Jacking with a Buddy
When was the last time you jerked off with a friend?

For me, it was last week. I travel a lot for business, and one area I often visit is Charleston, Illinois. I’ve made many extended trips there but only once every couple of years, unfortunately. I love the area and have made several good friends there.

One of those friends is Matt, a very good looking, 30 year old, gay man, with dark, slightly receding hair, a beautifully hairy chest, and a terrific naturally fit body. We met through a mutual friend and immediately hit it off, which surprised a lot of people since I’m 57. He and I have become close friends, and are always very open about sex, joking, comparing favorite porn stars, and discussing our sexual adventures in detail. In fact, we often send each other pictures of our sexual conquests.

Although we have only drunkenly fooled around once (and none too successfully) we have no trouble getting naked around each other. In fact, a couple of years ago we traveled to Indianapolis, sharing a hotel room, and he brought a trick back and fucked the k** while I watched. (But that’s a story for another time.)

Two or three years ago Matt sent me a video of him face pounding and fucking a cute twink boy who wanted to be dominated on film. I’ve jacked off (alone, usually) to that video many times.

Last week Matt and I got together to catch up before I left town. We did some major drinking, and decided it would be a good idea if he did not drive home. That meant he had to sleep in my bed with me. He stripped to his boxer-briefs, and I pulled my pants off and threw on a pair of athletic shorts to sleep in. We were joking and laughing as we settled into bed, and the topic of his video came up. I asked him if it turned him on to watch himself fuck. He admitted it did, although he hadn’t watched his video in quite a while, he said. I needed little prompting, and pulled out my iPad and started his video.

The video begins with the twink blowing him, while Matt grabs the k**’s hair and brutally face fucks him. It was literally 30 seconds into it when Matt’s right hand disappeared under the covers towards his crotch. It turned me on to think that my young friend, slightly drunk and lying right beside me, was getting hard and, now, was touching himself. Needless to say, my right hand plunged under the covers right after. My cock was rock hard and it felt so good as my fingers played over the cut mushroom head.

Matt made occasional comments about the video, like, “That k** was amazing at cock sucking.” And, “He would do anything I told him to.” And, “This is when his asshole really opened up.”

It was clear that we were both playing with ourselves under the bed clothes. Since, as I say, we aren’t inhibited about these things, Matt suddenly said, “I haven’t seen this in over a year, and it’s hot.” Then he laughed and said, “Well, we both know where this is headed.”

With that he threw the blankets back, stripped his boxer-briefs off with one quick motion, spread his legs and started seriously stroking his 7 inch, up-curved cock. I didn’t need any more of an invitation than that, and I shucked my shorts off and started working my 7 incher as well. We were both hard, stroking, and leaking precum, turned on by both the video and the close proximity to each other masturbating.

We both started by stroking quickly, but then relaxed into a more casual rhythm. Of course, we would often check out each other’s cocks, feeling no need to hide the fact we were looking, but our main attention was on the video on the iPad. I have to say, it was so interesting to be jacking off next to someone, where I could look over at their cock, right there next to me, while that same cock was also being sucked and was fucking in the video we were watching. An odd kind of turn on.

We both knew the video very well, and so we were able to edge and time our stroking session to the events unfolding on the screen. As things heated up on the iPad our cocks got harder, the precum flowed thicker, and our jacking off became more and more fervent. We seemed to be in a single rhythm, whacking together in unison.

Just as Matt brutally pumped his hips and shot his load up the twink’s ass in the video, he and I blew our jizz together. We moaned at the same time, and my eyes left the screen to watch Matt’s cut cock as salvo after salvo of hot, white spunk shot out. The first rope landed on his face and some even hit the head board. The second and third shots splashed onto the dark hair on his chest, matting it together. The final two spurts hit his stomach and dribbled down over his still pounding fist, obscenely dripping off his thumb.

I, of course, shot all over myself as well, and I realized that Matt was also no longer involved in his video, but was watching my orgasm.

We both heaved a deep sigh, caught our breath, and I got up to get a towel. Once cleaned up, we rolled over to seriously try to sleep. However, we both slept naked that night.

As I said, Matt and I are very open about sexuality with each other, so there was no awkwardness or embarrassment afterward. I hope we do it again soon! I just have to go to Charleston on business again.

Now, let’s hear your mutual masturbation adventures.