After I had pleasured her under the table, Holly got ready to go next door to see Miss Lawrence. I still wasn’t sure how I felt about our neighbour influence in all this, but I could see how happy my wife was. She was practically glowing.

After she had left, I thought about what had happened earlier. The way she had woken me up and the morning sex that followed had been mind-blowing. Of course, I was still a little shocked about her sitting on my face after, but the truth was a part of me had enjoyed watching how turned on she got being so assertive.

More shocking had been that my wife had answered the phone while I was under the table pleasuring her and had even told Miss Lawrence about it. Holly had told me about her discussion with our neighbour, and I began wondering if Holly would come back with even more suggestions. As I sat there thinking about it, I realised that the idea turned me on. I found myself fantasising about Miss Lawrence actually getting involved. I tried to stop thinking about it, feeling a bit guilty, but the seed had been planted.

Then, and if the universe was conspiring against me, the doorbell rang, and when I opened my front door, Miss Lawrence was standing there. I felt my cheeks go red, my inappropriate thoughts flashing through my mind. Then, somehow, I managed to compose myself enough to say:

‘Erm, Hi Miss Lawrence. I thought Holly was out shopping with you.’

Miss Lawrence smiled at me and said:

‘No. That was the plan, but we both thought it would be prudent to come and introduce myself to you properly. I hope you don’t mind.’

I felt flustered and somewhat anxious, to be honest. Still, I invited her in. As we made our way to the kitchen, Miss Lawrence complemented the interior of our house as I put the kettle on then there was a moment of awkward silence. Finally, after I joined her at the kitchen table, she reached into her handbag and pulled out a photo. She placed it in front of me and said:

‘That’s me and Dennis, my late husband.’

I looked at the photo, noticing he was quite handsome but focusing more on Miss Lawrence in the picture. She was certainly a stunner in her younger days. Of course, she was still very attractive, but wow, back then!

I wasn’t quite sure why she was showing me the picture, though, or what she expected me to say. Finally, breaking the silence, Miss Lawrence said:

‘He was the love of my life. A kind and caring man, and I miss him every day.’

I told her I was sorry for her loss, and she smiled. Then she said:

‘Thank you, Adam. Now, I’m sure you are wondering why I am telling you this and probably why I am here at all. The truth is I rather admire your wife. She reminds me a lot of me when I was younger. Obviously, she mentioned that we discussed some rather intimate things yesterday. However, I wanted to assure you that I was only trying to be helpful and hope you don’t think I have overstepped in any way. I promise you that was not my intention.’

I appreciated her telling me this but didn’t really know how to reply. Attempting to sidestep the intimate stuff, after a few seconds, I replied:

‘It’s fine, Miss Lawrence. If I think it is great that Holly has made a friend. I just want her to be happy.’

Miss Lawrence smiled again and said:

‘It’s funny. You remind me of my Dennis. He always put my happiness first. May I ask you a personal question, Adam?’

Miss Lawrence seemed really lovely, and I could see why Holly had warmed to her. However, Had I known what the question was going to be, I wouldn’t have felt so relaxed when I said:


‘Have you enjoyed Holly being a bit more assertive in the, shall we say, bedroom?’

I almost choked on my tea. I was mortified. There was no hiding my embarrassment. Miss Lawrence then said:

‘Sorry, I have shocked you, Adam. You will have to excuse me. I can be rather frank at times. The reason I ask is that Dennis and I had a similar relationship, and it not only enhanced our sex lives and helped us reach new levels of intimacy, but it also deepened our love for one another.’

I mecidiyeköy escort suppose I shouldn’t have been that shocked. After all, she was giving my wife advice on how to take control. Still, I was somewhat taken aback. I asked:

‘So, you dominated your husband?’

Miss Lawrence smiled again, then said:

‘Dominated, no. I loved Dennis dearly, and we had a very loving relationship based on trust and respect. I preferred to think of it as a mutual acceptance of our roles in regard to our sex life. I understand that it was rather unconventional, but it just worked for us. So, in my own way, I suppose I’m asking you if you are happy for me to continue giving your wife some pointers in these matters. And maybe offer you the same. But, of course, I would fully understand if you were against the idea.’

Now, I definitely didn’t know what to say. Miss Lawrence, sensing my unsureness, then said:

‘I’m sorry, Adam. I’ve now asked you to answer three very personal questions instead of one. Let me start again. Have you enjoyed seeing this new side to Holly?’


‘Good. OK, so are you happy for me to continue helping her explore this side?’

I agreed to this too.

‘Great. And would you like me to help you also?’

I told her I wasn’t really sure what she meant by that, Miss Lawrence replied:

‘Well, I’m sure Dennis would have been more helpful, but I can help you explore your submissive side and advise you in ways to enhance your experience with your wife.’

When I asked her how she would do that, she answered:

‘Well, there are a variety of ways I can help, really. But, of course, a lot depends on which suggestions Holly acts on. However, I can give you an example if you will permit me to use your phone for a moment. Don’t worry, I will just compose a text message you your wife. I will then hand it to you, and then you can decide if you wish to send it or not.’

I wouldn’t say reluctantly, but there was some trepidation as I unlocked my phone and handed it to her. I watched as she typed a message, wondering what she could be writing. Then, once done, she handed it back to me and said:

‘Feel free to change any wording if it doesn’t sound like you. As I said, it is completely up to you if you send it.’

I looked at the message, it said:

‘My darling Holly

I can’t tell you how much I adored submitting to you yesterday evening and again this morning. I would very much like to explore this more. I wonder, would it please you if I addressed you as Mistress, Goddess or some other sign of respect and adoration when I am at your feet?

Forever yours


Wow! Just reading it aroused me. I couldn’t imagine how turned on Holly would feel after reading that. Although it didn’t really sound like me, I’m not sure I could have worded it in any way that did. I looked at Miss Lawrence and said:

‘Do you really think she will like this?’

She told me that Holly would most likely be over the moon. I took a deep breath and pressed send.

Although it was barely lunchtime, Miss Lawrence said we should celebrate with a glass of wine. While I was opening a new bottle of Sauvignon, my phone pinged. It was Holly:

‘Oh, Adam. I absolutely adore that idea. I think Mistress sounds a bit harsh, but I love the idea of being your Goddess. How does Goddess Holly sound to you? PS. I love you so much.’

I smiled as I read her reply. Goddess Holly sounded perfect, and I could feel her happiness through the text. I turned to Miss Lawrence with a big smile on my face and said:

‘She loved it. She chose ‘Goddess Holly’. It sounds nice, doesn’t it.’

Miss Lawrence smiled at me warmly and said:

‘It’s perfect. Let’s raise our glasses to toast you and your new Goddess. I’m so happy for the both of you.’

I couldn’t believe how much I liked our neighbour and how relaxed I had suddenly become talking to her about these things. While we enjoyed our wine, we chatted a bit more about Dennis, not anything to do with sex, just about şişli escort him in general. Then, as Miss Lawrence got up to leave, I asked her if she had any pointers for me. She replied:

‘Yes, of course….’

She paused for a moment, thinking of an answer, then said:

‘Oh, this is a good one. The next time your wife asks you to kiss her from her feet upwards. Remove her shoe and ask if you can worship her feet. I absolutely adored Dennis worshipping my feet, as did he. I promise you, it is a truly divine experience.’

After Miss Lawrence had left, I began wondering if I had done the right thing sending that text. Not because I wasn’t excited to call my wife Goddess, but more so because I was now complicit in involving Miss Lawrence in our lives.

I went for a run to clear my head and was on my way back when my phone pinged. It was Holly:

‘Hi, sweetie. I’m next door. Are you home?’

I replied that I was on a run but would be back in five minutes. She then texted:

‘OK, that’s great. Text me when you’ve finished showering.’

I rushed back, excited at the prospect of calling my wife Goddess and what she might have in store for me. When I got out of the shower, I grabbed a towel and quickly texted her to say I was all done. Holly replied instantly:

‘Are you still naked?’

I replied that I was, then she wrote:

‘Good. Stay like that. Are you ready to meet your Goddess?’

When I excitedly said that I was, she said:

‘Yes, what? Is that how you address your Goddess, Adam?’

I grinned, getting more excited by the second, then typed:

‘Yes, Goddess Holly.’

Her subsequent text said:

‘Good boy. I have instructions for you. Will you follow them to the letter?’

Again, I replied, ‘Yes, Goddess Holly.’

She then wrote:

‘I will be home shortly. Please go to the hallway and kneel facing the door. Text me when you are there. Remember, I want you completely naked.’

I couldn’t help but notice her tone was different. She usually called me sweetie or something similar, but these messages felt more direct. Nevertheless, my arousal was growing. As I knelt in the hallway, my cock was so hard it was almost aching. Finally, I sent her a message saying I was there, and she replied:

‘Good boy. It’s important that you can follow instructions. Now spread your knees apart and put your hands behind your back. I will be there shortly.’

I wondered for a moment if Holly was composing these texts or like she had done for me, Miss Lawrence was behind them.

When my wife opened the front door and saw me, her face broke into a huge smile, and she said:

‘Well done, my little pet. You have pleased your Goddess.’

My wife referring to me as her pet didn’t really faze me. On the contrary, I was happy to be told I had pleased her and massively turned on that she referred to herself as Goddess. She stepped towards me, stopping when she was directly in front of me and said:

‘Nancy has been telling me about the importance of rituals. I would like your first one to be that you always greet me when I get home, naked and kneeling in the hallway and then kiss my shoes when I present them to you. Can you do that for me, sweetie?’

I looked up at her and, trying to hide my excitement, said:

‘Yes, Goddess Holly.’

I immediately lowered my head and began kissing her four-inch black high heels. After I had kissed each one about ten times, Holly excitedly told me she had got me a gift. Then she reached into one of the many shopping bags she was holding and pulled out a leather collar and a silver chain leash. She held it up in front of me as I looked up at her wide-eyed. Then she said:

‘Another thing Nancy taught me about is the importance of separating your submission from real life. If you are willing, I would like to put this on you whenever I wish to take control and remove it when I want us to return to normal. You will also have the power to ask me to remove it if you wish, and I will do so immediately. Does that sound acceptable to you?’

I must admit I was pretty shocked that my wife wanted to collar me. Still, I also appreciated that she asked me first and gave me the power to have it removed. When I told her it was OK, she leaned forward and began wrapping it snugly around my neck. When she put a padlock on it, I couldn’t hide the look of concern on my face. Holly then held out two keys and said:

‘One of these keys is for me. The other is for you. I will put it on the table for now, but you can grab it later and keep it safe somewhere.’

She put her hand under my chin and lifted my head slightly and kissed me on the mouth, then said:

‘Honey, I love you so much. I want us to enjoy this together. If you ever feel uncomfortable, just tell me, and we can stop. Do you trust me?’

Just hearing her say that alleviated all my fears. I trusted Holly more than anyone one the world and told her so, remembering to call her Goddess at the end. My wife then attached the leash to the ring at the front of my collar then said:

‘Crawl behind me, pet.’

Then she tugged on my leash and led me to the living room. It should have felt humiliating being led on all fours on a leash by my wife, but it didn’t. On the contrary, it thrilled and aroused me beyond belief.

When Holly reached the sofa, she sat down and ordered me to kneel in front of her. Then, still holding the leash, she said:

‘Would you like to worship your Goddess?’

I eagerly replied:

‘Yes, Goddess Holly.’

I kissed her feet for a few moments, then mindful of the suggestion Miss Lawrence had given me. I removed her shoe and said:

‘May I worship your feet, Goddess Holly?’

Holly looked pleasantly surprised, so I guess Miss Lawrence didn’t tell her everything about our conversation earlier. She looked down at me and said:

‘That sounds heavenly, Adam. Yes, you may worship my feet.’

I started off by softly kissing the top of her stockinged foot. A part of me wished I was kissing her skin, but something about the nylon turned me on too. Very slowly, I kissed every inch, then I lifted her foot up and licked the sole of her foot from the heel to the toes. I heard my wife let out a long sigh, which spurred me to keep going. Over and over, I ran my tongue along her nylon covered arches in long sensual strokes.

Then, finally, I began sucking and licking her toes. The sight of her pretty painted toenails through the nylon turned me on even more. I could hear Holly moaning softly and glanced up to see a look of pure pleasure on her face. It felt so intimate and erotic. I could totally understand why Miss Lawrence’s husband had loved doing this so much.

Instead of kissing my way up her leg, I removed her other shoe and began worshipping that foot. I felt like every kiss, lick, or suck was a declaration of my love for her, and I could honestly have continued for hours.

Eventually, though, my Goddess needed pleasuring. After kissing my way up her nylon covered legs, I waited for permission to lick her pussy. Instead, Holly told me to put my hands behind my back. Then she said:

‘Wait. I have another gift for you.’

Holly stood up, wandered over to the kitchen area and began rummaging through her shopping bags. When she returned, she had her trademark mischievous grin on her face and was holding a pair of nipple clamps connected by a silver chain.

When she attached them to my nipples, I let out a moan each time. They pinched, but the pain wasn’t unbearable (yet). My arousal level went through the roof. Holly then stood in front of me, pulled her panties down and stepped out of them.

Once she was seated again, she spread her legs. Then without saying a word, she reached forward and pulled my head down to her pussy. Her hand remained on the back of my head as I pleasured her, which turned me on even more. The longer I licked her, the more the pain in my nipples increased. Causing me, after her first climax, to start frantically lapping at her pussy, desperately trying to make her second orgasm come faster, which of course, Holly loved.

The whole experience of being collared, then worshipping her feet and now licking her pussy with nipple clamps on was intoxicating. Any lingering doubts I may have had about submitting to my wife disappeared. I wanted this, maybe as much as she did.