Hot summer morningsIt had been fucking hot all night long, the aircon was working over time and still the room was muggy, the sheets and pillow soaked with sweat. As a result I had not had a very good nights sleep and found it hard to get up and get on with things in the morning. The quiet of the sunrise came and i managed to drop off to sleep for a little while then woke up, had coffee and attempted to get going. Fuck this I thought, as I dragged my ass around the house, I was heading back to bed.Got into bed, opened the window and let the morning air breeze come in but it was still muggy. Checked my emails to find a dirty clip of two guys jerking sent from a buddy. Now i was getting horny as fuck. I had shaved out the other day so my cock shaft and balls were smooth and sweaty. Love the feeling of my sweaty balls sticking to the inside of my leg or my cock shaft. I opened up the laptop went to xhamster and started to watch some of the clips I had been saving from other profiles. I was still tired but it was that nice tired türbanlı elazığ escort that feels great when you are horny. My tits were getting harder and harder as played with them. My cock and balls were nice and moist with the sweat ,and there was that delicious earthy smell coming from my fuck hole. I just could not resist a major edge session any longer.I always keep a couple of clothes pegs in the beside and it wasnt long before the were firmly attached to my hard nipples, the feeling was great. Each little tug on them was pure joy, i could feel the pulses of energy running from my tit to the area deep inside behind my cock and balls. I grabbed a piece of thick soft cord from under the bed, it was an old favourite, stained with lube, cum and hours of wanking fun. I love to pull my ball sac down and then tie up my nuts with the cord. Today was easy because my ball scrot was hanging long and low because the room and i were both so hot. Once i got the cord around my türbanlı elazığ escort bayan sac i pulled it well down so that my scrot skin was tight against my balls, they were hard and full of cum. I was going to work on this for a bit building up a nice full load. I was pleased that I was getting so hard, my cut cock’s head was full and the rim really fat. Drops of precum came with out too much effort and it was, as always, a pleasure to like them off of my fingers and enjoy the sweet salty taste of fresh precum.With the clothes pegs on my tits I had both hands to play with my cock and balls. I tugged on my swollen tied balls and was impressed with how full tight and blue they were, all the small veins full. With the other hand i was able to work on my shaft really pounding down into my tight balls or working just the head, now covered in my precum and spit.I took the clothes pegs off my tits and attached them on my ball sac just where it joins my cock, above the tied türbanlı escort elazığ cord, my cock bounced up with the pleasure. It gave me a free hand to really work my tits, tugging them hard and using my finger nails to really pin point the pressure on each swollen nipple. I was enjoying this too much, covered in sweat smelling like a navvy on heat it was no wonder that i felt my balls trying to rise, getting ready to come, pulling harder against the tightly tied cord. I slowed and lengthened my wanking stroke slow up and slow down. I pointed my cock up my body and relaxed and shot a big load over my gut and chest. It was a runny load in that I had been wanking for a good while and there was plenty of seminal fluid to carry my load of batter. I rubbbed the cum off of my gut over my balls and cock, getting my cord soaked in cum sweat and spit.. milked out the last drops of jizz then licked up whatever I could gather. My cock was deep red and still hard as fuck, i released the cord from my scrot ad fell back onto my sweaty bed. Pure delight, I never get up and wash after a wank , i love to let the jizz dry then carry on the rest of my day knowing that underneath my clothes i had dried cum on my skin. That was to come later as now i really needed some rest. When I wake up I know the cord I use for tying my balls will be smelling even sweeter than it did earlier this mornig.