It’s only a Fantasy Blacken
“Oh my God! Give it to me, hard!” Amy pushed her buttocks back into my thrusting penis. She loved it doggy style. I pumped into her as hard as I could. I felt her shaking as she climaxed.

“Ohhhhhh! Oh, Mark, I loooove it just like that!” It had been a big orgasm. Something must have really set her off. My wife cums easily, but this had been a whopper.

I withdrew and turned Amy on her side. She was still breathing hard. I got between her legs and slid my penis back into her juicy cunt.

“Honey, that was lovely! How do you want to cum?” she asked.

“Just like this, I think. Sweetie, what turned you on so much? One of your fantasies?”

“Yes.” She blushed.

“Which one?”

“It was the one about you watching me with a big black man. I told you about it once.”

“I remember. I liked it a lot. Tell me again all about it.” I slowly pushed my cock in and out.

“You know. A black man with a big cock takes me from behind with you watching him do it.”

“Tell me more, honey, and make me cum.”

“Well, he’s very tall and has a huge cock, all thick and long and he makes me kneel in front of him and pushes my legs apart. Then he slides his cock into me and fucks me hard.”

“Is that all?” I felt myself about to lose control.

“He fucks me until I cum and cum and calls me his little white slut.” She giggled.

“Oh baby, I’d love to watch that!” I grunted as I spurted into her love nest. She smiled as she felt the warm semen flood inside her. We kissed.

“It’s only a fantasy, Mark. You know that.”

Indeed, I did. I’d never really thought she would do anything like that. Nor did I think I’d have the gumption to go through with it if she did.

Over the next few days I couldn’t get Amy’s fantasy out of my mind. Somehow it seemed to fit her. She’d always been a bit submissive during sex. She loved to have me take control and do her hard, sometimes with a little light spanking to spice it up. She liked to get on her knees and take it from behind. The main thing that got me thinking, though, was that it was her fantasy in the first place. Something about it really turned her on.

I also knew that Amy was very conservative in other respects. She dressed like a Talbot’s catalogue—very properly. She had a great figure for her thirty-five years: five feet five, 120 pounds, and beautiful firm B cup tits, sensitive to the touch. While she loved sex, she wouldn’t do anything really nasty or daring. Only in her fantasies did she let go of her inhibitions.

Our ten years of married life had been happy. The only thing missing was the racing heartbeat and sizzle we’d had our first years together. So it wasn’t strange now that her fantasy about a black man quickened my pulse.

In the following days I thought a lot about trying to find a black lover for her. I looked on the internet and was turned off by what I found. The men advertising sounded fake, or rude, or unsuitable for one reason or other, not to mention the health risks. I decided to forget about that avenue.

A couple of weeks later I was working out in our local health club when I noticed a tall black man shooting baskets on the court inside the running track. I’d not seen him before; he caught my attention by the graceful skill with which he made his shots, nearly all of which swished the basket. I wondered if he’d ever played pro.

I found out soon enough when he walked over to the machines I was working on.

“Hi, I’m Jerome and new here. Are these machines any good?”

“Hi, I’m Mark. Yeah, I think they’re OK. At least they have never given me any trouble.”

“I’ll give them a try. How long have you lived here?”

“Almost ten years. I moved here with my wife after we got married and we both found work in the city.”

“I’ve just moved here from LA. My business has expanded and I decided to relocate. I run a sporting goods business.”

“You look like you once played pro basketball.”

“Thanks.” He smiled. “As a matter of fact I did play for the Lakers a couple of years. Then I quit to go to business school and ended up making more money on my own. Basketball got me though college and for that I’m grateful.”

“Are you married?”

“Not at the moment. I like my freedom too much.”

We continued to chat about the community. He was very confident, yet friendly and easy to talk to. A few days later I saw him again at the gym and we renewed our acquaintance. After my workout, I encountered him in the locker room exiting the shower.

The first thing I noticed, aside from his well-muscled 6’6” body, was his cock. It hung down between his legs like a thick hose. Though not erect at all, it wasn’t shrunken like most men’s tools when they’re down. It hung in a gentle curve from his body, seemingly half way to his knees, with a very large pinkish head.

“Hi Mark.” He smiled nonchalantly. “Did you have a good workout?”

He must have noticed that I had been staring at him. I regained what composure I could and answered as best I could about my workout. When we both had dressed and about to leave he approached me.

“Hey Mark, care for a drink somewhere?”

“Sure. I know a place just around the corner.”

We sat at a booth and ordered beers. I wondered what was on his mind. We talked as usual for a half hour and then ordered more beers. As I listened to him I kept seeing his huge penis in my mind. I couldn’t help wondering what it would be like watching going into my wife.

“Are you and Amy happy together?” Startled by his question, I recovered from my thoughts. He almost seemed to know what I had been thinking.

“Sure. Why do you ask?”

“No reason, really. I’ve known quite a few couples, some happy, some less so.”

“Couples like us?”

“Yeah. A lot of my friends have been white. I meet them in my business and through my friends.

“Do you like to be with couples?” I found myself asking.

“Very much. You see I find I can bond with married white people and that they appreciate me.”

I gulped. “You mean you can, er… bond with their wives, too?”

“Don’t be surprised when I tell you that there are an amazing number of white couples who find a black male friend to be a nice addition to their social life. They usually don’t advertise their connections with a black man, but you can be sure many of them try it out and a lot of them have a really good time.” He grinned at me. “I mean a lot of couples are like that, Mark. Maybe you and Amy, too.”

“How many have you known like that?”

“In LA I was with nine couples over ten years or so. Some of them for quite some time, others for a few weeks or months.”

“Wow. Did you, uh, have sex with them?”

“Of course. I fucked the wives while the husbands watched or joined in.”

Now it was out. I felt terrifically excited, and a bit nervous.

“What do you like about being with white couples, the sex?”

“Sure. But not only that. I like taking charge of a woman and watching her enjoy my strong body and confidence. And I particularly like having the husband there to watch how she enjoys it. The wives usually like that, too.”


“Have you ever wanted to see a black man fuck your wife, Mark?”

“Well, to tell you the truth, I’ve fantasized about it, yes. And so has Amy. Actually it’s her favorite fantasy. But it’s only a fantasy.”

“It can become a reality. Very easily.”

“I don’t think Amy would do it. Not Amy. She’s too conservative.”

“From what you tell me, she is just the type who would love it. Is she a bit submissive when she enjoys sex?”

“Well, yes. She is. But only when she’s having sex.”

“That’s typical. Tell you what, Mark. Let me meet her with you and see how it goes. I have a sixth sense about what the ladies want. I won’t try anything. Just to see what kind of woman she is. How about it?

“I’m not sure. I mean, I guess it would OK if you don’t try anything.” Wow! I’d said it. I was really interested in pursuing it.

“The best thing is to take it real slow, at first. We can meet anywhere. The gym or some other place you’re both comfortable. You need to be there all the time so she feels secure. We’ll socialize and be friends for a while. Then we can meet a second time and maybe even a third before you invite me to your place and we see what happens.”

“All right. What if it doesn’t work?”

“It may not, but it usually does when the husband is willing and the wife is the kind of lady you say Amy is.”

We agreed to “run into” each other the next weekend at the gym. Amy would be there and I would introduce her to Jerome. It turned out to be easier than I thought. Jerome was so outgoing and natural that Amy accepted him as our friend right at the start. I could sense how she felt at ease with him. We had drinks together that afternoon. A week later we met him for dinner. A few days later we met again for lunch. Each time Amy seemed even more relaxed. Of course I knew that she still had no idea what we planned.

“You seem to like Jerome, honey. Do you think he’s nice?”

“Oh yes. He’s very attentive and intelligent. And good looking!”

“He certainly works out a lot. He still looks 25 even if he’s just our age, I think.”

“Yes, he looks younger than he is. But he acts his age. He’s quite mature.”

“Would you like to ask him over to dinner next weekend? I know he would like that. He told me he enjoyed being friends with couples like us in LA.”

She looked at me a moment; there was no trace of suspicion though.

“I’m sure he had many friends. Yes, let’s ask him.”

I met Jerome the next day and we talked it over.

“Relax and leave this to me, Mark. If I sense she’s interested, I’ll make a move. Believe me, that type of woman likes a take-charge man. If she’s attracted, she’ll respond.”

“OK. Let’s see how it goes.”

As it happened, the dinner was a big success. Amy dressed in a blue dress with nice heels, typically fashionably conservative. All three of us had a good deal of wine, and the conversation was lively. Jerome told basketball stories and even more about LA society, which he evidently knew quite a lot about. It was after eight when we moved to the living room. I could see that Amy was having a good time.

“As I was telling you, people in LA will try almost anything. A good looking black man can have a lot of fun there between the starlets and the more adventuresome couples.”

“Couples? Oh, you mean you got intimate with couples there?” Amy asked.

“It’s not unusual for LA. Maybe because of the porno industry there. Everyone is curious about black men. You know, whether they’re as big as everyone thinks.” We all chuckled. The wine was getting to us.

“Are they as big as people think?” I asked. I was following the script Jerome had worked out.

“Some are. Some aren’t. You never know until you take a look.”

Amy giggled. I swallowed and got out my next line.

“Are you?”

Amy giggled again.

“You have to take a look. It’s the only way to know for sure.”

“You want to find out, honey?” I asked Amy. “It’s not every day we get a chance to personally research this interesting question.”

She looked at us inquiringly with her bright blue eyes, too stunned to say anything.

“I’ll tell you what. I’ll give you a look and you be the judge.” Jerome began unzipping his pants. Not knowing what to say, Amy giggled again. The wine had its effect.

In a moment Jerome slipped out of his pants. He stood before us and slowly pulled down his shorts over the bulge in front. When he got them below his knees, his long black hose sprang free and bobbed a couple of feet in front of us. It looked much bigger close up.

“What do you say? Does it meet your expectations?”

“It certainly does!” I exclaimed. “What do you say, honey?”

“Magnificent.” She couldn’t take her eyes off it.

“If the lady would like to touch it, she’s more than welcome.” He spoke with a quiet authority which Amy found compelling.

She looked up at Jerome’s towering figure and lifted her fingers to the giant penis hanging before her. She ran her fingers along the shaft and then grasped it in her hand.

“Stroke it for me, honey. That way you can see how big it can get.”

She did as he asked. I watched his prick swell in her hand until it was standing straight out from his loins. It looked to be at least nine or ten inches.

“It’ll get a lot harder if you lick it, baby.”

Amy looked at me for a moment. She must have been satisfied by what she saw in my eyes because she lifted his cock head to her mouth and began to lick it. I’ll say this about my wife. She’s is one hell of a cocksucker. And she knew just what to do. Rubbing the black shaft and sucking the head, she soon had it pointing upwards in a strong erection. Jerome looked like a Nubian king as he stood in front of my wife, his prick lodged in her lips.

I just stared at them. The size of his penis was overwhelming in my wife’s tender mouth. Talented as she was at cocksucking, Amy could only get the head in. She made up for it by stroking the shaft and tickling his fat, thick balls with her other hand. He was in no hurry. He took her head in his hands and fucked her mouth for what must have been ten minutes. With a grunt of satisfaction, he pulled it out.

Fully extended, it was at least ten inches. Even more impressive was the girth, which had swelled up enormously. I could now see why Amy couldn’t take much of it in her mouth. With some alarm, I wondered whether she could take it in her cunt.

“Now what do you say? Is this your idea of a black cock?”

“Yes,” said my wife.

“You like them big, don’t you, Amy?”


“Take off your dress like a good girl and let’s’ see how much you like this one.”

She did as he bid. The dress came off, and then the bra and panties. He picked her up like a doll and carried her to the bedroom. Laying her back on the edge of the bed, he opened her legs and ran his fingers over her pussy.

“Nice and wet, I see. Glad to see you’re ready for me, honey.”

He looked over at me and smiled. “Mark, why don’t you get your prick out so you can enjoy this too.”

I did as he suggested. My cock felt rock hard in my hand. I watched Jerome position his fat cockhead at the opening of my wife’s cunt. He opened the lips a bit with his hand and then pushed into the opening a couple of inches. I felt I was about to ejaculate, but somehow held back. He pulled it out and inserted it a couple of more times before pushing hard until his balls slapped up against Amy’s asshole. I got on my knees to look closer. It was all the way in.

“Do you like that, sweetie?”

“Oh yes!”

For the next ten minutes I watched Jerome fuck my wife with long, fast strokes. She became very excited, breathing fast and uttering little moans of pleasure. His fucking gradually became harder until she clenched him in a spasm of pleasure. I watched her trembling orgasm, my stiff boner in my hand. I knew this wasn’t the end.

Jerome pulled it out slowly. His black cock glistened with dew from her vagina.

“How do you like it best, honey?”

Amy moved into the middle of the bed and got up on her knees. She bent down and presented her pretty white bottom to him. Jerome got up behind her and slid his cock into her pussy doggie style. She moaned as it hit bottom, then wiggled her ass on his tool. She looked around at me and gave me a bawdy look.

This time he fucked her hard. It was uncanny how he seemed to know just what she wanted. He rammed his cock in and out, with full big strokes. She began to cum, yelping with pleasure. He didn’t stop. He kept pounding it to her, very hard.

“Is that what you want, baby?”

“Yes. Do it, please! Fuck me hard!”

She hit another climax. The next one had her gasping for breath. His rhythm quickened. They came together in a crescendo of fucking, his balls slapping up against her thighs. I shot a load into my left palm, the semen dripping from my hand as I watched Jerome slowly pull it out of her hole. As he did so, a grey-white liquid flooded out of her and ran down her thighs. She didn’t seem to mind.

A half hour later we had dressed and Amy prepared coffee. I’d rarely seen her so serene. It was as if she had always wanted it be like this.

She went to the kitchen for a moment. Jerome looked at me contentedly.

“Happy, Mark?”

“Yes. I think she loved it.”

“Did you?”

“Yes. I did.”

Before leaving, Jerome took Amy in his arms and gave her a long deep kiss. She kissed him back.”

“Are you OK, sweetie?” I asked after he had gone.


“Did you have a good time?”

“I loved it, Mark. He’s so…wonderful and overpowering. Did you have a good time too?”

“Yes, honey. It was very exciting. I’m glad we fulfilled your fantasy.”

A few days later Amy came home with several shopping bags, not from Talbot’s.

“Been shopping, honey?”

“Yes, just a few things I’d like to wear.”

The next evening I returned from work to find Jerome lounging in the living room, half naked. Before I could say a word, Amy came out of the bedroom and stood in the doorway. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

She was wearing a tight shelf black bra, which forced her tits up high and close together. Black satin thong panties caressed her crotch. She was half a foot taller than usual, standing on glass looking platform 7″ high heels. Her hair was dolled up like she was going to a fancy party. She wore a lot of rosy makeup and bright red lipstick. I couldn’t help thinking that she looked like a whore.

“Hi, honey,” she said. “Jerome and I are about to have a drink. Would you like one too?”

She strutted over to the bar and poured three glasses of wine. Her butt wiggled as she balanced herself on the high heels. She handed me my glass, then sidled up to Jerome. They sipped their drinks for a while, looking into each other’s eyes.

I didn’t know what to say. I hadn’t expected this. I wasn’t sure I liked the idea of my wife taking up with Jerome like this. Since I had started it, I couldn’t just tell them to stop. I pondered this while they fondled each other, Amy giggling as Jerome fingered her panties.

It wasn’t long before he had them off. He bent her over the arm of a chair and pulled down his pants. His fat prick emerged half erect. He rubbed it a little while and then pushed it into Amy’s waiting cunthole.

“Take off your pants, Mark, and enjoy yourself.”

I didn’t know what else to do, so I did as he asked. My penis was throbbing in my hand.

“Yes, fuck me just like that! I want that big black cock up my cunt! Do it hard!”

He gave her what she wanted. Her moaning told me she loved it. He plowed into her with powerful strokes. She moaned louder and louder.

“Oh my God, fuck me!” I watched her orgasm with awe. Jerome kept right on going. He grabbed her blonde hair and pulled her head back. As he plunged his rod in and out he slapped her bottom with his left hand.

I was shocked. This was more than I bargained for. I wasn’t sure this was what I wanted at all.

“Do you like that, slut?” Jerome commanded.

“Ohhhh. It’s sooooo good. Don’t stop.”

“I like a hot girlie like you. White sluts are the best!”

Another climax swept though Amy’s body. She moaned with pleasure. This time Jerome pulled out his gleaming penis and turned to me.

“Do you have any lube, Mark?


“You know, some nice slippery lube for your wife’s cute ass.”

Amy had never agreed to anal sex before. I was sure she wouldn’t want this. I hesitated a moment. As I looked at his long black penis poised before her asshole I felt a surge of desire in my loins. I went to get the lube.

“Lube her up, Mark,” he said, pointing to her rosebud. I squeezed the tube and rubbed it around the orifice.

“Good, now put some on my cock.”

Shocked, I did as he asked, spreading a big glob of it over his cockhead. It felt like a thick piece of meat.

“That’s right. Now, Mark, insert it for me, slowly.”

I couldn’t believe what he was asking. Amy just waited patiently, offering no objection. I tried my best to do as he asked. It wouldn’t go in. It was just too big.

“Put a finger in first. That’ll get her ready.”

With the lube, my finger went in quite easily. As I lubed her, I felt my prick throbbing with anticipation. I’d always wanted to fuck her in the ass. Now I was going to see a black man do it for me. With the hole well lubricated, I took his penis in my hand and slowly worked it into her anus. Once it was in a couple of inches, he took over, working it slowly back and forth, each time a little deeper. With her other hand he masturbated Amy’s clit.

“Do you like it, cutie?”


“Want it deeper?”


He began to take her in long strokes, finally reaching his full depth. Her ass opened right up to receive it. I heard Amy’s moans as he continued to fuck her and rub her clit at the same time.

“You’ve got a nice tight ass, slut. I’m gonna fuck it good.” Amy whimpered something inaudible. I watched his cock quicken the pace. He screwed it into her balls deep. Amy let out a loud moan I knew meant she was cumming.

“Mark, do you have a vibrator?”

“Uh, yes.”

“Get it.”

I went to the bedroom and found it in a drawer. It was a compact model in one piece, suitable for traveling. I handed it to Jerome. With his long arms he reached around Amy and placed it against her clit. His penis continued to fuck her asshole. I heard the purring of the vibrator.

“Ooooooh. That feels sooooo good! I love what you’re doing to me!” She cooed over this new pleasure. A wave of orgasm shook her, then another. Suddenly Jerome stopped and so did the vibrator.

“Do you want more, honey?”

“Yes, yes. Please, I want more!”

“Will you be my white slut?”


“Will you do anything I want?”

“Yes, whatever you want. Give it to me! Fuck my ass!” Hearing my wife shout this, a thick wad of semen erupted from my swollen cock.

He resumed fucking with the vibrator for another half hour until Amy was exhausted. He withdrew his cock and turned her around. “Now, slut, suck it suck my black cock and don’t forget the balls.”

I couldn’t believe it, but she did. She sucked his cock lovingly and his huge balls for about five minutes until it erupted in a gush of sperm. Hard as she tried, she couldn’t swallow it all. It dripped down her chin and onto her tits. She didn’t seem the least bit embarrassed. She just smiled at him, and winked at me.

A week later Amy called me at the office to say that Jerome had invited us to a party that evening. She seemed excited at the prospect. It had been a long time since we had been to any kind of social event, so I didn’t wonder that she would want to go.

I should have been suspicious when I got home to find Amy dressed to go out. Or almost undressed. She was wearing a short pink miniskirt, with a tight black tank top I’d never seen before. The only thing I recognized were the platform high heels.

“Geez, sweetie, what kind of party is this?”

“Oh, just Jerome and a few of his friends. He said we’d like them a lot.” She smiled sweetly at me.

The place turned out to be a private club downtown. Jerome must have reserved it for the evening. Jerome was there with five of his friends, all male and all black. This concerned me a bit as a looked around and didn’t see any sign of the club’s employees.

“I’ve found a few retired NBA colleagues here,” Jerome explained. “I thought you might like to meet some of them.” As I might have guessed, since they were all as tall as Jerome.

“Meet Leon, Willis, Jamal, Darren, and Jamie.”

We said hello to them while Jerome found us drinks. A moment or two later t I noticed a large padded mattress on the floor along with some pillows and tubes of lube.

I began to get nervous. I would have said something, but Amy appeared unconcerned. She flirted with the men while Jerome looked on approvingly. I managed to get Jerome’s attention and motioned him over to the bar area. As soon as we were alone I confronted him.

“Jerome, are you thinking that Amy is going to fuck all these men, right here on the floor?”

“Of course.”

“I really don’t think she would want to do that.”

“She’s gonna love it, Mark. You can be sure of that. In fact, were gonna fuck her right in front of you. So you can see for yourself.”

I was shocked. How he could imagine that we would want something like that? At the same time I felt my cock stiffen in my pants. I couldn’t believe I would feel horny at the thought of six men banging my pretty wife.

“Don’t worry, Mark. She’s gonna love it.”

I decided to see what happened.

It didn’t take long. The wine was once again having its effect on Amy. She was laughing and giggling as the men joked with her. She certainly enjoyed their company.

“Now gather round, all. This is the little lady I’ve been telling you about. She’s the best little white fuck slut in town! I can vouch for it from personal experience. Now, honey, isn’t that right?”

Amy giggled again. “If you say so, Jerome.”

“I do say so. And you’re gonna show these gentlemen just what a hot cunt you are, aren’t you baby.”


“Take off that skirt and show us your stuff.”

Amy slid off the skirt, revealing tiny black thong panties pulled up into her slit. The men whistled at her.

“I see what you mean, Jerome. She looks real hot. Let’s she if she can fuck.”

“Pull off your panties, honey.”

She slid them off. Jerome picked her up and carried her to the mattress. “Kneel down and show us that pretty ass, slut.”

Amy complied with his order, spreading her legs a little to show her asshole and cunt opening.

All the men quickly undressed. As I might have expected from their size, they all had very large penises. Jerome knelt in front of Amy and inserted his roto-rooter into her mouth. He invited the rest of them to line up and take her from behind.

Amy did not offer the slightest resistance. Within a minute she was moaning with delight as she was fucked from behind. How she managed to suck cock at the same time, I don’t know, but she did. Powerless to stop what was happening, I took off my trousers and pulled out my meat. It was dripping with anticipation. I rubbed the natural lube over my erection. It felt wonderful.

What followed can only be described as a gangfuck.

“That’s a baby. You suck it for me, slut, suck it hard!”

“I love this cunt, Jerome. She’s one white whore!”

“Does she take it up the ass?”

“Yeah. She loves it.”

“Maybe she’d like an Oreo?”

“A what?” I asked.

“You know, Mark. Black on the outside, white in the middle.”

“Now, honey, get on top of Leon here like you’re gonna ride him. That’s a good girl.”

Darren knelt behind her and lubed her ass. They took her two at a time. The first time I saw two black cocks stuffed in her holes I creamed immediately. Amazingly, my cock stayed rock hard for the next two hours as they fucked her repeatedly. I came two more times and I lost count of the orgasms Amy and the six men had. The odor of fresh semen filled the room. I could see that Amy was covered in it from her tummy to her ass and thighs. She didn’t even have time to clean up before the next pair took her in the cunt and ass. Then a third took her mouth.

“The proof of a true slut, Mark. She takes it in all three holes.” Jerome leered at me. My wife had become a whore for black cock! By this point I was so excited they could do whatever they wanted. With a whelp they all came together, including my slutty wife. I wouldn’t have believed it for a million years if I’d not seen it for myself.

When we finally got home, I asked Amy how she felt.

“Great. I had a wonderful time!”

“You liked being fucked by six men like that?”

“Yes. I loved it. I can’t wait to see them again. And I’ll do anything for Jerome. He said he might be able to find more friends for a bigger party. He said we might all meet for a weekend somewhere, too. Wouldn’t that be fun? You see, honey, I know what you want too. Isn’t it wonderful that we both feel the same way?”

Indeed we did.