Hirsute Indian PrincessEver since I was a boy, I’ve been fascinated with women’s big beautiful bushes. It all started when I found my dads porno stash. He had several video tapes of 70’s porn like Taboo and Debbie Does Dallas where all the women had long thick bushy tangles of pubic hair. This was before the 90’s and the internet when bushes were brutally hacked down and waxed off, leaving behind mini mountain ranges of pimply in grown hairs. Anyway, I took advantage of every opportunity that I had to watch these 70’s bush goddesses suck big dicks and get fucked while I figured out how to jerk off and make myself cum.When I was in eighth grade, I was infatuated with a little hirsute Indian girl named Anjali, who sat in front of me in math class. She was a light a carmel color, with eyes so dark they almost looked black. She had thick black eyebrows and high set cheekbones that framed her face well. She had a cute button nose and small pouting lips. She was a very small girl, about 4’10, 90 pounds at the most, which made her look a lot younger than she was. If she didn’t have size B tits poking out of her shirt, you may have thought she was prepubescent, which was not even close to the mark. While sitting behind her I became totally lost in ever minute detail of her body. I would look at they way her sideburns trailed down from her hairline, thick on top, and slowly thinning as it traveled down her cheeks and wrapped around her jaw. I would study the hair on the back of her neck which formed a kind of V shape as it descended down her back below her collar. I would imagine a small river of short black hair that ran down the center of her back and flowed deep between her ass crack. On some days, her shirt would become slightly untucked, she had a large thicket of short dark hair that covered her whole lower back. Her slender brown forearms were covered in a field of black hairs that continued up past her elbows up the back of her triceps. About midway up, the little dark hair formed a spiral that reminded me of those alien crop circles. As I took in all of this hirsute beauty, I imagined running my tongue all over her hairy body and my dick would throb longingly.One day in class, I was in the middle of an incredible fantasy where I was burying my face deep between her ass cheeks and shoving my tongue up her tight little brown asshole that was surrounded by a thick jungle of twisted black hair. My cock was swollen so far past capacity that I was experiencing a dull throbbing pain in the tip of my giant purple mushroom head. I was so entranced in my fantasy, that I hadn’t noticed that the teacher had been calling out my name. When I finally pulled my mind away from her dripping wet ass crack I looked up to see that everyone was looking at me, including my hirsute Indian princess. She had an accusatory look on her face, which indicated that I had been caught staring at her ass. She began to pull down on her shirt to cover her lower back. I looked up to the teacher as she said “Well Mr. Hardy?”. I had absolutely no idea what I’d been asked, but was praying that what inevitably was going to happen next would be interrupted by Armageddon. However, I was not so lucky. I quickly looked up at the chalk board and recognized the math problem. With my mind racing, I quickly computed the answer and gave it to her. My teacher came down the aisle and handed me the chalk and said “I want you to show everyone how you got your answer, work it out step by step. NOW Mr. Hardy!”I thought that since I knew the answer, maybe I could tuck my raging hard on into my waistband and quickly solve the problem and return to my seat before anyone would notice. I pulled out the top of my jeans and flattened my cock to my stomach in one quick motion. I slowly got up and began to walk up to the board. I completed the steps to the algebraic problem while the whole class was making crude jokes in hushed whispers and giggling like crazy. When I turned to return to my seat, I felt my waistband give and my dick stuck straight out, making a tent in my pants big enough for a three ring circus. The room became deadly silent, the faces of my classmates showed mainly shock, jaws dropped, hands covered mouths, eyes bulged, but my little hirsute princess had a shy demure look as she hung her face low, a small smile on her face that she appeared to be trying to hide. Her eyes fixated on the bulge in my pants that was threatening to tear through the crotch of my pants. I rushed back to my seat as quickly as possible. I saw all of this as if time had slowed down to the point where seconds passing felt like minutes. Unfortunately, with a last name like Hardy, it was easy for the incident to reach epic levels in the annals of middle school humiliations. But I got over it quickly when I overheard several girls whispering in the halls about how big my hard on was. “I heard it was a foot long…” I saw it, it was as thick as my wrist” “I couldn’t imagine trying to fit that anaconda up in me” “shhh! That’s him, he’s coming” “wow, he’s cute!” As I walked the halls I could see girls huddled together by their lockers, gawking at me and whispering to each other with hands cupped over their mouths. I was thinking maybe the incident wasn’t such a bad thing after all. There were far worse things to have a reputation for than having a big dick, like that k** who had to wear adult diapers because he shit his pants everyday. Maybe this would eventually lead to hooking up with curious girls who wanted to play with a big dick for the first time. But my mind quickly returned to my one and only hirsute Indian goddess. I didn’t see her for the rest of the day or the following day which was a Friday, she was absent from school. I hoped that I hadn’t caused her embarrassment, but I couldn’t help to think that she was humiliated and she’d transfer schools and I’d never see her again, which made my young heart ache. That weekend my friends had planned on camping, well, our idea of camping was to pitch some tents in the large wooded acres of our friends backyard and drink beer and liquor that we were able to steal from our parents. That Saturday afternoon we gathered together and made camp. As we built the fire, the boner jokes were flying everywhere. Instead of being embarrassed or getting mad, I joined in on the mockery with some of my own self depreciation, which had us all laughing like crazy. This approach made it much easier. When the laughter began to die down, someone mentioned that some of the girls might actually show up tonight, which got everyone excited. My friend Bill said “maybe they’re all coming to get a look at Hardy’s giant prick!” This began another round of thunderous laughter, but all I was thinking about was whether my Anjali would come. She was a shy introverted girl who didn’t show up at many of these social events, but it was promising that her friend Amber was mentioned as one of the girls who said that she would come.Later that night, after we had all had a few warm beers that were stolen out of some guys garage, we were all feeling pretty buzzed and the conversation turned to the girls. Most of the conversation was what you’d expect, who had the biggest tits, who had the tightest ass, but all I could think about was which girl had the biggest, thickest, hairiest pussy, which of course was Anjali, my hairy Indian dream girl. Then my friends were asking me who had given me that boner in Math class. I’d thought that everyone knew. I was trying to think of a more conventional beauty in the class to misdirect my friends, but was unable to think of one because my eyes never strayed far from my Anjali. Then in a low mumble, I her name slipped out of my mouth by accident. My friends were a little confused. They wanted to know what was so attractive about a tiny, shy Indian girl who barely talked to anyone. Most of them didn’t even know who she was. I told them everything that I found attractive about her, accept for my attraction to the dark body hairy that wrapped around her entire body. I spoke of her Carmel colored skin, her dark eyes, her small body and her perky tits that looked amazingly big on her small frame. Suddenly we heard some giggling coming from the trees beyond and I felt my stomach plummet to the ground. The girls had been hiding in the trees and listening for who knows how long. The six girls stepped out from the shadows, Anjali was not among them, so plausible deniability was still an option. “So…now we know what you guys are really thinking about!” one exclaimed.” Another squealed “you boys are so disgusting, accept for Hardy who is obviously in love with Anjali”. This was the worst case scenario, at least the only sexualized thing I had mentioned were her boobs, which was PG 13 enough. When she eventually hears about what I had just said, she’ll probably think I was a total perv though.The girls gathered around the fire and another round of warm beers were passed around. The topic of discussion thankfully turned to other things like the football team and homecoming. My mind was constantly drifting off to Anjali and how I might be able to convince her I was not some sex crazed lunatic. It was late and I was contemplating going to bed. I said my good nights and began heading for my tent. One of the girls shouted after me “what, you’re not going to show us that monster cock of yours?” This started a chorus of raunchy cat calls and laughter that actually made me smirk. Having girls interested in seeing my dick wasn’t the worst thing in the world.I circled around türbanlı iskenderun escort a group of trees and thick shrubbery to my tent. blood was already flowing to my loins as I was mentally preparing to masturbate to thoughts of my furry fantasy girl. I unzipped the front of my tent and began to climb in and saw a pair of dark shiny eyes staring up at me. I was completely startled as my eyes adjusted to the dim moon light that was shinning through the opening at the top of my tent. As the mysterious figure came into focus, I recognized that it was my beloved Anjali. The moon light accentuated her dark features, shadows covered most of her as moonlight highlighted her large thick eyebrows, her small full lips, her sparkling dark eyes that were the color of obsidian. Then she parted her lips and spoke. It took me a few seconds to process what she had said. “I heard that I had caused that hard on you got in math class”. I couldn’t tell if this was a statement of a question. My heart was pumping out of my chest as it simultaneously filled my cock and my cheeks that were burning red with the fire of a thousand suns. “I think you did” I said slyly in a low embarrassed shaky voice. She reached out and cradled my chin in her small hand and drew me into her waiting mouth. I kissed her softly as I ran my fingers through her thick lustrous shiny dark hair. A soft moan escaped her mouth and as her lips parted, I slipped my tongue in her mouth. She met my tongue with hers and as our tongues mingled, we slowly laid back. I kissed her thick dark eyebrows that reminded me of a young Brooke Shield’s brows. I ran my lips across her cheeks and down her thick sideburns. I trailed my tongue down her jaw and followed the hairy trail to the small swirls of hair under her jaw that spiraled like a little tornado. I lay my hand lightly on her belly that was slightly exposed. I found a dense, course trail of belly hair that started a few inches above her belly button that traveled all the way down to the top of her little panties that were just barely exposed above her jeans. Until then, I was unaware of this thick, sexy treasure trail and my mind was reeling. I gently dragged my fingers along her hairy trail, trying to build up the courage to dip my hand into her panties to find purchase between her wet hirsute lips. Her breathing accelerated as she tangled her tongue with mine. She broke away and in a breathless whisper asked me “Are all those things you said about me true? Do I really turn you on?” YES! I exclaimed a little too loud. She hushed me and quickly covered my mouth with hers and wrestled my tongue with increased vigor. “Is that big dick of yours hard right now? I want to see it, I want to see how hard I make you!” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Anjali was perhaps the shyest girl in school. She mainly kept to herself and many k**s at school didn’t even know she existed. Now she was pleading to see my erection.I was completely unsure what to do. Although the rumors of my size and girth were wildly over exaggerated, I was quite large for my age. I had never measured it, but I could almost get the tip of my cock to poke out the top of my two hands when I had both wrapped around it. In her tiny c***dlike hands it might just look like the 12 inches it was rumored to be. I certainly didn’t want to scare her and send her screaming from the tent. Besides, all I wanted to do was what I’d dreamed of doing from the first time I met her, part her little brown thighs and dive my face into her hairy pussy and lick greedily at her lips, clit and finally her little hair ringed asshole. “Let’s take this slowly. Besides, I have something else in mind right now.”I slowly lifted her shirt and slid my hand up under her bra. I realized just how padded her bras were. She had a very small mound of breast flesh with large erect puffy nipples. I took one of those huge protruding brown nipples into my mouth and sucked greedily at it while she maneuvered around her back to unclasp her bra. Now topless she laid back, as I sucked one nipple, then the other. I continued to rub and play with her hairy forested belly. I dipped my hand lower and lower with each stroke of my hand following the hair trail that would ultimately lead me to her thick hairy pussy lips. I asked her “why weren’t you in school yesterday? I thought maybe I had scared you into never coming to school again.” She giggled slightly and explained “I’d never seen a hard on like yours before. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I felt all of these strange and foreign feelings, or more like urges. When I got home that day, I ran up to my room and took off all my cloths. I literally had to peel my panties off they were so soaked. I had never experienced anything like that before, I guess guys would call it being horny. I spent all afternoon and night in bed bed fingering myself. I didn’t even go downstairs for dinner, I told my parents I wasn’t feeling well. The next day I was so tired from being up all night digging my fingers in my pussy that I convinced my mom I was sick. But instead of sleeping, I spent most of the day thinking about your massive erection and playing with myself. I’d never had an orgasim before, I’ve had over a dozen in the past 48 hours” she was now giggling between her sighs of pleasure. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Did the sight of my inappropriate classroom hard on really turn this shy introverted girl into a sex crazed maniac who couldn’t stop touching herself to the thought of my dick?”Do you want to play with my pussy?” She asked as she unbuttoned her jeans and wriggled her ass from side to side to slip her jeans past the tops of her hips. I looked down her torsos while still sucking on her puffy erect nipples to see where her treasure trail lead down her belly to a giant triangle of dense pubic forest. My dick spurted a little and I thought I had cum in my pants. When I was older, upon reflection, I now know that it was precum. At the time I was worried that my dick would go soft, which was in some ways worse than an unexpected boner in math class. I thought that I needed to take my time, in order to recover, so I slowly began licking my way down her furry course trail to her awaiting wet pussy. I licked around her belly button, letting the hairs tickle my tongue. When her belly hair was nice and wet, I licked in upward strokes to make them stand up, about a half inch from their roots. I slipped my hand down the mound of hair between her legs and my fingers found her soaking wet pussy lips. I rubbed my thumb gently on her clit in small circles and felt it pushing up and out like her own little hard on. My middle finger darted in and out of her slippery hole about an inch deep. She began to moan loudly and buck her hips. I whispered to her to be really quite as I shimmed her jeans down her thighs. I actually had lifted her high off the ground as I struggled to pull the jeans and panties off her calves and finally her feet. It was amazing how small she was, how light she was, how easily I had lifted her with no effort at all. As I lowered her naked body back down she brought her knees up to her chest. The moon light revealed the hairiest ass crack I’d ever seen. I never in my wildest dreams thought that a girl could have that much thick dark hair encircling their asshole. My dick was now fighting desperately to rip through my pants to see for itself.I lowered my face into her beautifully tufted pussy and ran my tongue up and down. All my tongue felt was thick course pubic hair and I was wondering if I was licking the right spot. Underneath the matted thicket of hair I thought I felt a little soft outline of skin, but because of my inexperience, I wasn’t sure. Then she reached down with both hands and spread apart the sea of pubic hairy to reveal her tiny little pussy lips. I looked up at the bottom of her jaw, I could see her tongue licking her lips. My gaze traveled down her slender hairy arms to her hands that were holding aside the curtains of her massively hairy bush. The long tufts of hair that curled over her fingers looked like the high vaulted wakes a speed boat as it thrusts through the water. I dove in tongue first. When my tongue made contact with her pussy lips a strong musky, tangy, semisweet taste flooded my mouth and made my saliva glands burst. I had always tried to imagined what a pussy would taste like when I was watching porn stars like Kay Parker getting their hot hairy vaginas eaten, and now finally I knew the flavor I had been dreaming about. I sent my tongue deeper and deeper into the slippery folds of her little pussy lips, which were made to look even smaller as the massively parted bush surrounding them dwarfed the tiny slit of her opening. I could barely get the tip of my tongue in there, I was hard pressed to figure out how I could possible get my big dick to fit inside the warm wet walls of her vaginal tunnel. As I pressed my tongue up harder my nose was nudging gently against her clitoris, which was fully ripened and protruding from the fleshy hood that had once concealed it. She seemed to respond more intensely the more my nose and upper lip made contact with her little hard bead, so I dragged my tongue out of her pussy hole and began to lick her little nubbin. She gasped and wriggled wildly under my tongue, as her hands slipped to her hips an avalanche of thick pubes crashed down around and in my mouth. Her fine pelt was both course and soft at the same time. I didn’t türbanlı iskenderun escort bayan mind the hundreds of hairs that entered into my mouth as I continued to work on licking her clit. She was now grabbing the top of my head and lifting her little ass off the ground, thrusting her hips, and smooshing her pussy harder and harder into my mouth that was completely enveloped with her long thick pussy hair. I began to feel a subtle but an ever increasing quaking emanating from deep inside her loins. The small shivering began to turn into an all over shaking that gripped her entire body. She let out a series of sharp yelps and pulled violently away from my tongue that was still aggressively trying to lap at her clitty. Then all of a sudden she went stiff as a board shoving my face as hard as she could away from her dripping wet hairy snatch and grunted in a deep low voice “oh my god I’m fucking cumming so fucking hard!” She had her hands on her hips and she was lifting her ass off the ground in the grips of some uncontrollable spasms. A thick white creamy discharge flowed from her pussy lips down the crack of her ass, lost in the tangle of jungle that encircled her asshole. I slipped my head from her grasp, I grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them as far as I could, I desperately needed to taste the sticky white nectar I help coax out of her pussy. The thick stream was coursing it’s way through the heavy dense brush of her ass crack and finally began to pool in the center of indent of her asshole. I wasted no time and drove my tongue up against her hairy asshole and lapped up as much of sticky white cum as I could find. When I finished licking her asshole clean, I ran my tongue through the surrounding thicket of ass crack hair to ensure I got it all. “Oh my, you are such a dirty boy! Do you like the taste of my cum, or is it the taste of my ass you like so much?” She exclaimed. “I love both, it’s an unbeatable combination.” I told her.She didn’t resist my tongue exploring the rich field of ass crack hair she had, and the incredible amount of thick long hair along the inside of her ass cheeks, and beyond a shorter thinner field that sparsely covered the entirety of her butt cheeks, was making my dick so ridiculously hard. I lapped away at her hairy ass getting more and more turned on with every lick. Her ass crack became so saturated with my saliva her ass hair began to look like tangles of seaweed you find on the shore. Her asshole, that had felt tight against my tongue, began to feel like it was loosening up. My tongue pressed into it hard and her ass lips parted and allowed my tongue entrance. “Oh yeah you dirty fucking boy, lick that asshole good baby!” She whispered in a low urging voice.I began to plug my finger into her pussy while I licked out her hairy asshole. She cried out “get two fingers in that pussy now”. I pushed in my second finger in her tiny pussy opening and her walls were so tightly wrapped around my fingers I could barely move them in and out. I continued to rim her hairy asshole as she began to rub her clit at an amazing rate. She began the same shaking ritual as before, but this time twice as much sticky white cum spurted from her pussy lips. It looked like two long white shoe strings were hanging out of her pussy. When her orgasim had past and she settled down again, I went to work to clean her hairy pie of all of that white pussy goo that had gushed from her slit.Just as I was thinking that I had got all of her cum out of the thick wet mats of hair that surrounded her little hole, she sat up abruptly and said “I can’t take any more licking, if you make me cum again I’ll explode. Besides, it’s my turn now. I want to see that big cock of yours. I want to feel how hard I make it.”I got up on my knees and unbuttoned my jeans, she slid up and put her eager face in front of my bulging pants. I unzipped my pants and my dick sprang forth in a downward swing of pent up energy and slapped her on her cheek. After contact with her face, it began an arching swing upwards with a trailing thin string of precum that had planted on her cheek where the head of my cock stuck, and ran up a half foot to connect to a bead of cum that was nestled on the tip of my cock. She cried out “good lord you have a huge cock” as she reached out and grabbed it by its base. She gently stroked up and down on my shaft working more and more precum out of the tip of my cock. She stared in total awe of my long thick cock. She then thumbed off the pearl of precum oozing out of the tip of my erection and pinched it between her thumb and forefinger, testing it’s consistency with a look of uncertainty in her bulging eyes. Then she stuck her fingers in her mouth and rolled the cum around her mouth and said “hmmm… It’s kinda salty, but not bad”. Before I could respond she leaned up, pulled my cock downwards and slipped her small mouth around the bulging purple head. A sharp tingling shot through me from the tip of my cock throughout my whole body, rebounding back through my body and returning to my balls. I felt an unyielding churning in my balls and I knew I was building up a huge load that was going to erupt out of me sometime very soon. I was looking down at her tiny hand gripping my shaft as she wrapped her small wet lips around the head of my cock. Her furry forearms pumped up and down as she stroked the last of my precum out of my shaft and into her waiting mouth. My dick popped out of her mouth and rested on her forehead while she licked down my shaft and took one of my balls into her mouth. The tip of my dick was moving back and forth on her forehead and leaving a trail of saliva and precum that reminded me of a trail a snail leaves behind. The sticky substance was rubbed into the little patch of hair that continued in the corners of her forehead from her hairline. Suddenly she slid down another three inches of my shaft and immediately began to choke and cough. “God damn this cock is big” she mumbled as she went back at it with her mouth. “Easy there.” I instructed, “you don’t want to choke on that thing.” “I wish I could take the whole thing into my mouth” she moaned, then drove her mouth back down taking as much as she could, which was less than half my length.Her mouth felt so good on my cock, her constant moaning sent vibrations down my shaft that ended in my balls like an electrical storm. “I can barely fit this big ass cock in my mouth, how am I going to cram this monster up in my pussy?” She asked aloud. Her question and the yearning I heard in her voice, sent another intense jolt through my raging hard on and I pulled it out just before the count down of emanate explosion began that would have pumped ounces of hot jizz into her mouth. “Be careful.” I warned her, “you don’t want me to blast off and fill your mouth with cum do you?” “That’s exactly what I was trying to accomplish” she responded as she maneuvered my cock back into her mouth. Afraid of possibly downing her in the sea of cum I felt raging in my balls, I pulled my dick back out of her hungry mouth. “Well, if I cum, then I’m afraid play time might be over, and I’m not done playing yet” I said. “Ok, but when you do cum, I want you to cum in my mouth, promise?” She pleaded. “I promise if that’s what you want” I said. “So what else do you want to do? I want to try and get that big cock in me, but I’m not sure it’s going to fit.” She said in a disappointed baby voice. “Your pussy is so wet, I’m sure I can fit some of it in” I said smiling. She laid back and spread her legs wide and said “ok I’m ready”. My gaze traveled from her pouting, expecting lips, down her neck and along her swollen puffy nipples, my eyes picked up the light trail of hair that started at the bottom of her rib cage and continued down its path as it became wider, thicker and darker around her navel, then down her lower belly as it pooled between her legs like a vast ocean of pubic hair that was being fed by the river of hair above. The hair spread thickly on her inner thighs and I tried to imagined how much of her pubic hairs could possibly be contained by her little panties. Her thick hairy bush most likely escaped out all sides as it continued to flourish along the inner sides of her thighs. I peered down at her tiny brown lips that were barely visible in the thick underbrush of her tall mound of pussy hair. I could see a slight glistening trail of pussy juice emanating from the curtains of her pussy lips and coursing through the top of the dense forest of black hair that surrounded her asshole. “I’m not sure you’re ready just yet” I said as I lowered my face down into the thick fields of muff between her legs. I dragged my tongue around her slit trying to reach her little wet lips hidden in her forest. She reached down to part the sea of hair again but I removed her hands quickly, I wanted to feel those thick black pubes all over my face and in my mouth. Her effort to spread a path for me did help my tongue find purchase, and I licked furiously at her clit and flicked my tongue quickly in and out of her wet tunnel. She began to moan excitedly as I watched her pant and lick her lips through a thick vail of pussy hair. Just when I thought her count down to ecstasy had begun, deep within her, her hairy belly rising and falling and her ass beginning to rise in the air, I grabbed her ass while lifting myself up into position and shoved the first two inches of my cock up through the fleshy wet gates of her dripping pussy. She cried out türbanlı escort iskenderun in both pain and pleasure as I began to withdraw the huge head of my dick and then plunging back in. Her pussy was definitely not ready for a man size dick. I could not get much more than two inches into her. It was squeezed down so tight on my cock it hurt, but it also felt really good. I poked around inside her tight pussy for several minutes, hoping that it would loosen up, but eventually I had to relent. I didn’t want to hurt her. She was so small, of course her pussy was tiny. She looked at me with sad eyes and began to apologize and put herself down. This was a situation that needed to be remedied immediately. “Don’t you dare say anything bad about yourself around me! You are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met” I said with a sharp edge in my voice. “I’m unable to please you” she began to sob. “I wanted to please you like a real woman”. “And you will” I replied bringing her chin up so her eyes would meet mine. “How?” She asked, “my pussy is way to small to take you inside of me and I can’t even take half of you inside my mouth without gagging” she said miserably. “You almost made me cum when you were sucking on me” I said. “I would have filled your mouth with cum if I didn’t pull out”. She responded “that doesn’t count. I wanted to please you like a real woman, by fucking you.” “Well…there are other ways to fuck you know” I replied. A little smirk began to form across her little mouth and she asked “do you really think you could fit it up my ass!” “Well, there’s only one way to find out” I said returning her sly smile. I pulled her up and positioned her on her hands and knees. I then reached down and took hold of her delicate wrists and brought her hands up too her ass cheeks and she immediately began to spread apart her fuzzy cheeks. I could see the the thin little black hairs that covered her lower back and descended down to cover her ass like a field of grass seen from a hundred feet above. Just above the beginning of where her ass cleavage began, a thick black tuft of wiry hair sprouted out tall from it’s roots surrounding her little brown asshole. Following down the cavernous cliffs of her ass crack, a waterfall of thick black hair cascaded down the center, it’s only break in total uniformity was how it swirled around her perfectly bare little asshole, which looked like the eye of a hurricane, surrounded by the massive black swirling arms of the the raging storm. I began to lick her lower back in large curving strokes, creating patterns in her fur as my saliva darkened the little fuzzy hairs and matted it down as I dragged my tongue lightly along its surface. I then ran my tongue down to her cheeks and lightly nipped at her little brown cheeks. She let out a series of giggles and pleads as a nibbled the hairy patches on her inner thighs. I then licked up the center of her hirsute crevice, brushing in between her slick musty pussy folds on my way to the little brown hole I intended to penetrate. As soon as my tongue pressed up against her asshole she sighed with pleasure and her ass lips puckered and gave the tip of my tongue a kiss. I made my tongue as stiff as I could and began to penetrate her asshole. I felt her relax her sphincter and give into the pressure I was applying. When her asshole was nice and wet, I slipped down to lap at her pussy while penetrating her ass with my nose. I had my nose so deep in her ass that I had to breath through my mouth, which was fully of her dank hairy pussy. I continued to lather up her asshole as I dipped my two fingers into the her pussy hole and sc****d around its inner walls in search for sauce, like you would an almost empty jar of mayonnaise. I withdrew my curled fingers covered in the thick creamy pussy juice I was hoping to find. I slathered a thick layer of pussy cream on and around her hairy asshole and inserted my middle finger all the way in with ease. “Oh yeah, finger fuck my asshole you dirty boy!” She squealed. Before I even began a steady pace penetrating her ass with my middle finger she was begging for more. “Get another finger up my ass. I can take it. I want you to stretch my ass out so you can butt fuck me with your giant prick!”. I cupped her furry brown ass cheeks in both my hands hands and inserted my two forefingers up her ass, I then spread her asshole wide and dropped a huge mouthful of spit down her hole and fingered her deep. When I could see her hole open up wide, I shoved my tongue in between my two fingers that were pulling her ass open. My tongue wriggled all the way in. I then inserted both pairs of forefingers and middle fingers and shoved them all the way in while pulling aside the inner walls of her colin. I noticed that the creamy pussy sauce I has spread on her ass was intertwined in her long black ass hairs forming little twisted dreadlocks. I took the dreadlocks of ass hair between my lips and sucked the warm creamy pussy sauce from the tangles of hair. I pulled my fingers from the ass tunnel I had created and stuck my tongue in as deep as it would go, wagging my tongue from side to side, with my lips firmly pressed into the surrounding ring of thick wiry ass hair. I thought at that moment her ass was ready to receive my cock.I nestled my cock in the field of ass hair sprouting from her ass crack, it looked like a horses cock perched on her ass, it was longer than the length of her entire ass crack. Although her ass was tiny, I could still see the gaping hole open in the center. I seesawed my cock between her ass cleavage, through the thick tangles of long black ass hairs, lubing my cock with pussy cream, saliva and ass juices that were all mixed together in some exotic sex grease. Her creamy wet hairs wrapped around the head of my dick and swayed back and forth, making my dick look like it was going through a car wash. Now fully immersed in this greasy sex concoction, I slid the swollen head of my cock in her asshole.Amazingly, I slid three quarters of my cock up her ass in the first stroke. While her pussy felt like a vice clamping down hard, resisting my penetration, her ass felt warm, slick and inviting. A soft agh of pleasure escaped her lips “give me all that cock baby!” She begged. I withdrew from her and drove up inside her, she took it all the way to the hilt. “Ohhh yeah, your cock is so fucking big! I want it all, give me all that dick, fuck my ass!” After a few slow deep strokes, she began bucking her hips back “harder, harder, fuck my ass, fuck my hairy little asshole!”. Upon hearing this my cock lurched and a tingling spasm ran from the tip of my throbbing purple helmet throughout my entire body. Had she known that I had a fetish for hirsute pussy? The thought made me temporarily lose control of myself, I began pumping furiously, pounding her little brown hairy asshole like a jack hammer. Her ass was stretched perfectly, tightly encasing my cock with its hot slippery walls. I decided to push the subject in order to see just what she knew about my fetish for hairy girls. “You like that don’t you? You like it when I pound your hairy ass my monster cock.” I grunted in her ear. “Oh yeah, I do…fuck me hard, I know you like my hairy ass. Take it, take my hairy ass, fuck it hard”. My hips went into overdrive, I was tearing that hairy ass up, fucking her harder than I ever thought possible. She was now reaching a hand back and flicking her clit frantically. Inside her ass the walls closed in tight as she began a series of internal clenching motions, I knew she was beginning to cum. It felt absolutely amazing, my balls began the count down. “Don’t forget you promised to cum in my mouth.” She warned me. She began shaking and a low long grunt trembled out of her mouth. I was pounding away so hard that the swishy suction noise emanating from her ass began to sound like a roaring applause. She went stiff like a board again and I reached around and rubbed her pussy as it squirted more creamy sauce. She jumped away from my hand with a whimper “haha it’s too intense” she cried, as she circled back around and violently shoved my cock into her mouth like one of those Asian hot dog eating champion girls. “Give me that cum.” She demanded. “I want it in my mouth.” It didn’t take long before my ten seconds of pure ecstasy. I current of electric pleasure ran through my cock signaling my balls to explode forth all it’s reserves of seed. I felt five intense pumps of semen rush through my shaft and erupt from my cock, blasting her tongue, tonsils and the back of her throat. I heard a slight gurgling noise and looked down to see her cheeks swelled like a chipmunk with a nut load and cum was cascading from the corners of her mouth as she tried to imbibe all of my jizz. After a few swallows, she sucked on my head and milked my shaft seeking any last drop she may have missed.We lay in each other’s arms and whispered sweet things to each other. I found out she knew for a long time that I was gawking at her in math class. She deduced that I was attracted to dark hairy girls, “because let’s face it, I’m by far the hairiest girl in the girls locker room, and if you were always staring at me, you must’ve liked what you saw.” She giggled. She told me that she had been thinking about me for a long time too, but was too shy to ever act on her secrete crush. She told me that she had watched her dad’s porno tapes to learn how to please me someday. She had practiced with a long thin carrot while she watched. “I think that was your problem, maybe you should have used cucumbers.” I quipped. She told me that she had stopped shaving her belly because she thought I might find it attractive. “Oh I do!” I exclaimed. I told her I wanted to be her boyfriend. She told me if she was my girl she could stop shaving her armpits and legs if I preferred. “I can get way hairier if that’s what you want” she said. And over the next several months she did.End Chapter 1