arranging herself on all fours , i watch in utter amazement as a man parts her butt cheeks and starts to rim her ,some lube/ oil is applied to her little puckered entrance before he starts to widen her rosebud with his fingers , 1st one then gradually adding another and another , he swirls his fingers in her ass stretching her hole , i can feel the pussy juices flow from my fanny , i can smell my own arousal and i bite my lip to stem the moan that i was about to shout out . Finally he mounts the woman and begins his ride , and i mean ride , he rode that woman like a prized stallion , she screamed her orgasm , i moaned mine !! . another glass of wine headed my way and i decided i`d be better off sitting , i spied a comfy arm chair and relaxed , from behind the chair a hand softly touched my shoulder , it caressed between my neck and back , slowly it dipped inside my blouse under my bra and cupped breast , did i stop it , did i turn to see who it was ? No , i closed my eyes and leaned back as the other hand did the same with my right breast , i moaned as 2 fingers flicked , tugged and rolled my nipples into tight pebbles , oh god how i moaned . my titty lover came around the chair and pulled me to my feet , pulled up my skirt and thrust his fingers into my sopping wet pussy i moaned !!!!,Finger fucked into oblivion i sank to the floor on wobbly legs , i uttered no protest as i positioned all 4s , i screamed in delight as a thick cock pounded my pussy , i cried with ecstasy when 2 men each sucked one of my titties as the party host filled my ass with is experienced cock . i moaned when the clean up crew started work , and i dont mean the housekeepers , these cleaners take great pride in cleaning fanny and cock , every inch with their tongues . 5 cocks !! before i left for home i had experienced 5 cocks , been penetrated by 5 cocks , omg i`m in blissful shock so today i sit here , tired , weary and oh so tender , but with the biggest grin on my face as i know i`ll never be happy just to watch again