I fuck an ex-teacher”I don’t care how important it is.” Celia yelled into the phone. “It’s my birthday and you should be here.” Aunt Celia was really pissed off with her husband Bill. It was her 45th birthday and he was still at work. “It’s fucking six o’clock on a Friday night and you’re still at work. I bet you’re screwing that secretary of yours aren’t you?” She took another swig from her cocktail and leant forward in her chair. Her breasts nearly spilt out of her sundress as she did so. “Tonight is going to be a big night whether you’re here or not.” She whispered loudly enough for everyone to hear down the line and then promptly hung up.”He can be a such a dickhead,” Celia said.Celia wasn’t really my Aunty, she was just a friend of my Mum and Dad who I’d known forever. I’d been calling her Aunty Celia since time began. Celia was now on her fourth husband and they’d been married now for nearly two years. Bill was quite a nice, handsome man in his late forties who managed a stockbroking firm in Sydney. They were very well off and lived in a harbour side mansion in Vaucluse. Celia spent most of her time socialising with the rest of her wealthy friends and was very active.She’d never had any c***dren, was physically fit and had access to the best beauticians money could buy. At 45 she didn’t look a day over 35. She was about 5’5″ and had short brown hair. She was a typical Northern or Eastern suburbs rich bitch. She drove an Audi, lived in a three story harbourside home and was always dressed in the finest clothes. She’d never worked a day in her life although there was a rumour going around that she’d met her first husband when she was working in a brothel. She always managed to land on her feet after breaking up with one of her husbands. Her second husband, a pig of a man, was her solicitor after she’d divorced John, her first husband. Her second marriage lasted three years before she busted him picking up men on Oxford Street. He didn’t have a leg to stand on and ended up giving her a million dollar terrace in Paddington.Husband number three was a nice man. He lasted the longest at seven years before he landed in Jail for embezzling three million from a rural finance company. Two and a half million had never been found and although she’d never admit it, I’m sure she knows where it is. He gets out in two years and I’m sure he’ll be back on the scene.She was always buying me clothes and jewellery and for my 21st she paid for a holiday to Bali for me and my new boyfriend Jack. I was always impressed by Celia’s confidence and her instinctive survival ability.”Kim,” she said to me. “Is that lovely new boyfriend of yours coming tonight?””Yeah he’ll be here later on,” I said “Around 7 or 8. He’s out Bathurst way.””Is he bringing some of his friends?” She asked with a naughty look on her face.”I think he’s getting Brad and Steve because we’re going up the coast in the morning,””Are they nice?” she asked. I didn’t want to tell her that I’d shagged both of them and that Brad had the fattest cock I’d ever seen and Steve came by the bucketful.”Yeah they’re pretty cute,” I said as I looked over to the house. “I might go get some more drinks.””Good for you,” Celia said as she stood up and walked over to a small group chatting next to the pool.The waiters were walking around with trays of oysters, prawns and all types of exotic munchies. A few of the waiters were quite cute, even some of the girls were hot. I wandered into the bar area and grabbed another two cocktails and went to head back outside when I was halted by a hand on my back.”Kim Dallimore is that you?” I spun around to see Mr Edwards, my old English teacher from The sisters of Mercy, standing there holding a beer. Mr Edwards was a bit of alright and was a favourite amongst us girls.”Mr Edwards, what are you doing here?””I was going to ask you the same question Kim,” He looked me up and down. “You certainly look just as good as you did at school.”I was both embarrassed and complimented. He was in his early 30’s and was hot. He had a bit of a reputation for carrying on with some of the girls after they had left school.”How do you know Celia?” I asked him.”She helps out at the school remember. She helped do all the backgrounds for the last school production.”We stood and chatted about old times for about 5 minutes when I remembered why I was there.”Sorry Mr Edwards but I have to get these down to Celia.”He touched me on the elbow and said “Come find me later so we can have artemisbet yeni giriş a proper chat.”As I went to leave an attractive lady in her early 30’s barged past me and ran up the stairs followed closely by two men. Mr Edwards looked after them with a big smile on his face.”I’ll do that,” I said drawing his attention back to me. My wicked mind imagined a naked Mr Edwards standing there with his cock as hard as iron. That was an image I hadn’t formed for years. My pussy got a little tingly just thinking of it. I sipped my cocktail as I walked back to Celia who was chatting to three men and a lady I’d never met before.”Hi,” I said to them all as I passed Celia her drink. The three men were in their early forties and the lady was probably in her late thirties. At 22 I was definitely the youngest person at this party. The men were certainly well kept and toned. The lady, Maria, was a bit slutty looking with her plunging neckline, short skirt and red pouty lips. Celia was getting more and more flirty as the three men paid her all the attention. I noticed that Steve, one of the older men, kept slipping in a perv of my boobs whenever I looked away from him.”Who wants to go for a swim?” Celia asked.The other four all nodded in agreement. “You could do with some cooling down,” Steve said.Celia simply pulled her sundress over her head, adjusted her bikini top and bottom and ran over to the pool and performed a perfect dive into the water. We all watched her beautiful body as it swam from one end of the pool to another.”I’ll have to go get changed,” I said to them.”You could always skinny dip,” Said Mark.”I don’t think so,” I said smiling at him. “Not just yet anyway.”Steve had taken his top off and was unbuckling his belt as I turned to walk back to the house. Maria just grabbed another drink and sat down on one of the lounge chairs.”Are you going to bother?” I heard Mark say to someone in the group. “Nah,” I heard Tom, the other male say. “I hate wet undies.” I was intrigued by the conversation so I turned back and to my shock, and delight, were three naked men.”All for one and one for all,” yelled Tom as he ran into the pool. The other two followed and all three were soon dipping and diving in the pool. I could feel my face blush as my blood pulsed through my body. This also pushed blood to another part of my body and I could feel my pussy come alive and my nipples stuck out a mile. Visions of three naked men surrounding me and taking turns to use me flooded my minds eye. I was in a daze as I walked into the house and straight into Mr Edwards.”Hello again Kim,” he said to me.”Ooops, sorry Sir,” I said”You can call me Adam,” he held me gently by the arm. “Are you Ok? You look flushed.”I was flushed. Even more so now that he was holding me.”I’m going for a swim and I need to change.””I won’t hold you up any more then,” He let go of my arm and I wanted to take him into a room and fuck the living daylights out of him.The house was filling up quite quickly and the music was getting louder. I bolted up the stairs and went down the hall towards the main bedroom when I heard voices coming out of a bedroom. It wasn’t just voices I could hear. I could hear groaning as well. I slowed down and snuck along to the doorway. I could hear a woman groaning and the voice of a man who seemed to be giving instructions.”Yeah baby suck my cock,” he said. “Lick my balls.”I knew I shouldn’t but I couldn’t resist. I had to see who it was. I snuck over to the door and I was sure whoever was in there could hear my heart beating. I popped my head slowly around the door and tried to make out what was what. As I looked in I could see four legs at the end of the bed and they were entwined in a spooning position. As I moved in closer I could see a large cock sliding into a hairy pussy and a mans hand rubbing her clit. Although I was excited by what I could see two things worried me. One was that I couldn’t see their faces and the other was the voice that was still saying, “Yeah suck my cock.” Then it hit me. There was more than two people in the room. I gathered my courage and had a quick peak around the door and sure enough here was another man feeding his cock into a the woman I saw running up the stairs earlier. She had her dress pulled up around her waist. Her boobs were exposed through the front of her sundress and the man with his cock in her mouth was mauling her right breast. Both men still had their shirts on and this looked artemisbet giriş very, very erotic. I was in a daze as I watched and I could feel the moisture build up in my pussy and my nipples harden. I almost wanted to walk in and grab the cock out of her mouth and shove it into my pussy but my caution got the better of me.I backed out of the door and headed back to the bathroom. I entered the room and locked it behind me. I quickly stripped and sat down on the toilet and spread my legs. My pussy was gushing fluid as I plunged three fingers into myself and within moments of rubbing my swollen clit I was cumming all over my hand. I’ve always been a quick cummer and after all this excitement I was hot to trot. I stood up and, on wobbly legs, bent over the toilet to have a look out of the window. I wound the casement window out and poked my head out of the window.I was feeling very naughty here in Celia’s bathroom. I was totally naked and I could see most of the guests as theymingled around in the yard. As I knelt there perving at the crowd I nearly died when I heard the door handle shake.I heard a male voice mumbling something. I didn’t know what to say so I sat there quietly and waited. I could see a silhouette of a man trying to look through the stained glass and then he was gone. I relaxed safe in the knowledge that the door was locked and went back to looking out the window. I wound the casement window out further so that I had a view of the pool and I saw that Aunt Celia was now topless and surrounded by the three men. My mind went crazy with images of Celia fucking these three men. I imagined her sucking one cock with another in her arse and one in her cunt.I reached down to my pussy and began rubbing my clit again as I visualised her getting a face full of cum. I was in the zone when I heard the door shake again. This time I didn’t even bother to turn, I knew I was safe.What I didn’t know was just how easy it is to open a bathroom door. All you need is a kitchen skewer in the little hole and ‘pop’ the door is unlocked. It wasn’t the sound of the door opening that snapped me back into reality it was the cool breeze that brushed past my body as the air pressure changed. I swung my head back and here was Mr Edwards smiling at me with a skewer in his hand.”Oh fuck,” I said looking for protection but my clothes were on the other side of the room and there were no towels on the rack.”I was hoping to catch you in your swimmers but I must say this is much better,” He turned and closed the door and pushed in the barrel lock at the top of the door. I didn’t see that lock when I came in. I was in turmoil. Here was the hottest teacher I’d ever had and had fantasised about for years but I was unsure as to where this would lead. I had a boyfriend and I was sure that Mr Edwards had a partner.”I was coming up to see how my wife was getting on with her two friends in the bedroom when I saw you nip in here.””That was your wife?” I was stunned. I had to sit down on the toilet to avoid fainting. “Why do you let that happen?””It’s only sex. She loves the sense of danger that seducing men brings. She never sleeps with any of them more than twice.” He said as he moved over to the window behind me. “It reduces the chance of attraction and gives her plenty of variety. Come and look over here.”I stood up and knelt on the toilet seat again and we both looked out the window. I now felt both safe and excited being naked in a room with him. I also noticed that some swelling was evident in the front of his pants. We had to rest against each other as we looked out the window and I really did welcome his attitude. We were like a pair of naughty k**s.”Now let me tell you a thing or two about these people.” He pointed to a couple drinking cocktails near the bar. “That is Mary and Steve, Mary likes to wear leather gear and be chained up while her pussy is fucked by numerous toys. Steve isn’t into it at all but he knows that she is enjoying herself and he likes that.”But she looks so um, normal,” I said.”Well that’s just it,” he replied. “She is just a suburban wife with a desire for more extreme action. So to speak. She could have gone behind Steve’s back but they are quite open about it now.” He pointed to four ladies all in their forties. “Those four ladies are all married but every month they go away for a weekend and enjoy each others company, if you know what I mean.” He nudged me with his elbow.”And if we look over towards the artemisbet güvenilirmi pool we will see Celia enjoying the company of three men.” He looked me in the eyes “Everyone has different desires Kim and we can either deny them and let them eat away at us, which could result in either the person cheating on their partner or going a bit mental, or coming to an understanding where both parties can enjoy what life has to offer.”He ran his hand down my spine and lifted his hand before he got down to my arse. My nipples were pushing into the cistern and I could feel my pussy swell with anticipation. I didn’t care for anything I just wanted his cock.”I have what you could call a boyfriend,” I said “But we have never formalised anything.””It’s just sex?” He asked.”You could say that,” I’m not sure that that was what it was, but I really wanted to fuck Mr Edwards and I wasn’t going to jeopardise that.He stood next to me and placed both hands on my back and gently massaged me.”Your body is even better than I imagined,” He said stroking me gently. “I’ve wanted to see you naked since you were in year 11.” His hands ran down to my arse and gently massaged the cheeks.”I remember seeing you and all your friends at the swimming carnival,” He continued. “You were wearing a little black bikini. Fuck you were hot. All of us male staff voted you the sexiest on the day.””Really!” I said amazed. ‘What about Julie Bradbury?””She was a bimbo.” He said laughing. “You are a natural, what with your Winona Ryder looks. Besides Julie never gave me a hard on like this mongrel.” He said adjusting his crotch.”Best let the mongrel out of his kennel,” I said as I reached around and grabbed a hold of his cock through his pants.He quickly took his shirt off and I spun around and sat on the toilet lid. I grabbed his belt buckle and undid it and he unsnapped the button and pulled down his fly. I grabbed his pants by the side and slipped them down taking his underpants with them. His cock was already 90% hard and at least a good 9 incher. I grabbed it and stroked it a few times before running my tongue around his knob and tasting the precum that was oozing out. I could feel moisture coming out of my pussy as I sat on the lid and I reached down and gave my engorged clit a quick tickle and felt a shiver run up my spine. I slipped his cock into my mouth and slurped my tongue around enjoying his musky flavour. I am a very capable cock sucker and I had his cock as hard as iron and halfway down my throat. I held his heavy balls and he placed his hands on my head and I allowed him to move my head back and forth as he fucked my mouth. I didn’t want him to cum just yet so I reluctantly pulled his cock out of my mouth.”Time to fuck your favourite student,” I said as I stood up and knelt back on the toilet seat. “Fuck my pussy, Mr Edwards, fuck my pussy” I could see all the guests below as I felt his cock press against my sopping cunt. When he slipped his nine inches into me I let out a little yelp and came almost instantly. My body shook as he quickened the pace and thrust his prick hard into my gaping hole. I could feel it hitting my cervix and when I opened my eyes I could see, out of the window, some of the guests looking up at me. They were smiling and pointing up and when I looked over to the pool I could see that Celia was now standing naked in the shallow end of the pool and was certainly pulling on the cocks of two of the men as the third fingered her pussy. I came again as the image of her being gang banged flooded my mind.”Are you on the pill?” Mr Edwards asked as he fingered my arsehole.”Yes.” I said “Cum in my cunt.” I looked back outside and saw behind a shed a drunk woman squatting down to take a piss. I watched her as she hoisted up her skirt and noticed she hadn’t been wearing panties. A long stream of piss poured out of her shaven pussy and soaked into the sandy loam. She looked up at me and smiled and then began rubbing her pussy as she did so. I reached underneath and grabbed Mr Edwards balls which was just the trick causing him to shoot a huge load of cum into my pussy. My previous orgasm was barely over as the next one flowed through my body. Mr Edwards leant over me and I felt his cock slowly slide out of my pussy as he nearly collapsed. A great gob of cum dropped down onto the seat as I fingered my clit just a little bit more. Mr Edwards rubbed his cock on my arse and I turned around and sat back down on the seat. I grabbed his cum and cunt juice coated cock and slipped it into my mouth. He certainly had some stamina and I could feel that it wouldn’t take long for his cock to be hard again.Although I could have gone another round I was ready to see what else the night would deliver. Mr Edwards would have to wait.