helping widow mom date again Part IIINext day my mom said nothing. I felt she didn’t want to talk about it. She stayed all day in bed watching TV and reading. She probably felt soared by the hard penetration of the day before. Eventually I returned to studies and finally finished my degree as a mechanical engineer. I, then got a job near home. So I was able to stay at home with mom.One day she invited me to try out the gym she was going. I went there not knowing what was expected to me. After dressing in the locker room I started at the treadmill. She then walk towards me, change some words and then rushed through the workout room. As she walked there I noticed she was wearing some leggings so tight they seemed mostly transparent. Actually, when she bended down you could see her thong separating her cheeks. It was impossible not to stare as her her jiggled booty booty passed by. She was really the center of attention in that room.Let me state this: of course there were a lot of younger girls and lades in the gym that look a lot fitter, but my mom was a petite curvy women that dressed in a way that revealed her meaty body the all people. I could actually see the gazed stare of the costumers together with the reprovable attention the other women gave her. But the worst part was then I went to the sauna room and had to ear some guys, not knowing she was my mom, to talk about her. There were so many hot girls to talk. But no; they wanted to talk about that mature lady that “dressed like a slut” and “obviously wanted to be screwed” and how they would fuck her with so much joy. They even wanted my opinion but I just wanted to get out of there ashamed.I returned there a lot o times but wanted nobody to know she was my mom. Sometimes we went there separately.One day I catches this personal trainer, some intern employee, giving her real big assistance. she was on the floor and guy supposedly should correct her posture in a plank position. He was touching way below the waist line, I mean, really abusing his line of work. After they got up, they talked for while and he patted her booty twice like saying “good work”. It was was a very light patting, but you could see her ass jiggled a bit. I notice that they already talked before, because there çankaya escort were to familiar with each other.The worst came after. When she left, he walked to the place where other young instructors were and thy complimented each other like they were celebrating some ritual. They were all congratulating this guy from having the nerve to hit on my mother. They were behaving like jerks, but like normal young guys do. But why my mom? She had to give them some instinctive body communication approving their approach. It was inevitable. They would all try to get in my mom pants. I just had to hope she could gain some moral sense.By late that summer happened the 1 year celebration of my father’s death. All the family reunited in church and in after in a lunch. It was painful day to review all my family members still giving their condolences, asking how the things were coming, etc. By the afternoon My uncle. my father’s brother, asked in a very careful way if my mother was see in some one. I denied. But he kept asking, saying somebody told him she was. Late at night I confronted my mother about this, as she replied “what I do is no business to you or your uncle”.She then added “You want to know why he and his friends wonder about that? Because they all wanted me. Since I married to your father they all tried to hit on me.” imagining my uncle hitting on mom was something beyond description to me.”He just asked”, I said.”I know why he asked. His friends are all pissed because I don’t want attend their moves.””You mean they tried to?”, I asked.”If they tried, Honey they all stood in line when your father past away.” She was obviously being pretentious about it. But she added ” I’m not interested in older guys no more.””Yeah, I noticed that” I stated emotionally. “I’ve noticed how you let young boys, younger that myself hit on you in the gym”She looked at me defiant. “Are you jealous your mummy being the centre of attention? Imagine you were 51 years old and all the twenty old girls wanted a piece of you? Would you be proud?”She had a good point there and could not refute that. She then said “You better get used to it, cause I’m not going to waste the chance of having my love life being judged others”. balgat escort “But mom, they are younger that me. It’s revolting””When you found yourself a girlfriend you would get over it. You are being just over protective and jealous””What you mean, jealous” I asked furiously.”I mean that I’m not yours and your pissed because everybody can try to fuck me except you.”The way she talk “trying to fuck me”. She was my mother. I felt humiliated. I,then, exploded “That’s gross. Your’e crazy. You dress like a horny slut, mom, and you know it””I’M AVAILABLE” she shouted. “And don’t you mind. I’m not arrange any father figure for you, but i will have my encounters with or without your approval”A few weeks passed, and then the final revelation. One day as I was arriving home she was in the sofa crying. As i asked the reason she revealed something that would change my life for ever:So, apparently my mom had be seeing this guy for some weeks, and his roommate had take access to his computer and copied some nasty videos of my mom in the act. He send an email to her informing that. She was now blackmailing her for that. My mom was High School teacher. That would ruin her career. Once a video hits the internet it never disappeared. She was despaired, and so was I. I took in charge of the operation and started negotiation with him pretending to be her. The guy said he would settle with a personal encounter with my mom. He seemed a little creepy and capable of anything”I’m not jumping to nobody hotel bed for some criminal thug” she shouted. But she had no option. Some days later, this guy emailed a video sample to prove he mean’t business.My heart was pumping when I pressed play. It took some seconds to load that seamed hours. Then the image: a big close up of my mom face sucking a dick voraciously. I heard other voices. She was being filmed with her consent and smiling at the camera as a fool. She kept sucking his dick and as the camera zoomed out I could see another guy fucking her from behind. I nearly cried with shock. He could be younger as 18 year old. She was in a house gang bang of some college students house. They laughed with joy as my mom was being used in this fuck fest. She seemed lost and out of control, elvankent escort as the boys kept using her like a cheap slut.When I told her I saw the video she kneeled at me begging to forgive her.”I was only seeing one of them. He’s name was Harry. I had dinner with them. They must have put something in the drink. I don’t know what went on””You full a shit. You were consenting this” I said. “How could you do that””I was dating one of them – Harry. We were having dinner and two of his colleagues came. We drink some shots. You know, saluting shots. As I was becoming sleepy I felt them touching my inner thighs below the table. I then asked to go laid down. They drove to their room. I suspected it was not the room of the boy I was dating but I heard his voice. I trust him” She then start sobbing – she seemed sincere.”I trusted him” she repeated.”They were all in the room. I was so dizzy I just heard voices. I felt my jeans being pulled down, but I heard his voice. I knew he would take care of me. He then pull my pants down and I knew he wanted to make love with me. I told him I felt to sick to do that but he insisted and I was restless. As I was being penetrated I heard his buddies laugh, but was so passed out I thought I was herding them from the kitchen. He then roll me over to take me from behind and I felt different temperature in the touch. I wasn’t sure there was another guy, but I suspected. I then fall asleep. I only recollect small flashes of the boys laughing. I felt my vagina being taken harshly…””Enough”, I said in tears. “You are going to resolve this by your own” And I left her as she stared asking for mercy.Later that night I felt so revolted and ashamed. The embarrassment of such event could destroy our lives. Imagining all my friends, family seeing my mother in gang bang video free online was so unbearable. I was also so repressed by the fact of seeing her being fucked that I remembered my mom’s word’s. “your pissed because everybody can try to fuck me except you.”[/i It was so true. That instant I opened the computer and started to masturbate to that video clip. I repeated this action again and again the following days. I wished I got her drunk and could be able to touch her tits as my will, fucking her all the way.I was so out of my mind that, pretending to be her, I exchanged emails trying to flirt with guy offering sexual services to put a stop on that. The guy accepted. So I arrange a meeting in our house. My mother begged me to be present, cause she was so afraid. My plan was highly risked.