ice creamthis story is from back when i was 16-17 and a complete virgin, but i had a crush on this boy, Jason, during the summer he worked part time as an ice cream man, driving the truck and selling ice cream. this summer seemed especially hot, and i had just gotten into playing tennis at the local park ,which had an abandoned tennis court, so almost every day that summer i played tennis and then bought some ice cream.well, apparently one of my friends had let it slip sometime over the summer that i had a crush on him, so one day, he decided to see if he could monopolize off of was another hot day, i usually tried to wear a sexy outfit for Jason, so i was wearing something stereotypical of a tennis player, white mini-skirt, and a light blue T-shirt that was small enough to accent my breasts, but large enough to not be revealing(also a pink bra and some plain white panties). for those of you who don’t know what i looked like, or are curious about what i used to look like back then, i’ll tell you. i am white and i had straight blonde hair down about two inches past my shoulders, was about 5’3 and had about a B cup, i have grown since then (both in bra size and height).so i went up to talk to him and order some ice cream, again, but this time he said something about a “new shipment” or “‘special’ ice cream” and invited me in the truck, so i went along, there he told me what my friend had told him, that i had had a crush on him for a few years now, and he asked if it was true, and after a few moments of silence i admitted isveçbahis yeni giriş it. a few more moments of silence, and then he told me to prove it, i asked him what he meant, and that was when he opened his pants.the first time i had ever seen a dick (that was hard, apart from porn) i thought it was huge, but so glorious, i wanted to do so many things with him, right then and there (and eventually i got to do quite a few of them, since we ended up dating for a while after this). i later learned that it was nine inches (still not the biggest i’ve ever had, but not the smallest either).i had sat down on the floor by then, so i stood up, bent over (ass towards him), and lifted my skirt. he told me that it wasn’t what he wanted, and when i turned around i guessed i looked confused, or sad, or something, because he laughed. when he was done laughing he said that he just wanted me to suck on it, when i still looked dissapointed he said that he qould never be able to sell ice cream to any of these k**s again if thier parents head us having sex in there, so i submitted.he was standing against one of the walls, his hard cock holding its own against the forces of gravity, so, as a reward, i sat down (i was so surprised that my mouth was at the exact same level as his cock, no extra maintenance required), and licked it (and was a little surprised that i liked the taste, i had always though that it would be something did begrudgingly).after that i tried deepthroating him, but as i said i was a complete virgin back then, so isveçbahis giriş i choked a bit, he chuckled and put his hand over my head, and started moving it for me, i sucked and he moved my face slowly down his cock, back up its length, and down again, getting a little deeper every time.i was surprised when he let go, but i wanted to impress him, so i kept going, and, after a few more tries, got his entire cock into my mouth, and when i did, i took it all out and smiled, he told me i was a “good girl” (although i felt very bad)and rubbed his hand over my tit a little bit, not grabbing, just,pressing against it, with that, i started back up.not much to describe after that, i was getting my first facefuck, i was sucking his cock with much gusto, moving my head up and down the length of his shaft as fast as i could without smacking my head into him, i felt great (although i started wondering why it was called a blowjob).i followed a few of his “tips”, like at one point i slowed down when i got to the base of his shaft and licked his balls (was able to take one of them into my mouth (with a little extra effort) not bad for a virgin, ‘eh?), and i went slower and used my teeth a bit (not biting or scr****g anything, just for a tighter fit around his cock, at least it’s what he said) things like that were his “tips” for me, but i later learned that every guy has their own “tips” (and also that cocks can taste different…..many more things too, but not getting into that now)eventually, he pulled his dick out of my mouth (or isveçbahis güvenilirmi rather took me off), and started rubbing it quickly, about to cum on my face, (although at the time i was quite sad, thinking that he had gotten tired of me and wanted to just do it himself), he hit me in the face with it a bit (which i thought was wierd (and still kind of do))so, thinking he was tired of me, i reached up, and starting giving him a handjob, using both hands, shaking them up and down his entire length. he reached a hand to my head, and smoothed my hair back, which i thought was curious at the moment, then, suddenly, his cock gave a mighty throb and started shooting cum all over my face, which prompted a short, high pitched shriek of startlement (i got a little mad he hadn’t warned me, i guess my friend might have “forgotten” to tell him i was “new” at that stuff).once i realized what had happened (and was still happening, although not for long), i tried to get some in my mouth, because i had often wonderred how it tasted (for you girls out there who haven’t had any before, i’ll tell you this, you either like it or you don’t, take a risk, your bf, gf, whatever, some oral and have a taste, cause i’m not telling)after that, he suggested that i “clean him off” which prompted me to look for a towel or something (because i wasn’t that dirty, at least not yet anyway), he chuckled and explained that he wanted me to suck him, just a little more, in order to “clean” his shaft, and of course, i agreed.before i stepped out of the truck he wiped his cum off my face with his finger, which i promptly licked off with a smirk, then, when i turned around to open the door and step out, he smacked my ass lightly and told me he’d see me later.then i remembered school started next week, i couldn’t help but think that we would have so much fun