I finally had my first BBC and it was young and veWell, really not my first but that one don’t count. For two reasons. #1 I only sucked him off. #2 The first B in BBC was not there. What I saw in the photo was not what was delivered. Do guys Photoshop dick pics? I’d say yes.Frederick is early 30’s and comes from a town about 45 minutes away. Frederick is a mesorph, exceptionally well muscled and he does not even have to work at it. Just born that way. Very African in looks, no European dilution in his gene pool. Exceptionally black, well educated and I find him quite good looking to boot. Simply put, the kind of guy where I would feel very comfortable going through life on his arm. Gus and I met him earlier at a local Starbucks and I got the hubby seal of approval ! Memorial Day weekend was busy with family. Everybody was running around elsewhere for Sunday BBQ and the k**s at the Boardy Barn. Everyone busy except me.Frederick showed up around noon and I was sticky sweaty from garden work. onversation, beer him and wine me with munchies, one long slow kiss and me heading to the shower with a buddy. I did my strategic slow disrobe in the bathroom. I could read the approval on Fredericks face. While I am sitting on the pot peeing Frederick starts to undress. This was the first time I’d really noticed the muscled. The muscles were quite hot and the thing making it hotter was a large and very thick uncut cock. I had Charles Atlas in front of me with a very heavy 10 inch semi aroused hanger topped with a couple inches of foreskin. I could not help but stand, embrace him and kiss him more. Frederick pulled me tight at the hips. Kissing went on. The contrast of my milk white skin and his ebony was just awesome. This alone was a huge turn on for me. Him too as I learned later I was his first whitey. By now he is erect and the tip of his cock is between my tits. OK hold on, remember I’m kind of short and Frederick is almost a foot taller. I fondle his cock for the first time, with a little touch the foreskin pulls back, I give the head a quick kiss and lick then I drop my hands to his balls. While going up to kiss him more I realize I need 2 hands to encompass the thickness at the base. Frederick uses his mouth and tounge superbly. This was going to lead to a quick hard fuck in the bathroom in no time. So I said “You deserve me clean. I really do need that shower.” and broke away into the walk in.Frederick joined me and we must have spent an hour in there just having plain old fun. One big benefit, when you wash and scrub every inch on a persons body, you get a real appreciation for the whole package. Heck, we even Q-Tipped each others ears.I was dried off and then carried out of the bathroom to the bed as Frederick said it was time to claim his marsbahis güvenilirmi prize. I love kissing and so does he and he is very good at it. There was no more forepay than that. Not a word spoken as we go into missionary and he rubs his cockhead at my opening. Slow entry with my legs around his waist. My nose is basically at his breastbone while this huge muscle guy has total control of little me. While Frederick gently strokes deeper I’m taken in by the black white contrast again and the penetration and stretching. That super thick base is starting to make me remember c***dbirth even when he still had a long way to go. About the time Frederick bottomed out I was being stretched to a point of really being uncomfortable. So decided to go for it. You would have to read my other stories to know about my “tilted Cervix”. It’s an important part I forgot to tell. “How are you doing” he says.My response was something like “More push, constant pressure and you’ll slip right in”. And it probably took only a minute or so till his cockhead passed through my cervix. The look on his face said it all. “For real?” he says.I was mouth agape breathing hard since that last push resulted in more stretching. I said “Told you.” “I’ve never” he says. We just looked at each others eyes for a while when I finally said “I want all of you, one stroke.” Frederic obliged and I said “Hold it, don’t move you’re killing me. I need to get use to you.” We must have hung together for a good while till I got brave enough to do some hip wiggle. I asked him to “Start small strokes”.”I’m in your womb” he says. “Yes” “I’ve never been balls deep before, ever” he declared.”Good?”He calls it “Addicting”. His cock is literally moving around the bottom part of my tummy. Discomfort from his thickness had passed and now I’m having my first monster orgasm. Little strokes did the trick. I’m breakdancing on his cock coming down from my rush and I feel him getting bigger. When they are up into you that high, you feel every millimeter. I know where this is going and I earerly look forward to it. “Longer strokes” I say. He goes a little longer, not much longer and he keeps bearing down balls deep crushing our pelvic bones. “I’m cumming soon. Where?” he says.. Stupid thoughtfull gentelman.”Right where you are. Breed me Frederick.”Which gets me a look of concern on his face.”I told you I’m fixed. Now give me your all.”Big mistake those words were. Frederick starts long strokes almost pulling out pastthe cervix, which hurts. Maybe a dozen times. Frederick is noisy. So am I. Perfect match. He starts oohing and groaning and sweating as he drives balls deep. Finally he holds balls deep and I feel the base of his cock start to spasm. The cum pumping spasms tell my brain marsbahis yeni giriş to kick into another climax. I’m noisy as hell, can’t remember a word I say but I’ve been told “Deeper, Breed Me, Nail Me and More” are pretty commonplace.I remember looking at Fredericks sweaty face and forehead. Gazing into his black eyes, feeling his cock spasm a few more times as he drained the last drops of his seed into me and stretching my neck up to get to his mouth. We kissed passionately till he started to grow soft.Dirty boy had to inspect my parts upon withdrawal. Just like we see on Xhamster films. “Nothing is coming out” he declares.”I know.””Push it out. Knees up.” he says.”I’ll try but at best a drop.” “Why?” he says.And I move my hand to the area between my belly button and sternum.I tell him “Because there is a pool of it right here.”We screwed again two more times. Positions !! But there is nothing like the first coupling. Now it’s around 10pm. I hear “Mom, Whose BWM in the driveway?”Jump up. Shake the big guy. Cover his mouth. Panic and Panic on Frederick.He mouths “Do What?” I whisper “Nothing”. I respond “One of Dad’s friends, was going to drink a lot over at Mikes.”Followed by the Question “Are you going back out?” Thank god the answer was yes.I put a robe on to do the normal Mom checkup on her boys. Quick bathroom face wash and tooth brush and hair brush before going out.Leave the room and leave Frederick under the covers. While greeting the boys I feel a gurgle and globs of cum escaping my pussy. No pantys on. Stand erect, Thighs tight together, clentch muscles. Robe goes to mid calf. I have a cum river down to behind my right knee.”Clean clothes in the spare room.” Thank god they took the bait. They leave to change and with 4 fingers I press my pussy closed and take short steps back to the bedroom. Where is Frederick? Hiding in the bathroom. Whispering “Almost got caught, want to see how?” And I remove the robe and stand at ease turning my right leg out. Drip, drip, splat. Frederick is one big grin ear to ear. “I cum huge.” he whispers, “Was wondering where it all was going”. I did a deep knee bend and the river really started to run. “Look what you did bad boy!” I put on the exhaust fan and start the shower for cover noise. Sitting on the toilet I ask “Can you cum quietly?” as I pull him in and start to suck his cock. “I’ve never tasted your cum. Feed me.” I say.Now came the first dirty words from this pure gentelman. “So you want to be my cum guzzling white bitch too?”. His cockhead is nothing compared to his girth at the base. I could take him till I hit my gag spot. He grows hard and starts to stroke himself while I work maybe the first 4 inches. I love it how the foreskin pulls back, almost dissapears marsbahis giriş on arousal. Frederick puts a hand behind my head and starts to move his hips. He pulls out, smacks my cheeks with his cock then lays it over my face, balls under my chin and the tip somewhere above my eyebrows. One virtual click with his I-Phone followed by a many more. My reward comes after more stroking with his cockhead as deep as I can go before gagging. One big spasm, which I am geting to know well by now and my mouth is full. I have to pull off some to make room for the follow on squirts. I still have seed running out of the corner of my mouth though I did my best. Moving it around with my tongue, filling my cheeks, under tongue. And not offensive, good tasty cum. The last photos are of me being the good porn slut showing off her mouthfull, letting globs run down my chin and swallowing the rest showing a empty mouth. Frederick was good enought to allow me to delete all photos, except two, I may publish them in my profile. His cock is so wide you can only see the outsides of my face with maybe 1/2 of each eye showing. I think I have plausible deniability with these two.In total, I had my first black man, I took 3 loads in the uterus which filled me to overflowing. Frederick’s 4th load was as much volume as either Gus or Nick produce on their first. Big cock, big balls and probably a big prostate with some youth added make for big loads. Frederick had his first white girl and I was lucky to be it. More importantly, Frederick got to climax while balls deep for the first time in his life. He says it means a lot to him. He certainly likes it very much. And he is a super good guy. Frederick will be back. Actually, he has been. It’s been busy. A bunch of lunch-time nooners. Quick but very hot and enjoyable. His balls deep load count now stands at 7. Got there this afternoon right before sitting to write. And he is getting more vocal saying things like :”Want more cock bitch.””Tell me how much you want that cum.””Feel me in your guts.””You take all that black cock girl.”and my favorites “You want more cock.” and “Do you want a black baby.” which just sets me off and pushes me to anoter climax. When with him I know I would eagerly take my 4th c***d from him. If circumstances were different and if they could un-tie tubes….. So I fantisize. And when this huge muscular man is pumping seed into my barren womb, all I am thinking about is getting knocked up by this man who has me totally under his control. One thing for sure, which ever girl is lucky enough to meet him in front of the preacher will have locked up one top notch good man. Yes, I have a puddle of cum safely tucked away deep inside right now, I can feel it. Today was doggie which is the preference for quick and fast. No uncontrollable leakage after just one. It will slowly wet my panties through out tomorrow. Which will remind me all day long just how much I love to screw. School will soon be out for summer and the nooners will have to find an alternative. Which we will.Kisses all,Lori