Hotel Quickie with my sister Kay
New to my stories? Kay is my younger sister. We are both … mature now, but we have had a lot of fun over the years! Occasionally I share some of our meetings, in part because I know you guys like reading about my buxom Germanic sister but mostly because I know she reads them… and they make her horny for more!!! (This is not her pic… but it gives you a fair visual. She would never let me have a pic in reality!!!)

Kay and I had teased the hell out of each other the whole evening and combined with the alcohol, it was a wonder we had not just fallen on top of each other and humped each other crazy right there in the hotel lobby! We were responsible for one another being sex addicts, since we had started experimenting on one another way before most k**s even had their first kiss and were perfecting certain things before most guys could remove a bra with one hand!
We were at the hotel with our spouses and two other couples for a reunion of sorts and it had turned into a euchre (card game) tournament / binge drinking event!

I had kept glancing at Kays blouse and she kept making it gap. Then she kicked off her shoes and was running her feet up my shins and behind my calf…. I would rest my hand on her knee under the table…. And try to reach up further to the hem of her shorts… You get the picture.

When both games finished at more or less the same time, my wife headed to the public restroom in the lobby and Kay’s husband went out to their car to retrieve some more vodka. I said I need to go upstairs and relieve myself and Kay got up to go with me. We both knew what we wanted was to relieve one another!

It started before the elevator car even came down. I moved up behind her and reached around and took hold of her big succulent tits as she pushed her ass back into my cock as it began to straighten and harden. When the door to the elevator closed a full on groping session broke out as I yanked her skirt up and she undid my zipper. “So, big brother, you still want to fuck me? You still want to stick this meat stick in me one more time?” I answered her question by flicking the six hooks on her industrial bra free in record time and shoving it up and tugging on her big, meaty nipples.

The doors opened and the couple that was waiting to go down looked away in embarrassment as we did our best not be too obscene while trading places with them. We then stumbled down the hall to her room and did not even wait for the door to close before we picked up the action!

Kay is, without a doubt in my mind, the most talented woman I have ever met when it comes to giving a blow job. She once told me that I had made her learn every trick there was and maybe I did, but when she dropped to her knees and pulled my cock up and over the waistband of my underpants, I was just thankful she had learned it all someplace!

In our 20’s or 30’s, I would have already been a flagpole just from the elevator. Before that, I was hard nearly from five on because of her!! But with the alcohol and being the wrong side of 50, I was so glad to feel those lips wrap around my shaft and her tongue swirl me into a hard charging stud! She rocked back onto her heels and I pulled her to her feet and shoved her toward the bed!

There wasn’t time for all of the niceties. We were going to raise some eyebrows any way you cut it. So every moment counted! As I pushed her forward over the high Queen bed mattress, she efficiently dispatched her bra through her arm holes. Her skirt came up and I yanked her panties down and slapped my wet and hard dick on her creamy white ass! Her legs parted and I pushed my dick between her thighs. Her fingers were already there, ready to guide and prod me to the right angle and a moment later I felt that wet hot furnace of hers spread open as my fat round head pushed her open!

Every time I have ever entered her since getting married I have appreciated her more and more. She is always so wet, so horny and so ready to take my shaft! In three fairly good pushes I felt her fingers and fleshy pussy lips greet my ever tightening nut sack and I gave her bottom a good firm slap! I have love how her skin shows hand marks and I could immediately see my red hand print on her bottom as I began to pull out in preparation to start drilling her in earnest!

I don’t know who was banging who! She was pushing back into me every bit as much as I was slamming forward into her. Each collision pushed both of us closer and closer to that thunderous end we both needed so badly!

I leaned over her and pulled her blouse up so I had access to her tits! That raised a moan from her. She had taught me as much about how to worship a woman’s tits as I had taught her how to blow a man’s dick! I had learned her lessons well enough to have caused more than one of her orgasms in the past to come from nothing more than what I did to her above the waist! I pulled up on her breasts and pressed them up tight to her ribs and in response she ground her ass into my cock and leaned up for me to get hold of more easily.

The next couple of minutes where a drum solo of our bodies slapping together, me alternately slapping twisting, pulling and squeezing her tits and especially her nipples as she rubbed her clit and tightened the walls of her vagina into a velvet vice! Years earlier we would have just been starting a marathon, but we were now sprinting toward the finish line in mere minutes!

When I felt her lock down on my root, we were neck and neck and there were only seconds before one or both of us exploded across the finish!

I think it was a tie, or if you prefer, a dead heat! We both reached that final moment and I had to release her so that she yelled into the bed instead of summoning all of the police in 4 counties! I nearly bit my lip hard enough to need stitches! Our juices sprayed out of her with each thrust I was able to continue to muster. The powerful waves of pleasures setting off violent shudders, tremors, muscle spasms and muscle failure bounced back and forth between us! We had each needed this moment for weeks! We had each admitted that it was the primary reason we were going to the reunion!

I lost my ability to stand and stumbled back into the hotel dresser and sat on it. Kay reached between her legs in a vain effort to keep the torrent of sex juices from sluicing out of her and down her legs to the floor. I laughed and she cursed me as she pushed herself upright and unsteadily staggered to the bath.

I reached down and grabbed her panties off of the floor and began wiping my cock, balls, thighs and lower legs clean of all evidence of our coupling. I was not the least bit certain whether it was the alcohol or the sex that made it so hard to stand, but I would have killed to just lie down on her bed, pull her onto me and lay there until we recovered so we could do it all again, but that was not within the realm of possibility.

I was still holding her now soaked underwear when she staggered out of the bath. She gave me her classic, “One of these days I am going to kill you” looks and I laughed. “Your choice. For the rest of the tournament now you are going to have to sit there knowing I am not wearing any bra OR panties!”

I laughed as I fastened my pants into place. She asked if I needed to pee and I said it would take me a day to switch the internal plumbing back from an orgasm like that to normal function again. She rolled her eyes, and I rolled one of her nipples in my fingers as I walked past her to wash my hands. I did not miss her shudder!

We looked at each other, shrugged and headed back down to finish playing cards. And I no longer cared whether I won!

Hey, Kay! Yeah, I wrote this on Friday after our chat! One of these days we will have to see about doing this again…. Miss ya!!!