I woke up but didn’t open my eyes just yet. Opening them meant that I had to get up and start the day. I blindly searched the bed for the other warm body that was meant to be in bed with me. When I couldn’t find it, I opened my eyes. She was not where in the room. My attention was drawn to sounds coming from down the hall in the kitchen. I glanced at the clock to see it was just past nine o’clock in the morning.

I rolled out of bed and grabbed my bathrobe to cover my nude body. I joined Ava in the kitchen. She didn’t notice when I came in. Ava had put on one of my shirts to protect herself while she cooked. It also served to make her look extremely sexy the way it hung off her body. I took the opportunity to sneak up behind her.

She jumped in surprise when I first slid my arms around her. She relaxed when she turned back and saw it was just me. I licked my lips seeing that she was making my favorite breakfast, blueberry pancakes and a side of bacon. Ava seemed very accustomed to working like this because she was able to finish her meal preparation without a problem. Even when I stole some of the blueberries out of the bowl she didn’t reprimand me like she usually did.

“I got up and you weren’t in bed.” I commented.

“I had wanted to bring you breakfast in bed.”

“I would prefer it if you woke me up instead. What are you wearing?”

“I grabbed your shirt off the floor so that I would get hit with the bacon grease. Is it not to your liking? I can change. I’m sorry I got out of bed without waking you, it won’t happen again sir.” She kissed my cheek. I told her she was a good girl. I backed away to let her finish making our meals without me hanging off of her. It didn’t take much longer.

Ava brought our plates to the table. We ate in silence only because our mouths were too busy being stuffed. I finished first. Ava was attempting to be a little lady like. I relaxed back in my chair letting my stomach settle. I waited for her to finish eating before saying anything.

“Ava, I don’t want you wearing that today. Put on one of the pieces of lingerie that I bought you.”

“Will I be wearing it all day sir?” She seemed nervous about my demand, but not against it. I chose not to answer her. I picked up the morning paper that was on the table. Ava must have gone to get it this morning. A pang of jealously went through me at the thought that someone else might have seen her in just my shirt. Understanding that I would not answer her Ava started to grab the plates to clean. I grabbed her write and looking at her.

“Finish them after you change. I’ll be in the living room when you are done.” She nodded and went to change. I read the paper for a little bit in my recliner chair and then turned on the television. I caught a glimpse of Ava as she walked back to the kitchen after changing. She was wearing on of my favorites. It was a purple baby doll style, that was mostly sheer. My dick grew harder imagining what she looked like washing the dishes dressed like that.

I drew my eyes away from the TV when I noticed that Ava had finished the dishes and was in the door frame coming into the living room. She was the picture of sexuality. She had her arms across her chest pushed up her tits making them look more voluptuous. It was a casual moment between us, but there was sexual undertone coursing eryaman orospu numaraları through the room. I called Ava over to me with a curl of my finger. Ava sauntered over and knelt between my legs.

I let her watch TV with me on her knees. I pet her hair like she was a kitten. She leaned her head on my knee. We were both comfortable. My finger grazed her neck and I felt her shiver under my touch. I decided that was the signal to me to heat things up. I tapped Ava’s shoulder and when she turned around, she saw me starting to unzip my pants. She turned around and watched me fish my cock out.

“Make me happy now slut. If you do a good job, I may be inclined to make you a little happy.”

“Yes, sir.” She started to dutifully work on my cock. I felt the power surging through me that she was ‘beneath me’ to serve me. I was watching TV while I had a beautiful woman servicing me; it was many men’s ultimate dream. I was getting into it when my phone started to ring on the coffee table. Ava stopped her work to hand me the phone. The caller ID identified my friend Eric as the incoming call.

Ava was looking up at me waiting for me to take the call. She must have expected me to finish my phone call before letting her continue. That wasn’t my plan. I answered the phone and started talking to my friend. Ava moved to watch TV again. I took hold of her hair stopping her. When her attention was back on me, I snapped my fingers and then pointed down to my crotch. It was clear what I wanted, but Ava didn’t dive in like she usually did.

She shook her head to try to communicate that she didn’t want to. I didn’t let the person on the phone know what was going on in my house as I talked to him. I grabbed Ava’s chin and gave her a stern look. She understood what I was telling her and nodded her head. Her need to submit to me winning out in the end.

“No, sorry man, I can’t get together tonight. I have plans already. Yeah, actually I’m going on a date. I planned it with her on Friday, I can’t cancel now. I’ll talk to you later man.” As the conversation with Eric came to an end, I grabbed the back of Ava’s head and forced her down on me.

She responded to me seeming to forget all about the fact that I was on the phone. Ava was more than happy to choke down my cock like she had done several times before this. When I hung up the phone, I pulled her off. She watched me under hooded eyes stroke myself off in front of her face.

She opened her mouth wide expecting me to unload into her mouth. Before letting go I pulled her head back by her hair to expose her chest to me. I came on her tits. Ava looked down to see how I had painted her skin. She didn’t move to wipe it off, even as it started to drip down into her bra cup.

“Sir, may I clean myself?” Her question sounded more like a hope that she knew was not going to be answered.

“No, I think today that I want to see how many times I use you today. I plan to cover you completely before the day ends.” She smiled, but looked down at her chest a little nervous. I’m sure she was wondering if I was going to let her wash before I dropped her home.

I took her hands and pulled her up to straddle me on the couch. My hands roamed up and down her body as we looked in each other’s eyes. Ava kissed me and I responded. She started to grid gölbaşı orospu numaraları against me, begging me for more with her body. I slid my hands up her body and interlocked our fingers together. I brought her hand to my lips and kissed the back of her hand first, then her lips lightly.

“What do you say we open up our box?” I propositioned her.

“If it will please you sir. I’m very curious about what you purchased.” I got up, taking her in my arms as I did. She squealed happily and wrapped her legs around my waist. I brought us back to my room and put her down. I had grabbed the box off of the coffee table on our way in. The key was still in my pants pocket on the ground. At the last minute I decided to change the scenery and pulled Ava to the guest bedroom.

I put her in the middle of the room and started to circle her like a culture would its next meal. When I was behind her, I stepped forward and pressed up against her. I made sure to push my hard dick into her backside to let her know how excited I was.

“You know, I don’t get many visitors.” I started rubbing her arms sensually. “I think I could put this room to better use?”

“We can turn it into a playroom sir. A private space for you to use me to your heart’s content. If you would enjoy that sir?”

“I do like the sound of that. Eventually that box will not be able to hold everything that I would like to use on you. For now, get on your knees slut.” She disappeared from my direct line of sight listening to my order. She was always picturesque when she knelt before me. I took one more lap around her then placed the box down in her lap. I knelt down to put the key in the box. I opened it and took out the handcuffs, nipple clamps and butt plug. I placed two out of the three on the nightstand.

“Put your hands behind your back.” I instructed her. I made sure to keep my words short and calm. She did just that, and even raised herself up on her knees so I wouldn’t have to bend down too far to put the handcuffs on. Once they were in place she dropped back down. I stepped back to look at my good work. I accidentally bumped into a table that was storing inside the room. I looked at it and got a crazy idea. I started mapping out how it would work and looked between Ava and the table. My mind was made up and I dragged the table away from the wall.

“Sit up here slut.” I told her patting the table. It was a little taller than Ava so she need help to get on top of it with her hands constrained behind her. Her legs dangled off the edge. I liked this fact, she had even less control without her legs to stabilizer her. Ava needed to have complete faith in my ability to protect her.

I caged Ava in against me by leaned against the table with my hands on either side of her. There was a devilish smile playing against her lips as our face came closer together. I started to kiss, suck and nibble on her neck; but did not roam any farther south. I pulled the baby doll top out of the way so that her tits would emerge allowing me to play with her hard nipples. The nightstand was close

enough to the table that I was able to grab the nipple clamps without leaving Ava.

Ava was so wrapped up in what I was doing that even though she must have realized I was grabbing but I doubted she knew what it was. I placed the first gölbaşı azeri escort clamp and her body instinctively pulled away slightly. She definitely enjoyed them though because she didn’t jump away when the second one was put on her. A chain connected the two clamps together that made a jingling noise that I very much loved to hear.

I stepped back. I couldn’t miss the great view that I had created. It was enjoyably obscene to see my little sister, in baby doll lingerie, her hands tied behind her back and two nipple clamps decorating her tits. I could tell that Ava was more than ready for me to fuck her again. I gently flipped Ava over onto her stomach. The table was narrow enough that her tits hung off the edge making the clamps and chain dangle down. To reach the floor Ava needed to stretch on her toes.

“We used up all the lube last night.” I whispered in Ava’s ear. She moaned. Unfortunately, there was nothing left to do but improvise. I spit on her hole and started massaging her open for me. Ava wiggled her ass at me inviting me to play with her more. She wasn’t expecting me to slap her ass hard.

“Stop with your fidgeting. Next movement and I will punish you.”

“Yes sir, it won’t happen again.”

“Damn right you won’t slut.” I started pressing into her. I kept massaging more and more spit onto her hold to keep her well lubricated. I was starting to lost all the moisture in my mouth. Ava was groaning about how good she was feeling so I knew that I was doing enough to keep her from being in any pain. I grabbed Ava’s handcuffs and pulled her up so that her chest was off the table. The sound of the chain of her nipple clamps rattling reminded me that she was still wearing them.

“Please sir, may I cum for you? It feels so good.” She moaned.

“Not yet slut. I’ll give you permission when I feel like it.” I suckled on her neck as I pistoned in and out of her. I reached forward and grabbed the chain of her clamps.

“Keep it in your mouth, slut. Don’t drop it.” She put the chain between her teeth. I kept fucking her getting harder as time went on. I started picking up on the signs that Ava was going to not be able to hold back her orgasm anymore. I tangled my hand into her hair to pull her hair back, while I pushed down on her back. This made the chain taunt to pull on her nipples more.

“You ready to cum slut?” Ava couldn’t answer with the chain in her mouth, but her moans and hums told me that she was. I knew I wouldn’t be long behind her after I gave her permission to cum.

“Cum for me bitch.” Ava began to convulse underneath me. I pulled her head back quickly. The chain in her mouth pulled the clamps off her nipples. The added sensation sent a second orgasm through Ava. It was the loudest I had heard her during an orgasm. It was guttural, animal like. I couldn’t stop and pulled out of Ava to shoot my cum onto Ava’s slim back.

Ava fell, exhausted onto the table. I took the handcuffs off and carried her like a princess into the bed. She was falling asleep as I carried her just the short distance. I tucked her under the sheets, then sat down next to. I pet her head and played with her hair.

“Thank you, sir.” She mumbled with a tired smile.

“You are such a good girl Ava. Get some sleep honey. I have to run to the store quickly. Rest while I’m out.” I got up to leave but she grabbed my shirt.

“May I have a kiss before you go sir?”

“Of course, you can baby.” I bent down to kiss her. I pulled the covers up some more before and she closed her eyes to sleep. I could resist and gave her another kiss on her forehead.

“I’ll be home soon.” I whispered to her.