INDIAN AUNTY AND BOYthis story is 100% truth about what happend to me when i was 16Im A British Asian male of 21 now born here,this happened to me when i went to india with my parents, only me and my sister went, other brothers and s*s stayed in england as they were older,i was 15, all id ever done was fingered a girl at that age,anyway got there and it was the usual shit, spending cash, going to the town n jus general chilling,THEN a aunty of mine who lived in the city came down after a week of me being there to see us,she was 33, her name was naseema, very beautiful, big tits and juicy ass,light skin,curly hairshe wasnt married (which was unusual for a woman of her age over there)and was from a rich family,anyway she came n me n all my cousins girls and boys jus chilled with her as she was fun,she ended up staying for a 3weeks though even though it was meant to be 1weeks, as she wasnt married should could,so after week, or so we were all chilling with my aunty naseema in the living room and it was so hot i couldnt take it, i was very causal and im a real sexy guy LOL but true, as i was very confident i took my top off never klasbahis yeni giriş ever thinking anything sexual nor did anyone else girls or boys as they were used to it,i jus used to do it cos i was hot,As i did i saw naseema look at me when i looked at her, her eyes were on my chest, she looked at my eyes in a blink of a second then i went to get some cocacola, when i came back i had a bit of a hard dick as i was thinking of fuckin naseema after she looked at me, as i came back with my drink everyone was watchin tv but naseema looked at me again AND I SWEAR she looked at thehard dick through my trousers then looked away,I WAS SHOCKED, but acted normal but i knew she looked.that night alot of guests came so people had to share rooms, alot of k**s were in the room i was in and on purpose i lied near naseema, no one would think anything because i was young, plus other people were lying next to us, I MEAN the house was packed full even though the house is massive,when everyone was asleep i wasnt, but i behaved like i was, and put my arm on naseema, on her tit,then my leg around her, she woke up but klasbahis giriş didnt mind what i was doing,i was shit scared, so behaved like i was asleep, but she started touching my cock,it turned solid in 2secs,she was jus holding it, my heart was pumping like never before, i didnt know what to do, so in a shocking movent i jus grabbed her arm and she froze, but i put her hand back on it and went straight for her vagina, it was a bit hairy not much, i jus licked it lightly, (its what id seen in pornos so i wanted to try it, in uk i hadnt had the chance of that yet let alone sex)i licked it gently she was breathing deeper i sucked her tits, she fed them to me cos i didnt know what was doing,she put my dick in her vagina , it was sooo wet,i didnt move she did, i cummed in like 10 minutes,i jus went to sleep nervous , anyway next day we jus somehow acted normal, jus as usual, when night came i slept next to her again, late when everyone was asleep, i started touching her, her body was massive compared to mine, but now im much bigger then her,, she sucked my dick, i couldnt take it, i jus cummed in her mouth, klasbahis güvenilirmi and she ate it, i couldnt believe it, i never imagined this would happen to me so soon and young,i fucked her in her pussy with a condom that night over and over but slowly because one else were sleepin in the same room on the floor, i ate her and sucked it,it was fresh, tight,next week i made a excuse to go and stay at her mothers house as she lived there the house was amazing, only her, her younger brother who was out for like 4days sometimes, and her mother lived ther,they had alot of family in england who were rich so u can imagine their house in india,anyway when i got thereher brother was out was usual for a few days, you already know what the plan was,when her old mother was asleep i used to go to her room and fuck her , i fingered her ass and licked it, she licked mine,but she didnt let me fuck her anal.last time i went i was 18 but she was on holiday , i only wnet for a week,she is married now, but always visits my family there, i cant wait to go back and fuck, even though she is married, i want to fuck her with her husbandi also fucked 2 other girls when i was there but they were kinda my age, i had to write this story cos its the one i always think of.after that when i got back to the uk, i cant stop fucking a, i love it, as i got older i fucked all sorts of women even a 53yr old,, ill right some more soon