I Take Your Ass VirginityI subliminally receive your message as though communicated through a shared dream in my half asleep state, but I barely hear it through how turned on I am by last night’s experiences, your proximity, and the raging hard on that is pulsing between your thighs. I can feel your already moist sex on the top of my throbbing member and can smell you through the sheets and it’s starting to drive me crazy. All I have to do is pull my hips back and you feel the head of my spear slide into position against your naturally lubed pussy. I pause for just one second and feel your breathing stop as I slowly slide it in, inch by inch, until you feel the head press your cervix and my balls rest on the back of your thigh. Then I stop and feel your love tunnel contract and release, massaging my still growing cock, begging for more.I wait until I can’t take it anymore then I suddenly roll us over and lay on your back while you lay face down in the sheets. I slowly grind, barely moving in and out and listen to your breathing quicken and as your lips part and let out a quiet moan. Then I sit up and start to pull out until I’m barely in, then thrust back all the way. I love the grunt you give when I’m all the way in! I do this again and again, getting faster and faster, until you bend your knees to raise your feet up by my side and reach your arms back to grab my wrists in a hard clasp.I reach down to move the hair from your face and kiss your cheek, then lick your ear, nibble your lobe, and whisper softly, “this is all mine today sweetheart…I hope you’re ready.” With that I spread your legs, pull up with my knees between them, grab your hips, and start slamming you hard at full length. I reach around to find your tits as they slide up and down the sheets. Your nipples feel hard enough to cut the fabric and I fondle and grope your breasts then rub and pinch your nipples even harder. You’re thrusting back and moaning loud, asking for more.I run one hand through your hair and pull your head up by it, then gently slap your ass with the other hand, then harder on the other cheek. You obviously liked that a lot. It’s so easy for me to discreetly move my thumb around my cock as it moves in and out of your dripping wet love hole, then bring up to your dark hole and gently press. Pulling your hair and still pounding you hard, you barely notice as my thumb starts to enter your sphincter, but feel as it pops in özvatan escort and starts to invade your ass. I push it all the way in then and gently wiggle it around as my other hand releases your hair and slaps your ass again, even harder this time, and again on your other cheek. I love how your asshole tightens when I do that…it’s going to feel so good when my cock is inside there!I start to insert my other thumb alongside the other and I feel your pussy suddenly get very wet and start to tighten and contract spastically but steadily and I know you’re going to climax soon. I wiggle my thumbs and spread them and move them in and out as lean on your gorgeous ass, pull up, and slam you hard, fast, rhythmically, and full length. It feels so good as your breathing get sharp and loud and your nails dig into my wrists and I feel your body tighten from its core. I don’t stop. You feel the world dissolve into nothing as the explosion grows from where my thumbs meet my cock through the thin layer of skin between and spread like a wave over your entire body through your stomach, limbs, and fingers and toes. Wave after wave of ecstasy pulses through your body as your beautiful pussy sends wave after wave of juices around my thick invasive cock and your ass squeezes my thumbs like it never wants to let go.Soon your breathing steadies as I slow my rhythm and press my weight into your ass and back again. I leave my thumbs inside your ass as I pull up and push the base of my cock against the back of your pussy and force your ass down to the sheets. I let the throbbing of your sex canal beat slower and slower though my cock grows even larger than before. You seem so content that you barely hear me say “my turn” in a deep, low voice as I slowly pull my thumbs and cock out, eyeing your now stretched dark hole and feeling it pull my cock towards it like a magnet.I pause and close my eyes for a few seconds as I listen to your breathing plateau and begin to steadily quicken again. I open my eyes to see one of your hands massaging your perfect ass, catching glimpses of your dark hole, and your other hand snaking under your body and coming to a rhythmic rest on your still twitching snatch. Your response to your own touch is electric and my vision blurs as I feel my hormones taking over and I know I’m going to have to concentrate to maintain control.You freeze when you feel the cold lube drop onto your hot asshole. I carefully move your hand off your ass then rest both of mine on your beautiful ass cheeks. You close your eyes and hold your breath when you feel the cool air pass over the lube when I pull your cheeks apart, and exhale when you feel the smooth warmth of my mushroom head press against your nether. I steadily apply pressure until I feel it force your hole barely open, then I wait. I know that anal is about submission and acceptance, and I can sense in your deep groan and tense muscles that your ass is not yet ready to fully accept my thick manhood. Gradually I feel your body start to relax, I feel you slowly exhale all of your fears, worries, stresses, and inhibitions, and I feel your tight protective hole behind to expand and allow. You feel the tip of my relentless spear never give up its force as you let yourself go and find such sweet relief in the thought of taking it in. Now it seems like it’s entry is inevitable as the pain really begins and it slides toward full insertion. You wince and your hands move to clench the sheets as the now shrunken head of my bulging cock pops it’s way in.You let out a groan of relief as intensely profound pleasure mixes with the pain as I pause for just one second before starting to push the rest of myself deep inside your guts. You lose track of time as what seems like an endless procession of cock invades your lower half, inch after inch, you feel every vein, bump and curve in explicit detail in ways you never would have been able to explore any other way. Finally you feel my balls come to a soft rest on your still drenched pussy lips and you know I’m fully inside your immaculate ass. Fuck you’re tight! I did not escape some pain in pushing my thick struggling cock through your tiny sphincter, and now sit with it squeezing my base and pumping and keeping the blood in my tool like a cock ring. You feel like it’s still growing inside, every second…and it is!I break you from your trance by reaching down to move one of your hands to your needy pussy and start to rub her with you until you take over. Once you do I start pulling my cock out very, very slowly. You wince and moan and I stop after just one inch, then slowly slide it back in again. Your mind is on the impossible fullness you feel while your body is screaming for focus on the pleasure emanating from your begging snatch. Your hand involuntarily moves faster and faster as I continue to work my cock in and out, moving more and more each time.I feel my balls beginning to twitch and you feel my cock beginning to swell and you sense my impending climax. The thought of me shooting my thick hot load deep inside your ass starts to drive you crazy and you start to move your hips back and rub your pussy furiously. I can feel your sex muscles tightening for orgasm through the thin skin and it feels so good! I grab your waist and move my hands up and down your side as I feel my balls begin to tighten. You drop your head and whisper “don’t stop…please don’t stop,” and all you hear in response is a deep growling grunt as my cock expands and tightens and I feel the burning hot semen shoot out of my balls, force it’s way past your your tight hole, and finally begin to fill your insides with its potent load, pulse after throbbing pulse. You feel my cock pumping and hear me mutter “I’m cumming baby” and it sends you over the edge. Your pussy spontaneously explodes with the most intense orgasm you’ve ever had and you feel the warm juice flowing over your hand and living your fingers as they easily slide inside yourself below.We stay frozen in ecstasy for an eternity, letting our sex muscles pump and push and pulse and throb until they’re finally twitching and we start to feel the rest of our bodies again. I slowly lower myself down onto your back and you lay down flat and accept my weight behind you. I breathe heavily through your hair into your ear and whisper with a panting smile, “Christ you’re sexy.” I can feel both of our heart rates slowing down and my cock gradually retreating from your ass. All I can smell is perfume, sweat, and sex when I finally feel my cock ask to exit your ass. I grant him permission by lifting myself and slowly pulling back until it pops out and your tight hole closes once again, trapping my thick hot load deep inside.I fall to the side your face is on, pull the sheets over you, and brush the hair from your face. I quickly get lost in your gorgeous eyes and it takes a minute to find myself again, and when I do all I can say is “baby…you’re so amazing.” Based on the soft smile and when you bite your lip I think that sufficed. I reach in for a soft, long, deep, progressive kiss while my strong hands find and explore your body. The kiss seamlessly ends with me reaching up and pulling your shoulder up so I can move in behind you, press myself against your back again, fold my legs into yours, wrap my arm across your angelic chest, and hold you like I will never let you go.