How it all started……Here is how this all started. Many years ago we had a party at our place, after midnight people started to leave. By 1:00 am it was my husband and two of his friends. I was more then buzzed and fell asleep on the couch as we were watching TV. The next thing I knew I partially opened my eyes (half awake, groggy and drunk), my blouse was all the way unbuttoned, and my husbands two friends were standing over me masturbating. I was shocked and didn’t know how to react.I glanced over at my husband and he was asleep on the other couch. I didn’t want to start trouble, my husband would have been pissed off I’m sure. They both saw that I was partially awake but didn’t stop, they actually started smiling (they were drinking all night). I quickly decided to pretend I was out of it and didn’t know what was going on, I shut my eyes like a was back to sleep hoping they’d stop. They didn’t stop, I heard one starting to breath heavy and I felt his cum squirting on my cleavage and neck. I moved a little and opened one eye just enough to see him shooting the rest on me. He moved out of the way and let the other guy move closer to my chest and face. The second friend had a big penis, long and fat. My heart was pounding because if my husband woke up there would be a fight. I was sobering up quickly and wanted this over. As I watched friend two masturbate I started to get wet, I had never seen a penis that big and it was a foot or two from my face. I was thinking of opening my mouth (while still pretending to be asleep) to see if he’d stick it in but that would have made me guilty if my husband woke up so I didn’t. Within a minute I heard him breathing heavy so knew he was about to cum and cum he did. I had never seen a man cum that much and for that long, he soaked my cleavage and the sexy lace bra I was wearing. I never fully opened my eyes and within minutes I heard the front door open and close, they both left. I got up, cleaned myself up, woke up my husband telling him its time to go up to bed every one had left. I was so excited by what had happened I gave my husband the best head he ever had that night/morning. The next day I pulled the blouse and bra out from the hamper and masturbated to the smell of the other guys cum. For years after we saw these guys from time to time and know one ever mentioned it or nor did it happen again. This happed about 10 years ago and we since moved out of that state and haven’t seen or heard from the two guys. About a year ago my husband and I were on vacation and were down at the hotel club partying. I had a low cut top on exposing my cleavage (my husband likes when I dress sexy). He stepped away to go to the bathroom and when he came back 2 younger guys were all over my flirting and basically talking dirty. They didn’t stop when he came back and he went along with it seeing it was making me feel sexy. At that point the 4 of us were feeling pretty good and their comments got dirtier with every word; They kept calling me a cougar that they’d love to tit fuck and shoot on my chest. I must say they we good looking guys and I was getting turned on I thought of that night 10 years ago and I was getting wet. I was shocked that my husband was playing along as it got this ankara escort far. He would comment “she does have nice titles with great nipples” which would only get these two guys even more fired up.At one point my husband said thanks guys we have to go, going back to our room to to tit fuck and he smiled they both laughed and jokingly said can we come….I don’t think they were joking.We left and on the way back to our room my husband told me that we got extremely aroused by all the flirtation and attention I was getting. He pointed down to his dick and I could see he was hard though his jeans. When we got back to the room I was so wet and he was hard as rock. I went down on him and as I was sucking him I envisioned the two guys down at the club, he most have known what I was thinking because he said to me pretend your sucking off those two guys.At that point being a bit tipsy and knowing my husband was in a freaky mood I decided to tell him what happened 10 years ago and how the conversation at the bar somehow reminded me of that night and how that night turned me on. To my surprise that story really turned him on and he started to call me his little slut as he face fucked me and pinched my nipples which I love.What happened next really freaked me out, he said (as I was sucking him) “go down and bring those two guys up to our room, I’ll pretend to be drunk, out of it, and asleep and let them jerk off on your tits.” I had never done anything like this before but I was horny, drunk and thousands of miles from home so I had no fear. I when back down and sure enough they were there they were talking to another woman but when they so me they made their way over bought me a drink and ask where hubby was. I told them drunk and sleeping and thathe always falls asleep after he cums. They laughed and got right back to the dirty talk asking where he came, I lied and told them in my ass only because I knew these guys would like that better then the truth which was in my mouth. Then they ask if I came and I said of course but only once and I could go at least 3 more times (I can go up to 5 times a night easy). At that point they knew I was game they asked me to go back to their room I said I couldn’t do that but they could come back to ours.They were hesitant because of hubby but I assured them he was out of it and wouldn’t be a problem. They were drunk and wanted to get off so they agreed. We stepped into the elevator and no sooner had the doors closed they began groping me, grabbing my ass and tits, kissing me. I hadn’t had another mans tungue in my mouth for over 20 years and it got me so horny.We got to the room and I wasn’t in the least bit nervous I was so turned on at that point. My husband I and watch porn and I’ve always had a secret desire to be in a threesome (especially since the event from 10 years prior in which I really didn’t participate in but just laid there). My husband was on the couch pretending to be sleeping . They both looked at him, then at each other, then me, and then the bed. The started to undress me and themselves, I was sitting on the bed naked with two guys 15 years younger then I (they were 30 I was 45) standing in front of my with partially hard penises. It was at that moment ankara escort bayan I realized we needed condoms (being married for 20 years and on birth control we never used them) if I was going to do anything other then jerk them off or let them jerk off on my titties which at this point were ready to be played with.They were whispering how they loved my tits, nipples, pussy and ass. I knew my husband couldn’t hear so I said in a normal to loud voice it’s OK to speak up that I love dirty talk. I grabbed both their dicks and started to jerk them off I hadn’t had a dick other then my husbands in decades. One of them had a much bigger cock then my husband longer and fatter. The other was the same length only a bit fatter with a nice head on it. I know my husband was OK with these guys jerking off on my tits or maybe me jerking them off but I at this point I wanted to get fucked by both of them. As I continued to jerk them both off they started to play with my tits and they were both starting to get nice and hard. I’d lean in and kiss the heads, lick the shafts and squeeze their balls. They pushed me back on the bed and both started sucking my nipples both having their own breast to play with. As they played my hands kept stroking and they used their free hand to start playing with my wet swelled up pussy, one rubbed my clit while the other gently 3 finger fucked me. These guys had done this before. My eyes were shut and I remenber thinking how great this was. I was about to live out a fantasy I’ve had for years of getting fuck by two young studs.One of them (big cock) got up called me a cougar whore and asked me if I was ready to get by big titties fucked – I loved that and replied yes please fuck my tits, they need your big cock between them. He went into the bathroom and came out with the hotel hand cream and squeezed a bunch out on my tits. They both rubbed my tits until they were nice and slippery. Then he mounted my chest I held my tits together giving him some great soft cleavage to hump and fuck. His buddy slipped down and started to suck on my already fat throbbing clit. We were only at this for 10 minutes and I was about to have my first orgasm!I was being completely used and actually loving it with each tit thrust big cock would call me a name like cum slut or cum dumpster. That just got me hotter and I was ready to cum at any moment. The guy licking my clit could feel my tensing up in pre orgasm and started rimming my ass with his hand cream lubed fingers. This was driving me crazy all these hands and body contact was adding up to the best sexual encounter ever. I couldn’t hold back the orgasm any longer I let it go and as I did I felt that finger slide up my ass the timing was perfect and he kept sucking my clit. As a I started to loudly moan big dick started in on more dirty talk and I’d answer. He wanted to know if I was ready to get fucked with his “big hard cock” and at that piont I was I knew I could cum a few more times that night I didn’t want it to end. I answered in a loud heavy breathed voice if you have condoms you can both take whatever hole you want. They both quickly got up picked up their pants and pulled condoms out. I for the first time looked over at my husband he smiled escort ankara and slightly shook his head yes. My husband and I have had fantasy threesomes using dildos and such, where I’d suck him as he’d dildo my ass and pussy but this was real I didn’t have to pretend I was about to get the real thing two real guys at the same time.I was back to sitting on the edge of the bed and big dick demand that I suck his cock like the big titted slut that I was (before he put on the condom). I was so horny he pulled my head in and I opened my mouth and he slowly let me work it. His buddy put on the condom ask me to get on the bed doggy style. Big dick told me it was time for me to get fucked as sucked him off. And fucked I did get, when his friend slid into me I could feel the difference between him and my husband. This was the first time in over 20 years I had another dick in me, I was moaning. As he fucked me big dick kept demanding that I deep throat him, at this point I had two studs inside me, it was everything I thought it would be and more. I did my best to deep throat but he was about 9 inches and fat (my husband is 6-7 and I deep him) it wasn’t easy. I could feel his friend tensing up like he was going to cum I stopped and told him to hold off I wanted them both to cum on my tits or face (something I fantasize about) and I didnt want it wasted in a condom. That seemed to turn them both on as they both started calling me a good little whore.It was time to switch it was time to let big dick fuck me. He put on his condom and laid on his back a said ride this while I play with your big tits so I straddled him and slowly let it slide down into me, I had never felt such a hot throbbing cock like this before. He was bigget then most of our toys. I knew I was going to cum soon being on top with control of speed and where my clit rubbed gave me what I needed to cum all over his big fat dick.His buddy at this point was watching and mastebating and when he saw that I was getting close to cumming again got back into the action. He came over and began to work his dick into my ass. My husband is the only man whom I’ve ever let ass fuck my but that was about to change. Because of the angle and body positions he couldn’t get fully inside but what he did get in (about 3-4 inches I’d guess) felt great. It took a minute to get a good rhythm going but once we did I could feel their dicks banging into each other inside me and I exploded with my second orgasm.I could tell that they were both going to cum and I begged them not to saying please cum on my tits…..please (something about seeing a man’s cum squirting on my tits turns me on). The guy in my ass started to moan and said to late, he pulled out, I rolled off my straddle position on big dick, he ripped off his condom and jerked off all over my tits it was a big load and i loved seeing how much it pleasured him, he kept saying you love this you little bitch, you love this bitch don’t you….and i did.At this point big dik was ready to blow too. I looked down at him he had alredy ripped of his condom his dick was purple with every vein showing said I’m going to tit fuck you and cum all over your nipples. He mounted me and used the cum that was on my tits as lube and within 15 or so thrust he was creaming on both my nipples – in a surprise to me he then licked and sucked all the cum off. This is how me becoming a horny slut wife all started.If you worked with me or knew me you’d never guess my/our little secret.