Jamaican Holiday Ch. 06Saturday – ConsummationWhen Samuel and I got back to the room, Jaye opened the door wrapped in a towel and dropped her jaw when she saw him.”You’ll always wonder if you don’t.” I said. “You can stop at any time. The choice is yours.”Jaye gave me a funny look, then asked me, “Are you sure you want this?” I nodded, although now that it seemed imminent I wasn’t really sure. But the train was moving and it was get on or get off time. Maybe I was the one who would always wonder.Jaye opened the door and let us in. I mixed up some drinks and then we sat on the sofa, Samuel on one side of her and me on the other. I reached over, turned out the main lights, leaving only the illumination from the bathroom, and hugged her.”It’s just us. No one else in the world – just us.” I kissed her and she hugged and kissed me back.Then I broke the kiss and Samuel curled his arm around her and hugged and kissed her. She hesitated at first, then kissed him back with growing eagerness, sucking on his lips and tongue. White on Black.We went back and forth several times and then I undid her towel, exposing her perky breasts. Immediately, Samuel cupped one and started to suck the nipple, while I did the same to the other one. Jaye closed her eyes, moaned, and arched her back to give us better access. We continued this until she was panting and her legs had spread to allow our hands to caress her pussy.With two mouths on her breasts and two hands massaging her thighs and smooth pussy, she was starting to juice heavily and her moaning was almost non-stop. Her hands were on our crotches, massaging our growing bulges through the material.I took the next step: “Samuel, why don’t you get undressed?”As he broke contact, I slid three fingers up into her pussy and sucked hard on her nipple. “Aghh!”Lifting my head to see if I had been too rough I saw her eyes focused on the now-naked Samuel and his growing Cock. It seemed a little longer than mine but not quite as thick. It was cut, with a large, almost tan mushroom head, thick veins and ripples.”What do you think, Jaye? Take it in your hand.”She leaned forward and did so, feeling its weight and girth. Then, without urging, she lowered her mouth onto it as she had done last night and earlier that evening.”Dat’s nice pretty lady! Suck me Black cock!”She continued until he was fully erect with an upward curve, with me finger fucking her after I removed my clothes, until I suggested that we head for the king-sized bed.Once there we put her on her back where she immediately started sucking on Samuel again and I got between her legs and feasted on her heavily juicing pussy and hard clit. After a few minutes, and making sure I didn’t bring her off, we switched positions. Her mouth on my cock was like a wet vacuum cleaner, the suction only breaking when she would moan and gasp for breath. Samuel was licking her pussy, sucking her clit and fingering her, driving her crazy.We switched ends again, and this time he pushed her head hard onto his cock as I ate her out. Unlike earlier in the evening, this time she kept on sucking even after gagging once or twice. Finally she came up for air and said she had to have him in her.I handed him a condom which he rolled on and then moved out gaziantep escort of the way as he mounted her, first rubbing the head of his Black Cock around her pussy lips and the opening of her vagina, then sliding it in an inch at a time, backing almost all the way out, then going in a little deeper.Jaye’s eyes were shut tight, her head moving from side to side and she was moaning.”Oh! Oh!”Her thighs started to quiver and her hips bucked each time he slid into her. Finally, Samuel withdrew again almost all the way, his Black Cock glistening with my wife’s juices, and then slid slowly all the way in in one stroke. Jaye came immediately – not her Big Bang but a noisy three orgasm burst nonetheless.I watched them slowly fuck, stroking her hair and holding her hand, our fingers entwined. Her eyes were closed and she was convulsively squeezing my hand as he slid into and out of her. At one point I asked her if it was OK.”It’s better than OK, B.! It’s fantastic! Thank you so much. Oh! Oh! Oh! Aaghhh!””Then tell Samuel.””Ahh! Ooh! You feel so good Samuel! So hard! I can feel you filling me! Don’t stop! Mmmmm!”I shifted, cradled her head on my lap so we could both watch his Black Cock sliding in and out of her. With each thrust, her head and shoulders pressed into me – I was feeling him fuck my wife. On the out stroke I could see her juices glistening on his Black Cock. On the in stroke I could see her clit swelling up and out of its hood as the spread lips peeled back. She opened her eyes and looked at me.”How do you like seeing another man’s cock in your wife?” “I think it’s beautiful – you’re beautiful!”She sucked my cock briefly then turned her head away, moaning, overtaken by the sensations in her pussy.He kept up a gentle rhythm for a few minutes, then turned her over onto her hands and knees. Again, starting slowly and almost romantically – reaching under her and caressing her breasts, and pulling gently on her nipples – he then sped up until she was moaning non-stop and begging for release, then stopped, almost all the way out of her. This brought her to tears and she cried,”No! Please don’t stop!””Fuck me back, pretty lady!” She began humping back onto his Black Cock, her butt making a slapping sound as she slammed back into his crotch.After 5 or 6 minutes of this he had her change positions again, on her back with one leg held up and him sliding in and out from the side. This allowed her to stroke her clit herself but he took her hand away.”Samuel take care ja!”He kept up a steady rhythm and in this position she was facing me. I could see his Black cock going in and out of her pussy: the lips would seemingly grip it and stretch out on the out stroke. Her large clit was visibly protruding from her labia which were massaging it with the back and forth action.And I saw something more – “the Look.” Her eyes were glassy, lids drooping. She was gasping for breath through her mouth and pulling on her own nipples. Her face was contorted as if in pain and she was moaning with every thrust. She was looking at me but I didn’t know if she saw me (she told me later she did and her realization of her sluttiness excited her even more.)He rolled her onto her stomach and re-entered her from behind, straddling her legs. This increased the pressure of her pussy lips on his cock and made him feel even bigger to her.As her moans increased in frequency and volume he started to pound into her harder and faster until finally, grabbing the sheets in her fists, she shrieked, “Aaghh! Aaghh! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! Don’t stop!!! Aaghh! AAHH! OMAGAWD!”That one was her Big Bang and continued for 5 or 6 minutes in waves. After a brief pause, he shifted her to missionary and started on her again, first slow and timed to her spasms, and then he built up speed until he was pounding her. She had hooked her legs around his and was humping her hips against him, screaming in time to his thrusts, and they continued like that until, with a shudder, he deposited his load into the condom.I held her hand and kissed her while she came down, then rolled on a condom myself and climbed on for sloppy seconds. She was so wet there wasn’t much friction but just the thought of what I was doing and what had just happened helped me get off quickly.As Samuel started to dress, she asked him not to leave – to do it again, (and then looking at me) but just with him this time. He looked at me and said “We doan need ja now”I went out and sat on a beach chair, jerking off in the moonlight to the sounds of my wife’s moans, grunts and occasional screams through the open patio door. Oddly, I was not upset at being relegated to the patio: it was, after all, her night and I had seen what I had been fantsizing about for days. It was almost dawn when Samuel came out and told me he would see us on the beach at lunch. It wasn’t a question. I was insulted at the presumption but excited at the same time and knew I wanted to be there.As I entered the cabana, Jaye was sprawled on the now soaking wet bed, legs spread, crying. The light from the bathroom revealed her pussy lips red and swollen. I reached down to stroke her and felt wet cum running down her ass crack. Obviously the condom-only rule had been violated. She opened her eyes and reached for me. “I’m so sorry!” I told her I loved her, that she was beautiful, and that everything was all right because we loved each other. I kissed her and tasted a saltiness on her lips and mouth. My first taste of another man’s cum. I started to mount her to sink my raw cock into that silky, satiny, cum-filled pussy. She said she was too sore but offered her mouth or ass.Aside from lust, I felt a need to reclaim my wife. Lubing my cock with Samuel’s cum, (The damage had been done – we were both exposed to whatever he may have deposited in her) I rolled her over, and she raised her hands above her head as if bound, offering herself for a punishment fuck. In between grunts and growls I made her tell me about the evening as I plowed her. “So what happened?””Ahh! A little easier, please. Ugh! H-he had me suck his cock and balls until he was hard. Ugh! Then he – Oh! Then he pushed me on my back. Yes! He whispered in my ear how pretty I was and how sexy my long nipples were. Oww! You did that on purpose!””Damn right, go on.””Then he pushed his cock into me and started sucking one nipple while he twisted the other. Ungh! They were so sensitive! It was like an electrical shock was going straight to my clit! Aaghh! He kept that up for a while then started fucking me seriously! Ugh! Every few minutes he would put me in a different position and then start again. Ungh! I came a couple of small ones and then he started to speed up. Aagh! Gawd you’re hard tonight! I told him to put on a condom before he came, but he just pushed into me harder, and told me that Black men don’t use condoms when they fuck their women. He asked me if I liked what he was doing. (Oh!) I said yes..(Unghh!) He asked me if I wanted him to stop. I was so close to cumming, I would have said or done anything to feel that cock inside me for a few seconds more, so I said “Yes!”! … (Yes!) “Then,” he said, “no condom.” If I wanted condoms, he would stop and leave then. (Aarghh!) Yes, punish me! Fuck my ass harder!I begged him to come in me! He made me scream it! And then he slammed into me even harder and I came!! (Aaghhh!!) “Yes!! Cum in my ass B! Please!!”What could I do? I came with a crash. Not much cum as it was the fourth time that night, but the feelings were just as strong as the first.We cuddled, my cock softening in her ass, while I caught my breath.She continued, eyes closed, reliving the events, relaxed now that her penance had been paid:”He came soon after that, his cum hot and hard against my cervix. He lay on me while he softened, then pulled out and pulled my head down to his cock. “Well bred white ladies always clean off de Black man’s cock afterwards. You been well bred, right, pretty lady?””I sucked him clean while he stroked my hair and told me again how pretty I am and what a good lover and how soft my mouth was on his cock and how he loves my nipples and pussy. Then we drifted off to sleep for a while.””I woke up to feel him stroking my body. He leaned over and kissed me softly, stroked my breasts, sucked and pinched my nipples. He was half aroused already but he pulled my head down onto his cock and told me to make him hard. I sucked his cock and balls – they feel so good in my mouth – but I was pretty worn out from the two sessions and was hoping he would leave or at most cum in my mouth and then leave.I started to raise my head off his cock and he pushed it back down and told me in a stern voice to “Make it hard!” When he was, he rolled me onto my knees and took me doggie style.My pussy and clit were so sensitive that it wasn’t pleasurable and I was telling him “Ow!” a lot. But he kept on stroking away. Once he rolled me on my back for a while, but then took me doggie style again. And then, as he continued, the burn in my pussy and clit started to turn into something else. They started to tingle, and then I was juicing in spite of myself! I heard a woman moaning and then screaming and realized it was me! And then, suddenly I was cumming – another huge one and then they just kept on coming – every thrust caused an orgasm – and a squirt, B! I couldn’t stop and he wouldn’t stop.When he finally came in me again, I was exhausted. I checked the clock as he peed – B, he had fucked me for 20 minutes straight!!”She may have been fucked raw, but she was in awe.Again I told her I loved her, that she had been beautiful tonight, and took her in my arms. I was aware that cum was now leaking from her pussy and ass, but whether from exhaustion or afterglow, she seemed in no hurry to clean either of us up. We fell asleep in each other’s arms.