happy campersIt all started when me and my girlfriend Kerry decided against going abroad this year and opted to do something different, we liked the idea of buying a motor home and taking trips down south and seeing different places, we always had an adventurous sex life so thought we could throw some good naughty fun into our trips too. We trawled the ads online and found one that caught our eye, it was immaculate and reasonably priced, and it also mentioned having a mirrored ceiling. Perfect! We both thought. Kerry rang and spoke to a young lady who invited us over to view the Motor home.As it was a hot day I threw some shorts and a t-shirt on, Kerry decided to wear her summer dress, it was short and all white, and her 36E cleavage heaved out of the small slit that ran down the centre of the dress. She looked so sexy and I could feel a stirring in the trouser department already. The address we were heading for was 35 miles away in another part of the county. We found the house in a quiet cul-de-sac. The immaculate Motor home was parked in the drive way. On ringing the door bell we were greeted by a young woman in her mid 20’s, she was around 5 ft 3in tall, short blonde hair, wore designer spectacles and was wearing a blouse which shaped the top of her body. I was transfixed with her tits, they weren’t as big as Kerry’s but they were a perfect shape. She introduced herself as Laura and we headed to the motor home to examine our future purchase. Inside the Motor home had been cleaned thoroughly and looked almost new, Laura showed us all the facilities and components of what was inside, on mentioning the mirrored ceiling she gave out a slight embarrassed giggle and blushed slightly, she excused herself for a moment as the Telephone was ringing inside, Kerry and I continued looking round the interior, she bent over to look in a cupboard, her dress rode up almost to her buttocks, I couldn’t resist going up behind her and placing my hands up her skirt and onto her pussy, she let out a surprised moan but didn’t resist. She had a tiny White G-String on which was already getting quite wet. She turned to me and we kissed, her hand moved down to my crotch where my cock was hard and straining to get out of my shorts.Laura had been gone a couple of minutes by now, We didn’t care really we were both horny and wanted to try out our potential purchase as Kerry slipped to her knees and unbuttoned my shorts before taking my hard member into her mouth, she started by licking the head before taking it between her lips, it felt good after the journey we had taken, I looked up at the mirrored ceiling as she sucked away on my cock and licked my balls. I reached down and put my hand inside her dress and squeezed her huge tits, I pulled them out of her dress so they were hanging loose, and her nipples were now rock hard and I tweaked them with my thumb and forefinger. She was moaning in pleasure as we heard the door open again, we had forgotten about Laura and gone into our own world.Laura walked in and sahabet güvenilirmi looked shocked, she stood there with her mouth open in disbelief at what she was seeing, 2 people she had only just met were getting sexed up in her Motor home in her driveway just a stones thrown from her neighbours. “What are you doing?” she asked, obviously she knew what we were doing but it was just a knee-jerk question to a situation like this. She then proceeded to give us a lecture about what her boyfriend would say or if her neighbours could see what was going on she would be the talk of the street. Throughout all this time Kerry stood up next to me, her huge tits on show and my cock still stood out hard, I am around 8 inches in length so I think Laura couldn’t fail to notice it as she tried to give us a telling off. I felt it was down to me to do the talking,I explained to Laura that we loved the Motor Home and we couldn’t wait to christen it so to speak and our horniness got the better of us, I told her we would buy it and pay her £1000 extra over the asking price to cover for what she had just witnessed. She agreed almost immediately to our offer, she walked over to us both while we were still half naked and we shook hands, she was a little shy and apprehensive at shakings hands with 2 half naked strangers, at that point I looked at Kerry and we kissed to celebrate our new purchase, Kerry slowly moved back down to my cock and started to suck it again, a look of amazement came onto Laura’s face as if we had just contradicted all we agreed to.I turned to her and asked her “do you like what you see?” she looked down at Kerry hungrily sucking and licking my cock “ errrr yes, “she replied slowly. I put my hand to her face and onto her cheek, I stroked her face as she kept looking at me and looking down at Kerry. My Thumb met her lips where she gave it a gentle and sensual kiss, “I really shouldn’t be doing this shouldn’t allow this, I have a boyfriend” Laura said. I told her not to worry and relax “does your boyfriend have a cock like mine?” I asked her. “No it’s much smaller and we rarely have sex nowadays, he’s always too tired from working long hours” I moved my hand down to her blouse and started unbuttoning it, she was putting her hand in the way in resistance but moved it out of the way to let me finish, I opened her blouse to show a pink bra with her tits fighting to get out, they were even bigger than I first thought, for a small girl she was big. I removed her blouse and squeezed her tits through her bra, I moved to kiss her on the lips and our tongues flickered as I massaged her tits. She reached round and unclipped her bra they looked gorgeous and her nipples were like 2 cherry’s waiting to be picked. I cupped her left breast in my hand and took the right one in my mouth her nipples were so hard and delicious as I ran my tongue round them she moaned in delight.I felt her hand move down and touch my cock, Kerry backed off and let this what we thought innocent sahabet yeni giriş chick have a feel of my manhood, she stroked it with her finger tips before wrapping her full hand round it and wanking it slowly, we kissed again as she wanked it into Kerry’s waiting mouth, Kerry sucked the end of my cock while Laura wanked it hard and used her other hand to cup my balls, Kerry invited her to help her, Laura sank to her knees and they both sucked on my huge boner both kissing and licking Kerry was concentrating on my balls as Laura licked the shaft and sucked. There 2 tongues met at the head of my cock where Kerry slipped her tongue near Laura’s mouth, Laura obliged by offering her tongue and the pair of them kissed and flickered there tongues together which almost had me coming right there and then. I stood the girls up and ordered them to undress; Kerry dropped her dress and slipped out of her white G-string which was now soaking wet… Laura removed her skirt to reveal a very sexy pink thong which looked way too small for her, but showed off her sexy ass and shaved pussy, god this was going to be fun I thought. Laura laid on the couch and almost immediately started rubbing her wet pussy, Kerry positioned herself in front of her pussy, at this point Laura informed us she had never had any sexual contact with a girl and wasn’t sure if she was comfortable with it. Kerry kissed the inside of her thighs and ran her hands up Laura’s body squeezing her tits and rubbing her nipples, Laura’s hand had strayed back to her pussy.Kerry’s tongue moved towards Laura’s pussy kissing the hand that was rubbing her clit then moving to the clit itself. Laura let out a large sigh as Kerry’s tongue got to work on her pussy, I got behind Kerry and started licking her from behind, fingering her wet cunt and licking her sweet asshole, this always drove her crazy, I got her to the point of Cumming as my tongue and fingers worked her sexy pussy and ass. I moved up front to join her with Laura’s pussy as we both licked at her sweet pussy, man she tasted good we both lapped at her sweet juices as she laid there and moaned in pleasure and begged for more, I was going to fuck this little bitch hard, I got up onto the couch and fed Laura my cock to suck as Kerry continued licking her, “ I want to be fucked” Laura said in between breaths, how could I resist a request like that as I moved down and got in position between Laura’s legs I rubbed the end of my cock against her clit before it slid in with ease, she was so wet and rampant as she raised her hips to accommodate each thrust as she was loving every inch of my cock inside her, Kerry had moved to the side of her and was sucking on her tits and sharing kisses while she was getting fucked.I pulled my cock out and urged Kerry to come and suck Laura’s pussy juice off my cock, Kerry took delight in tasting the love juice and sharing it back on Laura’s tongue, I sat back on the couch as Kerry climbed on top of my cock, she slid herself down sahabet giriş the shaft and began riding vigorously, Laura was sat aside me watching as Kerry’s huge tits bounced as she rode me hard, Laura placed one of her hands onto Kerry’s tits and played with them. She then placed her tongue on Kerry’s nipple and sucked and licked her as she was impaled on my cock, Kerry hopped off my cock and Laura came and mopped up Kerry’s pussy juice with her tongue, she sucked it hard and didn’t seem to want to miss a drop, Laura then climbed onto my cock and rode me like a bucking bronco, she was rampant and really sex-starved the way she was riding me, Kerry was sucking on her tits and had one had playing with Laura’s clit while my cock was inside her Laura was in ecstasy and let out a shuddering scream which her neighbours could probably hear and squirted her orgasm all over my balls, she had cum big style and almost gave herself a heart attack, she climbed off and the 2 of them started licking all Laura’s cum juice from around my cock and balls, Kerry looked up at me while she sucked my balls, “you know what I want now? “ she said.I knew exactly what she wanted, she positioned herself on all fours on the couch, Laura looked at me as I held my forefinger out for Laura to suck, she ran her tongue around it for around 30 seconds and I probed it into Kerry’s tight asshole, I fingered and licked her asshole till it was lubed enough to take my cock, I got up behind Kerry and eased my cock in slowly, she winced as the cock finally found its way into her chocolate button, I used a slow rhythm at first and gained more speed as it loosened up. Laura was perplexed in watching this, it seemed this was beyond any sexual boundaries she had gone beyond before in her life but she was still sat facing Kerry and stroking her hair while I probed her form behind. “Do you want to try?” I asked Laura.She was hesitant and unsure but her response was a positive one, she informed us as we suspected that her arse had been untouched throughout her sexual life. She seemed a little uneasy as I inserted my finger into her tight asshole and probed and licked it, she seemed to be coming round to the idea as she wriggled her hips to the rhythm of my finger, she was ready for cock now as I positioned myself to enter her rear, she shrieked a little in pain as I told her to relax and it wont hurt as much,I took her slowly, Kerry was in front of her re-assuring her and giving her gentle kisses to ease the discomfort, she was loosening up nicely as I speeded up the motion she was moaning louder now as her virgin asshole was being fucked harder, this was horny as fuck as I rode Laura’s asshole while Kerry looked up at me, I was ready to cum now as I pulled out of Laura and both girls laid back on the couch, I tugged hard on my cock and what seemed like gallons of pent up cum and frustration poured out onto there gorgeous tits, Kerry rubbed it in to her chest and then did the same with Laura’s, they kissed each other passionately and Kerry turned to clean my cock of any excess cum. We all collapsed in a heap on the couch, exhausted.Eventually we got dressed and handed the money over to Laura, we had got more than we had hoped for from her, and she had got a very good deal from us, both financially