Incestuous Submission

Vicky Samuels

I loved how Pam Hiragawa trembled as I led her into my dark classroom. Trickles of light bled through the closed Venetian blinds, painting stripes across the neat rows of desk. The nineteen-year-old, Japanese girl trembled, hands clasped before her, pale-olive cheeks flushed. Her silk-black hair was gathered in a French braid falling down her back.

She was the type of Japanese girl Clinton would love. I missed my master and lover. If bigamy was legal, he would have been my husband, too. But my older sister, Cheryl, had that honor. And she did love him more than I did, so it was only fair.

But I savored the time we had.

And now that Clint was stepping up as the man of the house, I was thrilled to learn that he, too, had a thing for Asian girls. And Pam was just perfect. Trembling, innocent, blushing, beautiful. Earlier, she had caught me masturbating in the ladies’ restroom. It happened on a break during the debate tournament my school hosted today–I was the coach of my school’s team, which was why my Saturdays were occupied. And with no bonus pay.

Meanwhile, all the fun was happening at my sister’s house. Cheryl, both my daughters, and Alicia had all submitted to Clint. My youngest daughter, Lee, a complete brat, had been spanked and pissed on. Alicia had her cherry popped, and Melody had finally surrendered herself to Clint. The pair had been in love for years, growing up as kissing cousins, not knowing the truth that they were actually half-siblings.

And I missed it all.

But Pam would make it all better.

“H-How can you make me better at debate, Professor Samuels?” Pam asked, a tremble in her voice.

“It’s all about confidence,” I purred, lifting her chin. “Look at you, trembling, frightened. Why are you scared?”

“B-Because you kissed me earlier,” she whispered. “I’m your student. You shouldn’t have done that.”

“But you enjoyed it.” I leaned in, loving her pink lips. “You loved the taste of my pussy on lips.”

Her cheeks grew brighter.

“That’s why you’re here. You want more. I can help you gain confidence. To stand tall before a crowd.”

“By…having sex with you?”

“That won’t make you more confident.” I gave a wicked giggle. “That will just be fun. What you need is a boyfriend. Someone that will make you realize how pretty you are. How smart you are. A sexy, young man who will make your heart flutter. You’ll want to please him, to love him, to feel his eyes on you, supporting you, when you step out on the stage. You’ll be able to speak with confidence because he believes in you.

“Now, are there any boys that make you feel those wicked tingles in your virgin pussy?”

“Professor Samuels,” she whispered. “I…I…”

“Is it my nephew, Clint?” I smiled, my thumb stroking over her lips. They were wet, plump. So kissable. “He talks about you sometimes. He notices you. In gym class, wearing your athletic wear. I bet your ass looks marvelous in those shorts. How could he not notice you?”

“But… He’s always with his cousin, Melody. They’re…” She swallowed. “I’ve seen them kiss.”

Does everyone know about Melody and Clint?

“And? A boy can love more than one girl.” I pushed my thumb into her mouth, so warm and wet. “Especially if that girl is bi. How many times have you masturbated to my daughter, Melody?”

Her slanted eyes widened.

“As many times as you have to Clint?”

She trembled. I pushed my thumb deeper. Her tongue caressed it. My pussy clenched.

“That’s what I thought.” I leaned in closer, rubbing the tip of my nose against hers. “But you just don’t have the confidence to approach them. That’s your first test. On Monday, when you see my nephew, tell him his aunt sent you. That you want to suck his cock while Melody watches. If you can do that, you will have taken a great step forward in your confidence.”

I popped my thumb out of her mouth.

“Can you do that?”

Her almond eyes were shiny. “I…I…”

“He’ll love it. I know he will. He talks about you all the time.” I had never heard Clint say her name once. “I know my nephew and daughter. Trust me, this will pay dividends for you. Okay?”

“I…I’ll think about it.”

“Good. Do that. While you masturbate. Imagine it over and over, your pussy getting wetter and wetter.” I licked my lips. “I bet your pussy is so wet right now. Huh?”

She gave a slight nod of her head.

“And wouldn’t it be so wicked of me if I knelt down before you and licked your pussy?” I nuzzled her nose. “I mean, you’re my student. It’s so wrong, isn’t it?”

Pam nodded her head, her breasts pressing on her blouse as she breathed in.

“But that’s what makes it soooo exciting, right?” I arched an eyebrow. “It makes you so wet.”

“So wet, Professor Samuels,” she whispered, her voice such a naughty purr. I shivered in absolute delight.

“That’s what I thought, sweetie.” I licked my lips. “It’ll be our little secret.”

I kissed her before she could tuzla eve gelen escort speak. I captured those sweet lips. I couldn’t wait for Clint to report back to me on his Monday romp with this delectable girl. He would know I was cool aunt. His sexy, submissive aunt who would find him all the hotties for his pleasure.

My pussy burned at that thought. I wiggled my hips, my hands unbuttoning her blouse as I kissed her hard, my tongue thrusting into her mouth. She moaned, eyes squeezed shut, her lips moving, learning, surrendering to her passion.

She was such a submissive thing. So pliant. Clint would have no problems with her. Ooh, it would be such a wicked surprise.

Her blouse fell loose, and my hands reached in, touching her bare skin. She was silky smooth. I stroked up her sides, bringing a shudder and moan from her lips. I rose higher and higher, reaching the bands of her bra. I slid along them until I found her cups.

I squeezed her round breasts.

Her bra felt so plain, so boring. No lace, no exciting cut, no pattern of little holes in the cup to show off her flesh beneath. This girl was missing out. A woman had so many options on how to display her body. She should embrace them.

And she would once she had the confidence Clint would give her.

She moaned as I groped her breasts through her blouse, her nipples hard. I rubbed circles with my thumbs over her nubs. The little sighs and gasps she made were intoxicating. Her kiss grew hotter, her tongue moving, brushing mine.

Her confidence already building.

She stiffened as my hands reached behind her back. She knew what I was going for. But I didn’t let up on the kiss, I didn’t give this sweet, nineteen-year-old virgin a chance to object, to think. I wanted her thoughts full of lust.

I had plenty of practice unhooking another woman’s bra. It was different than doing your own. The clasp came off with a flick of my wrist. My hands moved, pulling the straps off her shoulders, baring those breasts. My hands found them, squeezing her warm flesh. They were soft yet firm, so wonderfully round and plump, bigger than most Asian girls her age. I found her hard nipples, short, fat nubs that I rolled between my thumbs and fingers.

Now I broke the kiss.

“Professor Samuels,” she moaned as I rolled her nipples between my fingers, loving how she squirmed and writhed. “That’s… Oh, wow, that’s…”

“Say it,” I told her. “You want to be a debater. A debater speaks with clarity, projecting her thoughts and ideas.”

“That feels really nice,” she moaned, her lips shiny with both our saliva. “It tingles. All the way down there.”

“Down there? Use precise language.”

“My cunny. It makes me feel all fluttery and wet. I itch.”

“What does it make you want to do.”

“Touch myself,” she whispered, growing more bold. “To masturbate.”


“I love to rub myself with my fingers,” she moaned. “And play with my nipples. I smear my pussy juices on my nipples. Makes them slippery. Then I can really roll them. I switch hands, plunging over and over, keeping my fingers coated while I play with myself. I pictured Clint doing it or Melody or… Others.”

“Only thinking about Clint and Melody until Monday,” I told her. “You need to be ready to please him. Practice sucking on carrots or bananas. No teeth. You don’t want to hurt his dick. You want to pleasure him.”

“Yes, Professor Samuels,” she moaned, her hips shifting. “Are you really going to…go down on me?”

“Be specific.”

“Are you going to lick my cunny?” Her words burst loud from her small body, echoing through my classroom.

“Yes,” I hissed and pinched her nipples hard. She gasped and shuddered. “I’m going to do it so hard. I’m going to make you cum on my lips. I’m going to send you home feeling so confident about your sexy body.”

“I’m sexy?”

I grinned at her. “Oh, you are. That skin, these breasts, your legs. Girl, you are delicious. Petite and sexy and sensual. I have to eat you. I’m so wet for you.” I grabbed her hand and shoved it between my thighs, rubbing at my panties. “Feel how wet I am.”

She gasped, slanted eyes widening. “You’ve soaked your panties.”

Her hand came away, spots of moisture on her fingers. She glanced at me and I nodded. She brought her hand to her nose, inhaling sharply, smelling my spicy musk. Her body shivered, breasts quivering. Then she licked her fingers while I knelt before her, pink tongue sliding slowly up her digits, tasting her pleasure.

“Now isn’t that just delicious?” I asked her. “Imagine what my daughter will taste like. I bet Melody has a sweet tasting snatch.” Tonight, I would find out. I would eat both my daughter’s cunts and Alicia’s if I could manage. I was such a bad mommy and a wicked aunt.

As she licked her fingers, I worked down her skirt. Her panties were the same boring white as her bra. But her crotch was soaked. I leaned in, breathing in deeply. Her tart musk bled through the fabric. I licked, tasting tuzla otele gelen escort cotton and pussy, such a sweet, innocent flavor.

Her hips writhed, sweet moans escaping her lips as I pushed her gusset into her folds, molding them tight. A few black curls escaped out her gusset. She wasn’t shaved. Perfect. Japanese girls looked so intoxicating with their dark, thick bushes. I bet Clint would love that about her.

“Professor Samuels,” she moaned, staring at me. She leaned back against a desk, her hands planting on the edge, gripping it as I pulled down her panties. Slowly, rolling them down her hips, exposing the top of her black bush. “You’re really going to do this.”

“Do what?”

She licked her lips. “Lick my pussy.”


“It’s so wrong. I’m your student.”

“I know,” I moaned, not caring about how immoral this was. My pussy was on fire. I breathed in her tart musk as her panties rolled down her sleek thighs. Her bush was trimmed but thick, hiding her folds.

I left her panties bunched around her knees, unable to resist my hungers for her barely legal snatch. I buried my lips into my student’s cunt and licked hard. She shuddered, back arching, breasts jiggling over my head as I found her virgin pussy buried beneath the forest of black curls. I ran along her slit, gathering her tart musk.

Her pussy was virginal tight. My fingers quested through her silk pubic hair. I parted her vulva, exposing her inner flesh, and licked again. I brushed her intact hymen, the membrane covered in small holes, before swiping through her folds and brushing her clit peeking out of its sheath.

She bucked. Her eyes shot wide open. “Professor Samuels. That’s so naughty! Oh, wow. Oh, yes.”

“Don’t be shy. Tell me exactly how this feels.” I took another long, slow lick.

“It feels wonderful. Oh, your tongue is sliding through my folds. I can feel it against my flesh, caressing me. And… Oh, that’s my clitoris.”

“Your clit,” I grinned. “Your cute clit and your hot pussy, your cunt. Or your cunny. That’s what you call them.”

“Yes, yes, my cunt!” Her body shuddered saying that word. She probably thought it was such a terrible word, but know, her lusts burning hot, she realized it was also so sexy. Her hips undulated, silky pubic hairs caressing my lips as she ground on me. “Yes, yes, Professor Samuels. Lick my pussy. My barely legal cunt! You’re such a naughty teacher! So bad!”

“I am,” I moaned. I wanted her to fuck my nephew and daughter. I wanted to make my sexy Master happy. I hadn’t even submitted to Clint yet, and he was already my master. He owned me.

And Pam would be my proof.

I licked her harder, faster. My thumb rubbed at her clit as I licked about her tight slit and folds. I brushed her hymen and drank her wonderful, tart juices. They dribbled down my chin and coated my face. She squirmed and moaned. Her hips shook, shuddered. Breasts bounced above me, dark-brown nipples waving. Her face contorted with her pleasure.

Her hips humped and moaned. Her breasts jiggled as I stirred the pleasure through her body. I made her writhe and gasp. Her head snapped back. She moaned out her delight, eyes clenching, body shivering.

“It’s building,” she moaned. “My orgasm! Oh, Professor Samuels! Oh, this is so naughty! I’m going to cum! No one’s ever made me cum before.”

“Don’t hold back,” I moaned. “Let it out. Pretend I’m Melody.”

I sucked on her clit hard as she gasped. With her eyes closed, I knew she was picturing my daughter and her blonde hair, her round breasts, her youthful body. They were the same age, both nineteen, in the same year along with Clint. Pam spasmed, her breasts bouncing, the desk creaking.

And then she came. The breath exploded out of her. Juices flooded my mouth as she moaned and gasped. She spasmed. Her French braid whipped about her body while her breasts danced above me, so perky and firm. Her thighs tightened on my cheeks.

I savored her pleasure. I savored preparing my gift to my nephew and Master. Clint would love Pam so much. I hoped he recorded her sucking his cock on his phone. My pussy burned between my thighs. I wanted to masturbate so badly.

But I would save it for tonight. For my Master.

“Professor Samuels,” she squeaked out as she bucked and shivered a final time, her pleasure slowing. “Professor Samuels… Oh, that was amazing.”

“Did you picture me as Melody?” I asked.

She nodded her head.

“And you’re going to offer Clint a blowjob, telling him it was my idea?”

“I’ll think about it.”

“You’ll do it,” I said, forcing myself to be as dominant as possible. It wasn’t what I liked, but I could do it to groom young girls for my master’s pleasure. “You want to do it. This is what you need for your confidence. If you can walk up to a boy and offer to blow his dick, you can debate before a crowd.”

“Yes, Professor Samuels.” she shivered. “But… Where can I blow him at school? We’ll get caught.”

“My classroom,” tuzla sınırsız escort I told her. “Before my first class. It’ll be open for you to use. You’ll blow my nephew right where I’m kneeling.”

Mmm, I was such a cool aunt.

* * *

Cheryl Elliston

I hummed happily as I cooked wearing nothing but an apron. It had been so long since I had done that. Zoey had been just a toddler and Clint a bun in my oven. Once the kids came, my sex life with my husband and sister had to go beneath their notice. All our kinky fun was outside the house or in our soundproof bedrooms–Clinton made both mine and my sister Vicky’s next door that way.

He was such a handy man.

I paused before the mixing bowl full of the breading for the chicken, made from scratch, and fought back the tears. Sometimes, it felt like Clinton just died instead of six months ago. He was my man. My son may be my new master, but he would never own my heart the way Clinton had. For twenty years he loved and dominated my sister and me.

Twenty wonderful years.

I took a deep breath, calming myself. My hand shook. I really wanted a drink. But Clint forbade me from buying any wine. There was none in the house. The shiver shook me more. I grit my teeth and went back to mixing the breading.

Cooking was soothing. I used to do it almost every night for two decades. I would come home from my job as a paralegal for Elisabet Reenbug, a tax attorney, and start dinner. Clinton loved home-cooked meals. I made enough for Vicky and her children, too.

And now I cooked for Clint.

He was watching me from the dining room, sitting at the head of the table, having a great view of my naked ass as I flounced through the kitchen. He, Melody, Alicia, and Lee were all in there working on their homework, cooling off after our morning and afternoon of nasty sex. I could still feel Lee’s mouth licking Clint’s cum out of me while the fresh flavor of Alicia’s pussy lingered on my lips.

I licked my eighteen-year-old daughter’s cunt, and I loved it.

The front door opened. I tensed for a moment. It shouldn’t be Zoey. My eldest daughter was working at Dairy Queen tonight. If she found me wearing only an apron, that would be awkward. She wasn’t ready to be apart of the harem.


I had to have a mother-daughter conversation with her, ease her into it. She wasn’t as submissive as the other women of the family, and she still saw Clint not as a man, but as her annoying, younger brother. A kid.

A Squirt.

Instead, it was my sister, Vicky, who walked into the house back from her day coaching debate. I could just see her in the entrance way pulling off her coat and hanging it on the rack. Then she unbuttoned her blouse. She flashed me a naughty smile. I grinned back. She was eager to have a new Master, to serve Clint with me and her daughters and nieces.

We looked a lot alike, though I was taller and bustier than my little sister, though not by much. Her breasts were large and round, so fun to play with. Her hair was the same shade of black as mine–when I didn’t have it bleached blonde. Her breasts came out. We had matching tattoos over our hearts, a triangle with three letters tattooed at the corners. C at the top, then a C and a V at the bottom corners.

Clinton, Cheryl, Vicky.

Her breasts bounced as she worked out of her skirt and panties, rushing to strip for her master. Unlike me, she was shaved save for a triangle on her pudenda pointing down at her pussy. Clinton wanted me blonde and her shaved. Even after he died, we kept grooming ourselves to his standards. In fact, I needed to bleach my hair again, my roots were too dark.

Naked, she fell on her hands and knees and crawled into the kitchen, ignoring the discomfort of first hardwood floors and then linoleum. I smiled at my sister as she passed me, staring at her ass and shaved pussy.

She glistened.

A chair scraped. Clint stood up from his place at the head of the table. He was tall, strong, filling out to his father’s powerful build. Clinton had educated our son, rearing him to be the master of his sisters. My husband never touched his daughters, not even when nineteen-year-old Zoey tried to seduce him. He wanted them all for his son. So he made sure Clint knew how to act, how to handle his women, how to take care of them. I doubt Clint ever realized his father’s true goal.

“You would be so proud of him,” I whispered as Clint seized my sister’s hair.

“What do you think you’re doing, Aunt Vicky?” Clint asked, hauling her head up. She knelt before him, her spine so supple.

“I’m here to be your slave, Sir,” she answered. “To do any nasty, filthy, naughty thing you want. Degrade me. Fuck me. Use me, Sir!”

“Mom,” Lee groaned. Then she slipped out of her robes, her slim, athletic body appearing. The eighteen-year-old had small breasts and a black bush between her tan legs. Her short hair gave her a pixyish bob, fitting her bratty personality. “Me, too. I’m his slave, too, Mom. He uses me! He pissed on me.”

“Lee,” Clint growled. “Did I tell you to strip naked and interrupt your mother’s submission to me?”

“No, Sir,” Lee said, though there was heat in her voice, a wiggle to her hips. Her red and bruised ass rested on her heels. She had to feel the pain as she squirmed. She was excited to be punished.