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Hmong sister in law 3So it was July 4th weekend and if you are Hmong and you are reading this you know what every Hmong person looks toward to on the 4th of July. The parties that happen and the girls me guys. As the 4th was coming along we all made plans to go to Minnesota for the weekend to go to the soccer tournament and to party. My wife and I would meet up with Nancy and Vince and my wife’s younger sister Samantha and her husband Liam. We got to St. Paul around 2 in the afternoon while everyone else got there the night before. We all stayed together in the king suite that came with a hot tub and two fold out beds with a king bed. As the night started rolling around vince and Liam just wanted to stay in and rest for tomorrow while the ladies and I wanted to go out for the night. So Vince and Liam stayed in while we went out. The girls wanted to hit the club so we did we went the Myth and it was packed by the time we got there. As we got in the girls walked to the dance floor and I went to the bar. I ordered a shot and a beer to get me started. Nancy came over to me and said that she has missed me and rubbed my dick for about 5 seconds. I whispers to her and said me too and to see if she wanted to go somewhere real quick. She gave me a kiss on the cheek and said later I’m going to party a little bit first. Nancy went and grabbed Paige and Sam I bought 2 rounds of shots and each of them a beer. Sam gave me a hug and said thanks and that’s why you are my favorite brother in law. The girls went back on the dance floor and I stayed at the bar just chilling and looking around. About 20 minutes later Paige came and grabbed me to go istanbul rus escort dance with her. As we got on the dance floor Nancy and Adam were framing on each other and just going crazy. Paige looked at me and said come on let’s dance you were a great dancer lets go. We danced for about 2 minutes before Nancy and Sam came over and started dancI got with us. I was behind Paige and Nancy jumped in front of Paige and Sam got behind me. I could feel Sams tits rubbing my back and her pelvis bumping my bottom. I am not going to lie this turned me on a lot as I got hard down ther Paige notice and turned to face me. She kissed me and said later wait until later and we can do it all night. I kissed her and said ok as I kissed Paige I looked at Nancy and grabbed her boob real quick before anyone could notice. Nancy smile at me and winked as all of this was going on Paige walks away and said she needs to use the bathroom so Nancy went with her. Sam and I just stayed on the dance floor kind of dancing together. Then all of a sudden Sam pulls me towards her and started freaking all over me rubbing her butt against my crotch and putting my hands on her waist. This made my dick get so hard. Sam is a beautiful girl even though she is a littl thicker then Paige and Nancy but still a very hot women. This went on for about a minute befor she turned to me and said I feel something poking do you like this? I told her I’m sorry that it happens to all guys when a beautiful women just starts freaking on them. She smiled and said will lets just see how beautiful you think I am. She then put her hand right on istanbul rus escort bayan my dick and started rubbing it. I pushed her away and said what are you doing? Paige would kill me if she found out you did this. Sam just smiled and said if I don’t tell who will? I just looked at her and said Paige and navy could be back anytime so we should stop. I started walking away and she pulled me to her again and said you have a nice the co dick. And put her hands down my pants and squeezed real quick and gave me a grin. I said are you crazy stop it I know you are drunk so stop doing this and I won’t say anything. She just smiles at me again and says you know you like it don’t deny it I see you looking at my body all the time we are together. I told her yes I do I admire your body and yes your boobs are bigger and butt is more round then your sisters but that doesn’t mean I want anything. As I started walking away again Paige and Nancy came back and said lets go get more shots. We all went to the bar and Nancy bought 2 shots and I got another one from r everyone. After those shots Paige was about to fall over and said she is tired and for us to leave. I said yea lets go it’s getti fm late too. Sam and Nancy still wanted to stay and party so Paige said she will go out to the car and sleep while they stay in here. I walked Paige to the car and went back inside . When I got back inside Sam and Nancy were freaking on each other and there were guys circling them and tried dancing with them but they kept pushing the guys away. I went out on the dance floor and Nancy came over got I front rus escort istanbul of me and Sam behind me. They both started dancing on me and just going crazy. I did the same back. About 20 minutes went by and said ok lets go it’s about 1 now. Nancy looks at and said ok wait let me go to the bathroom. Sam says she would wait with me as Nancy walked away Sam comes up to me and says I want you now lets go somewhere else. She pulls my hand and get to a corner in the back where everyone was ether making out hard core or not paying attention and dancing. She sat me down and got on top of my lap and said lets do it here. I told her no stop this, this is not right and she said your mouth says that but your dick is saying other wise. She unzips my pants and moves her dress up and her panties to the side and slid my dick in her pussy. She moaned in my ear saying wow it feels great your dick is so much bigger then my husbands. I started pumping her hard as she was riding me. I fucked her for 5 minutes S I was about to cum I told her I am cumming and she said do it inside I want you inside so I jumped her hard and fast for another 30 seconds and came inside her. She sipped me back up and kissed me and said lets go Nancy is pr Baby looking for us. We got up and walked towards the bathroom and as we got to the bathroom Nancy came out and we left the club. I drove us back to the hotel and we all went to bed.I woke up the next morning and was just shocked about the events that happened last night. I went and took a shower and as I got out Sam was up and she just looked at me and smiled and gave me a wink. We spent the weekend there together but nothing else happend and everyone went home. This just happens this year that I fucked my wife’s little sister and I have been fucking my wife’s older sister for 2 years now. I am sounding like a really big asshole but this is no lie these stories of mines are real. 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