Her First Day on the Job – Prostitute in the AlleyI lived in the building for a short time. I had rented a small loft on the top floor. Only one other person lived on the top floor and he was usually away for long periods. I would pick up his mail in 9G until he got back. I had a great view of the Space Needle. I had some simple furniture around my living room. I had a big red leather couch. 2 big black bean bag chairs on the floor. A huge metal Papasan Chair with a black pillow top. That I put next to a a big glass window that overlooked the side of the building. I had a great view all around the loft with the large glass windows from floor to ceiling. I had two floors with a metal staircase leading to the master bedroom. I had built a great four post metal frame bed that had a huge comforter on it. I had a small terrace with some plants on the roof and a big grill on the far end. There were no other building around me that were taller. I had a pretty easy job and was off for the next two months before school started again. I teach P.E but with my young looks get asked if I still go to the school. Nothing like having to explain that a few times every week. I was just happy to have a job with everyone being laid off with the economy.I started most days now that I was off the same. Wake up late. Eat some cold pizza from the night before maybe a beer or two before noon. Go on the Internet and check out some pictures or movies. Nothing naughty maybe until before going to bed. A man has urges every now and then. My love life kinda sucks in Seattle. Most women don’t have high hopes for me. They think my job sucks and I have no future. Sometime my friends set me up on dates but they usually end bad. They set me up with these really skinny girls. I like girls with curves. I need something to hold on being 6 ft 3 and athletic. I kinda of hide who I like, but maybe someday I will meet a nice voluptuous women of my dreams.It was the Wednesday. I heard my phone ring. It was an old college buddy. He was in town and wanted me to go on a double date with him. I was suppose to go out with his girlfriends best friend. They were going to meet at a bar around the corner from my building. We set it up for 7pm that night. I decide to go for a walk around town. I took a long shower when I got home. I got kinda of dressed up in a pair of khakis and a dress shirt. About 6:45pm I got a phone call from my friend. It seems the girl I was suppose to go on the date could not make it. I told him maybe next time. I decide to go to the bar for the hell of it. Sure enough I saw him and his girlfriend. The other girl that was hanging with them was kinda of prissy and really skinny so I guess it worked out. I headed back to my loft and went to bed early.It was close to 9am when I got up. I headed for the local grocery store for some beer and steaks for the grill. I picked up a bottle of vodka for later. I got some salad to go along with the meal. I walked back to my building drinking some coffee. I came around the corner. I was going to walk down the alley next to the building and cut through the parking garage to get to my elevator. I started to walk when I noticed a women walking at the end of the alley. She was wearing these clear plastic 6inch heels. Her faced was very dolled up. She had on a red tube top that barely contained her large chest. She had on a grey mini skirt that hugged her very large ass. She had two large gold hoop earrings. She had two gold rings on her fingers. She had her blonde hair all teased up. I was kinda of stunned at the moment. She had a very large handbag that she was looking inside as she strutted back and forth in the alley.Maybe I was getting ahead of myself. I mean, I had seen a prostitute before but never in this neighborhood and definitely not next to the building. My mouth was opened as I stared at her. She was to busy looking in her purse to notice me. I decide it might be best to go upstairs and forget about her. I quickly got to my elevator and hit the button to my floor. I could not get her out of my mind. I was putting my grocery away but kept thinking of her. I turned on the big screen but I could not get her out of my mind. Hmm whats was I going to do. I had a beer in one hand when I walked out the balcony and looked over the edge. I could make out her blonde hair as she was walking in the alley at the far end.I went inside to changed clothes. I had on tight pair of white cotton briefs. I put on some tan cargo shorts that went down to my knee. I put on a grey shirt that was cut a size to small to show off my abs. I checked my wallet. I had a couple of twenties for the date that I was going to use last night. I had about a hundred all together. I was not sure how to approach her but I had to find out if my first reaction was correct. What I was going to do after that I was not sure. I walked over in front of the Papasan Chair and looked out the glass into the alley. I could see she was still there walking around.I took elevator down to the 2nd floor. I got out and headed to the side of the building overlooking the alley. She had stopped walking and was on her cell phone. I followed the metal stairs down to the ground level. I came out in the alley. I sat on the edge of a concrete wall separating the parking garage. She had her back to me as she walked the opposite direction. I could now see she was a little older than I expected. Being only 23years old, she looked to be almost in her mid thirties. Her ass jiggled under the grey mini as she strutted in the alley. I looked around and saw no one. There were no cars in the alley or anybody in the garage. There was a big green dumpster at the far end but nothing else in the alley.I slipped off the concrete wall and started to walk. I was about 20 feet behind her when she put her cell phone in her purse. She stopped as I got closer to her. I think she could here my white tennis shoes. She turned her head to look back and I smiled. She smiled next. She put her purse down on the ground as I got closer. “Hi, good morning.” I said. “Good morning.” she said. “Do you live around here? I mean in this building right here.” I pointed as I spoke. “No! I was just cutting through the alley.” she said. “Ok, It was just that I saw you walking here for awhile!” I said. She smiled again. I could smell her heavy perfume now that asyabahis yeni giriş I was standing right next to her with in arm lengths. She squinted from the sun light as we kept talking. ” “Shouldn’t you be at school or have a job. I mean you seem pretty young to be out this early.” she said. “No I am off the next two months before school starts again. I teach P.E.” I said. She giggled when I said P.E.I was kinda of taken back when she giggled so I just decide to blurt it out. “I might be young but are you what I think you are. I mean your kinda of dressed for the part.” I said. She put her hands on her big hips and looked me in the eye. “Well if you must know. Yes! Yes I am! I lost my job a couple of months ago. My husband left me. I lost my car and my little dog. Now I am close to being evicted from my house that my cheap ass no good for nothing husband left me. I had a temp job but I lost that 2 weeks ago. Now today my first day in the oldest profession. Does that answer your question.” she said.” I was smiling on the inside now that she told me. I knew she was kinda of in a desperate situation. “Well I can understand. But this alley is kinda of tough. The neighbors are really good at calling the police. These old people have nothing better to do. I live on the top floor. Maybe we can work out a trade or something.” I said.”I might be a dumb blonde but I know that I have to get the money before hand.” she said in her smokers voice. “Follow me before you get in trouble.” I said. She picked up her big purse and started to walk in front of me. She could barely keep her balance from those 6inch clear plastic heels. I almost laughed when she lost her balance and her butt hit the hood of a BMW parked next to the elevator. My big hand helped her up off the hood. I got a quick glimpse of her black thong. I could see her big camel toe as she stood straight up. I finally got her in the elevator. I hit the 7th floor. “I thought you lived on the top floor?” she said. “Yeah I do. But the elevator only goes only to the 7th floor. Then will walk up the metal stairs that last 2 floors.” I smiled. She closed her eyes.The elevator door open and I took her small hand. She almost got stuck on the elevator tracks when the door closed. It just missed her big ass. She walked in front. She put her hands on the metal rails. I could see her big red finger nails scrap the paint a she strutted up the stairs. I got a terrific view of her big ass. It was slowly coming out the bottom of her grey mini skirt. The black thong clung to her ass as it shook. My face was eye level as I dropped my head to look farther up her mini skirt. I finally made her big camel toe out as she pinched her thighs together. Damn she was hot in a whore/older slut way. We finally got to the last turn to go up five more steps. She turned to look down and smiled as she saw what I was doing. I walked passed her and got up to my door.I looked down at her. She had very sexy eyes. But I quickly looked passed them to her big breast. They looked so amazing as she had her hands on either side of the metal railing looking up at me. “Your almost there. Yes! You finally made it. That wasn’t to bad.’ I said. I turned to open the big metal door. I held the door open as she walked inside. “Fuck this is a big apartment. This makes my house look like shit. Damn you can see the Space Needle from here.” she said. I laughed as I took of my shoes next to the door. I locked the door and put on the chain. Her huge platform heels stomped across the wooden floors into my living room. She turned, “You got anything to drink. Damn your doing good for a P.E Teacher.” she said. “Let me guess anything with vodka for that nice mouth of yours.” I said. She smiled as she saw me open the fridge and pour some OJ into a glass. I opened the freezer to get the vodka. I took a sip to get the coffee taste out of my mouth.I handed her the large glass tumbler of Vodka & OJ. I took a sip of my beer from the bottle. She moved over to the big windows over looking the terrace. She smiled as the sun hit her face. She was looking all around as she walked over in front of the Papasan Chair. She looked straight down and then put her hand on the glass which was now warm from the sun. I walked over to the far side of the room. There was a huge red brick wall that separated my loft with 9G. I took another sip of my beer and put it down on the ground. I then turned back as I saw she was checking me out. I used my middle finger to motion her to come over in front of me. She put down her big hand bag. She then strutted over in front of me. I could see she had already consumed half over her drink. Her red cheeks were bright red from her makeup and the vodka.She was now about foot in front of me. I put my butt against the brick wall as I looked into her eyes. She held her left hand over her head to catch her balance. She then used her right hand to touch her right breast. She could barely cup the front of her breast. I could see both her nipples get hard under the fabric. She smiled and closed her eyes. I reached up with both hands and grabbed the top of her red tube top. With one quick pull down, I unleashed her large breast. They cascade down and landed on her belly. She opened her eyes to see my left hand fondle her swollen nipple. With my other hand I scooped up her right breast. The cold air hit her body as my hot lips could only get some of her breast inside my mouth. She moaned loudly as I bit down on her nipple. I twisted the other in my left hand. Her head fell back as I continued to suck her breast. I spit on her nipples to watch the saliva drip on the floor. She moved her upper body to let me slap her breast together. I began to lick from just under her breast to the top of her neck not missing any part of her breast.I then made her bend forward at her waist. Her breast were now hanging in mid air as I slapped them with my big hands. I slapped the front of them feeling her nipples in my palm. She smiled as I tweaked and slapped her breast causing a small redness on them. “I can see you like this. Do you like this? Well do you??” I said. “Yes! Yes! Yes! I like when you slap my breast.” she said. “What should I call you??” she moved her head in “No” manner. “I know! Do you like it when strangers slap you huge breast? Do you.. big titted whore. asyabahis giriş That it your my whore now. No asshole husband to save you from me.” I said. “Yes! Yes!! I love when you slap your big titted whore. Do what you want to me! Yes! O God pinch my nipples. Yes!” she said. With that her knees buckled and she had a big orgasm. “Oh did my big titted whore just cum? Your suppose to make me feel good not you. Ok whore! Get on your knees. That it baby!!” I said.I looked down and she was on her knees. She had leaned back with her big ass covered by the grey mini skirt onto her big heels. She stuck out her tongue. She then opened her mouth. Her little hands with the big red finger nails slid the zipper down on my cargo shorts. She then pulled down my white cotton briefs to my ankles. I opened my legs causing everything to fall to the wooden floor. My erect cock sprang out and hit her under the chin. She then guided it to her hot mouth. She began to suck the pre cum off the tip. I stood on my tipsy toes to give her better access to my big semi hairy balls. She slapped the side of her face with my cock making a loud noise. She rubbed my cock on her red cheeks. She then opened her red lips to began to suck my cock. I leaned over and spit on the base of my cock. She wiped the saliva up my shaft and swirled her tongue around the haft. My big purple cock head was now coated as she took it out to lick my balls again.She could only get half of my 9 3/4 inch cock down. I new she get more in that mouth of hers. Her eyes got big when I grabbed the back of her blonde hair. I slowly brought her face up the length of my cock. I could tell she was gagging but her lips finally touched the base before I let her hair go. she almost feel off her knees as her head recoiled back making a loud popping sound of suction from my cock. “That how a whore sucks cock. You got to deep throat that baby. Come here try it again. I promise not to shove it in so hard.” I said. She leaned back and closed her eyes trying once again. She got most of down before I grabbed the top of her blonde hair. I started to fuck her face and my big balls slapped her neck. Damn she had gotten really good. She used her hand to jack my cock as saliva dripped onto the floor.After a few more minutes of her cock sucking I brought her over to the red leather couch. I put her back on her knees and fed my cock in her mouth. After a few more minutes I turned around and she was licking the back of my balls. I took my hand to move my hard ass cheeks to let her see my ass hole. She new exactly what to do. She stuck her tongue in my ass hole. She was eating my ass and pulling on my cock with her two hands. I looked down through my legs as I bent over in front of the couch. Her big tits were on the back of my knees. I was getting close to cumming from her expert mouth in my ass and jacking my cock. I stood straight up. She got off her knees and walked over to get her drink. She took two big gulps as I played with my cock in my right hand. She walked backed placing her drink on the end table next to the couch.I then got on my knees in front of her. I unzipped her mini skirt. It fell to the ground once I pulled it over her big ass. Then I reached up to feel the black thong. It was soaked from her pussy juices. I smiled as I brought it to my face to smell. She looked around her butt to see what I was doing. I dropped onto the floor causing her wet thong to make a load “Splat” like a water balloon had gone off. Her thighs and legs moved to the side as they were free from the wet thong. I slapped her ass leaving a red hand imprint on her left butt cheek. “Your thong made a mess in my loft. Your going to have to clean that up. But before that I need to show my whore what a bad girl she has been.” I said.I took a seat on the couch. The leather made my ass stick. I reached up and pulled her down over my two knees. Her big breast were almost touching the floor on my right side. I looked to my left side and her ass was just perfect. Like a huge apple looking at me. I could feel her pussy on my left thigh as it dripped onto he couch. I started to spank her with my left hand on her ass. First soft slaps then harder as she moaned and screamed. She tried to move underneath me put I had pretty good grip and she was not going anywhere. “Does my whore like that. Do you like when I use big hand on that amazing ass of yours? Well do you whore?” I said. “Yes! Yes! I like that!” she said. “Do you want me to stop. Does my big ass whore want me to stop?” I said. “No! No! No! Please, I have been a bad.” she said. With that I could tell she had orgasmed again. I quickly took my left middle finger and stuck in her wet pussy. She started to cumm again on my finger. I put in another and then finally my pinkie to make three fingers in her tight pussy. Her head moved up as she screamed “Fuckkkkkkkkkkk!! O God! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” was all she could get out as I finger fucked her.After she got the couch wet and my ass unstuck I got up in front of her. She put my half erect cock in her mouth making him hard again. I pulled out of her mouth and got on my knees. She sat back with her ass on the edge. Her wet pussy glisten under the sun light from the windows. I brought my hard cock up and placed onto the couch. I could feel her small pussy hairs tickle the tip of my cock. She had little blonde landing strip. There was a little patch about her cunt lips as she looked down her big breast at me. I reached up and began t fondle her breast. I tweaked her big dark pink nipples. She had two of the largest aeroles I had seen but when I slapped them she moaned again. “Should I stop. Has my whore had enough. I mean I don’t now if I have enough to pay.” I said. “No! No! I need more. I need to feel that big cock in my pussy. Fuck me! Fuck me! Your whore been a bad girl.” she said.I released her breast and push them to the side. I grabbed a whole of her belly to hold on as I pushed my cock head into her tight pussy. It was a little tight at the opening but it finally got passed her cumming again to get inside. I began to slowly fuck her. Her head thrashed back and forth. “Fuck! Yes! Yes! Fuck he is big you bastard. Fucking young stud. Plowing my pussy with that big cock. Damn!!” she moaned. I smiled as her belly bounced. Her tits fell to the side almost touching asyabahis güvenilirmi the red leather couch. I picked up the pace fucking her harder and harder. My big balls slapped under her pussy as i grabbed her legs. Her big heels were next to my ears as they bounced off the side of my head. I looked down as she squirted on my cock making it almost burn from her orgams. It was so hot I pulled out and leaned forward. She grabbed her huge breast together. My cock was inside her cleavage. She stuck her tongue to lick the purple head as I tensed up. My cock opened the small hole on the tip. Big huge white spurts followed her tongue into her mouth. She tried to catch it all but a load hit her chin and I jammed my cock head into her warm cleavage. I fell to the side and laid on my back.I watched as she licked her breast cleaned of my load. She was sucking her nipples when she got up to get her drink. She finished her drink. She walked over to get my beer. She handed it to me as she walked into the kitchen. She made her self another drink. She sipped that asI got up off the couch. I walked over to Papasan Chair. I looked out the window to see the garbage truck empty the dumpster in the alley. I finished my drink with my right hand and played with my big balls with my free hand. I was getting semi erect by now and I turned to see her walk over to the big glass window. She looked down the side of the building. She looked all the slutty with her full nude body against the glass. Her pussy was still dripping from my sweat and her last orgasm. Her makeup had begun to smear on her face. Her nipples were still erect as she put them on the glass. I finished my beer. I put the empty on the floor.She was still looking out the window as I walked up next to her. My cock was now hard again as I rubbed it on her thigh and around to the back of her big ass. She closed her eyes as she felt my hand begin to fondle her breast against the glass. I took each huge breast and smacked them against the glass. “Slap!! Pow!! Moan!!” I rubbed my cock on the outside of her ass going down half way on her right butt cheek. I bit her neck as she dropped her drink. I heard a big “Thud!!!” as the glass rolled across the floor. Only the Vodka, OJ and some ice came out of the glass. It had not broken. I grabbed her shoulders and forced her onto her knees. She started to deep throat my cock as I turned my head to look at our refection in the glass. Her boobs hung down to my knees. As she played with my ass and balls in her mouth. I turned her head with my hands so she could see her reflection. Just then she spit out my cock.I looked down as she had moved around and was showing Me her big ass. I got down on my knees and easily slipped my erect cock into her tight pussy. She was still wet and moaned loud as I pulled her hair with my hands. Her butt looked so amazing as my cock inched in and out of her pussy. Her ass expanded when I got all the way in. She moved her head as we both watched me fuck her hard in the glass. She tried to grab her boobs but I was slamming her pussy she could not grab them. I slowed down enough to reach under her hips and down the front of her chest. I grabbed a hold of her breast and squeezed them hard as my cock was buried in her pussy. After a few minutes I moved her so she was on her side.I moved her leg to give my cock easier access to her pussy. I reached up to hold her breast apart with my hands as I fucked her harder. She had another orgasm as she tried to kiss me with her red smeared lips. I smiled as she saw me twist her right nipple and she screamed. “Fuck! Fuck!! Fuck me you- young fucking stud! God Damn your fucking me a new hole.” she said. She was sweating and was kinda of slippery when I picked her up and took her to the large metal black Papasan Chair. I sat my ass in first as she stood there and finally looked down at me.”Le’s go whore, climb up on this big cock and show me what you got. I know you love big hard cock.” I said. She moved like the slut she was. She put her knees on either side of my stomach. She sat her wet pussy down on my cock. I grabbed her breast with my big hands. She looked down to see my mouth on her left breast. I was licking her nipples and biting her breast as she rode my cock. I let go. I stopped fucking her as she looked down. “Does my whore want me to stop. Does she want me to stop fucking her old worn out pussy. Does she want me to top sucking her huge juggs. ” I said. “No! No! Fuck me! Fuck me! Please fuck me. Suck my boobs. Fuck my pussy young man. O god do I need you to fuck my pussy.” she said. “Are you my cumm whore? Do you like when young guys blow there loads on you? Do you love my cumm? “Yes! Yes! Yes! I am your cumm whore. I am your big boob whore. Fuck don’t stop! That’s it, fuck! Fuck!” she said. I fucked her for a few more minutes. I motion for her to get up. She followed me over to the glass window. She started to jack my cock as my knees began to buckle. I grabbed my cock and shot a big load on the glass. She turned her head and began to lick the big load of the glass window.It been about two weeks now. I just got off the shower. I put my bath robe on and head down the stairs from my bedroom. I stepped over 3-4 new wooden platform shoes. There are two new huge bras hanging over the Papason Chair. I grabbed a cold beer from the fridge. I got a cold mug from the freezer behind two new bottles of vodka. I opened the slide glass door to the terrace. Seems my big boob whore needed a place to stay. She has not made any money the last two weeks. In fact she has not left the loft in two weeks. I had her ex husband move her stuff in yesterday. He dropped the first box in my bedroom. He walked in on his ex wife and I fucking in my bedroom. Seems her never got to fuck his ex wife in the ass as she was tied up on a four post bed. He was kinda of mad. I got the guy from 9G go get the rest from the parking garage. He is back from his vacation. It seems he as a voyeur fetish. He has been doing me favors ever since he got back. I stick my arm up to wave as she turns her body. She shut the lid on the barbecue. She really likes to cook. She got on a apron on and nothing underneath. She starting to get a tan from walking around naked all the time. “Ok, well be ready to eat in about 20 minutes. Is there any thing we can do until then.” she said. I smile as my robe falls open. I turn my head to see 9G blinds open slightly. I smile as I look down to see her begin to deep throat my cock. Who says being a P.E Teacher is a hard life. Not if there is a big boob whore willing to do anything for 9 3/4 inch cock.Buckxoox