I set her up (reposted)My wife and are in our 40s. She has always been submissive but shy to try something new so normally we just do it and if she isn’t happy she tells me later. Up to a couple of weeks ago we had only acted out things together and in private the only act outside of this was that I had a number of photos of Jill naked which I showed around to different guys from time to time without her knowing.However over the passed couple of weeks I had become friendly with a couple of guys at work and they were very interested in Jill and who wouldn’t be interested in a naked young lady willing to spread her legs for you in photos. Anyhow it all ended up in me setting Jill up to be caught by these two guys and she knew nothing about it. First I will explain we live on a small property in the country side about 25 acres of land and down the back we have a large shed with lots of bales of hay just laying about. This is where we use to do most of our sexual acting out and I’ve attached one picture for the readers.On the night concerned the two guys had come over earlier and hidden in the shed, when Jill arrived home some time later I told her that I had planned a surprise for her in the shed she knew what I ment as we had done this many times before. She fethiye escort went into the bedroom and a couple of minutes later came out wearing a short skirt and tee shirt no bra and with that we started walking down to the shed which is a fair distance from the house.Once inside I turned on a light and in a big shed the globe didn’t throw much light just enough to see by, I told Jill to put her hands behind her back I then handcuffed them there then I told her stand with her back to the wall. I also pulled out a blindfold and placed this over her eyes and tied it there. Jill was now at our mercy this is when I said to Jill that I had just seen a car come down our driveway to the house and that I had better go up and see who it is. I pretended to leave the shed. I thought she’d be a little anxious but she was game! I left Jill standing there for about what seemed like a long time but probably wasn’t then the guys made their move. I stood back to watch. First off Rob put this hand up between Jills legs so he could still get a good feel of Jill’s pussy, I had told Rob and Frank earlier that they could do whatever they wanted except hurt her.Jill looked so sexy standing there helpless between these two guys then Rob spoke to her now Jill knew it was not me escort fethiye in the shed with her, Rob asked Jill what she was doing here then he pointed out that he could do anything he liked to her because she would never know who it was because of the blindfold, Jill didn’t answer but just smiled which made my jaw drop. Here I was thinking I had control over her but it turns out she was loving this and willing to have a stranger fuck her, to cheat on me so to speak!Both Frank and Rob then ran their hands up the insides of Jill’s spread legs and Frank than pulled the front of Jill’s tee shirt up over her head and with one hand firmly between her legs he buried his face into her tits. Even though Jill was tied you could see her body twisting and squrming as Frank and Rob probed and groped a woman’s most private parts and areas. Then Rob said,” I’ve always wanted to spank a woman.”Frank said, “yeah let’s do it.”Rob pulled over this drum and sat down Frank than helped him to lay Jill over his knees he lifted Jills skirt and folded it back so that her bare bottom was totally exposed and as her legs were still tied apart so was her pussy which Frank gave a good fingering to as she lay across Rob’s knees.Then Rob started with an open hand he smacked Jill hard fethiye escort bayan across the bare cheeks of her ass she bucked and tried to sit up he spanked her again Rob then paddled her with about 10 or some I could see at he was enjoying this he kept spanking Jill untill she stopped protesting by bucking and I can tell you her pretty little ass was bright red by the time Rob stopped. By now all us guys were pretty fucking horny so I agreed to blow jobs. The guys lifted Jill back up then got her down on her knees she was still tied so even on her knees her legs were still spread they pulled the tee shirt up a bit higher and then Rob pushed the head of his cock towards Jill’s mouth.She opened her mouth slowly and Rob’s cock went in. Frank got down next to Jill and put his hand between her legs again and Jill started sucking for all she was worth. She was loving this. I even joined in and she blew the three of us and then Frank went back for seconds. She was like a wild a****l and couldn’t get enough. As she had cocks in her mouth we started fucking her too and she maoned like it was her first time. After everyone had a turn they left. I untied her legs and walked back up to the house. Jill never said a word about what had happened in the shed and it’s been 3 weeks so the weekend I’ve planned another night using Frank and Rob we are going to see how far Jill will go. Our sex life though has improved tenfold and we both know why we are horny while fucking even though we both say nothing.