If You Go Down To The Woods TodayIf You Go Down To The Woods Today.(You could be in for a big surprise)Simone was a very beautiful, sexy figured, totally convincing, submissive, twenty one year old red headed male to female transvestite living in Prague in the Czech Republic. She stood 178cm, or five foot nine inches tall in her bare feet. She wasn’t vain, she didn’t consider herself to be sexy or beautiful at all but anyone who met her became captivated by her sheer feminism. Very few passed her in the street, men and women alike, without taking a second glance and thinking, “Oh I wish”.It was a Thursday evening and the young lady had showered, freshly shaved and was dressed. She was wearing a red and black basque which encased her false breasts, with sheer thin black panties and black stockings, leaving about four inches of bare white thigh between her stocking tops and her tight knickers. Simone had perfect thighs. Her stockinged feet were covered in shiny red patent four inch high heeled shoes which raised her to just over six feet tall. Over her basque Simone was wearing a figure hugging short red dress, the hem ending about three inches below her stocking tops, or five inches above her knees depending on which direction you were looking from and to. Her face was lightly made up and her lipstick was scarlet. Under her dress she looked rather like a vamp, dressed to tease and please, over it she had a look of innocence; her face just looked radiant, beautiful, almost angelic. Her eyes sparkled with youthful exuberance giving nothing away as to the thoughts that were going on in her pretty head.Simone was going to a local bar this evening, it was a “girl’s” night which was held on the first Thursday of each month. It was an occasion to dress up, to go out, to meet other girls, to chat, and to be, well, girlie. Simone had attended before and had met a few like minded girls there, some of whom had shared her bed and her body. Simone wasn’t a virgin, she’d lost that at the age of s*******n in some local woods to an ex-girlfriend, Simone loved sex. she loved being a girl and pleasing as a girl but she considered herself to be a lesbian, men in men’s clothing really did very little for her, whereas a man in women’s clothing, made up to look reasonably convincing turned her on greatly.Her outfit was carefully chosen, it showed plenty but offered nothing. If there was no-one there she fancied then the lucky ones may get to see a stocking top, maybe a quick unintentional flash of white thigh above, but only if they were lucky. If there was another girl she liked then Simone knew just how to move on her seat to cause her dress to raise a few inches and reveal not only her stocking tops and bare section of milky white thighs but also her skimpy sheer black panties. At eight-o-clock Simone left her home to walk the short distance along the narrow cobbled streets to the bar. It was a beautiful evening, the sun still high, the air warm but due to a slight breeze that filtered between the high sided closely knit houses, not oppressive. All in all just right for a stroll. Simone wasn’t afraid of walking her local streets dressed as she was, most of her neighbours had seen her attired this way before and if questioned she didn’t hide her sexuality, she was out and proud and rather than demean her for it most actually admired and respected her for her honesty and openness. To this community Simone was one of the girls, and she loved them for accepting her as such. Her looks, her clothing, her stance, even her gait were so feminine that anyone who didn’t know her and saw her from more than twenty metres wouldn’t have questioned her sex at all, it was only if a person looked carefully and noticed that her hips were slimmer than her shoulders that they may have guessed.When Simone reached the little tavern it was already quite full, this was a well publicised event each month and as well as a few local “girls” there were quite a few that always travelled for a good few miles to be able to attend and enjoy a “girl’s” night out. Also there were a few men, this wasn’t a strictly TV night and always attracted the male of the species, some simply to look, some to admire, some in the hope of pulling, gay men who wanted to bed a “girl”. As always there were a few new comers, girls who were new to this venue, a group of four were sat around a table, one Simone had met before but the other three in the group were all new to her.Simone made her way to the crowded bar full of confidence in her guise as a young woman. As she waited to be served the one girl of six that she recognised from the table she’d noted approached her, “hello,” the girl said quite timidly, “I’m Susan Page, please excuse me for asking but I’ve brought a few girls with me who haven’t been before, I told them that I’ve seen you before and how gorgeous you are and they all wanted to meet you. Would you join us?.” Simone was flattered and agreed to come over to their table once she’d got her drink and Susan left her to materialise a spare chair from goodness knows where.Simone joined the girls and introduced herself and was happy to spend the whole evening in their company. Once the introductions had been made all the girls seemed to open up and become very talkative, questioning Simone on her lifestyle choices and just generally being girls together. Towards the end of the evening Simone left the table to get herself a final drink, as she waited for her wine to be poured trabzon rus escort she looked over her shoulder and saw the girls in her group talking quite animatedly. Susan then joined Simone at the bar, “please excuse me for being open and honest,” Susan said, “but you look so gorgeous and sexy and totally natural, all the girls have said so. We’re going to Kokorins Forest for a picnic tomorrow and we wondered if you’d join us, but please would you do me a great favour? Please would you dress as you are this evening?” Simone agreed to both, perhaps it was the amount of wine she’d drank, she wasn’t drunk but with the drink, the balmy evening and the admiration she’d received this evening she was a little light headed. Simone took her drink back to the table and whilst consuming it happily agreed to the arrangements that the girls made on her behalf. Simone was to provide nothing but herself, she was their guest. It was also arranged that Sue would pick Simone up at twelve thirty the following afternoon. Simone soon after left the tavern and headed home alone, quite upbeat that those girls had travelled thirty miles or so in order to meet her and had then invited her to join them, as girls, the following day for a picnic in a wooded glade, it stirred memories of her first sexual experience four years ago.Simone fell asleep that evening happily reminiscing of her last visit to a woods, of her first sexual experience at the tender age of just s*******n, she fell asleep with her semi stiff hairless cock in her left hand.The next morning Simone rose from her bed, showered, and dressed as she was requested except that she changed her panties, the new one’s she wore were the same colour and style as the pair she’d had on the previous evening just clean and fresh. Susan arrived at the tavern as agreed about twelve thirty, she had a big car and all the other girls were already seated and ready to go for their picnic. Simone joined them in the car and they set off immediatelyAs the car travelled the main road out of Prague towards the Kokorins Forest all the girls made sure they included Simone in their conversations and general gaiety and she soon relaxed in their company. Eventually after over an hour’s drive they began to see signs for their destination and everyone seemed to become more excited and animated. Suddenly Susan turned off the road and onto what was clearly a little used dirt track, Simone didn’t question this, it was clear that the older girl knew where she was going. They continued to travel about a mile and the forest became thicker and darker which intrigued Simone, suddenly they entered a glade, trees had been cut down around a small shimmering lake and the sun could easily filter through to the ground below where tree stumps of varying widths and heights rose from the ground to make convenient seating and tables.As they lighted from the car the heat hit them all and Simone, though happy to be in a very short skirt wasn’t so comfortable wearing her basque. All the girls pitched in and soon one of the larger tree trunks was decorated with a cloth which in turn was covered in a variety of picnic food and a choice of wines, spirits and alcohol. All the girls ate and drank though Susan only had soft drinks due to her driving. After a while Susan produced a new bottle from the car, she poured a good measure into a plastic beaker and offered it to Simone, “try this, you’ll like it, drink it straight back like you would a schnapps” she said. Simone took the drink willingly and did as she was bid. The drink was sickly sweet but not unpleasant. It took little more than thirty seconds for the drink to take effect, Simone suddenly felt groggy, her whole sexy body became limp and heavy and she struggled to keep her eyes open. One of the girls, Mindy, caught her as she flopped to the floor.When Simone regained her consciousness she felt confused, she tried to move her limbs but they had been secured, as she gradually opened her eyes and slowly regained her vision she realised that her arms were secured around a tree trunk, her back feeling the rough texture of the bark pressed tightly against her. Her feet were spread and shackled to pegs. “Hey girls, she’s awake,” Angela called out. “About time,” answered Jilly. Jilly was a lovely looking coloured girl, she made her way over to Simone and fully kissed her on her mouth while at the same time allowing her hands to gently caress the red headed girl’s wonderful milky white thighs, “oh am I looking forward to this,” Jilly continued. Once Jilly released her lips from Simone’s mouth Simone became to start realising what was going on, Jilly kissed her again and stroked her conquest higher, Simone felt her cock and balls being cupped and fondled in the darker skinned girl’s hand. Suddenly Susan’s voice was heard, “Hey there Jilly, don’t be so greedy, leave some of this sexy bitch for the rest of us.” At that moment Simone wasn’t sure whether to be afraid or excited.Susan approached Simone, “hello again sexy girl,” she said, “just relax and we’ll give you such a good time.” Susan crouched down and smoothed the palms of her hands up the front of Simone’s thighs up to her panties. Angela joined Susan and lifted the captive’s skirt to her waist, “oh look girls, she’s twitching, she likes it,” Angela laughed. Tears fell from Simone’s eyes, not because of how she was being used but from sheer humiliation. Simone felt her bum cheeks trabzon rus escort bayan being squeezed, she looked down just as Susan pushed her mouth into the fabric of the younger girl’s black panties. As she pulled Simone’s bum into her face Susan’s mouth opened slightly, just enough for Simone to feel that her cock was being gently squeezed between Susan’s lips as she gently opened and closed her mouth. “I want her panties,” laughed Angela. “So take them,” answered Mindy. “How?” retorted Angela, “I won’t get them over her tied ankles.” “So rip them off,” Jilly answered. Susan moved her mouth away from Simone’s groin to allow Angela access to the black cloth that was all that was between Simone’s modesty and this group of cock hungry transvestites. Suddenly she felt a sharp pressure around her thighs and a short sound of material rending. Simone was just about to cry out in pain as her panties were ripped from her when Mindy covered her mouth with her own. She immediately felt the whisp of a gentle breeze between her thighs and was shocked as to how much difference such a thin piece of fabric could make.Susan raised herself from her knees and Jilly took her place, immediately taking Simone’s girlie smooth cock between her dark lips, Simone looked down and marvelled at the sight of her now growing milky coloured girlhood was taken and released in and out of her dark skinned assailant’s mouth. Simone hated herself for it but she couldn’t prevent it, her cock swelled as Jilly sucked on it. “Oh look girls,” called out Angela, “the bitch is growing.” With that Angela took a bottle of water from the cool box, opened it and as Jilly continued to suck Simone into her mouth and then release her again Angela poured the cold water over Simone’s cock, the cold water also dribbling over her balls. Simone’s mind clouded and became confused, so deliciously confused, her cold cock being sucked into a warm mouth, oh that felt both so awful but so wonderful too. Simone continued to grow between her thighs, her hips began to pump and her breath became laboured, the signs were clear to all. Susan pulled Jilly away from Simone, the captive felt so frustrated, her hips still pumping her cock, only now into nothing but fresh air. “I’m the driver today,” Susan ordered, “therefore you get to drink the alcohol, I get to swallow the cum.”Angela poured the remainder of the cold water over Simone’s now shrinking cock, Mindy kissed Simone’s mouth, Jilly unzipped Simone’s skirt and allowed it to drop to her ankles. Susan knelt between the creamy white smooth thighs again and took Simone’s cock completely into her mouth and sucked her greedily, the effect of having her cold cock once more being sucked in and out of a warm mouth was instantaneous, she grew quickly, once again she started to pump her hips, her breathing was louder and more strained. Simone felt the heat well up in her tummy, it moved downwards to her balls as they tightened and constricted, suddenly, as if the dam had been broken Simone gasped as her balls released the full pent up load, everything they could hold shot forth into her now rigid cock. Susan felt Simone swell between her lips, Simone groaned loudly, the first noise she’d voluntarily made since she’d woken from her short d**g induced c***. “Aaaahhh, fuck, fuck, fuck,” Simone called out not caring who else may be near enough to hear as she felt her load explode from her balls, stretching the full length of the tube that ran from her groin to the little hole to Susan’s very willing mouth. Susan drank the young lady’s cum happily and willingly, not allowing her cock to be released from between her soft lips until she’d swallowed every last drop of Simone’s tasty creamy spunk.Mindy kissed Susan’s mouth in the hope of getting some of the hot sexy red headed girl’s cum but Susan was greedy and had swallowed it all. While these two girls were kissing, their tongues stroking each other’s playfully Angela and Jilly untied Simone from the tree, Simone was relieved, it was all over, though she had to admit that she’d enjoyed it. While Angela kept hold of Simone Jilly fetched two pillows from the car and placed them onto one of the lower pre-cut tree trunks, Angela pushed Simone onto the pillows face down and each of the girls tied an arm or leg each to already set pegs that had been hammered into the ground. “Oh my God,” thought Simone, “what next!”As Simone lay face down on a cut tree base, her head, red hair and tummy laid out and resting on pillows, her limbs tied to secured pegs, wearing only her basque, stockings and heeled shoes and her bare bum exposed, she wondered why she’d been foolish enough to accept this invitation with girls she didn’t truly know. Suddenly she heard Angela call to her, “Oy! Hot bitch!” Simone opened her eyes slowly and looked up as best she could from her tethered position, all four of the girls, Angela, Jilly, Mindy and Susan were all stood facing her, all naked except for stockings and high heels, all with stiff cocks. “We tossed coins to see who’d have you first and who’d get sloppy seconds,” Angela continued, “Me and Jilly get you first and you’re gonna be spit roasted and it’s gonna be bareback with all of us.” Simone shuddered, she was about to be gangbanged against her will, she was going to be ****d, and she didn’t expect to be fucked gently either.Jilly approached Simone’s face, her big black cock pointing straight at the fresh young rus trabzon escort looking girls mouth, “suck it bitch,” Jilly commanded her. Simone knew she dare not refuse, this coloured girl had menace in her voice and Simone dare not consider the consequences if she didn’t please and satisfy. As Simone opened her mouth to accept Jilly’s cock she felt her bum cheeks being spread, “Oh God she thought, this is going to hurt.” Jilly slipped her cock into the captive’s mouth and started fucking her face, Simone couldn’t quite take it all and felt the smooth dark skinned knob touch the back of her throat on each thrust, the cock sucker struggled not to gag. Angela saw Simone’s tight ass and teased it with her tongue, Simone loved this but didn’t have too much time to enjoy it as Angela spit into the hole of the tied girl’s smooth bum. Then Simone felt the second smooth knob touch between her cheeks and push, Simone wasn’t a virgin but she’d always used lube before, now she was taking it genuinely bareback. As Angela pushed harder it brought tears to Simone’s eyes, her sexy ass had no choice as the cock forced itself into her. Jilly and Angela got into a rhythm both pushing into her at the same time, both ends of the secured girl’s body taking cock at the same time, each girl thrust in at the same time, and each pulled out together. Simone opened her eyes as she got used to the onslaught her mouth and ass were taking and just past, and to the side of Jilly she saw Susan and Mindy locked in a sixty nine. “Swap,” said Jilly to Angela and the girls changed ends. As Angela slipped her cock into Simone’s mouth she was grateful as Angela wasn’t very big and didn’t quite reach the back of her throat, but this felling of security soon gave in to a searing pain as Jilly thrust her big cock between Simone’s soft bum cheeks and fucked her hard and fast. After a couple of minutes Simone started to get used to the size between her legs, then both Angela and Jilly started to grunt, they fucked Simone faster and harder and the receiver prepared herself for the inevitable. Angela came first, Simone struggling to swallow with her neck stretched in the position she’d been forced into but eventually the last drop slipped down her throat and into her tummy. As Angela pulled from Simone’s mouth Simone felt a heat inside her as Jilly did her best to fill the young lady’s ass with cock and cum. When Jilly’s cock slipped from the well fucked ass Simone felt cum dribbling from inside her and over her balls.Susan and Mindy approached her now, “IS she loose?” asked Susan. “Well she took my cock good and hard,” replied Jilly, “and she’s certainly well lubricated now, it’s still leaking from inside her.” Good,” retorted Susan, “untie her.” The other girls all untied Simone and lifted her from the tree stub. Mindy put the pillows on the floor and lay on them on her back, “Sit on it,” ordered Jilly while pointing to Mindy’s erect cock and was positioned with her back to Mindy’s face. Jilly and Angela still had a grip on Simone’s arms so she couldn’t escape and they pushed her down so that her now loose ass was in line with Mindy’s cock. Mindy held her erection in her hand while Simone sat and took the third cock of the day in her now quite sore ass. After a few strokes Mindy stopped thrusting into Simone’s soft bum and pushed her so that her head was almost on the floor without Mindy’s cock slipping from inside Simone. This confused Simone for a short while, then she felt movement from behind her, she looked round. “No,No,No,“ shouted Simone, “NO”! She tried to struggle but Angela and Jilly held her down.Simone, held down whilst bent forward with a cock up her bum felt scared as she felt Susan’s cock touch her between her cheeks too, Simone felt the tip of the second cock touch her hole and then, …. “Aaaaggghhhh” Simone cried as Susan’s cock joined Mindy’s up her bum with only what was left of Jilly’s cum for lubrication. Both girls got into a rhythm and fucked the red head’s ass in unison. Simone was crying, she thought she was being split in two, she was taking two cocks at once both in the same hole, both fucking her sexy ass. Simone’s bum became even looser and didn’t hurt so much after a while, she couldn’t believe it but she was actually starting to enjoy it. “Come on,” ordered Susan, “take it like a girl.” The two girls continued to fuck the one girl for a while, luckily for Simone as these two had already been sucking each other it wasn’t long before they were both ready to cum. Simone felt the pain once again as both Susan’s and Mindy’s cocks swelled up inside her, but it was lovely pain. “Fuck me you pair of bitches, treat me like a whore, give it to me,” Simone called out to them in the hope of getting this over quicker. This seemed to do the trick and both girls shot their loads into her at the same time, both thrusting into her as deep as they could go until together they’d emptied their sacks into a girl who’d always been quite respectable until an hour ago.Susan and Mindy pulled out of Simone, and Jilly and Angela released her from their grip. As she stumbled to her feet the cum didn’t dribble from inside her, it seemed to pour, her arse was as sore as she’d ever known it, she’d been used, and she’d been abused. Jilly offered her a drink of wine, Simone sipped at it tentatively just in case but Jilly drank some too to show her it was safe. The girls all rested for a while, none saying a word, all wrapped up in their own thoughts. Suddenly Simone spoke up, “So how often do you have these picnics?” she questioned. “Usually once a month,” answered Susan, “though in the winter we take it in turns to visit each others houses, why?” “Oh nothing really,” replied Simone while gentle massaging her sore bum, “I was just wondering ….. am I invited to the next one?”