iSummer, chapter 3iCarly – iSummer, chapter 3Marissa Benson wasn’t an idiot. She realized that Sam and Freddie had more than likely already slept in the same bed so she had no objection to Sam staying with them what time they were here in Seattle. After all, they were not k**s anymore and she knew that Freddie would not take to kindly to her acting like the over protective parent. He didn’t take to kindly to it when he was a k** so she was certain he would hate her now. Marissa had to change, she realized that right before Freddie graduated high school.Her job was finished. She had raised a beautiful and bright young man. The summer after he graduated, she attended her first Retired Aggressive Parents Conference. It was by no means easy, but she had been pretty good at easing into this transition period. Freddie was in charge of his own life now.Laying in Freddie’s old bed with him sound asl*ep beside her, Sam was wide awake. Was it really true? Did her s*ster really have a thing for Carly?Sam tossed and turned in bed, dying to find out what was going on in the apartment across the hall because Melanie had stayed on the Shay’s couch since Pam wasn’t home yet. Sam let out a sigh and kicked the covers off of her. She sat up in bed for a few more seconds and then decided to put on pants and a shirt and sneak over to Spencer’s, wake Melanie up on the couch and get her to talk.* * *Melanie, after changing into her pyjamas, had spent about 5 minutes on the couch before Carly came back down the stairs and invited her up to her kastamonu rus escort room. Melanie didn’t think that was such a good idea but couldn’t argue with Carly without revealing her secret so she reluctantly agreed. She grabbed her things and followed Carly up the steps. Melanie nearly moaned too loud as she watched Carly go up the stairs. Carly was wearing her sl*epwear, a red tank top and black pyjama shorts. To Melanie, that was hot. It gave her a burning feeling deep inside her.”Oh man, this is going to be tough.” She whispered to herself as she went up the steps.”So Mel, we haven’t really had the chance to talk since we got in. What have you been doing lately?” Carly asked as they walked into her room and she flopped down on her bed. “Just put your stuff down there next to mine and come over here and sit with me and talk.” She added with a smile.Melanie obliged. “You know, same old same old, really.” She said as she sat down next to Carly on the bed.Carly kept smiling. “Break any hearts lately?”Melanie shook her head. “No. Not really.”They both were sitting Indian-style, facing each other.”No boyfriend?” Carly asked.”No.””Me neither.” Carly told her. “I would think in college it would have been easier to find a boyfriend but it’s not really. It may actually be harder.”Melanie only half heard what Carly said. She was trying to think of way to tell Carly her secret. She just couldn’t come out and tell her like she did with Sam.”Mel?” Carly asked. “Are you okay?””Yeah kastamonu rus escort bayan I’m fine.” Melanie told her. “Hey, I saw you on TV, playing basketball. You’re really good. How come I never knew you could play like that.”Carly laughed. “Because I didn’t even know I could play like that. If it wasn’t for me wandering into the gym one day during open try-outs I never would have been on the team. It was a complete accident that worked out pretty well I guess.””So are you doing it again next year?””Yeah. I want to win that title now and next year our team is going to be even better.””Well I will be cheering you on.” Melanie smiled.”I appreciate that.” Carly replied. “How is NYU? You know, I almost went there.””It’s a good school. I didn’t know anybody there so it would have been great had you went, but I made some great friends.””That’s good.” Carly said as she reached and touched Melanie on the knee.Melanie had to fight back the urge just then to blurt out: “I have a huge crush on you!” But she successfully swallowed the urge.”So what about Sam and Freddie huh?” Melanie nervously said.”When Sam finally told me that they were dating, I think my jaw fell to the floor. It was the last thing I would have expected her to tell me because, well, because she’s Sam.” Carly said with a laugh. “Then I told you for whatever reason about them.””Sam is a character. That’s for sure.” Melanie agreed. “But the best s*ster I could ask for.””And the best friend that I could rus kastamonu escort ask for.” Carly added. “Hey I hope you don’t mind me asking but in the taxi ride over Sam mentioned something about you having something to tell her. What was it, or is it none of my business?””No it’s not that.” Melanie stammered. “It’s sort of personal, really personal.” She added.”Oh. So nothing I can help you with? Because I will if you need me.” Carly said. “I want to be helpful if I can be.”Melanie took another deep breath, just like she had when she told Sam. “There is something I want to tell you…” She started before there was a knock on the door.Carly looked at her clock. “Lord who that could be?” She said as she got up and went over to the door.”Let me in.” Came Sam’s voice from the other side of the door.”Sam?” Carly asked as she started unlocking the door.”Yeah.” Sam said as Carly opened the door.”How did you get in the front door?””I picked the lock and unscrewed the chain lock from the door.” Sam said as if it was perfectly natural as she walked in.”Mel.” She said, acknowledging her s*ster on Carly’s bed. “I thought you were sl*eping on the couch?””I asked her up here.” Carly told her.”Oh so what are you chickadees doing?” Sam asked.”Just talking.” Melanie told her, knowing exactly what Sam meant by asking that.Things were quiet for a minute.”Okay. What’s going on?” Carly asked, breaking the silence.”Nothing.” Sam and Melanie both said at pretty much the same time.”Why are you here?” Carly asked Sam.”I couldn’t sl*ep and thought I would come and talk to Mel about something, and then she wasn’t on the couch so I came up here.” Sam explained. “So Melanie can I talk to you downstairs and out in the hallway?” Sam asked as she pulled Melanie off the bed and out of the room, leaving Carly standing there, scratching her head wondering just what in the world just happened?