Intimidated by the scrap man’s sonWe had a load of scrap metal in our cellar so to get rid of it we got in touch, through a friend, of a man who deals in this, he weighs it all in, but he’ll take it away for free. He turned up Monday morning, the wife had gone to work and I was in on my own, as they went into the cellar to start loading up there was more than a full load. The older man said to his son he was going to empty what was on the wagon and then come back.He left his son to sort out the rest of the rubbish. Ten minutes after he’d gone he rand his son and said he’d be about an hour. His son, called Aaron, said he’d carry on in the cellar. Another five minutes had gone by when he called me down, “Can you bring me a drink” he asked, and with that I took one down.Our cellar is well lit but it is cool and damp, as is all cellars. There is no natural light. I took his drink down and gave it to him, he took it off me and immediatly smiled. türbanlı denizli escort Obviously I smiled back. He put his drink down and walked towards me smiling, he put his hand on the front of my shorts. I pulled away saying “What are you doing”.He came towards me and did it again but this time I was against the wall, as he rubbed me he just smiled, “You like that don’t you” he said, I made no reply. As he stared at me his rubbing was having the right effect as I knew I was getting hard, as I’m sure he did. After a few minutes he pulled my shorts down, revealing my 6″ uncut cock.Bending down he started to lick up my shaft, licking my balls and helmet, slowly wanking me, God it felt good. As he did this I was feeling horny and he carried on until fifteen minutes later I told him I was coming, he didn’t stop and my spunk shot out and went straight down his throat. I stood there breathless, türbanlı denizli escort bayan my heart going like the clappers.As he stood up he said “You liked that didn’t you”, as I just stood there stunned. He pulled down his own shorts and then I saw his 8″ cock in his hand. He turned me around and said “Put your hands on the wall”, I did as he said, he opened my buttocks, bent down and licked my anus. I knew what was coming but couldn’t stop him.He positioned himself behind me and teased my ass with his cock, widening my cheeks he pushed his entire length up my asshole, I screamed in pain, he laughed as he started to hump me, I could sort of feel some kinds pleasure but not as much as he did. He was groaning and moaning how good I was, after around five minutes or so he said he was coming.As he banged me harder I felt a warm sensation inside and realised he’d come inside me, as he türbanlı escort denizli pulled out he bent down and started to lick my ass and all his spunk inside. I could feel it drip out as he wrapped his tongue all over me, it wasn’t a pleasurable feeling. As he turned me round to face him he was smiling still.Looking down at my solid cock he said “I want you to fuck ME”, I said “No”, he didn’t like that so he grabbed hold of my cock, wanked me too hard. I said “Stop it hurts”, he stopped and said “Sit on that bench” as I did he parted his cheeks and inserted my cock into him, bouncing up and down on me he said he was coming.As he bounced on my cock I knew I was coming also. I pushed him off me, standing up I faced him and fucked him from the front, as I moved my pelvis I could feel spunk oozing out of my ass, as he was getting fucked he said “Harder harder I’m coming”, as I fucked him harder he had an anal climax, he was sweating and gasping.As I continued to fuck him he said “Don’t come inside me”, which I thought was rich, as I closed in on my orgasm I pulled out, he was quick to get my cock in his mouth as he wanked me to my orgasm. I flooded his mouth with my hot sweaty cum and he drank every drop. He stood up pulled his shorts up and carried on working as if nothing had happened. I had a shower.