It’s Fun to stay at the!!?First story ever! Hope you enjoy all you sexy men out there!I remember in my younger days. My college days. Everybody was always having a good time partying. Not me:( I would eat, sleep, workout and go to school. No time for fun. I would always go to the local YMCA after my classes when I had free time and swim a few laps. After I take these swims I would go into the showers to rinse off. There is usually nobody in the locker rooms so one day I decided to live a little and shower naked. I am a shy person so this was big for me. I felt so free, just me alone soaping myself up head to toe slowly but surely. After my shower I walked into the locker room/changing area. I was drying my legs off and all of a sudden this man walks in. I have never really had a gay thought up to this point but when I saw him my breathe was taken away. This man had dirty blonde hair, no facial hair, tall, and muscular. He looked like he just got out of the gym or working out and looked sweaty. The. sweat looked good though:P When I got home I couldn’t get this beautiful man’s image out of my head. I was sleeping and betsobet yeni giriş would be getting boners off and on all night. I maybe got 2 hours of sleep. Anyways the next day came and today I made time to go swim a few laps. Riding the bus there was a nerve wrecking experience. Am I gay? What do I say to him? Will I even see him? Why am I getting so worried over a man. At the same time I was very eager. The mere image of his body gave me butterflies in my stomach. The bus stops at the YMCA building and hop off the bus and enter the building. walk to the lower level, where the pool and locker room is and I look around the corner, he isn’t here. As I walked farther into the vacant locker room I see. . . OMG its him. . . In the shower this time. I eventually see his clothing on the benches. I looked on just gazing at the work of art that was his body. His perfect muscular back with a nice tight yummy butt. As he turned around I saw his perfectly hung penis. As it was it was about 4 inches softy. Still it turned me on as he looked like he was enjoying himself as I watched him soap and lather betsobet güvenilirmi himself up. It was almost 15-20 minutes of me just watching him before I realized that he suddenly turned of the shower head. . . Shit he caught me. Embarrassed, I quickly.tried to walk away but then I heard, ” hey?! What are you doing?” Quick on my feet I said,” ohh me? Just getting ready to take a shower. U don’t mind do you?” He made a half smerk and said,” ooh ok yeah come on over.” As giddy as I ever was i quickly took off my clothes and almost ran over to the shower next to him. Exited and eager I broke the ice by saying,” wow… that’s a nice bod man.” He replied with a chuckle and said,” thanks! I bet you get a lot of guys with your body.” Shocked for about 20 seconds he said to me,” have you ever thought about sex with a man in a shower before?” Almost shaking he then leaned over and kissed me. I looked back into his eyes and said to this beautiful man,” no, but I want to:)” It was on. We made out passionately for the next 10 minutes with my arms wrapped around his muscular neck and his strong hands cupping betsobet giriş my ass he then picked me up and carried me to the locker room benches. He set me down. We both had raging hard ons. I was right as his dick was about 9 inches long. I was so turned on by this new experience and went to town. Taking in his long shaft as far as I could was so hot with each big plunge onto his raging hard on he moaned with intensity. After about 10 Minutes of slurping gagging and sucking he bent me over and started to poke his now slick dick into my tight little butt hole. I was a little scared because I was taking in such a large piece and didn’t know what to expect. The first two inches were uncomfortable but as he went in farther the louder I moaned with crying pleasure. As my dream man went faster I was getting more and more hotter. “HARDER! FASTER! DEEEPPERR!!” as each plunge into my went into my newly broken in asshole he moaned with pleasure more and more and he pulled out. Immediately I got up to kiss him. I then pushed him onto the benches and began to ride him. Harder and faster I went he screamed out. Polling into each others eyes was so romantic it turned us on even more. After about 20 minutes I got off and he came on my tongue and face. He would then lean don’t to wipe it off and we made out. He said as we were naked holding and cuddling each other,” how was that?” I replied” BEST SEX EVER:)”