In Your RoomIt’s three am and I can’t sleep so I get up out of bed, go into the living room, turn on the TV and have a beer. Your mom is still in bed and I turn the TV down, but she had most of a bottle of wine before bed so it won’t matter anyway. I flip through the channels and there are a couple of soft-core movies on. One has a young secretary sucking off her boss at work. I watch that for a while, finish my second beer, and glance towards the hallway that leads to your room. I start thinking about how you had a couple of glasses of champagne at the reception last year after I married your mom and you touched my hand and told me you thought I was hot. I think about you walking in on me last week in the bathroom and how your eyes lingered a second too long on my cock before you closed the door. How you’ve sneaked knowing looks at me ever since then when we make eye contact. I feel myself starting to get hard.I rub my hand against my cock thinking about your body and about the pajamas you were wearing before you went to bed. The tight t-shirt and the thin, loose cotton shorts. About how you were lying on the couch next to me, your feet resting in my lap. Doing my best to keep my eyes off of your legs and trying not to think about how your breasts looked in that t-shirt. I had to constantly shift in my seat to hide my erection under the blanket. Every time you’d move, your foot would brush up against it. I don’t know how you didn’t feel it, but you didn’t give any indication that you knew. At one point I thought you rubbed up against it on purpose, but I looked at you and you didn’t flinch or change your expression, you just looked straight ahead at the TV. I close my eyes and imagine you walking into the living room right now. I start to throb.The türbanlı istanbul escort beer and the blood rushing away from my brain makes me light headed, so against better judgement, I get up and go make sure your mom is still asleep. Then I walk towards your room, my hard cock straining against my boxer briefs.I push your door open, peering inside. You’re asleep on your back, and you’ve kicked most of the covers off of you. Your t-shirt is pulled up to just under your breasts and your hand is on your stomach, just above the top of your shorts. I walk closer. Your computer monitor throws enough light to show your hard nipples under your t-shirt. You’re breathing softly with your mouth slightly open and the hand on your stomach is slowly moving against your skin. I know I should leave, but I can’t.I lean down, my face close to your neck. I smell your perfume, your scent. I can feel your rhythmic breath on my cheek. In and out. In and out. My heart beats faster and I rub my hand against my briefs and press on my cock. I’m throbbing so hard it hurts. I don’t know what to do. I want to touch you so bad, I want to feel your skin under my fingers. I lean down and get close to your naked stomach. I smell your skin. It smells delicious. Sweet and flowery. I gently kiss your stomach, right next to your belly button. You moan and stir gently and I almost panic and run, but you don’t seem to wake up.This is so wrong. I turn and walk halfway to the door and I look back at you and your hand has moved down so that it’s lying on your shorts, your fingers resting flat against the thin cotton. The tips of your fingers are lying right where you clit is, underneath your shorts, and the middle finger is moving türbanlı istanbul escort bayan ever so slightly.I can’t leave.I get down on my knees next to the bed and lean my head close to your thighs. The loose shorts are pulled away from the leg closest to me so that I can just barely make out your pussy in the dim light. I’m rock hard. I get closer and I can smell your scent. Delicious, sweet, a little musky. I didn’t think I could get any harder. I want to kiss your thigh right at the bottom of your shorts, but I don’t want to risk waking you. Hell, I really want to grab you and lick your pussy, but that’s insane. Instead I blow gently up your shorts, trying to focus my warm breath on your pussy. I look up at your face and I see your lips part and your breathing gets a little deeper, your chest heaving up, pushing your perky tits and hard nipples out. I continue blowing on your pussy and you shift a little in your sleep, moving your legs just a little wider apart. I see your fingers move just slightly over your shorts, against your clit.I move my hand between your legs. I stop. I can’t do this. So many reasons I can’t do this. My heart is pounding so hard that my ears are ringing. I can’t catch my breath. I get up and walk to the door. I’m raging hard. Fuck it. I turn and walk back to the bed.I reach into my briefs and grab my cock and pull it out. I stroke it as I look lustily at your beautiful body. Aching for you, imagining being on top of you, feeling your breasts against my chest, your stomach against mine, my cock hard against your wet pussy, your arms wrapped around my neck, hearing you whisper in my ear “Please fuck me”. My heart is racing so fast and I’m so turned on that I’m türbanlı escort istanbul close to cumming in under a minute. I know that I’m probably being too loud, panting hard and jacking off fast, but I’ve stopped caring. I can’t tell anyway because the ringing in my ears is like white noise now. I move closer to the bed. Your head is turned a little toward me, near the edge of the bed. You’re still breathing a little hard but steady, your mouth hanging just barely open. I put my the swollen head of my cock as close to your parted lips as I can without touching them. God I’m so close to exploding and collapsing to my knees. My head is swimming, but I could have sworn your mouth just opened a little wider. I move my cock closer. I think I might have touched your lips.I reach down and press a finger gently against your shorts, right against your pussy. It’s warm and I think a little moist. You moan a little and exhale warm breath on my cock and I cum fast and hard, barely pulling my cock back in time to keep from cumming on you. I aim up and manage to cum all over my stomach and chest. I’m panting way too loud, my heart is about to explode, and I’m barely able to stand. I stand there for a minute, eyes closed, just panting. Swaying with the rocking of the room. Finally I can open my eyes again. I look down and notice there’s a tiny drop of cum on your cheek, right next to your mouth. I can’t risk wiping it off and waking you up. As I get to the door on wobbly legs, I turn and look at you again. Your hand is still moving lightly over your shorts and against your clit. You’re breathing a little harder. After a few seconds, I hear your breath catch in your throat and a little squeak escapes from your mouth. You take a deep breath and roll over on your side. You take another breath and slide back under the covers. I close the door. The next morning when we’re sitting at breakfast, I notice that you have a bit of syrup on your cheek, right where I left that drop of cum. When your mom gets up to go to the fridge, you look directly at me, wipe it off, and then you suck it slowly off of your finger and whisper, “Delicious”.