just a fantasey of mineok, this is the hotty half of fall guys couple, so this story is from my point of view. its just a fantasy so far.darkness. the soft caress of silk on bare skin. the subtle sent of bergamont in the air. i lay tied to the bed, soft silk scarves pinning my arms and legs wide apart. another scarf covers my eyes, darkening the room to nothing even though i know candles burn. an intricately tied series of more silk scarves harness my body, tightly holding me like a lover. the knots are placed just so, and just tight enough that they tease and torment my erogenous zones, but offer no relief.i hear the door open, a cool wash of air. it smells like rain. and a subtle hint of cologne. footsteps pad close, i quiver in anticipation. feather light touches glide down my body, dipping into the bare gaps left by knots, stirring my already aching passion. the fingers pause at the drenched knots at my pussy, your husky voice tells me that cum soaked silk is hard to untie, and i hear the snick of a blade opening. i freeze, quivering adiosbet yeni giriş with a potent mix of fear, lust and an element of the unknown. the silk parts with a sigh, and i hear you growl at the sight of my glistening folds. the bed dips as you move between my legs, and i gasp into my gag as i feel the heat of your breath. thunder rumbles in the distance, and the patter of rain start. then your take a long lick, flicking your tongue from perineum to clit. then your tongue goes to work, quickly driving me already sensitive body to a quick and hard orgasm. you slide a finger inside just as the first tremors hit, and i scream into my gag as you curve your finger to glide across my g-spot and i clench down. the orgasm rips through me, leaving me quaking and gasping for breath. i feel cool metal and the blade cuts through the knots covering my nipples, the tiny sharp pain as you accidental nick my skin. i strive to hold still, but the after shocks of that first orgasm wrack me with silent shudders. the hot adiosbet giriş head of your cock brushes the folds of my drenched sex as you lean in to kiss the pain away, and my hips strive to move against you within the confines of my ties. you slowly push in, fighting the orgasm tightened pussy walls and i moan softly, part pain at the intrusion, mostly pleasure at being filled. you go as far as you can, filling me to capacity till i just feel the edge of your balls as they sway an inch away from my body. you pull out and lean in to suckle my nipples as you glide. my cum ensures easier movement despite the tightened passage. i fight my bonds to move against you, but strategic silk bonds are tied to the bed railings, keeping my limited. you pull out, then shove in hard, making my pussy accommodated your full length, bottoming out against my cervix and shoving that back till your balls slap against my ass. my muffled screams fill the air as you repeat this until i open enough to let you in with out such resistance. adiosbet güvenilirmi you then slow your pound to savor the sensations, a slow glide that drives me crazy. your hand reaches down between our bodies to thumb my clit, flickering that sensitive button, driving me crazy. i cum again around your cock, the pleasure too much to hold back. we know im to the point of no return, normally id get you off now and rest but tied down and gagged i cant. your hard cock throbs within me, telling us both you are close. you take up a fast and smooth rythem, in and out of my clenching pussy, faster and harder, driving me to orgasm again, the feel of my inner walls clenching down on you, milking your cock is enough, i feel your cock throb as spurts of your hot cum fill my pussy, flooding me with heat. i scream into the gag as the storm breaks across the night, shaking the house with thunder. you collapse across me, heat and sweat and all male. chuckling, the blade goes to work again, removing the gag and cutting my upper body free. then you slowly oh so slowly cut my blindfold off. looking into your eyes, i smile and tell you i love you. you reply you love me too, then lean back, showing me your buddy standing at the foot of the bed, holding a camcorder with one hand and his fully erect cock with the other!