How I Learned to Love All Women of the WorldWhen I grew up I always thought I knew what I liked. Sexually, I mean. I always thought I wanted a skinny girl with a nice ass and a pretty face. That’s the kinda gal I dated all my years, since Junior High. But it want’ until Jeannie broke up with me that I opened my eyes to a whole new world that was completely worth exploring. I was browsing profiles on some internet dating site, when I got a message from a girl. It didn’t say much, mostly that all she wanted was a fuckbuddy. I considered it, since it had been I while the last time I busted a nut, but then I went and looked at her pics. She was fat as all hell. She must’a weighed 300 pounds. But… I didn’t give a god damn. I was horny, and desperate times call for desperate measures. We met up a week after her first message. I entered her house, and there was zero romance. She just dragged me into the bedroom the second I walked in. I hardly said a word before she pulled down my jeans and underwear. I thought I’d need a little foreplay first, with a whale like this, but I hadn’t even noticed my cock was rock hard. She got on her knees and started sucking. It felt… incredible. Every girl türbanlı amasya escort who ever sucked my cock before this did it like they hated every second of it. This chick, however, went to town on my dick. She was doing things with her tongue I would never have thought of. She was still wearing her shirt, so I told her to stop for a second and take it off. She did, giving me a big ‘ol grin. She threw it across the room, then sat me down on the bed. She kept suckin’, and I played with her gigantic titties. I never was a tit man, but I think mayber that was ’cause all my other girlfriends had small-ass titties. These things reminded me of what my pop always called ’em; Dirty Pillows. That’s exactly what they were. Big ‘ol dirty, fleshy, utterly fuckable titties. I rubbed her giant nipples and she moaned, her mouth still tight around my cock. Her left hand came up and began fondling my balls, roughly pulling them away from my body in an attempt to prevent cumming. I didn’t plan on doing that any time soon. I told her to get my dick out of her mouth and lay down on the bed. She obeyed, removing her pants and underwear on the way. Jesus, türbanlı amasya escort bayan those underwear are huge. She splayed herself out to me, one hand rubbing her nipples, the other rubbing her clit. I crawled towards her and sat my face in front of her pussy. It looked like any other pussy I’d seen before, just with a whole lot of woman attached to it. I began lickin’ it, and suckin’ on her clit, the way I always do. I thought her being fat meant she wouldn’t clean up down here too well, but I’ll be damned if she didn’t taste better than any girl I’d ever eaten out. Her pussy was like a lollipop, and I was trying to find out how many licks ’til- then, as if on cue, she came so hard that her thighs came together, pushing my face further into her. I kept on eatin’. Eventually, I stopped. I crawled out from under the pile of flesh and then crawled on top of it. My cock was pulsating. I haven’t felt this way since I lost my virginity. I situated myself and pushed myself inside. She was warmer and wetter than any girl I’d fucked before. I didn’t even need lube. That’s new. I started pumping, slow at first, trying to prolong the türbanlı escort amasya inevitable, but I couldn’t help it. I started going to town; I pumped harder than I’d ever pumped before. I felt near complettion when she yelled out, “Don’t you come yet, boy.” She pushed me off her, grabbed the sides of my head and pushed it between her giant dirty pillows. I started involving my hands, squeezing or teasing the occasional nipple. She was moaning in delight, a look of euphoria came on her face as she shoved a pair of fingers into herself. Eventually she pushed me off the bed again and made me stand. She kneeled in front of me again, and began sucking me off again. Her beautiful red lips slid up and down my cock, her left hand massaging and carassing my balls. Wait- where’s her-Jesus fuck. The middle finger of her right hand went into my ass. No girl ever done this before. I resisted at first, but the comfort of her mouth persuaded me. She reached inside me, and I felt a pleasure I never knew I could feel and I came inside her pretty mouth and clenched my anus around her fat finger. She opened her mouth to show me my cum, then swallowed it without a second thought. She winked at me, as if she had known what she just did opened the door for me to fuck all women of the world, regardless of what I thought of them. Fucked up part? After all that shit, I fell asleep on her bed, and woke up to find my car gone and a family of three staring at me, screaming at me for invading their home. I never really figured out what the fuck that was all about.