Hyper sexuality Ch. 02
As I sat down to work I decided to go through my favorites and pick out a few new toys for my sister to enjoy. I settled on a buttplug and a remotely controlled vibrator, and as I was hitting the order button I heard the sybian click on from the other room. I smiled and resigned myself to sit this one out as I got focused on my work.

I managed to speed through my tasks in a few hours despite my persistent hard on, and I got up to check on my sister. I hadn’t heard the sybian shut off the whole time, and when I entered the living room it was clear she had been riding it the whole time. She had a chair propped in front of her to lean on, and her naked body shined with sweat. Despite already getting intimately acquainted with her, seeing her writhing there in the middle of the room gave me pause. I watched her in silence as I again thanked whatever god had granted me this amazing gift.

I noticed that she had repositioned the dildo further forward on the sybian, and it was now in her pussy all the way to the hilt as she ground against the base. Her whole upper body was leaning on the chair in front of her, and her eyes were bolted shut with her face seemingly permanently contorted in pleasure. She didn’t hear my footsteps as I approached, apparently she was too in her own world of multiple orgasms to pay attention. I quietly stripped behind her, grabbing the bottle of vegetable oil as I knelt down. I made a mess as I poured a liberal amount on my cock, thankful that I had hardwood floors in this room.

She still hadn’t seemed to notice me, so I skipped pouring any on her as I readied myself to mount the sybian behind her. Her ass was spread open obscenely in front of me, and it took a bit of self control not to dive in and eat her ass out. My cock ultimately won the battle, and I lined myself up with her quivering asshole as she moaned obliviously in front of me. I squirted some oil on her hole as I pressed the tip forward, easily slipping myself in.

“WHA-OOOOoooohhhh…” she yipped as she became aware of my presence behind and inside her. I wish I could say that I slid all the way in to the base on the first thrust, but she was far too tight for that despite the oil.

I said nothing as I worked my cock deeper and deeper, inching closer to my goal. She kept her body weight resting forward on the chair, and I leaned in to press myself against her. The vibration of the sybian was strange on my balls, but it was an afterthought considering how her tight ass was squeezing my cock. As I got close to bottoming out, she started to squeeze harder, pushing me as I pulled out and relaxing when I pushed back in. We communicated wordlessly as I fucked her, and before long I had made it all the way to the hilt. We both moaned a little as I reached my destination, and I took a moment to do short, hard thrusts with her ass pressed against me.

She immediately reached behind us and put a hand on the back of my neck, holding my body to hers. I reached around and took each of her breasts in my hands, firmly but gently kneading them. I had wanted to pull back and start railing her, but she seemed to like our current position and the sybian complicated things a bit.

The way her ass gripped my cock made me feel like we were two puzzle pieces, and the vibration of the sybian started to feel good on my balls as her sweat and the oil ran down between us. I moved in and out of her soft and slow, leaving all but the last inch of my dick buried inside. She threw her head back as the pleasure grew too much for her, and she came around both cocks stuffing her holes.

Her ass got several degrees tighter as she trembled in front of me. I leaned in and lightly bit her neck as she forced me partially out of her asshole, but I wasn’t about to stop. Her legs were shaking and each of her holes was constricting and releasing as she started to come down from her cloud. I didn’t let her come all the way down before my lust took over, and I started to really let her have it.

I reached forward and knocked the chair away from her, and pushed her body forward until she was on her hands and knees. The dildo angled obscenely, but it kept its suction and filled her more deeply as I scooted her back onto my cock. I raised up off the sybian and got leverage on her by placing one hand on her back and squeezing her hip with the other.

She moaned like a whore as I bottomed out over and over, racing to get myself off in her ass. Her sweaty hair fell into her open mouth as she gasped, and the sexy image brought me closer. I had no idea how many times she had gotten off today, but the sweat kept running down her ass and helped keep my cock lubed up as I plowed her.

“FUCK,” I yelled as I watched her ass cheeks bounce.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop, keep fucking me, keep fucking me, fuck my ass,” she chanted with her face pressed to the floor.

“I’m gonna fucking-,” I started to say before she cut me off.

“Keep fucking, keep fucking, keep fucking,” she insisted as she started to fuck back onto my cock, not caring about my impending orgasm.

“Holy SHIT,” I breathed out as I started to unload in her ass, letting her take control of the tempo. I gripped her ass hard as I shot rope after rope of cum in her ass, but she showed no signs of slowing down at all.

Her legs were trembling again as she approached another orgasm, and she started to talk to me again.

“I’m a whore, big brother. I’m a fucking whore. Please don’t stop, please use my ass again. Please, please, PLEASE,” she started to beg. Her filthy mouth kept me hard with no issue, and I positioned myself to give her what she wanted. I reached forward and pulled her arms behind her back, pinning her down in an obscene position and removing her leverage.

“Oh yeah? You’re a fucking whore? Who’s whore are you? Who do you belong to?” I asked through gritted teeth as I leaned over her.

“YOURS, I’M YOUR FUCKING SLUT. USE ME, USE ME TO CUM AGAIN, CUM IN MY ASS, PLEASE,” she spat back to me, and I tried my best to not disappoint.

I leaned into her and her tits pressed into the floor, the sweat pooling around her. I started to fuck her slow, but hard, and she gasped each time I slammed down into her. The sybian still hummed underneath us, but I barely noticed it at that point. Her asshole barely loosened as I plowed her, and she kept up the rhythm of squeezing down each time I pulled out. I felt the mixture of sweat, oil, and cum around the head of my dick, and soon enough I was getting close to nutting again.

“You have the tightest ass I’ve ever fucked,” I growled to her, “I’m already close to cumming again.”

“Please…,” she whined softly, “please use me, I need my brother’s cum.”

She knew just how to push my buttons, and in response I pushed all the way in as I readied myself.

“You want my cum? You’re gonna have to earn it. Milk my fucking cock with your ass, you slut,” I demanded. She responded by squeezing her tight ass on my cock over and over as I leaned in and forced my cock to stay buried to the hilt. She tried her best to force me out, but gravity kept me inside.

The sensation was incredible, and soon enough I was ready to shoot again.

“Fucking WHORE,” I exclaimed as I reached forward and pulled her hair the way she liked it. She yipped as she felt me unload in her ass a second time, both of us savoring the feeling. I lost control and fell forward onto her, sliding her forward and off the sybian. Somehow I managed to stay lodged inside her, and she didn’t let up trying to milk my cock.

“More… give me more,” she moaned out as she squirmed underneath me.

“You’re a greedy slut,” I told her with a laugh as I rested on top of her, but she wouldn’t let it die.

“Don’t you think your sister is sexy? Don’t you want to use me again?” she cooed to me softly. I didn’t think it was possible for me to go three times in a row, but I said nothing about it to her.

“Do you want a load in your tight cunt?” I asked, hoping to use the time spent repositioning to try and build up the stamina to go again.

“NO,” she insisted, “don’t pull out, I want you to fuck my ass until I cum again.”

My muscles were sore and screaming at me, but I steeled myself. I was determined to make the most of this once in a lifetime experience.

She reached forward and grabbed my hands with hers as I braced myself on the floor. I pulled back and started another slow assault on her ass, and she looked back at me. She had a look of pure joy and pleasure spread across her face, and she grunted sluttily as we made eye contact.

We maintained our gaze as I started to speed up, punishing her tight ass. I knew my body was going to hate me later, but the way she squeezed my cock easily dispelled those thoughts. We spent several minutes like that, holding eye contact as I fucked her, and I felt our already strong connection deepening.

I noticed her eyes start to fog over and her mouth hung open as she took my pounding, and I again felt her thick thighs start to tremble. I picked up the pace with what little energy I had left, and she responded with another moan.

She started grunting as she came, and I did my best to fuck her as hard as I could. Soon she started talking, but I couldn’t understand what she was saying with her face smashed to the floor. It became more clear as she started to wind down.

“I love you, I love you, I love you,” she was saying softly, and it warmed my heart. I didn’t fully know what our relationship was at this point, but seeing her transform from a whore into this pile of mush was both endearing and a turn on.

I eased up a little as I fell forward onto her, but my own orgasm was also inevitable at this point. She kissed my cheek as my head fell beside her, still slowly fucking her. She started to milk my cock again as she reached up and gripped my hair. I got closer and closer to the edge, but I was running out of energy.

“I love you, cum in me,” she said lovingly, “cum for your sister.” That was all it took, and my mind exploded as I bottomed out and unloaded. She kept up her milking, and moaned softly and sexily as my cum started to leak out of her ass around my cock.


Despite her hormones, we took it easy for the rest of the day after that. The next day I caught her sunbathing outside on the back deck, topless despite the crowd within eyesight down the beach. I thought about scolding her, but the sight of her heavy tits out in the open also turned me on. I looked again and figured that the crowd was far away enough, and took a seat next to her.

“Hey b*o,” she said groggily as I woke her from her nap.

“Hey sexy,” I replied, “I see you’ve got the girls out, are you trying to show off?”

She reached up and jiggled them for me as she giggled, not saying anything in response.

“If you keep that up you’re gonna get me up, and I might make you take care of it,” I told her. It was only a half truth, seeing her like that had definitely gotten me hard already. I made a point to obviously look up and down the beach.

“I think everyone is far enough away, no one ever walks this close to the house,” I said to her as I slid my cock out of my shorts. Her eyes latched onto my dick and she scooted closer to me before flipping over onto her stomach.

“Is this for me?” she asked cutely.

“You bet your sweet little ass,” I replied, “do you want to go back inside?”

“No,” she said as she slid all the way over and put her hands on my thigh, “It’s hot to mess around outside, and want to thank you for how you fucked my ass yesterday.” She emphasized the word fucked heavily, and I could see the fire in her eyes despite her dark sunglasses.

“I don’t want you to do any work, just lay back and take it,” she purred to me as her head raised above my dick. She lowered her head slightly and stuck her tongue out, taking her time to warm me up by swirling around the head. Her hands were bracing her in position, so she was only using her mouth on me.

“Fuck, that’s hot,” I moaned to her, sinking down into my seat. She responded by popping her mouth on my dick, covering it in spit.

I settled in for a longer ride, resisting the temptation to start fucking up into her mouth. She took her time, essentially making out with my dick, mostly working the head. She kept one hand braced below her, but I noticed as her other hand slid down and into her bikini bottom as she worked me.

“Does it turn you on to suck me off out in the open like this?” I asked. She merely moaned around my cockhead in response, and I saw her thighs tense up as she started to fuck her own hand. I leaned forward enough to allow myself to explore her body with my hands, taking my time and squeezing her sexy ass and thighs.

“You really are a vision,” I said with a moan, “it’s almost a shame no one else is here to see you work my cock.”

She responded by dipping her head deeper, but still mostly spending her time with her tongue swirling around the head, slowly bringing me closer to climax. Her ass bounced in my hand and she sped up her fingering.

Her mouth relaxed slightly as she neared her own orgasm, making me jealous and a little frustrated.

“Would that turn you on, do you want people to watch you slut it up with your own brother?” I growled to her as she went over the edge, squelching her hand against her crotch.

“M-uh-huh,” she managed to grunt out around my cock as she came. She started sucking down hard and trying to get me off. I closed my eyes and moaned, and she flipped off me without warning. I felt my cock exposed to the open air. She knelt before me with her mouth open, her sunglasses tossed aside. She grabbed my dick with her still wet hand, and started ferociously jerking me off.

“Cum for me, now,” she demanded, “paint my fucking face.”

The thought of her getting off on being watched had already gotten me close to nutting, so it only took me 30 or so seconds to reach the edge.

“Ask me again, ask me for it,” I insisted.

“Cum on my face, please. Mark your territory, I’m yours,” she whined to me as her hand brought me over the edge.

I came in arcs through the open air, most of it landing on her face and hair. Her face reddened as I coated her, I loved that she was really getting off on it. She started to scoop some of it into her mouth before I stopped her.

“No, leave it. Now I want you to walk out front and get the mail from the curb, then come back and walk down to the beach. I want everyone around to see you painted like a whore, don’t hide it from anyone,” I instructed her.

The fire lit in her eyes as she obeyed wordlessly. I watched her complete her tasks, and in reality I don’t know if anyone was close enough to see her. Regardless, we were both very turned on.

As she walked back up from the beach I took her hand and led her back inside. I sat her down on the couch, handed her the vibrator, and got my cell phone out to tape her. She looked a little distressed when she saw the phone, but her attitude changed when I got my hard cock out again.

I didn’t have a plan in mind, but she started without being told. With her eyes fixed on my dick, she slid the vibrator into her swimsuit and cranked it up. I let her go for a few minutes, taking my time to move around her and capture her sexy performance. I noticed the cum on her face was starting to dry, and I zoomed in to make sure I clearly showed her face covered in cum. I wasn’t necessarily planning on joining in the video, but her moans were getting to be too much for me, so I stepped forward.

She took the cue and immediately leaned in to start worshiping my dick. She started like she had before, just working the head sexily with her mouth, while she tried desperately to get herself off with her hands. Seeing my sister suck my dick on the screen somehow made it more surreal, and I was able to hold myself back long enough to try and make sure she got off before I did.

We both lasted a few more minutes, and I changed camera angles a few times, capturing her performance from the side as well as from above. She looked up and made eye contact as she got close, and she moved one hand up to fondle my balls. I got the idea and started fucking lightly into her mouth, trying to time my orgasm with hers.

“I-I’m-I’m-guhnna-cum,” she stuttered around my dick. I responded by pulling out of her mouth and she moved her hand up to jerk me off again. I took very little prompting, and the first spurt of my cum landed on her face only a few seconds after her thighs started to shake in orgasm.

It felt magical and profane, timing my orgasm with my sister’s while we taped the affair. I thoroughly coated her face a second time as best I could as she started to come down, and it took her no time at all to start scooping it into her mouth. This time I didn’t stop her, I just continued taping and tried to stay standing with shaky knees.

“Thank you for cumming on my face again,” she purred, and I let her lick up most of the cum before shutting the video off.

“FUCK, that was hot,” I told her.

“I know,” she teased, “now put that thing away while I go take a shower.”

I resisted the temptation to follow her, and instead bolted to the computer to copy the video. While she took a long shower, I made a profile for us on a porn site and started to upload our video. I wouldn’t publish it without telling her, but I wanted to have it ready to go when I told her about it.

After her shower I got some more work done as she cooked for us. Her cooking wasn’t amazing, but she was trying to learn and I supported her. We ate together happily, and I still had a hard time parsing our relationship. I knew we both felt comfortable with each other, but neither of us had yet brought up any bigger questions. I stuffed those thoughts down as we finished eating, as I was eager to show her what I had done.

I took her hand and sat her on my lap in front of the computer. I was hard almost instantly, and I took a moment to m***** her hot body as she squirmed on top of me.

“Your talk about being watched got me rock hard earlier-” I started, but she cut me off.

“I think you’re rock hard right now,” she said with a giggle.

“We’ll take care of that in a moment, I want to show you something,” I explained as I opened the window to the porn profile.

I let her read it for a moment and take everything in, but I couldn’t read her face as she turned her head back and forth to look at me and the computer.

“Don’t worry, it’s not published yet,” I told her, “I just wanted to have it ready for you to press the button if you want to.”

“Oh wow, I thought the video was just for us…,” she said hesitantly. I noticed that she was grinding her ass on my crotch, and I took that as encouraging despite her words.

“You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to, but I do have something I need you to take care of,” I said as I reached down to slide her panties off. She took the lead and reached down to squeeze my cock as she fished it out of my shorts.

A bolt of inspiration struck my head as she groped me, and I leaned forward to search for other amateur porn on the site. I started up a compilation of amateur cumshots, and she turned and smiled when it started playing. I made sure she didn’t stay distracted by lining my cock up below her, and pulling down lightly on her hip. She sank down with a moan, her eyes fixed on the screen as short clips kept on playing.

She rode me gently, and I was able to savor the feeling of her body as it bounced against me.

“Isn’t this fucking hot?,” I asked rhetorically. She nodded in response, but just kept on moaning.

“Look at all these sluts taking cum on their faces,” I pressed her, “none of them are as hot as you.”

It wasn’t even pillow talk from me, the girls on the screen definitely weren’t ugly, but they didn’t hold a candle to my sister.
“Look at how many hits these videos have, can you imagine how many people have gotten off watching this?,” I asked.

“Now picture how many people are going to watch you take my cum on your face, think of all the people who will get off while seeing you cum for me,” I continued.

She leaned forward and gripped the desk as she started riding more earnestly, getting herself close.

“I want you to think about it, I want you to cum on my cock while thinking about thousands of people jerking off to you,” I insisted.

“Oh fuck, fuck, FUCK, shit,” she panted. I gripped her hips and fucked up into her as she came, still not quite close myself.

She slowed down gradually as she came down from her orgasm, eventually settling all the way down on my dick while maintaining a slow grind. When she leaned back against me I moved my hands around in front of her, grabbing a hefty tit with one and reaching down for her clit with the other.

“Do you really think we should do it?” she whispered to me.

“I think so, we both got turned on earlier, this seems like a natural next step. I don’t want to actually share your body, but I think it’s hot to let people watch,” I explained while flexing my cock in her.

“Plus, we could maybe make some money if people knew we are related…,” I added.

We silently and softly fucked for the next few minutes while she contemplated. I held myself off from cumming, I wanted to focus on her for the moment.

“Do you really think people would want to see me? Am I pretty enough?” she asked. She sounded vulnerable, and I did my best to make her feel good.

“Of course, you’re a fucking fox!” I responded immediately, “Look at us, you’re my fucking sister, but you’re so hot that I can’t keep my hands off of you, or my cock out of you for that matter.”

“You’re the prettiest woman I’ve ever seen, and I thought that before we started fucking,” I continued.

“Fuck, that’s hot,” she said as she raised off and started to ride me again. She only lasted a few moments before reaching forward and grabbing the mouse.

“Fuck it, let’s do it,” she concluded as she clicked the submit button, uploading our first video to the site.

Despite how many other barriers we had already crossed, this new development filled my sails with wind, and I took the lead by pushing her forward into the desk. She was half sitting, half leaning on the desk, and I held her in place while I stood up and pushed the chair out from under me.

“You’re a good little slut, aren’t you?” I asked as I started pounding her from behind.

“I’m YOUR little slut,” she corrected, “but you can show me off on the internet if you want.”

“We both want it, admit it,” I say, pressing her. I started fucking her harder, scooting the desk forward slightly. As her moans grew in intensity I had fleeting thoughts of what our parents might think if they saw us like this. I pushed it away as I focused on getting off.

“ADMIT IT, WHORE,” I insist as I felt her start to melt below me.

“Fuck, yes, please, I’m a fucking whore, I want people to watch me cum, I want people to pay to see my body,” she started ranting. I felt her tighten up around me, and I reached forward to grab the mouse. I loaded the public version of our video, and we both moaned as I started up.

“Look how many views we have, in just a few minutes hundreds of people are already jerking off to you,” I said through gritted teeth. She merely moaned in response, and I knew we were both close.

We didn’t make it all the way to the cumshot in the video before I got off, but I felt her start to cum on me as I unloaded in her. Despite how hot things had been between us, this was one of my most powerful orgasms in memory, and I gripped her hips hard enough to leave marks.

I saw her beautiful face reflected on the screen, both of our eyes were locked on the video as we came, and I felt closer to her than ever. I reluctantly pulled out of her as our cumshot played on the screen, and I put an arm around her side as we stood and watched it together.

I refreshed the video again and we saw the view count grow even higher. She turned to me and I saw the redness of her cheeks, and I simultaneously wanted to fuck her like a whore and make her my wife. We paused for a moment, neither of us saying anything. I was enjoying studying her pretty face, but I took advantage of the moment, pulling her into a deep kiss.

We kissed for the first time not just as brother and sister, but as deeply connected lovers. I knew then that there was no turning back, I had to have her for the rest of my life.

No words were necessary, she grabbed my cock as she broke the kiss, leading the way back to the bedroom as she dragged me behind her.