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Home Invasion to Anal Invasion**Reading “All-You-Can-Eat Buffet”, “Back For More”, and “Samurai Time” (up until I leave to get food) are helpful, but not required.Another damned out-of-town conference? I would have started getting suspicious, had I cared. I loved my wife, but, if she was getting some on the side, I didn’t mind. Seeing how she had set up some amazing sexcapades for me, it wouldn’t be fair for me to have all the fun.I thought all this while mowing the lawn. I hated yard work, so I put it off as long as possible, but, it still had to get done.The more I thought about my wife getting banged by some hot, hung, young stud, the more aroused I got. It gave me an idea, but that’s another story. My sweats were tenting as my arousal became full-blown horniness. I had trouble with the lawn, because my turgid cock kept bumping the bar.Just then, a van passed by my house. My yard follows the curve of the road, so I was able to watch them for quite a while. The man driving was in his late thirties. There were several others in the van, but, what caught my attention was the mass of red hair in the back, framing one of the most beautiful freckled faces I had ever seen. Sally’s family had returned from their camping trip. She was behind a tall stack of camping supplies, and it was obvious no one could see her. She caught my eye, then lifted her tank top and flashed me, squeezing her boobs. When she pulled her shirt back down, I could see that her nipples were hard. If I thought I was horny before, I went into complete overload, thinking about all the fun we’d had together. I was sure my cock was going to rip my pants. I took some deep breaths, and managed to calm down enough to finish the lawn. I put the mower away, and went into the house. I stopped in the laundry room, and stripped down, dropping my clothes in the washer. I put some clothes from the hamper in the load, including a pair of my wife’s panties. I gave them a quick sniff, and tossed them in the washer. I climbed the stairs to the bathroom.I started the shower, then got in. Luxuriating under the water, I let the hot spray begin rinsing away the grime I’d accumulated from mowing the lawn. I revisited my earlier thoughts, both of my wife getting banged, and of Sally. I started to touch myself, rubbing my hands up and down my body. Sometimes, there’s nothing like the feeling of your own hands on your body, touching and rubbing all the right spots. With my cock in my left hand (I’m right-handed, but wank with my left), and my balls in my right, I closed my eyes, beginning to feel the most exquisite pleasure. Then, I felt something touch my nipple. I jumped back, and flashed my eyes open, but there was nothing there. Suddenly, a thin, dainty hand reached for my nipple, parting the shower curtain. I jumped back again, only this time, I reached forward, and grabbed the arm, pulling the intruder into the shower. Knowing the 9-1 odds it was a woman, I wasn’t too concerned. The intruder tripped over the wall of the bathtub, landing, unceremoniously, at my feet. I saw the telltale orange locks, and knew exactly who I was dealing with. It was Sally, and she was quite naked. I reached down, and pulled her to her feet. With a slight glare on her türbanlı bitlis escort face, she said, “I hope you don’t mind, but I thought I’d let myself in. I wanted to see you. Besides, the door was unlocked.” Silently, I thanked my forgetfulness.I kissed her, to let her know there were no hard feelings, at least, not any she wasn’t already intimately familiar with. I said to her, “I hadn’t yet washed myself. Would you mind?” The question was, “Would you mind giving me a second to wash myself?” She took it as “Would you mind washing me?” She took the soap from the dish, and began lathering me up, paying special attention to my nipples, continuing down to my cock. Using the soap as lube, she kneeled in front of me, stroking my cock. After about ten tugs, she stood up, and grabbed the head – the shower head – and redirected the spray so that she could rinse me off. She put her mouth on my right nipple, not letting go of my cock. Apparently, she wanted to feel exactly how hard I could get. She wasn’t disappointed, as it grew to a length and girth that surprised even me. I could see the lust flash in her eyes as she decided she wanted me in her mouth. Back down on her knees, shower spray in her face, she tried to engulf me with her throat all in one go. She had a practiced mouth, and made it almost all the way down, but, apparently, it was more than she expected, because she gagged hard, coughing and sputtering under the spray. While this would discourage most women, Sally was not to be deterred. She recovered, then attacked again. She went much more slowly, apparently making mental checkpoints with herself, making sure her gag reflex was under control.Under control it was, as she began throat-fucking my cock. It felt so good, that I was considering cumming. Just then, she stopped, stood up, turned around, and turned off the shower. Of course, I stepped back just a smidge to check out her amazing ass as she bent slightly to work the faucets. She turned back around to grab my arm, and pull me out of the shower. I followed her, careful not to trip over the side of the bathtub. She grabbed a towel, and started drying me, making sure that my penis was very dry. She began drying herself, until I took the towel away, and started doing it for her, myself. As I dried her chest, she arched her back. I took that as a cue, and began suckling on her nipples, to elicit a moan from her. While I did that, I dried her back, paying special attention to her butt, which made her lose her breath. Pulling me out of my bathroom, Sally said, “Come on”, and nearly dragged me into my bedroom, where she pushed me down onto my bed, and proceeded to deepthroat me again. After five minutes of my cock telling me that she had her tonsils removed, she pushed me all the way back, and climbed on top of me, positioning her very warm pussy on my face. “Lick me”, she ordered.I certainly didn’t need to be told more than once. I did as I was told, sliding my tongue along the folds of her pussy. She was very wet, and her juice was still a little sweet. I settled into a rhythm, and, not long after, she had a lovely orgasm, squealing, and trembling on my face. I continued to lick as she türbanlı bitlis escort bayan came down from her climax. She moved forward, positioning her adorable asshole above my face. I loved licking her ass, ever since the first time, and I was pleased that she also seemed to like it. She got into my oral ministrations, and was grinding her ass on my face. I decided that I call the shots a little. I grabbed Sally’s hips, got out from underneath her, and turned her around. “You wanted my tongue in your ass, right?” I pulled her cheeks apart, and buried my tongue between them. She let out a long guttural moan. I enjoyed her sitting on my face, but I wanted to lick deep in her ass. She was bucking back and forth, fucking my tongue with her ass. I grabbed her hips to keep her from moving while I tongued her butthole.While my tongue was firmly lodged in her backside, Sally was orgasming almost nonstop. I didn’t realize her cute little bum was that sensitive. Finally, she’d had enough. “I want you to fuck me.”I was more than willing to comply with the directive. I’d do almost anything for Sally; it didn’t hurt that it was something I wanted to do anyway. I lined my cock up to her pussy, and thrust in. She looked over her shoulder coyly, and shook her head. I didn’t understand what she meant, at first. Then, it dawned on me. As soon as she saw the recognition on my face, she said, “I came over here to get you to fuck my ass. I want my ass fucked for the first time, and I want you to do it.” I was stunned, but not stupid. She said she wanted an assfuck, and she was going to get one. Her asshole was already slick with my saliva, but, for good measure, I wiped a fingerful of her cum on it, and dipped my wick back in her honeypot, just enough to get it wet. She provided copious amounts of lubricant. I pulled back out of her pussy, and aimed my cock at her butthole. I touched the tip to it, and she moaned. She began wiggling her butt, trying to get me in her. I held back, still trying not to hurt her. I inched forward just enough to get the tip past her sphincter. She grunted, but didn’t stop me. When I pulled out, she whimpered. She was hot to take my dick up her ass. Who was I to argue?I put the head back in. It popped right past her sphincter this time. Encouraged by the ease with which she took the head, I pushed on. I could see her wince as my thick cock went deeper into her ass; however, she still didn’t stop me. I waited a moment to let her adjust, then put more in. After a few more moments of the push-wait-relax technique, I finally had all seven and a half in her very tight rectum.I waited a moment to see what she would do. She started humping her ass back and forth; slow, short strokes at first, then longer ones as she got used to it. After a few more minutes, she was slamming it in and out, the full length of my cock entering and leaving her ass. I decided to take charge of the movement. I grabbed her hips, and began fucking her ass with long, hard strokes. She would grunt every time I went in. After several minutes of this, I decided to flip her over, and, without leaving her ass, turn her onto her back. With her legs in the air, I türbanlı escort bitlis was able to get very deep inside her. Getting in that deep lit the powder keg, and she started cumming, from the invasion of her back door. She took advantage of not having to hold herself up, by squeezing her tits, and pinching her nipples. I reached down, and started rubbing her clit. That was the only stimulation she needed to start squirting everywhere. Every inward thrust made her shoot a stream of cum into the air. Some landed on her, some landed on me, some landed on the bed. She was obviously enjoying herself. Wordlessly, she pushed me away from her, and turned me over on my back, much like she had earlier. Also like earlier, she started to suck my dick, and, like earlier, I loved it. Like earlier, she climbed on top of me. Unlike earlier, she squatted over my dick, facing away, and put it in her ass, then sat down on it, slowly. She seemed to relish the feeling of every inch of my cock sliding into her ass. I can’t say I disliked it. When she got all the way down, she ground her ass cheeks against me. I reached out and grabbed two handfuls of Sally’s ass. She moaned as I made contact with her fleckly fresh. I kneaded her ass in my hands as it moved up and down. She moved her arms, and I could see that she had resumed playing with her tits with one hand, and her pussy with the other. About a minute went by before she buried me to the hilt in her ass, rubbed her clit, and came, again, all over the joining. I felt her ass pulsating, and I knew I was close. I asked her where she wanted it. She replied with “I want it up my ass.”That was all the encouragement I needed. Ten more strokes, and I let my load fly up her ass. I grabbed her hips, and thrusted, cumming as deeply inside her ass as I could. Once my cock stopped throbbing, and depositing its cream in Sally’s wonderful ass, I turned her onto her side, and snuggled up to her, her ass still massaging my dick. I wasn’t sure if she was trying to milk more cum out of it, or bring it back to life. I reached up and back to rub my nipples, to see if there was some life left. My cock started twitching, as though it was coming back to life. I took this as a good sign, and started thrusting lightly again. Sally started humping again, so I held her upper hip, and banged her cute little ass again. I seriously loved fucking Sally’s ass, and was going to continue. Sally was cumming on my cock in her butt, again, while pinching and twisting her nipples some more. As much as it should have been longer before I came, Sally’s ass sent electric pleasure all the way to my brain, which sent back the message that it was time to cum. For the second time in twenty minutes, I was dropping a load in this amazingly cute, freckled ass. The cum that shot into her ass from my dick added to the cum already there, causing a mess. Sally felt this, and moaned in extreme pleasure, and said, “Fill up my ass with your cum.” Hearing those words, I stopped my orgasm, and started a fresh one. When I was finished filling her ass with my cum, I had no energy left, from fucking, so I did the most reasonable thing I could, and passed out. When I came to, I looked at the clock, and noticed it was after five o’clock. I decided to go get something to eat, when I found a note.”That was amazing. Your cock felt so good in my ass, that I didn’t want to take it out. You’re mine, now. I will have it in my ass whenever I want.”Great. How am I supposed to explain to my wife that I am now at a teenage buttslut’s beck and call, because I made her a teenage buttslut?