helpful stepsisterRecently after my parents went their separate ways,I decided to stay with Audrey, my mother because the way she was treated by dad. well mother, a very attractive auburn hair, blue eyes and a athletic body found a man that treats her like a queen and the best part is now I have a step sister Jill, who when in high school was jockey apprentice and rode in some events I remember looking at her in those riding tights and jerking off in the shower, well she went on to college and almost made the Olympic team. I was on the HS swim team and being my senior year I’d spend my spare time by doing my laps. Jill was home for spring break and decided that we go out and relax.Mom and step dad were at the condo on the beach for the weekend So that night we went to the local watering hole to mingle with other spring breakers…so we did and it was looking like I was gonna get to know Pam a sweet little blonde a lot better soon, Jill said it looked like i had things in hand so she left since we took separate cars. due to the fact that i focused so mush on sports I kinda put girls on the back burner so after some dances and some kissing in the pool patio area, it turns out I wasn’t such a good kisser. Next day I got up because of my pounding hangover, I was only bending over once so that meant basketball shorts no underwear, 2 aspirin and out back to swim some bahis siteleri laps and sleep it off by the pool. Just as I started to nod off, Jill came out in a sexy string bikini, in a way too perky loud voice( sure it was normal volume just amplified by hangover) Hey, sunshine! I didn’t expect to see you here..what happened? so i told her what had happened up to the part where she had to go so she didn’t miss her ride. Jill who had been sitting on the side of the lounge chair facing me said Awww that sucks I feel bad I wish there was something I could do after a few moments she said tell you what, maybe I could give you some pointers on your kissing technique. I thought , sure if you think it would help. Jill leaned forward and said softly just close your eyes and relax and do as I do. So not expecting what was going to happen I closed my eyes and then felt her hand gently on my chest then her lips on mine Whoa! I opened my eyes in disbelief oh yeah she was kissing me relaxed or in shock I parted my lips as Jill licked my lips and slipped her tongue softly into my mouth searching for my tongue so just as gently I met her tongue trying to soak in every sensation of the kiss. Im sure she felt my heart trying to blast out of my chest, just as my 9 inch uncut cock was starting to take notice to the stimulation going on just then Jill began to suck my tongue and canlı bahis then redirected her kisses to my neck and now those shorts were not to much help on keeping my cock under control. As i laid there eyes shut because If it was a dream I did not want to wake up.Now I was feeling Jill’s kiss moving to my chest, kissing and sucking my nipples then down my belly now my cock was at full erect status and Jill finally noticed, she gasped oh, my! since my shorts were my favorites the elastic was stretched out so my cock pulled the waistband away from my belly and Jill stuck her face in and kissed my cock. I thought I was gonna blow my load when she took my foreskin in her mouth then she moved and knelt between my spread legs and took my cock out of my shorts and into her talented mouth ( what am I saying this is my first blowjob) she slid her tongue under my foreskin and licked my head then pulled the skin back and sucked my cock head and licked my shaft and worked her way down to my balls gently taking each one in her mouth as she slowly stroked my cock as she worked her way back to the tip she slid my skin up over the head and sucked like she needed my cum to survive. I was in a cloud then she stopped I thought…what a bitch! then I opened my eyes as she was standing naked over me, I don’t know when she shed her bikini, but she did, then she took my hand and bahis firmaları lead me inside to her room and laid me upon the bed and pulled my shorts and went back to sucking my cock but this time she was straddling my face with her shaved dripping pussy that looked like a full blown rose and as the room was full of the scent of pussy she spread her legs to lower her dripping pussy on my face she tasted like sugar as I lapped her juices like a dog, she took my throbbing member out of her mouth long enough to tell me to take it easy, remember the kiss then she rolled my skin back put my cock in her mouth and rolled the skin over her lips, as I managed to control myself I found her sweet spot and worked it and brought her to shuttering orgasms then she turned around to mount my waiting cock and as she slowly slid my cock into her tight pussy she let out a series of gasps that were so sexy I wanted to cum right there, but she managed to fill her drenched pussy with a huge hungry cock then she started to ride me like a race horse jockey which reminded me of those days when she was a jockey I moaned that I’m gonna cum then she dismounted almost without losing a stroke and took my throbbing cock back int o her mouth just as I unleashed a fountain of hot cum down her sexy throat, on her face when she pulled my cock out to watch me shoot my spunk. Spent, she collapsed on top of me, we fell asleep woke up hours later with both of our love juices sticking us together, took a shower lovingly washed each others sex ravaged bodies, went out for lunch and then back to her room for desert